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The Ashley County Crioketers were easily defeated yesterday by tbe Timaru men by an inning.*and eighty runs. Mr Joseph Ivesß, formerly M.H.R. for the Wakanui electorate, has embarked onoe more m 'ojurnali.m. He has started a daily evening paper at Albnry, an inland town of New South Wales. Poring the examination ojt a junior class m one oi our state schools lately, the examiner asked the question, "To what kingdom does the Chinaman belong ? " and aa thought came the eager and unanimous answer, " To the vegetable kingdom." There are 3,000,000 more women m Great Britain than men. More than one. third of all tbe women of marriageable age m England are unmarried. Fully one-half of the women fit the eduoated middle olass, gentlewomen, of -aaaiagesble age are Bingle. The deterioration* m the physique of the stoker m the Boyal Savy ftavijig beoome very marked, the Commander-in-Gbief ot Ports, mouth (Admiral Sir Edmund Commerel)) has forwarded to the Admiralty a strong representation on the subjeot. At t)b.9 annual meeting of the Canterbury Agricultural pp. Pastoral Association held at Chriatcburcli 'laat evening, Mr John Ferguson was eleoted .president. The Bank overdraft showed a slight increase, " TJ^e treasurer, Mr D. Craig, suggested tbat the present was an opportune time for making a special <#o,)ft to reduce it. DEAF, — A Person cured p< Deafness and noises m the head of 23 years* standing by a simple remedy, will send a description of t ?kks to any person who applies r "{Jicholson 0$ William stx**.., Melbourne

The first Carnival of the Rink de Paria will be held on Wednesday, April 2_th. The usual session will be held to-night, and entries for the firßt raoe will be taken to-morrow. The Emperor of Germany receives a salary of £120,000, and wants it increased to a quarter of a million. For a man who has not been m the business muoh more than simonths, the young Emperor has remarkable confidence m his ability and a good estimate of his own personal worth. The Russian Empress thinks little of Oourt etiquette. Recently at some function of the Danish Oourt, when properly she had precedence of the Princess of Wales, she laughingly invited the Princess to go ahead of her, saying, " When I am here I am only my mother's seoond daughter." The Canterbury ram fair yesterday was largely attended. The bidding waß fairly brisk, especially for the Linoolns, for whioh as high' as 20 guinea, were realised. Some very good Linooln rams, sold privately, fetohed 30 guineas. Leicester and Southdowns fetohed up to 5 guineas. Merinos were not m much demand. An extensive grass fire ooourred on the plains .'near Dromore yesterdays The fire originated about two miles from Dromore and swept aoross the oountry m the direotion of the Seafleld road. Beyond grass and hedges being burnt little other damage appears to have been done, but settlers m the locality had to work hard- to Bave their properties. Full particulars of the fire oame to hand too late for insertion m tbis issue but will appear to-morrow. This excerpt from tho Amerioan letter of the " Nelson Mail " is sad reading : — " Dr M'Donald, one of the best-known physioians lin New York, who forthe past twenty years has been m oharge of the insane asylum on Ward's Island, has been deolared insane himself, and is now under the care of his former assistants m that institution. No sadder oase of intellectual ruin have I had to reoord for many a day. Dr M'Donald was considered one of the foremost experts m insanity m the United States. On the Guiteau trial he was one of the experts on behalf of the United States who gave an opinion as to the prisoner's sanity. It is no sudden calamity. It has besn ooming on for years, and it itr*with grief unspeakable that his numerous friends have noted for years his gradual deoay, till at last he is oonfined. m the asylum of whioh for twenty years he was the supreme director." The North Canterbury A. and P. Association's annual report .read at the meeting yeßterday referred to the spread of noxious weeds. I) said it bas been found that the Canadian thistle has established itself over a wide area, but as yet it iB oonfined to . moderately small patches, and with a little perseveranoe on the part of those farmers who have it on their land it might be exterminated with comparative ease. Wild turnip is rapidly spreading, and if allowed to seed indiscriminately it will reduoe the value of the land infested by 50 per cent. Gape weed iB also spreading rapidly. Of the noxious grasses, m addition to wire grass, goose grass, twitoh, English couoh grasß is beooming oonspiououß for its presenoe m some of our best soils. This weed iB the cause of muoh trouble and expense to farmers m the Old Country, and Bhould be exterminated before it spreads itself. President Oarnot is acoused by the Fren°h peasantry of possessing " the evil eye." The superstition has arisen, first, because the pre* Bident bas a habit of fixedly regarding all who address him, and secondly beoause aooidents have happened and fires have broken out during his stay m towns visited by him; What is really the the matter with him is that he is very rude. A great deal is said about the probable wiokedness of people who fail to look with a Btony glare into the eyes of others when conversing with them, but m a majority of instances the failure is due to modest hesitancy, while on the other hand most of the " glarers " who fanoy they are doing a great stroke when Btaring people out of countonance when addressing them, are impudent and oonceited persons. There is a vast difference between a frank and open glanoe and tho visual effrontery whioh bold humbugs display. Theße gentry can " look you straight m the face." Tho story of a fight m the riding sohool at Knightsbridge between two Grenadier officers (says a London correspondent) is followed, by one of a battle royal* between a major and a private m a Southern Home garrison. The' major, who is a notorious bruiser and martinet, overheard one of his privates Bay op parade, " I wish I could be alone with hipj on equal terms for ten minutes." Tbe major oalled tbe man out, and said to him quietly, " I overheard what you Baid. You shall meet me on equal terms. Gome to my rooms after parade and thrash me if you oan." Qbviously a challenge m suol) a oase wbb equal to an order. The private, a strapping, oouragepqs fellow enough, went to his major's room, taking with bim a comrade, whioh by tbe artioleß of this novel branoh of warfare he waß permitted to do. The major was attended by a subaltern. The two men fought for thirty-five minutes ; but alas ! for popular romance, tbe poor private was hopelessly and oruolly punished, at)_d was pot seen again on paradefor a fortnight. The Paris correspondent of the " Sydney Morning Herald " writes :— " We are promised a service of navigable balloons during the exhibition, to be propelled m every direotion by the famous Eeeley motor, concerning Which tho friends of the inventor profess a certainty of uiocejs npt yet Bbared by the public. Jt is no longer' a sedret that Mr Eeeley olaims to bave sucoeeded m bringing under oontrol the mysterious force employed by (he f Mabatmas,' ■' Arha<_,' and other sages of the East, wbo apcpmplisb therewith the marvels which the Theosophists gave them the oredit of producing, and m regard to tbe. reality of whioh Lord Dufferin and others, wbo bave discharged high offioes m India, give unhesitating confirmation. This force— Akasa — is deolared to be an element of Nature belonging to tbe group of what, for want of a better pame*, are called ' fluids,' as we oall magnetism end eleotrioity, but m far closer relation with the constitutive ' force of things.' than either of those ' fluids,' and consequently more difficult to bring into harness, but vastly more powerful m tbe bands of those who, through study and the efforts of a lifetime, have p^eoeeded iff doing so." In reference to the offer whioh bag been made to tbe Government for tbe right to advertise on the back of postage stamps, a correspondent suggests tbat the Government should themselves use ths faoe of the stamps as a means of advertising New Zealand. His proposal is that m plaoe of the present Queen's head and filagree fanoy work, there should be printed on the faoe of the stamp a legend to the following effeot: — "For full information about New Zealand intending emigrants are' requested to send sixpenoe in' stamps to the Agent-General for New Zealand, London, or to the Minister for Lands, Wellington, New Zealand." There would be simple roopi for thiß announcement on an ordinary stamp* H- cays, m support of this suggestion, that it' woi*ld oopt tj^e Government nothing, the adyert'semept wou'd airoulata over the whole world, to tjie iijamenjsp advantage of the colony; and tbat, being Buoh aa prißia&l idea, it would be commented upon everywhere, and would attract attention to the oolony, as a go-ahead pleoe deter* mined not to hide its light under 1 4 bushel,One objection to the proposal is that the " defaoing " of the stamp would m many cases render the printing illegible, and besides ~t is doubtful whether the Government would havo tho oourage to depart so far from redtape tradit'ons and prejudices as to put the suggestion m praotioe. ''

