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A cigarette drnmmer says there are lour thousand five handred brands of oigarettes. A paper ohixgney has b«en oonstruo,ted In Breslau, Germany, fiftyifoor feet m height. The programme of the Aahbnrton Baoing Olab'B Autumn meeting on May oth and 10th, appears m this issue. The Bey J. Boothroyd will oonduet a service m the Seafleld Sohoolroom to-morrow afternoon At three o'olook. No less than 250 candidates are already annonnoed for the 95 seats whioh the new Victorian fcegisjatjye Assembly will oontain. The exported batter from the cplooy during the December quarter of last year was £41,588. Of that, New Plymonih exported £11,610 worth and Wellington £9940. We have been requested to remind Volunteers that a Government Parade of the Ashburton Rifles, Guards, and Cadets is ordered for Tuesday evening next at 7 o'olook. The patftjoDß for dissolution of marriage m. Viotoria ara pne to every 288 marriages. It eeems, however, that the -number of these petitions is twice as great m Viotoria as* in England and Wales. Queen Viotoria has abolished the royal kennel of stag hounds, and with it the Master of the Buok Hounds, This was doubtless effected partly by a desire for retrenchment and partly by tba comments of the press, The largest horticultural show ever held m Christohuroh opened at the Palace Bink on Thursday. There is an extensive display m all daises, pot plants being exceedingly good. The attendance m the evening was very large I hear that Jones is contesting his wife's will, ■ eaid one man to another, " I don't know how |that may be, replied the other. What's that? Joneß never contested his wife's will when Bhe was alivo. He Boems to be getting courageous under his. sad affliotion. The " New Zealand Herald " Bays there are £50 workß on New Zealand m the Auck^ land Mus,eum Library. Three or four others, if they could be obtained, would inolude all the books which have been 'published, but they are, we believe, very unimportant. Viotor Emanuel, the heir to the Italian throne, will shortly be betrothed to Prinoess Clementine of Belgium, influences having been brought to bear upon the Pope to jnduoe him to withdraw bis objections whioh hajre hitherto prevailed upon the family of the Prinoess. The best Remedy po* Indigestion.— Norton's Camomile Pil^s avc confidently recommended as a simple remedy for indigestion, which is the cause of nearly all the diseases to which we are subject. Norton's Pills, with justice called the " nature's strengthener of the human stomach," act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient, are mild m their operation, and safe under auy circumstances Sold m bottles at is ijd, 2s gd, 48, by aJJ tpcdiclpelvoDdprs throughout the tfM4 "'■' ' ,

Joseph L. Woodbury, a young man employed m the Minneapolis Post Offioe, has resigned to become an Indian ohief. He is the eon of the late Cbippewa ohief, Hole-in-the-day, and has gone to succeed his father at the Ohippewa Beservation. He is 21 years of age. The demand m the •' foreign " quarters of London for roasla and fillets of horseflesh has assumed suoh proportions that moat vendors are obliged to maintain a constant Bupply of the equine produot. Nor do they maku any eeoret of the new departure m their trade ; outs of horseflesh have been for some time openly displayed m the shop windows. It is stated that a gentleman left Auokland by the last steamer for Sydney with a view of seeing whether an Australian eyndioate oould 1 be induoed to go m for the purchase of the Tikitere goyaers and the natural wonders adjacent, comprised m a block of some 6000 aorea. There are said to be some 80 leading Natives interested m the soheme when the title ia secured, and that Sydney Taiwhanga it takiog an aotivo part m the negotiations. A trout weighing 28^lba waa netted by Mr R. Stevens m Lake Wanaka laat week. This (saya the " Cromwell Argus ") ia the largest fish whioh baa ever been caught m the district. We have previously heard of a 271 bor 281 b fish being taken m one of the Otago Lakes, but believe that the heaviest trout ever taken m New Zealand waß one weighing 321ba and some ounces taken out of the Ashburton river ■ome three or four years ago. Madame Sarah Bernhardt has juat conoluded a series of six performances at Conatantinople. The enthusiasm of the audienoe went on increasing from night to night, and amounted to something like frenzy at the last, when she was recalled six times, and presented with a maguifioent bouquet of enormous proportions. The receipts exceeded £500 per night. From that oity she prooeeded to Alexandria. The aemi-offioial "Journal de St Petersburg" expresses] gratification at the recent artiole of a London morning paper, doing juatioo to the high motives and paoifio intentions of the Czar, and adds: If this artiole should succeed m bringing Conservative opinion m England to a dearer view of the situation it will be matter for oongratulation. Russia, on her Bide, remains faithful to herself and to her friendships, and is always ready to reoiprooate a disposition to establish good relations. The publication m Berlin of the fourth volume