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PnbUcHot^B 1 : Public Notices. . _Pubhc_.otice PubUc Notices. , NOTICE QFOHAHOS. ASfIBURTON "(JUARDIAN.'J dku&faA* DR. J. H. TOWNEND, . DUNEDIN AGENCY. PHOTOGRAPHERS. To be had of all Storekeepets, HotelkMfXW 01 q Hf«h Rtraat Qr ocera, and Wine Merchants. \j Btreet (opposite Bank of New Zea- ' JLTJL. , land), Ohrlstohnroh (Hon Visiting Pay Btreet, Dnnedln, has been appointed our "~ '■ "* Read vfotan, Ohrlotohuroh Hoipital 10 years). << THE MIRROB," «n »». * 10 »« T f»m ft PflftVl Plir^TiaSer Agant an^ w mbeabletoarrangeterms T AUANE AND P|O 4 HIGH-CLASS Weekly Social, PolitiHours of Oonsnltatlon from 12 an til X IMH Ui V^WHU X. ill l/Xi«/O W ft! , W \J A cal Literal and Dramatic nanar 2 pm., and from 7.30 nntil 9 p «., with adverse* lor contract advertise- CASH BUYERS OF Sandays exoepted. the Centennial Printing and Publishing wn n an nST~ Kx ,x a H a9 m "' : WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, BYEGBASS Company, Limited, Melbourne Plwe, N.8. -Consultation by letter. OF ' &c &o Bnaaell fltwat AWbinnie. . TT^OB the Blood ißtheLife-Olark's world J-.' PARK struct TTAaTTTRY TriixS . . JO famed Blood Mixture, warranted to n... A Arn p AW Onln PARK STB EBT HOSIERY ORKB T .-- r - m /~\ A ma TDVmr<P AQQ cleanße the blood from all im P urities from Kyfi tOm TOP ottlß. (Near?res>yterian.Charob.) "ZEALANDIA" WBBAI, OAlb,±ilJiU±taDC) a^-^ abb _. ok _ .^ —^ scores of all kinds its effects are marvel- -RrftntfAr^ T \t,ht k^al RinAar ' v * v boot store i^^r.u^^T^s "^SSS?^ Globo p " otloal Hoi^. Minofßoiow Midland Counties Drug Co , Lincoln — — - - Ladieß, and Children, made to order. EAST STREET, t^i I? f\T> i^ 1? T A H/TTPQfMVT EnglaDd 1U &*aa- — 12 — KJCJIj V/XivjrXli O mM&MkS NEW coach route. ASBBXJRTOISr. "' ■' leviathan railway «^^^^^^^ : ~ TEMPERANOE TJOTBL jM^^^^^^^^m. G-. . "H. ALLISON . «TTT%TTT. mn »i *.. .> ..../... "- T?K^P^^^BBSP^Sra DROPRIETOB of . Methven Livery FRESH NOVELTIES A STTTiTTBTON AND KAKJVIA, (Opposite the Railway Station), \fl | ,|lgfM^|« Jt^ SwWes, begs to Inform the public ** _ AOXLD UXI J.l/11 ■ .i*l\X/ X«H.^-O.AiX« DUNEDIN -^J£^^ißiSk^^^ of the Methven and AshbartonDl^rfott tmmmmm . tbat he has started rdnning a Passenger WE have Just opened a Splendid mrq silk . - Pkopbibtbbss BAKER BROS., Coach from Methven to Ashburton on Assortment of BOOTS and faHOES BUILDERS, UNDERTAKERS, &c, Tuesdays and Saturdays, leaving Methven of all Clausen for the present season. Begs to inform her friends and the Corner Wakwiul Road and Oass atreet, I ' £* 15 a - ro * * nd . the Somerset Hotel, The price is Marked In Plain Flgnrei , . Public generally tbat abe has purchased (Next Centbal Hotel.) Asnburton, at 433 pm. upon every pair, and our Ooatomers may , fc he above Hotel, and respeotf ally sollolts Or at Baker and Brown's Ooich Faotory * area—single, A", retaras, 6s. depend upon getting their Boote ana a B h ar e of their support. Havelook street. iraroels and orders carefully attended to. Shoes at Lowest Poißlble Price. > The Hotel h thQ j t ftnd moßt oom . (Next the Coubt Hotob.) 