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-__ ♦ The largest college in the world is said to be a Mohammedan institution at Cairo, having 300 teaohera and 10,000 students. "It was so intensely hot at Morree, New South Waleß, the other day that the court of quarter sessions waa adjourned till 6,30 next morning. The "Post" states that the composition known as Oowper's Patent Tree and Root Destroyer has been tried in the Wairarapa district, and has been proved most effective in clearing bush. The anniversary of the death of Napoleon 111. was celebrated at Farnborough on Jan. 9ih by a solemn memorial service, Held in the crypt of the mausoleum. The Empress attended. King Khoulaloukorn of Siam has'forwarded a wedding present to his royal brother of China. It consists of a footstool of muesive gold, etudded with large rubies, and represents a value of 200,000 dollars. The Queen has been pleased to promise the Deau or Winchester ihat she will give a Btatue of Edward the Confessor for the great soreen, now in course of renovation, in the cathedral of that oily. The Kingdom of Bavaria is very much upset jußt now on account of Prince Rupprecht, the heir-apparent to the throne, having made a runaway match with the daughter of a wellknown chemist at Munich. During the yeai 1888 five persons died in Great Britain who left estates valued at or over £1,000,000. The largest was that of Baron de Stern, of London, who left a fortune of £3,544,978. Dr Carver has just oonoluded in New York a tremendous shooting feat. He suooeeded in breaking 60,000 glass balls oat of 60,670, the time uoaupied being 60 hours. Carver was greatly exhausted at the finish. At last the vexed question as to who is the oldest olergyman in the Churoh of England seems to be settled. The distinction belongs to the Rev Bartholomew Edwards, reotor of Ashill, Norfolk, who took his degree in 1811, and was ordained in 1812. M. Lifferau, a learned son of sunny Franoe, olaima to have discovered tho art of manufacturing gold by combining silver and oopper in the right proportions under the aotion of the sunlight (nothing is said of moonshine) aud of a little nitric acid. Reoently an important sale of greyhounds took place in London. Remarkably high prioes were realised, Mr Dent's 24 dogs realised 1867 guineas, and Mr Hibbert's 5 dogs 644 guineas. One dog, "Fullerton," fetohed the unprecedented figure of 850 guineas. We draw attention to the approaohing sale of Crown Lands in Arowhenua and Orari townships. A number of town seotions will be offered for sale by publio auotion for cash at the Courthouse, Temuka, to-morrow, Thursday April 4th, at 11 a.m. The " Taranaki Herald '.? of the 30th alt. says a rumor was floating about town on Thursday, but we could not traoe it to its souroe, that Sir Julius Vogel had floated a Company with a capital of £120,000 to work the ironsand on the beaoh between the Henui and Huatoki rivers. Two Franoisoo policeman tried to arreßt ? Chinaman. They found it neoessaiy to leavs him a moment, and so handcuffed him with his arms eaoh side of a When they returned the prisoner waa gone. He had olimbed up the post and swung his arms over the top. With the exception of an odd one here and there the whole of the posts for the eleotrio light have been erected in Wellington. A highly ornamental is now on its way out from England. It will be erected in the vioinity of Martin's Fountain, Lambton Quay, and will oarry an incandesoent lamp of 500 candle-power. A sea breeze in the haart of London is said now to be obtained by the use of a newly invented apparatus of oylindrioal form, whiob, attached to an eleotrio maohine put in agitation, is said to produoe a refreshing zephyr of. salt-smelling ozone, whioh makes those subjeot to its influence feel all the invigorating effects of a real sea breeze. A working man was ordered by the Cheshire County Court to pay £167 costs in o divorce suit. The bill of oosts oame before the Judge in the Queen's Bench, who made an order that the payment should be made at the rate of sixpence per week I Leaving interest out of the question, it would take 109 yeare to disoharge the obligation. ; Coralie Cohen is olaimed by the European Jews as a seoond Florence Nightingale. She is a Jewish lady, who was an angel of mercy during the late . Franco-German war, apd passed unharmed among the wounded in the two hostile oamps. She is a Knight of the Legion of Honor, and has been elooted president of that patriotio body the Association des Dames Franchises. The winter session of the Asbburton Presbyterian Musical and Literary Sooiety commences on Thursday evening, when the annual