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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

--♦ ■ . The anniversary social of the Aehburton Druids will be held m the Oddfellows' Hail on Friday, 12th April, when a very enjoyable evening ia sure to be spent by those present. We learn from the looal journal that on Saturday last a Waimate seller obtained 4a 2d per bushel for a email line of Tusoan wheat , delivered at Oamaru. It was a good sample. A meeting of the officers of the South Canterbury Battalion washeld atthe Club Hotel Timaru, yesterday afternoon, Colonel Bailey presiding. Major Newall, Distriot Adjutant, was present, and explained what had been done by the North Canterbury corps. After dißoUßsion it was unaminously resolved that the South Canterbury Voluntera join the North Camp to be held at Medbury. A striking exemplification of the ohange that is wrought by the whirligig of time (says Tuesday's Dunedin * Evening Herald ") was afforded at the sale by Messrs E. O. Reynolds and Co. yesterday afternoon of the lease of Watson's Hotel. Inoidental to the conditions of sale, the auotioneer read a leaße of the premises, dated m 1874, both signatures to wbiob were witnessed by J. E. Denniston, clerk, Dunedin." Fifteen years have elapsed, and the witnessing olerk is now Hiß Honor, Mr Justice Denniston. During the past two years not less than 178 British subjects have been .treated gratuitously by M. Pasteur. The average mortality m suoh oaaes under ' ordinary treatment is from 15 to 16 per cent. In M. Pasteur's hands the mortality has been deoreased to 3 3 per oent. Other Governments whose subjeots have profited by his oare have offered pecuniary assistance to the Pasteur Institute, where patients of all nations are received free of charge. Sir Henry Boeooe has brought the matter under the notice of the Chancellor of the Exobequer with a suggestion that her Majesty's Government Bhould join m the international subscription. During the past year Masonio benevolence produced an amount for the three English Masonio charitable institutions combined far surpassing that of any previous twelvemonth, and exceeding the largest annual sum hitherto eolleoted for them by £21,855. The JRoyal Maaonio Institution for Girls, whioh celebrated the completion of its first 100 years of existence on June 7th, ehowa a total receipt of £49,259 4s 4d ; the youngest of the institutions, the Royal Maßonio Benevolent Institution for Aged Freemasons and widows of Freemasons, a sum of £21,361, 15s Id ; and the Royal Maßonio lostimtion for Boys, which was 90 years old last year, the amount of £12,293 2a sd, a less sum than either of these institutions has reoeived m any one of the previous seven years. To give an idea of the extent of the work carried on by the British and Foreign Bible Society, it may be mentioned that it sends away to different parts of the world between 7009 and 8000 Bibles, Testaments, or portions of Soripture every working day, or five copies every minute. The society spends £70,000 annually for printing Bibles m England, and a considerable sum m foreign countries. One of tbe latest of the 298 languages and dialects into whioh the Scriptures has now been translated by the society ia Lugunda, or the language spoken by the people of Ugunda m Central Afrioa. The translation was made by Mr Mackay, of the Church Sooiety's missionaries, a year or two ago m Oa Mwanga's capital, and was brought to Englang by the Bey Harry Ashe, who corrected it for the press. Our Melbourne correspondent thus discourses about modern artillery : — If ever two big nations should go to war the rival armies will have to stand a long way off and fire at the horizon. Otherwise it will be an eternal sweep and instantaneous demolition of all concerned. The Maxim gun for instanoe is a delightful little plaything which, if it had been m the possession of the Russians, would have popped every, man of the cix hundred off before they oould have got their horses into a gallop. In an engagement now-a-daya the safest place will be at Eamsohatka or the North Pole, The latest toy with whioh scientific civilisation hao made us acquainted, as a means of destruction, is the Zalineki gun, a harmless kind of weapon capable of throwing a charge of dynamite aoroes the equator, and entirely displaoing the Southern hemisphere. Tbiß is purely a Yankee invention, and tbe first trial of the machine resulted m a partial failure. lam sorry, hosreyer, to learn tbat^ subsequent experiments proved it to bo nothing less than a thousand voloanoea rolled into one, Referring to the case of Dr Sellon, who, aooording to a reoent oable message, has been sentenced to eight months' imprisonment for abduotion of an American young lady of seventeen, the Nice correspondent of the •• Standard " sayß : — "I bave ascertained the exact foots °* an elopement of an English dootor with a young lady. For several weeka the parties stayed at a pension on the promenade at Nice, the gentleman registered aa Dr Sellon, of London, the lady as Ida Wifoox, of Baimbridge, New York. She was aooompanied by her mother and father, Mr Charleß Wiloox, who, I am told, ia an official of New £ork State. Early last week they left for Meqtone, and again stayed at the same hotel. Dr Sellon ia a married man of forly years, and was accompanied by a yopng eon, Qn Friday they left the hotel suddenly, taking the boy with them, and booked to Tentimigliai Miss Wiloox had a oheque for £300 for Ther, made payable to either mother or daughter, and she cashed ift there. Then they pror oeeded to Genoa, Tu«d, pijon, and Paris. Miss Wiloox left a note behind for her mother stating her intention to run away and asking for forgiveness. Mrs Wilcox plaoed the matter m the hands of the American oonsul, with the reault that the oouple wore stopped m pacifl, PPAF.— A Person cured of .Deafness and noises m the head of 23' years' standing by a simple remedy, will send a description of p frke to any person who applig? * -iNjCiJOjUpjl 65 William street, Melbourne