290 10 nh . I 6 «% J"n«?E2. 'tlh^tflh? u£ of Its kind m Dunedln, and can — l 5 Ifr T\ TlnTinQTl Cheaply we do not lose sight of the faofc > offer accommodation not to be excelled j H TXT mAYLOB O AO., *?. OO V. UUZICa]!, OnALITY IS THE TRUE TKST having been thoroughly renovated slnoe U. V? • 1 Qb V.! AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT Vjuaiuax io xod, lttua. j,jj,»i _ , — thfl new proprl etress to. k possession j General Auctioneers, Land and Estate* MAKEBS, Ladles' Shoes from 5s 63 md wl " now be fonnd moßt oomf( > r t« ble ' Agents, OHRISTOHUROH AND ASHBURTON Ladles' E. B., from 6 j 6d VISITORS 20, Collins Street, West, Melbourne, — — Children's Boots and Shoes In endless O r PTTTT < T"*>"lVr A vioaxux^o Are prepared to undertake Sales of Free- Every Description of Machines and Vft S ety .i , « wi, DlJSiri^.JXLAirp Will find every dvillty and accommoda- hold Property, Household Furniture Mer- Appliances on hand. Gentlemen c Cookhams P< /\ r\r¥lTTT"\T/N Ti/\TTTTM7^T>Ci tlcn, and the aim of the Proprietress will chandiße, etc. Liberal advances made on Feeders for Threahing Machines, SUlker'a Gent,emen's Walking and Dress Boots, Q fIII^FTTT IV 1 IT Pi IW I fPi KiS be to give her patrons every satisfaction, goods for unreserved sale. Monthly lists Improved Pattern. *t m ,«u „, , UU V/ 1 1111 1 VJi IV/ U X-/XJXI^k-? B v of Property for sale, or to let, issued free. -yxTE HAVE received the LawoTennla Shoes at all prices, r^W** ; N .8. -Refreshments can be obtained foans negotiated absentees represented, W TefthVonlal f- WfB * t rui ii ii -r" ik . *.v FOR In the -shape of Tea, Coffee, and Cocoa on InßY rance * B e ffe^ ted » ohMges moderate, Dear Sirs,— The Improved Feeder »on BW% i7 ° ne6tihi> a »^ ls wdGaest. wlahlngtogo.way d^ 6ntß prompt Land **«.■*!» fitted « ,s ™hin; TShSJSttlZ ka« it«»» h»lp Ka.^inrr »i,i. n««j /iTTmmTXr/3. rr"l7T3«nnTT b F earl 7 tra!n OMI de P end 0D Wng called uncißO ' ' i Dg fi rat rate . I have threshed orei ; J"s».Sffl Sl^d cutting^tebth tsijlS^ tbBV * : ±!*^"*^AS* socialities ii^ceooL boot. caution to^purchasers. —■- Williamson and H. Preece, — ui^u^i^^uuui, uux W ell.knownFimily Medicine has TAILORS AND HABIT MAKErts n ?^^^P < ~Sjfife l Sf 8 "* « PARAGON." I parts of the world, and by all grades of society for rapwarde of FIPTY (Late «, London and Bxbmikgham.; f n r^ a Jfi£££ ' S YEARS. Its well-earned, extensiVe sale has induced SPURIOUS IMITA- n _._ TTxrT W o W itr« »e a »° n • Ne » Q " ln *>'* n on thl "DEPENDABLE" TIONB, some of which m OUTWARD APPEARANCE so closely resemble „ „ _« r**tr> 4 «.