meeting for election of officers, consideration of balance sheet, etc, will be held. Selections of both vooal and instrumental musio will be given, and it is expeoted there will be a large attendance of members, who are cordially invited to bring their friends for eleotion as members of the»Society. It is said by those who know that (the Queen has invested large sums of money, and invested them judioioujly, so that the present value of her purchases is largely in exoeßs of what ahe paid for them. In most matters of this nature she is advised by Sir Henry Ponsonby, Sir A. White, her solicitor, and Lord Cross, the latter having advised the Oueen on business matters very sagaoiously for some years past; Malcolm MoMillan, of Catalone, Cape Breton, a native of Lookmandy, North Uist, Scotland, at 101 years of age (according to an American paper) had all fys' senses as ggqd as when he was in his teens. A few months, ago he out and sewed a pair of mill-oioth trousers for bimaelf. Last autumn he mowed bay in the same field with his son, his grandBon and his great-grandson. He had never lost a tooth, and did not know what a headaohp or a toothaohe was. There has been great excitement at the Persian Court, his Imperial Majesty having had a tooth drawn. The operator was a Swedish dentist in Teheran, and the operation "most successful. It was performed in the presenoe of all the Court functionaries, who were, like the Shah, in a great state of tropidation as to the result, and who, in order i to conciliate Fate, had placed heavy purses of gold at the feet of His Majesty. The operation over, bis Imperial Majesty presented one purse and a valuable shawl to the luoky dentist, pooketing himself the re. maihder with an air of great satisfaction. Two monster Russian guns were sent recently to Sebaatopol, for the purpose of being plaoed in the new ironolad Sinope, and although some of the details must be inacourate, the offioial description {a too interesting to be ignorod. They are 12in pieoes, weighing fifty tons, and throwing projeotiles of nearly half a ton. The powdor charge is 2701b, and the initial velocity 3000 metres while the oannon'o range Js Baid to be twenty versts, or ovor thirteen mjlea. As a oonsequenoe, the firo of the guns can only be directed by the map, the object fired at being out of sight. Two men, however suffice for I each gun, as they are worked by hydraulic machinery. 1 The "Temuka Leader" says that at ft meeting of fruitgrowers to disouss the small, birds peat held at Geraldine on Saturday, one gardener laid upon the table a box of "samples." .On being opened it proved to oontain apple3, or rather what was left of a number of apples after the blaokbirds had done with them. Tho appearanoe of the fruit waa a surpriso to those not acquainted with tho mischief done by these pests. Nearly the whole of the inside of the applea waß eaten clean out, leaving only tho outside skin and cove. The birds had made a hole in tho skin large enough to admit their headß, and hud then eaten' out the inside. All the gardeners prosent had tales to tell of similar destruction to fruit. Keating^ Cough Lozenges cure Coughs Asthma, Bronchitis. Medical testimony state 5 that no other medicine is so eflectual in the cure of these dangerous maladies'. ' One Lozenge alone gives ease, one or twb at bedtime ensures rest. For relieving difficulty of breathing they are invaluable. . They contain ; no opium nor any violent drug. Sold by «{1 ClwmUti, in Tin, (b i#d, «tf us4 c»sb, - j

Mr and Mrs JToley appear at the OddI fellows' Hall on Friday and Saturday eveninga in their entertainment entitled " Moments of Merriment." At the H.M. Court this morning John Dunoan was remanded to Ohristohuroh on a warrant charging him with the laroeny of a gold ring. At the Rink last evening the final heats of the mile handicap race came off between Messrs Bestell and Curlia and Shiles and Wilkie. Curtis and Shiles won their heatß ; Shiles winning the run off by a half a lap, time dmin SOseo. , It is notified by advertisement that maps of tbe Runß oan be seen at the County Omoes, May we suggest that as the Council has received several copiep, one set should be displayed at the Post Office, another at the Railway Station, and another at the Public Library. A Bet should also be sent to Rakaia. The first cremation oarried but in Paris took place, a few daya ago, at Pare la Chaise. Dr Jaooby, of the Bashkir Tartars sect, set fire to the apparatus containing the body of his son Paul, 11 years old, and in an hour and a half it waß reduoed to ashes. Special permission had been obtained from the authorities. The Convalescent