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A PLEASANT SUBPBIBB. EHfmar, the maker of the famous embrocation for horses, wbo died tome time agr>| left an induction to bis heirs which they bare jast carried out. Thirty years •go when a draper In Slcugb, be failed, and paid 93 6i In the pound. He commenced lifo afresh, strock on tbe nvxtnre which beats his name, end made bis money. The former creditors W9re surprised the other day to receive Mte 6d ef their olalms upon tho ex-draper of Slougb, together with compound Interest at 3 per cant, wh'oh of course, more than quadrupled the original debt. THB BATTENBUEO MAKBIAGE. "Puff," wrUing on tho morganatic marriage of Alexander of Battenburg, Hy B ;_Tbe Princes of Battenburg them■oives are the offspring of the morganatic marriage of Prince Alexander of Hesse with Julie Hackee, daughter of a printer who was made a Oount m Poland by the Czir Nicholas, But the Grand Ducal house of Hreae were so powerful, and the influeDoa of Prinoe Alexander, whoie lister married the Cz»r Alexander 11, was 10 great, that the morganatic family were raised to the princely rant with the title ef Serene Highness The Czir Alexander jl himself married the Princess Dolgoroukl morganatloally after the death of hit Hessian Empress, and bad a family by her. BUBIKD ALIVB. A gendarme was buried alive the o.her day m a village near Grenoble. The man had become intoxicated oo potato brandy, and fell into a profound sleep. After 20 boura passed m slumber, his friends considered him to be dead, particularly as his j body assumed the usual rigidity of a corpse. When the sextan, however, was lowering tbe remains of the ill-fated gendarme into the grave, he heard moans and keocks proceeding from the interior of tbe j "four boa-ds." He Immediately bored holes In the sides of the coffin to let In the air, and then knocked off the lid. The gendarma bad, however, ceased to live, having horribly mutilated his bead m his frantlo but futile efforts to burst his coffin open. LITZKO ON A PBSHY A DAY. Living on a penny a day seems to be bringing matters down to as fine a point •a could well be desired by the moat frupal of misers. Yet this Is what a certain Dr T. B. AlHnion, a Scotchman, Is eudeavor Ing to do, not as might be supposed for the purpose of economy, but just m the way of experiment. He has lean trying to live on meal and water for a month— but with what ultimate result is not jet to band. Hi* daily allowance is one pound of whole meal made Into a oake, with distilled water, and one quart of water. His account of his condition after a week was cheering. To the first few days be felt hungry, but about the fourth day this disappeared, and he had no longer any craving for other food. Hit Drain was dear, bis lung oapaolty bad increased five, and both hit sight and bearing had Improved. He had lost 7ib weight, but •eesaed to regard that rather as an advantage. Altogether he felt thoroughly satis fied with his experiment. It was certainly a very economic*! one, the wheat for seven daji having oost only Bd— whioh, as he ■aid, wai living on almost a peony a day and enjoying It. HIOB im%K BOYS. In Melbourne the other day two little fellows aged 10 and 11 years respectively, vert nnt to Sunday school by thelf "patent*. Instead of going to tbe school they broke Into a boot fsotory. When they entered the premises they wantonly destroyed several pairs of boot tops. They eat come Into bit* with a knife, and they plaoed othen under the eyelet cutting machine, and literally riddled the tops with holes After destroying £10 worth of property here, they next scaled the ftfoae of a gentleman's house, and findlog the occupant* abient deliberately wrung the neo^s of ten fowls. They found some eggs In the fowl bouse, and with these they pelted a *>orse which wa* m tbe •table. They then Tlsited another bouse In tbe same locality, at>4 were stealing egg* when tho owner detected them. The young ruffians disappeared over the fence with remarkable alacrity , aod were not caught till Monday The pflUoe ■tated that for three months past the boys had been a perfect nulsanoe about the neighborhood, and the Beach sent them to gaol for three months, but treated the* under the Juvenile Offenders Act, and gave them their liberty on their S rents becoming surety for the good haviour of their ohlldren for 12 months. XBATItrO THE BUN. The difference of time In various localities bring* about strange results. It was undoubtedly a smart jouroaliatio and teleR r»pblo exploit that tbe "Dally Telegraph* containing Mr Burleigh's menage, dated Suaklm, 830 a.m., announcing General Greenfell'a success, was selling m Fleet street three quarters of an hour earlier. But (says tbe " World ") there Is on record a much more remarkable fostance of how a telegram can overtake time. Sir Sam Brown's oolumn occupied All Mu»jld m the the Kbyber Pass about 8 a.m , November 22, 1879. A o?rre*pon~ dent immediately rode 10 miles to the Merest field telegraph office at Jumrood, his message to his London paper bore date 10.30 a.m, Newspapers containing & •ailing In Fleet street before 8 a.m. Tba message was Immediately re-tele-graphed to New York, and was m time for tho ordinary issues of that city's morning papers; It was sped on across the American continent, and appeared In the San Francisco papers published at 5 o'clock the same morning. Puck pro-; leased his ability to put a girdle round the world In 40 minutes ; but this message darted half round the world m considerAbly less than no time at all 1 VABSDED 17MDEB DIIBICUI/TIKS. The performance of t marriage ceremony •t a biasing altar must have been a rather feyiog ordeal for the bride, the bridegroom and the party of wedding guests, whose experiences and emotions are narrated In tbe American papers. It appears that daring the ceremony, which took place at » ohoroh m the town of Onlpepper (not Inaptly named for susb a scene), the ever--green decorations which had been lavishly employed to ornament the altar took fire from a oandle, the consequence being that In a few minutes the oedsr was bltzlng, and tiie contracting parties stood under an anb. of fire. The bride tamed pale, and manifested symptoms of swooning, as did maoy other ladies present ; but the bridegroom, who was unwilling to have the oeremony Interrupted, whispered words of enooursgement to the frightened women, and persuaded them not to induce the bride to run away. Many of tbe guests, however, fled ; but the young oonple remained until the minister had completed ibe etremony whioh made them man and wife, though sparks were flying around them la every direction . Wben all was anded, aod the newly-married ptir had left the church, the young lady fainted ; but this little diiplay of womanly weakness was certainly pardonable, seeing what she bad just gone through.

Afl showing the necessity for some change" m the railway tariff to meet exceptional oases we (the " North Otago Times ") may mention that an Oamarn tradesman, who does a consider! tble business with Waimate, has decided to cart bia goods from Oamara to Waimate m preference to sending them by rail. There are special chargeß m connection with sending goods to Waimate, and the tradesman m question finds it will pay him better to cart than to rail. This is one of the oases that the Railway Commissioners will have to deal with. A hard and fast rule will not always pay to adhere to, and if carts oan do the • work cheaper than the railway the railway will, m » nutter of iwfiiitj, b»Tt to reduoo

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THROUGH THE PAPERS, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2087, 14 March 1889

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THROUGH THE PAPERS Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2087, 14 March 1889