of Major Soheibert'a "Lessons on Fortification " baa excited quite a sensation m military quarters, beoauae it insists upon tbe inutility of fortresses m modern warfare, and argues that they are rather a source of weakness than of atrength to the armies which garrison them It appears that the opinions of Major Soheibert, who is regarded as an authority on the question, are participated m by many military offioers and engineers of eminenoe m Germany. Strange stories occasionally come from the Blaok Country, but few are Btranger than that whioh is related of a man living at Bliston, England. A collier lost his eyesight m December through the explosion of a blasting cartridge, and recently aa he was being led home from a neighboring village by a brother a torrifio thunderstorm oommenoed. Simultaneously with a flash of lightning he experienced a piercing sensation from the aye to the baok of the head, and his eight was instantly restored. Here ia a story of Gail Hamilton from tbe " Philadelphia Record" :— A man who had recently married his third wife was ohatting with Gail Hamilton, when there entered George Q. Cannon, Delegate m Congreia from Utah, who was living more or leaa happily with three wives. "Look I" aaid the tbrioe< married one, "there oomei Gannon, the polygamiat." " Yes," said Gail Hamilton, " and the only difference between you and him ib that you drive your wives tandem, while he drivea them abreast." G,H, may be said to have soored three by this Cannon. The "Lyttelton Timeß" ia informed by the New Zealand Farmers' Co-operative Association that they received by the San Franoiaco mail advioes from their London offioe of sales of butter Bhipped per Aoraogi, bb follows:— On aocount of Mr P. Q'Boyle, Leeston, 106s per owt ; Mr P. O'Callaghan, Linooln, 112s; while Mr D. Mehrtens, of Rangiora, realised 1163 per owt, or as high as the ourrent price for tbe beat Dutoh m London. All the parcels referred to above were very favorably commented on, and it waß remarked that if New Zealand ship, ments were maintained at a similar standard they would soon rank with the best imported kinds. The " Wairarapa Star " staff has introduced a new feature, judging from the following paragraph : — «• Panting for revenge the young man who was so severely admonished by the Rev J. McKenna for giggling m tbe Catholic Church on Sunday waited on our junior reporter, and referring to the paragraph that appeared, demanded satisfaction. Nothing lot h, our representative acoapted the challenge, and preliminaries haying been duly arranged, m a quiet spot during the darkness of tbe night, and m the presenco. of qq assemblage of admirers, the pieman emphasised the print's wonjß on the oounteqanoe pf $c muoh offended young maßher m a way that he will not readily forget," The following alleged oure for diarrhoea taken from tbe " Launoester Examiner " may be useful to some of our readers during this hot weather :— " Take a cupful of good rioe ; put m into a frying pan quite free from all grease, and well roast it through, as with coffee beans stirring well to avoid burning. When ground it should be a gqod brown. Take a dessert spoonful of tbe powder 1 'and pour half a oupful of boiling water on it. Let it stand until cool, and then drink with* out any addition. One dose iB almost always auffioient to cure the worst oases ; but if not successful m the first instanoe, repeat the doae m, aayf three or four hours. I have neyar known it to fail after the second doge. It is most Important that it should be prepared exactly aa to its being' we'll roaatdd. Long standing oases have yieldod to this when medioine has utterly failed," A Home correspondent writing of tbe London 1 ' pavement artists " says j They have astonished me beyond measure by the beauty of Borne of their pictures. They are ao quiok and skilful m blending oolors. Their tools would astonish juvenile, or even matured, colonial echool pupils. Spread out on a fiocfcet handkerchief, or coarse piece of toweling, may be seep j^bojit 4 djuner plateful o f dirty looking ' bits of cplored ohalk. With coat sleeye or bit of rag they clear a apace op the flags, draw tbe outline of a frame, and then oommenco building up the pioture, chattering all tbe time, and only looking up from their work on a oopper being thrown down. Any color required is quickly found, a Hue or two drawn, then another, and sometimes several. When a number of straight or crooked lines, as the oaee may require, have been ohalked on the pavement, the forefinger or thumb for the finer lioei, apd the whole hand for the groundwork, aoa, water,' of sky, are made use of to blerd these variotjs odors' and the growth of the picture ia like maglo'The cap from the head being the handiest duster is oftenest used to dear off the surplus •balk dust. I have seen some truly good aea and 'landscape and portraits of notables ao drawn, the only tools being the Xand, fhe chalka, and ft duster. These artists are frequently mlnua an eye, an arm, a leg, or are m some other way inoapaoitate'd from hard labor. They are tho pnly'etre'et bpggar'a who have fetched help from me. Many of oourst , pnly daub. ■