Home at Dover, whioh has been conduoted by Miss Rusher for upwards of thirty years, has been made over in trust to Messrs J. B. Nioholas, a. Vaughan, and W. H. Chinn, for the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows, the South London District, of whioh sooiety will appoint a committee of management. The Home haß acoomodation for eighty convalescents, and with an endowment fund of £750 represents a gift of more than £3000. Her Majesty's printers have had to make arrangements from the first to print the day's proceedings of the Parnell commission during every night, ready for the judges' table the following morning, and they have not failed in. any instanoe to accomplish their task These arrangements have involved the eml ployment of a staff numbering 100 men. The .whole proceedings are at present in type, and amount to over 2000 pages, and 1000 pounds weight of type has to be provided every night, in addition to casting apeoial sorts in large quantities, to meet the repetition of the nameß of the judges, counsel, and others engaged in the trial. - The following is given by a correspondent ol a contemporary as a "never-failing remedy for that dreadful disease — oanoer."— 2oz Bulphur. £oz of quicksilver, loz of oream of tartar, loz of saltpetre ; put into a pint of molasses, stir; take a tablespoonful before going to bed. For outside application : One bottle ot British oil, loz of red preoipitate The sulphur and quicksilver must be thoroughly mixed for a long time in a druggißt's mortar, and then the other ingredients added. I wish, the writer says, that this oould be published in every paper in the land, and that in after yesrs I oould have the satisfaction of knowing that many have beep saved from horrible suffering and death by it3 uae, and that it may be regarded as a reliable specific * The seventh anniversary of tbe Bushman's Pride Lodge, 1.0.G.T., ivas held in the Sohoolroom, Alford Forest, od Friday evening last. The decorations are generally remarkable for the elegant display of ferns, and on this oooasion were better than usual. At the end of the room was the motto " Our work is to resoue the fallen." From 7 o'olook to 830 tea was served to the constantly increasing number of guests. Bro Wallaoe was voted to the chair, and the musical programme was efficiently rendered as under :— lntroduction, "Fairy Mazurka," Amerioan organ, by Mr H. Knight, sen. ; song, « The light guitar," Mr Walter Fagan ; duet, Miss Byrnes and Mr Jago ; song, Mr Jago, « The Old Brigade," and as an encore, " Union Jaok of Old England;" Miss J. Kerr, "Little b'ne eyes," encore, " The drummer boy ; " song ' " Eighteenpenoe," Mr Clark; Sootoh Bogg, Miss Symea ; song, Mr H. Knight, Jan., '•Does your heart beat true," encore, " The lighthouse ; " reading, •• Temperance," Mr W. G. Wallace ; recitation, "Boy's rights," Master Finlayson. The oustomary votes of thanks were then given whioh ended a most enjoyable evening. Mrs knight supplied the refreshments, whioh gave great satisfaction. At a publio ball afterwards held the number of dancers was considerably inoreased by the arrival of •Mr Alison's Methven coach crowded with visitors, and a merry evening was spent. SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT.—In protection of the worldwide fame our manufacture has aoquired all over tbe globe, we publish the following :— Hazard, M.D., Professor of General Pathology and Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, says in an editorial published in the " Olinioal Reoord : "— " We have examined half-a-dozen specimens of different manufactures; the preparation of Sander apd Sons was the only one that proved to be reliable and corresponding to soientifio teßts." Another conoootion called " Refined Extract of Eucalyptus " has made its' appearance Bince. This produot stands, according to Dr Owen, foremost in causing injurious effects. That gentleman oommunicates, at a meeting of the Medical Sooiety of Viotoria, that a child living at Fitzroy became most Berioußly indisposed through its use. In another oase a lady states on the strength of statutory declaration that she suffered cruelly from the effeots of the same ooncootion. To guard the high reputation of our manufacture we feel warranted in exposing the above faots, and desire the publio to exeroise care and precaution when buying. SANDER and SONS — (Advt. 7

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LOCAN AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2101, 3 April 1889

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LOCAN AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2101, 3 April 1889