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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

- . ♦ The Auokland Masonic Lodges entertain Governor On alow ata banquet on the 23rd inst. The Nelson eleotion has resulted m the return of Mr Harkness. Totals, Harkness, 659, Sharp, 480. It is a ourious faot that while the nameß o' our animals are of Saxon origin, Norman names are given to tha flesh they yield. A Chair of Temperanoe, m the Oatholio University of Washington, will be endowed by the Oatholio Total Abstinenoe Societies. Tho Czar is very angry over the discovery that tbe railroads of the Russian Empire are unserviceable for ' transportation duties m ease of war. There are about two hundred thousand coloured Roman Catholics m America, and bnt one coloured priest, the Bey Augustine Toulton, of Quinoy, Illinois. The Melbourne police have issued a summons apninst tbe Rev Father Heflernan for allowing St Franois' Roman - Oatholio Churoh to be overorowded on Sunday. A splendid deposit of tin has been die- 1 covered near Blaokwood, Western Australia. The wasbdirt is said to be superior to anything yet found, a pint of it yielding a teaspoonfnl of tin. Messrs John Orr and Oo announce m another column a oheap sale of hardware, paperhangings, paints, oils, colors, varnishes, eto., being the stook of the late Ashburton branoh of Meaßrs MoOallum and 00. Mr Mitohelson is going to Auokland on business connected with native matters next waek. He expects to get 15,000 aores of the Thames»Piako block banded over to tbe Government m return for £18,000 advanoed thereon during the past fifteen years. The Russian soldier, when on the maroh » has en allowance of oil as part of hia rations, and not only are spirits absolutely forbidden* but, if it is found be has reoently partaken of them, he is at onoe ordered out of the ranks. We oall attention to the faot that Messrs J. R. King and Oo will sell at Christohuroh on Saturday n next, 30 aores of land m the Hinds distrio; (Seo. 33095, Block XIII) adjoining the properties of Mesers J. Studholme. jun., and H. Dobson. ~ -The Bnasla£. Government bas decided to plant several thousands of aores m .the Caucasus with olives. A number of olive groves have been established on tbe shore of the Black Sea during the last few years, and they yield large crops of excellent quality. It is reported of tbe late John Bright that he had an inordinate love of smoking. When well he was rarely ever without a pipe or oigar m his mouth. He has been all his life a very lazy man i He once said to Justin M'Carthy tbat bis great and yearning deßire was a passionate love of doing nothing. Questions are often asked as to the best shearing tallies. " Old Subscriber " writes to the " Australasian " : — "ln reply to enquiry re greatest shearing tallies, Donald M'Lsan, shore m three days, at Warra Weena woolshed, near Bourk6, N S.W.— first day, 215 ; second day, 221 ; third day, 244. The shear, ing was done under the Union Rules, 1888,'' A lady m New York has opened a snbsorip. lion list to procure ten millions Bterling with whioh to re-build Jerusalem and Solomon's Temple. She thinks her project has special interest for Jews and Freemasons, and her very sanguine anticipations of a flow of money ipto her handß have been most bountifully enoouraged by the reoeipt of seven shillings and sixpence. SQoiety is not too credulous about great restoration projeots at a distance with other people's money. The " Economist" m the course of a startling artiole upon Insanity m Royal Families says tbat it bas a list of twenty Royal prinoes and princesses who are, or bava been, under treatment for mental disease, and tbe number shows a tendenoy to inorease. The remedy proposed by the journal m question is tbat a number of the old families of Europe should be admitted to the ' marriage oirole, and then, m a generation or two, the danger would disappear. Tho "Evening Herald" (Dunedin) says that the foreign parcels post bids fair to interfere very seriously with the business of retail traders, Already we understand (writes our contemporary) the wholesale houses m London are sending out oirculars promising to supply even one handkerchief by parcel poet, and when once the foreign parools post is fully established, there oan be no doubt that retail firms here and m other parts of the colony will feel the competition very severely. ' The Oivil Tribunal, at Lyons, haß jußt given a decision of great importance to bankers. In 1887 the Oomptoir d'Escompto gave to M. Letord, a Lyons notary, a cheque-book. One of the blank oheques was stolen from the notary, filled m for 30,000 franos, presented