M. Zaleweki, a veteran of Napoleon's Grand Army, wbb, one hundred years old on Dec. 4h. He ib a survivor of the retreat from Moscow, and resides at Bordeaux. ' There ia no extradition treaty between Great Britain and Turkey, and woollen merchants of Yorkshire, Manchester, and Glasgow want to know how they are to get hold of Thotmßtooles Constantino, a Greek merchant who bought £32,000 worth of woollens from them, Bhipped them to Turkey and followed his adventure. The Bink de Paris will be re-opened on Monday evening, for which occasion the services of the Rosolle Bros, have been scoured. The performance to be given by the latter inoludes some entirely new items, among whioh is a sensational act entitled the Niagara Leap, performed with great suooess by Leotard at the Crystal Palace. There was a poor house on tho ooonaion of the last appearanoe of the Amy Vaughan Company at the Oddfellows' Hall last night In epite of the disheartening effeot whioh the sight of the row 3of empty benohes must have had upon the performers, the entertainment provided waa very good, and it is a pity the Company did not meet with {more recognition at the hands of the public. Particulars of a romantic marriage were published m Dublin on Jan. 24th, The event it appears, has oaused dismay to a family of fortune and position m a southern oounty m Ireland. The only son, a youth of 22, having been m delicate health, was ordered to a warmer olimato for change of air. An elderly lady undertook the charge of the interesting invalid, and his father waß happy to plaoe him m such oareful handd. For a little time all went well. The aoaonnts reoeived at home from tide travellers wero most cheering. The young man's health waß deoidedly improving, and'fcia spirit e excellent. Bat more reoent , intelligence was not satisfactory, at least to the father ; it was the announcement of tne martiage of his son aud heir to £10.000 a ear, to his nuns. \ The boys are now birched instead of being sent to gaol, with the result that juvenile crime ia diminishing and that our prisons are half empty. But why should bad girls not be allowed the benefit of a smart oaning ? Prison is worse for girls even than for boys, and it is about time that some friend of the sex btgan an agitation for woman'B right to be fUgged. We are not joking m the least. The rod is aa Mrs Meredith Bays, "an instrameal of culture," whion girls need as muoh as b»ys, and although we would limit the oaniag to the palms of the h&nda, Mrs Meridith is quite right when she olaima the righi to be whipped aa among the " blesiings that it was our happy lot to have known m our own experience." Spare the rod and ■poil the ohild " is a maxim whioh has often been invoked to exouse horrible cruelty, but the truth that it expresses applies to children regardless of sex. Why should men monopoliae all the useful things m tbia life, even down to the birch rod?—" Pall MalfGazette." A number of workmen were engaged opening up one side of Darlington street, one of theprinoipal thoroughfares m WolverhamptoD, and about 60 feet wide. Whilst so engaged one of the men atruok his piok heavily against the watermaio, a oast-iron pipe 12 inches m diameter. The foroe of tbe blow shattered the upper side of the main, and immediately the water rushed forth m immense volume, there being full pressure of about 701 bto the inoh. The oolumn of water rose to about 20 feet high, and was thrown right across the street with snob, foroe aa to •hatter tbe eeoond-floor window of a residence on the other aide, the whole framework of the window being burst m and the water carrying with it a large quantity of stones and dekrii from the roadway. It flooded the whole of the upper rooms, and then rushed m a perfect torrent down the staircase into thi kitchen, and from thence to the base* xn«nt. Over ten minutes elapsed before the men from the waterworka department arrived on the aoene and turned.the water{off. The " Chioago Tribune " reports that m Vanderburgh Oounty a horse was standing tied to a fence, when a drunken man deliberately plunged his pooket-knife into the dumb brute's neok. The gash waß a long one and quite severe, and blood flowed profusely from the wo\}nd f Tb,a ho.rse writhed m BRony, and m its struggle broke the hitching rein and run out of the lot. The horse kept up its Bpeed down the road until if came to a drag store on Fulton street. The animal baoked into the store and went aa far baok as the pratoription oase and act up a moat pitiful neighing. Tho clerk waa alarmed, but spoke gently to the animal, and taking a ■ponge bathed the ugly wound m cold water, much to the relief of the brute. The proprietor then sewed up the wound and tied a band round the animal's neck.' The horse was then led back seemingly happy and contented. The druggist is positive m the assertion that thia ia tbe neatest caae of brute aagaoity on record, and points out the blood ■pota on the floor of his store m proof of the tale.

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2083, 9 March 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2083, 9 March 1889

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