** ao A LIVERY & MILITARY UNIFOBMS. Anglo- American principle, particularly . — . " the original as to have deceived many purchasers. The proprietor, therefore, feels XX. Ob JUj, OralftlLGcUl TAmw ffAßTn^"»u^ taWiwb suitable fot this country. Farmers should These lines are lv dally d.mand. Try it due to the public to give a special caution against the use of SUCH IMITA- LA^ E d S fl £*^Z£™ stS lD9 i??^s pt^r^^ »k^ m iToorn n>ii> ro&rrAnfnr) ttyynth r LHviuHi-xv JriiUuvrtio— we are making 7, irß t M ™!^»fl-^ r^l.«-^*i^ti-teHI W *,ta. WISH TO ANNOUNCE EA 8 T EE E T 52^^^|jWSiJ5 - 'Zealaadia 1 Boot Store, TO — «— . —™ -™ a^--»^ tTn -^j^ Thr€Shlng^ L A WORTH, SURREY, are engraved on the Government Stamp affixed to each *on. a vj* ± vn. ftß Concaves, Drums, Sh*ker Shaftt, AQJ3.I>UJiXWJi, ket P RMOVEII And at 62 Colombo Street, Ohrlstoburch. Brasses. Made and repaired. Eden George 2nd —Each Single Powder has directions for the dose, and the words, John J-li JU AfJ- \J W J^i XJ 12 138 Every kind of machinery repaired en — ! — Stbkdmak, Chemist, Walworth, Surrey, printed thereon. the shortest notice M . niMMW Srd^The name, Steedman, is always spelt with two EE's. T0 WiUlsS, Ashburton. 4th.— -The manufacture is carried on solely at Walworth, Surrey. «at Tjif »wn mity TxrvtiO ' J_ Sold m Packets by all Chemists aud Medecine Vendors at Is l^d and 2s ?d tUUIiiHAK 0 DUILIJIiiUD, SUPPORT LOCAL INDUSTRY, z per' da e *° h * ir «««»»«»!<,« Pt, AO git» .nil r>n rrA-NrrilJT7"n HTPTJTJT ESPECIALLY WHEN THE PRODUCT tl T ° db4: persons of either sex, In Kkmpthobhb, Prosskr and Co. TANCK Ji 13 »i X iii Ji 1. IS yERY SUPERIORt heirowa localities, at work for us. New TITYIirW miinl>n "C^O business. All meet with wonderful aucfij I ) |ij 11 IT FJ\ I UlTri H : — - "* "" TTAVING made a speolal purchase of a oese. Any one can do the work. Capital XJJAUXI UUUXIUUW ATan tl Urge lot of Ashburton Tweeds, not required. We will start you. Outfit — a uo v— pjkrt of wh , oh j haye had made up [Q the wottn £1 ma n e a free. The employment «m,«f th«« »ifttj» «nw In atoflfc « "Larffe hest style and finish, I now offer better Is particularly adapted to the region In ano^Varied AlsortnTent of TWEEDS value In Men's, Youths', and Boys' Suits, which this publication circulates. Boyi great discos let Zealand M M Marine Mam Company .g«-**.— --r- 1 slt te -j— - lISSS3 - sotijs ASD to aujhat oak bb desibedJ Bult- (o meaßat6| fit Md So^rZdrMainefunlfed wE"* ESTABLISHBD ... 1869. II flr 17 fR ATPTIF AT* gnMMlteed -^— tl. 6U JDi; vllAlunJliill/ value unFoualled ashburton permanent buildYALUIfi v^ UA LLJfiU ing AND INVESTMENT SOOIErr. CAPITAL ONE MILLION. TAILORS, ROBERT ALCORN, ADVANCES of £ lTand upwards made vxiiXAixxj vxo.