with a forgery of his signature at the foot, and paid by the Rank. The Company having refused to aooept tbe responsibility, M. Letord brought an aotion against them. The Tribunal has decided m bis favor, on the ground tbat the Company having oaabed the cheque must take the oonsequenoes, The Villa La Boohefoueauld, where H.M. Queen Victoria is to reside during her vißit to Biarritz, though not very large, is fitted with admirable taste. On tho ground floor a handsome entrance hall openß into the drawing-room, and on eaoh Bide of this is a boudoir and dining-room hung with handsome tapestry. Outside those throo rooms is an open verandah, from whioh a flight of some twenty steps leads to the gardens beneath, The villa is on tbe north of the town, and faces west, on whioh Bide the view is very pleasing, especially from the rooms on the first floor, wbioh are comfortable, light andoheery. A romance of the old-fashioned kind (says a Home paper) has taken place m tho gaol at Langres. A local Don Juan, named Lienard, was recently interned m the establishment, after condemnation, for having fired shots, with intent to kill, at his lady-love, a singer m tbe Langres music balls. While m prison Lienard made love to tbe daughter of the ohief gaoler — a girl of 19 summers, who had a responsible position m lhe womon'a department of the Fortress of Justice. Lienard, aided by his innnmorata, escaped from prison the other night, and was rejoined by the damsel, Mademoiselle Gerard, a short lime afterwards. They took first-class tickets on the nearest railway line, and escaped to Basle. There was, of oourse any amount of racing and chasing on the part of the gendarmes and policemen, who sooure th« country, but tha fugitives are still free.

Messrs Eaye and Carter, of Obristoharoh have leased the Canterbury Roller Flour mills, ABhburton, whioh have been (ill lately carried on by Mr 0. W. Turner. A Mezioan sorceress has predioted that Moxioo will oonqoer thg United States m 1890, and some of the Mexioan papers '"hay that she is infallible. It is notified m our advertising columns that on aocount of the hall being otherwise engaged to-morrow night the Rink will be open to-night, when ladies will be admitted froe. This being the last rinking night this week a large attendance is ex peoted. Those who are on the look- out for good agricultural farms m this distriot will be glad to see the announcement that the Fairfield Estate, comprising 8300 aores, will be offered, about the end of the month, m lots to suit purchasers, who oan obtain all information from Mr George Jameson, West stroet. Among the deaoons reoently ordained by the Bishop of Roohester was the Rev Faulus Asbkenazie, formerly a Roumanian Jew, who, on his conversion to Christianity, was subjected to oruol persecution, his wife being among his bittereßt opponents, and deo. ining to live with him. With muoh difficulty he made his escape, and eventually studied at a London College of Divinity. He has been lioensed to the ouraoy of St. Lube'B, Deptford. A man condemned to death for murder, and oonfined m the prison at Ratibor, m Austria, having resolved to oommit snioide by starvation, is being fed by foroe. He began to refuse all nourishment. In presence of the I prison dootor a sorew-is with great diffioulty driven m between his teeth, and his mouth is kept open by small wooden wedges. An indiarubber tube is then put down his throat, and he is made to take a Btiffioient quantity of milk gruel to keep him alive. An extraordinary aooident happened to a man who was driving along the Bayßwater road, m the suburbs of Brisbane. He was m a spring oart with a number of hives of bees, when by some means ho upset one of the hives. The bees attacked the horse, oau&ing it to bolt. After galloping some diatanoe the horse fell and fractured its foreleg. The bees swarmed upon the animal and soon stung it to death. So dense and vicious were the bees that traffio on the road was buspended for a considerable time. Mr and Mrs Foley are announoed to appear at the Oddfellows' Hall on Friday and Saturday evenings m their entertainment, entitled " Momenta of Merriment." The programme will inolude lightaing changes, eooentrio, singing, dancing, droll dialogue, impersonation of character, ventriloquism and instrumental specialities. The entertainment has been most favorably commented on, wherever the oompany has appeared, and as there has been a dearth of amusements injthe town lately, a good audience should assemble at the Oddfellows' Hall on Friday night. The Pope is much embarrassed as to the disposal of the wines whioh he reoeived as Jubilee offerings, there