At the St Patrick day sports at Geraldine ' I on Monday T. H. DaUon, an Ashburton man, won the caber tossing and was second m throwing the hammer. A, Joneß was second m the bicycle race. At South Bakaia yesterday a boy named Dcuey, about nine years of age, was charged with having feloniously broken into the house of the Rev H. Collins, and stolen therefrom kuives and forks, a silver teapot, and a number of other articles. He was remanded till the 22nd instant. Every particle of any consequence m the "New York Herald " is now written m the first person, and suoh phrases as '-your reporter," '• the writer," and " the "Herald " correspondent," have disappeared from its oplumns. The articles, however, are not signed. The " New York Herald " says that the Customs revenue haß been robbed to the extent of from 4,000,003d0l to 5,000,000d0t a year through the New York Appraiser's offioe by undervaluations and damage allowances, mainly m the underolassifioation of sugar. It affirms that this is not an exaggeration, large as the figureiynay seem. The "Herald" giveß full particulars of frauds at various ports. The " Montreal Herald " m a fit of blues indulges m a wail over Canada's financial position. It states that m the last twenty years the publio debt has increased by 215 per cent., the publio expenditure by 172 yet cant and the taxation by 170 per oent, while the population increased only 38, and foreign trade only 62 per oent. The " Herald " says that at every step the Dominion gets deeper into the mire, yet the only thing she can do ia to go forward — and downward. The Germans are constructing a huge floating exhibition palaoe at a cost of £250,000, m which to give ocular demonstration of the superiority [of German manufactures to the soeptioal amongst the distant nations of the earth. This vessel will be called the Kaiser Wilhelm, and will be 564 ft long, 66ft wide, and 56ft deep. She will be, it is said, the most magnificently-fitted ship afloat. The exhibition will be made to yield a profit of £100,000 annually from the inoome derived from rented spaoe, and from the saleß of goods. It is expeoted that the ship will sail from Hamburg m the spring of 1890, but her fitßt destination is not known. The following is taken from a Timaru paper : — Mr S. Moßride, monumental mason, bas just finished cutting and dreseing a headstone m Mount Somerß limeßtone, and to anyone curious m euon work, or desirous of sampling work on whiob to have his epitaph inscribed, or, more importantly, who is inter. eßted m building stone, and oould put m a good word here or m foreign parts for a material a big demand for which would be of general benefit to Canterbury — any suoh persons would do well to oall and inspect the worked stone. It oomparea most favorably with the far-famed stone of Oamaru. It is whiter, denser, finer m grain, and harder; ita lasting properties are vouohed for by the way it stands exposure on its native hills ; and these we presume are the most important qualities m tbe material for a dwelling, offioe, or sarcophagus. The following particulars of a trial of a 15-inoh Zalinßki gun at Fort Lafayette, Yiotoria, are furnished to us by our own correspondent. The gun was one of the patterns recently designed for the United States' dynamite oruiser Vesuvius :— " The first shot was made with 2001 b of the explosive substance. There was a sharp report, then a long blaok objeot was seen flying through the air. lii mounted gradually till it reaohed a height of 100 feet, and then began to ourve towards the water* The initial velocity was about 800 feet per second, and the distance over a mile. The next experiment was with a heavier projeotile. Tbe size of the projectile was eeen to be enormous as it rose nearly 400 feet. But it then began to turn over m the air, twisted about m its course, and finally tumbled point foremost into the water 450 feet short of the mark. It exploded almost instantaneously, Bending a tremendous volume of water hundreds of feet into the air with suoh violence that no vessel oould have escaped destruction within a radius of a . hundred feet. Mr Zalinßki, it is said, is confident that the partial failure was entire due to Blight meohanioal defeots, whioh can easily be remedied. As we know these defeota have been remedied, and anyone going to War with the United States will have to faoe Mr Zalineki's music. " Two of the foremost men m Viotorian I hißtory and arts (writes our Melbonrne correspondent) will likely enough, be forgotten \ within a deoade. At all eventß no publio , mementos are, it would appear, to be ereoted to keep them m the mind of the hurrying throng. The memory ofjpoor Marcus Clarke was only raised from oblivion to be submitted 1 to all tbe oalummy and abuße that the ohief 1 parliamentary artists m that line oould heap ' upon it, and his grave is hidden away m a corner of the General Cemetery, unmarked 1 saved by the tears of those who knew and loved him m life. Then the proposal to ereot a statue to the memory (of the late Mr 1 Peter Lalor--it was the most shadowy of suggestions— fell flat even m democratic Ballarat, the scene of his former triumph. In the latter days the Golden City has become \ transformed into a Garden City, and, appropriately enough, has given itself over to , the worship of Bobby Burna and Tom Moore, ; with further tendencies towards ißyron and F Shelley. Until quite reoently, when publio [ attention was everywhere drawn to the Eureka S ookade affair by the death of the . obief actor m it, not one person m fifty of the " residents of Ballarat had even heard anything about it, and not one m a hundred could point out to you the historical spot when the -first, last, and fortunately, only rieoessary blow was struok for Australian j liberties,''

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2093, 21 March 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2093, 21 March 1889