^o-1 >u.a^i-wxv/xi TANORED STREET. A on Freehold Properties, repayable by — lAJSU oxi*^^x, ASHBDRTON CLOTHING MART fethly, Quarterly, or Half-yearly metal THE PREMIER & WEALTHIEST COLONIAL COMPANY ASHBURTON saunders' buildings. me^ Ns a]s — ranted for faed E D fn N habS Q S £Sm« aT.S! NOTED FOR PROMPTNESS AND LIBERALITY. - WATOWrT rGPayabl6 '' lDßtalmeQtS " ronnding dietrictß that he has just — — — — OUU VY J3. IN X Jh U BORROWER'S OPTION discovered a MOST IMPOBTANI «^« M A t, O «==-======================== PROCESS by which Photographs. oan be .FIRE AND MAKJLNJtG XVlDilD* TO PURCHASE with or without notice, produced at ALSO,—RISKS ON GROWING CROPS. P. O'CONISTELL'S J&S.S..'*- oh " ges on a mMt ONE-FOURTH THE USUAL OOSI J\MJCSJ^%3 V x^ Ui^ V VV XJ "r >*■ Y^Y* ;»• TfIRESI^G '.MACHINES, &c, accepted at lowest current rates. plagT 13 ' TARPAmiiNS^^ETS DEPOSITS received at Highest Ourren / And that he has consequently reduced.hit OT?^"Dm^ T A TWTT?Qr.W A Harrteon onfflraoi^^* LOIN^OTH rat 6S ' fi . „„ # pnees as under :— LtJliv/ JtCvTJtll tl ZxJjU.XIIOV/xS • <a * • uamson ' COACH and BUGGY APBONS, All information on application to * . ■ , . . 7 GABDBN AND DELIVERY HOSE. J. W. TWENTYM.AN AGENT, ABHBUBTON. ._ t ,-,--- • bUTTBBS. apronT"and BLEVATOBB m " L L Manager. AiirCCL JtlftrriSOll- For all maksof Machines; Office Tancred atreet. „'...,. HAMBB. PLOUGH" AND LEADING NOTICE Carte de Vwites, 5b per dot., old fpnee. • AOOTIONEER, STOCK AND ESTATE chains, saddlery, Etc. — . 25a per dOZ ; Cabinet*. 10a Per dOZ, Old j ga J 0 fa^ f 0 H oWing0 Wing freW prioß, -50a per doz; Boudoirs, 15a per AGENT AND VALUATOR. Marquae Tents, round or eqnare, for Bale ana mportations .— doz, old price, 90a per doz ; other bibos p .^~* v -^ ■■ riXftf* onjoire. From J. Odlkqa and Co, Vienna. proportionately reduced. g^,^ f |j . ; |,^ UMIIiSBK FOR ' — P. O'CONNEIX, J™™ _JL ""p^M" p"oo? w-- 't^vy A 3T fiV» SATURDAY SALE at 12 o'clock sharp A1 TENT DEPOT. trusses, flexible steel springs, covered with —— - '••■' fv *V^\ u'^ji ft X M ffy S"^ —Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Prodooe Moore Street, Ashbn r ton (Next Boyal Hotel) best kid leather, superior, and better f\ ft\v^\ I'M US i| § ILr »nd Merchandise. ' fitting than English make— and oheap. Persons who were Photographed during \^ V^ - Jjf /ffr Farming ImplemeTta and Vehicles QUOD FAO MUS VaLDE PAOIMUS the Aehburton visit oan obtain extra copies V% % V\j* §%/ j?% of all kinds constantly m Yards (•« What we do we do well.") _ ,- xr— t. at the above prices adding exchange and A^XA^ A **€ ? oa view FOR SALE. - WBTH a.^r--n- «- «- ft T ExMarv A « Qwenwood from New York • postage. *X.^vV^ /^« - rptfiS OHRIBTOH.UBOH DB NTAL A large assortment of American per--1 * a 1 ? % Wi Clewing Sales held In town or Country ,-f^,.,^ *r? ■ *S. ' *- v: fumes. For delloate fragrance, I can re- » c Although the above prices a,e bo '][ / . V^^CTS SBBSST* ' o^"^ "^ — r xtremely small the finest work is guaran* M A \ -— ».