A ourious and novel method of saving life | m certain oases of poisoning has been originated by Dr Garlo Sanquirioo, of Vienna. By largely increasing the volume of the blood, whioh oan be dono by injecting into the arteries saline solutions to the amount of > about 8 per oent. of tbe weight of the animal, the poisons are actually rinsed out and eliminated from the system. In this way the lives of dogs and guinea-pigs wero saved after being dosed with deadly amounts of stryohnine, chloral, alcohol, aoonitine, paraidehyde, caffeine, and urethan. With certain . other poisons, as morphine, ouraine, and niootine, the method failed. It is not at all impossible that this disoovery may introduoe an improved treatment, not only for oases of poisoning, but for certain diseases. It is difficult enough for the ordinary mind actually tb realise the faot that the earth is whirling round the sun at a rate of about 1000 miles a minute,. while at the same time it is spinning round Its own axis at a high speed; but unsatisfied astronomers want to find out still further how swiftly the sun, with all the planets, is oareering through space, and many are eagerly revolving m their heads soheme. to measure this velocity. Struve, the Bußsian astronomer, by ueing the observations of the great Bradley m 1755 to estimate what the relative position of the sun to the other stars waß at that date oompared to what it is to-day, arrives at the oonolusion that the solar system is gliding on with a velooity of 900 miles a minute ; but the estimate is neoessarily rough. Dr O. Lloyd Tuokey gives m the " Nine* teenth Oentury" an interesting account of the plan of faith-healing praotised at Nanoy by medioal men, with ezoellent results m oertain oases, especially rheumatism and nervous affeotions. He believes that this system of healing by mesmerism and suggestion is destined to be of immense importance it humanity, and that it will considerably modify the present praotioe of medioine. Treatment by suggestion has been tried on many devotees of vice— drunkards, victims of the opium practice, eto. — and with the happiest results. Inmates of the Paris Female Reformatories— women steeped m depravity, obsoene of tongue, and as it seemed utterly inoorrigible — have, it is stated, by a oourse of this treatment been transformed .into deoent members of sooiety, and m some inßtanoeß have for yeara held, and deserved to hold, positions of trust;

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