being upwards of 100,000 bottleß; and a Btiil more puzzling question has arisen as to the embroidered slippers, of whioh there are no fewer than 30,000 pairs. There are many thousands of ohaßubles and stoles, whioh are to be distributed among poor m various parts of Europe, and several hundred of French Statues of the Virgin, and of saints who have anything but an asoetio appearanoe, whioh will be given to churohes m Central and Southern Italy. Pearls have been discovered, it is just announoed, m several of the Irish rivers, and a gentleman who is ohairman of the Omagh Town Commissioners has arrived m London bringing with him a paoket of the genu whioh have been found m fresh water musaeli of county Tyrone. Some of these pearls are laid to ,be of a fair size, measuring over a quarter of an inch m diameter, while others range downward to the size of a gun shot. They are asserted, moreover to be of fine quality, and to abound m the stretohos ol water where pearl-bearing mussels have now been discovered. Several erroneous statements have reoentlj appeared m the papers about the Queen's will. The real truth is that her Majesty's will was mßdo m 1876, and it is a document of portentoas length, being engrossed on vellum, quarto size. It is bound up m a huge volume, whioh is secured by a look, and at the end there are several blank pages foi codicils, of whioh, up to the present, the Queen has made throe— one early m 1879, after the death of Princess Alice ; another m the summer of 1884, after the death of the Duke of Albany ; and another reoently whioh deals exclusively with the Jubilee gifts.— "Truth." A sub-committee of a sohool committee were examining a class *m a proprietary sohool. One of the members uudertook to sharpen up their wits by propounding the following question : "If I had a mince pie, and should give two-twelfths to John, two twelfths to Isaac, two-twelfths to Harry and should keep half the pie myself, what would there be left 1 " There was a profound stud] among the boys, but finally one lad held up his hand as a signal that he was ready tc answer. " Well, sir, what would there be left ? Speak up loud so that all oan hear,' said the committeeman. "The plate," shouted the hopeful fellow. The committeeman turned red m the face, while the other members roared aloud. That boy was excused from answering any more questions, There has lately been invented a new system of synchronism whioh, it is olaimed, will make it cheaper to telegraph messages than to mail them. Dr J. Harris Rogers, oi Washington, D.0., is the inventor, and he claims that the world will be almost revolutionised by his discovery. The new system, Mr Rogers sayß, reduoes the English alphabet to 10 elementary characters. The messages are prepared by means of a maohine resembling a typewriter and manipulated m the same manner, and by the übo of 10 keys, one for eaob oharaoter, any desirable message oan be written. A test of the new apparatus was lately held at New York, and a message of 76 words was Bent m 25 seconds, and printed on a tape m plain Roman characters, The inventor Bays that he oan by this system make one wire do the work that 10 do now by the system m vogue, The beet medicine known is SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its eminent powerful effects m coughs, colds, influenza, etc — the relief is instantaneous, Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. His Majesty the King of Italy, and medical syndicates all over the globe, are its patrons. Read the official reports that acoompany eaob bottle. We have no ocoasion to offer rowarde m proof of the genuineness of our references. The offioial reports of medical olinios and < universities, the offioial communication of the Consul-General for Italy at Melbourne; thi diploma awarded International Exhibition, Amsterdam— all these are authentio documents, and, as suoh, not open to doubt. We add here epitome of one of the various oases treated by Siegeq, M.D., Professor, etc: Burning of the rigljt hapd through the explosion of a small oil stove. The epidermis on the volar and palmer side of the hand of the thirty-year-old patient was completely separated and lifted up as far as the joint of the hand. The likewise lifted nails were banging loose, and half of the phalanx of the nail of the middle finger was ooaled, The wounds thus contracted healed m three weeks under daily applications of Euoalyptio Extract dressing. The patient has retained tbo full v o of the hand.— (Advt.) 1

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2101, 4 April 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2101, 4 April 1889