—,»,,« 1 teed, as the Photos taken by the new /^v n^ /A\ \ iNPUbT'IAL GAZETTE Rents collected, and the Businesa S. MYERS AND CO., Also from our London Wholesale Drag ; process are vastly snperlor to those taken [±f A U f I V, / ./BV V.'^ , bS if «2S ™. of Absentee, managed with htoSoh DENTISTS. gist a stock of the specml remedies used I by the old one, and they are more 1 I_SU H CfiLS # i#^^Sn % dea to by Mr. Ne>»n Wei/, care. ouu.w v 00 . by the aeverallocal Medical Practitioners, I nflrmftnflnt U vv JL VV¥^ Jr #)»**.^a % who is a Taster of great cxpeM- . prepared according to their instructions, t JKJ ruittuoiifc. .. m jFt&MV^ttL «^ e» ce . and lias had a special „ . •» _-„«^>-. , X V^n*— w s im tw- iW "i!4ssaiaKk % training m ths art." Valuation made of Properties or Merohan. J^W^) d& l M<hr-s „ ntA t . , IN IHb # /!_l_m\ % ' TCaAßir herald. disc on easy terms. _J3_?^J| S B%r«ssk&> r P ,^»^fK« ruO / /;fea \SsSSSHI^ A a ,. n c M _*■-** - oooa. SW -I W^ D:sPENBIBG "IS 141 ' 8 HaH " BF - - on no account will thiß rule be broken. v n .^7 A?Mriri!f^U^ VA S "P " lior '••? »">•"""« w " delivered at the Store for Sale. C \d&¥ Wfa \ iiujnh. ' rO iy /* 2$ &*'^P t\ ___ "^' # 2g Wv I have been constantly engaged at thia "to flßit Kden George's Ve«libule where U<*' J? #i«r f^»(Of»|Pffifi- ft\ %Btaidor." slmnaliioii Twine Tßtader <S^S**l\ Bg /#¥y*<S?~. and ewe, and I oan boldly assert tbat my ; s . OT« 1600 eicellODt Photographs ate to bf THOUGH $_£* §, PRICES: Z™ T — vi. i n'l m> t> iij tf^^ \ § /'\\ x -< OfIABGES FOE MEDICINES i « en «itho«t ch.r g .. COPIED jfes^CTHßSßßf^sk 2/- 2/4 T^ff !^!Hi?^l!r^^ "s-"^ 6 ™ «.«>«i.- n , l1 _, a _ fl _,rf S , ff «a_*» 3 — by all ]|KxSfflasse^ttpES\a/8 ?/. ««-*-— .-»p* bt^ «i~ «.*«--*» 6 . 1111^ 01 .^ 1 : Geobge, -™- arSSsWr^CL,,,, 1. ciuii/iN "^« wa ? Norvicb Union Fire Insurance SSs, n A on°rs d iSs-Kftrt °» sh " nd » bt »° >»•"»»■• ie r> Yf O _I 1> ? ?7t ff \\ V V\ mW H fl ' « tooth. Hoursof attendance, 9 <va. to 8 pm, r : THE POPULAR PHOfOGBAPHER Kjl X {1, .(< hPi H H I) iPiA li _ fifIIUMHV Private residence, 93 East Belt . ld «« jtvjtww 1 A ,A-R.i*.a_ i^iJ&iiilui'OA/ 1 iiAwl VWlU|Jailji The acknowledged superiority of AMIR -amd-ttvioi L ' AUOKL»tia.W£ II OTOM. CHSiSTJIHUItOH. OIMEOW — %&SEg& SJ'iSSZS:* J. m. CAM?BiDaB, SOLD IN ASHBUBTONBY ALFRED HARRISON, .j^jjjy*^-^*-..^ '■ TT. M HANSON HENRY ZAKDEE s^fl&*BT!Vsas»llMM^^ '8. 11» JII* ViiXlOV/ll* JLLmi II J. tJtXkWUI.* by other dentiata remodelled »t small cost And all the principal storekeepers -****** «-*«***..

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Page 1 Advertisements Column 3, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2093, 21 March 1889

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Page 1 Advertisements Column 3 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2093, 21 March 1889