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* I ft is stated that there nro 4000 plodged abstainers amongst tho 14,000 oabmen m London. Two of tho wealthlefli liquor sellers m Now York never drank a glass of liquor m their liVQB. Tho Eiffel Towor m Pariß had at last aocounts roaohed a height of 600 feot, nnd is by far tho highest erection m the world. Estimates 0! the cost to the country of the Te Kooti business range from £2000 to .2.10,000. The largest organ m tbe world ia now boing built m London for Sydney. It will coat about fiWfiQQ.

London has 28,000 s reets. Mr R. Fci7,m\ has been appointed assistant muster at tho Hampstoad Sohool. A. couple of " drunks " woro brought up at the B M. Court this morning before Mr D. i Thomas, J.P., and were fined 6a eaoh with tho ÜBual alternative. | At tho mooting of tho Board of Education yesterday the Buildings Committoo repotted that an application for painting the sohool buildiDgs at Ash ton had boon deferred. Tho oleotion for throo members for the Board of Education hns resulted m the return of Messrs A. Saundors, A. H. Cunningham, and P. Weatonra, Tho groBS estimated valuo of house and building proporty m London, under tho valuation of tho Metropolis Aot of 1869, for rating purposoa, ib this year Bot down at over 31 million?, I The body of a mammoth m % oempleto state of preservation has recently been brought to light through the subsidonoe of the wators of a tributary of the Anabara, Siberia. Tho tusks and one of the ears have since been damaged by tho sand, but the rest is perfeoti Experiments aro now being made la England with a now " safety " gun whioh is said to be capable of discharging 60 shells a minute silently and invisibly. The gun is discharged by steam or vapour at a pressure of 2001 bto tho square mob. At an extraordinary general mooting of the Welcome Silver Mining Company held at I Ohristohuroh last night, it was deoidod to suspend further operations at the Owens till some future date. General dissatisfaction was expressed at tho working, no galena having been got. The meeting deemed it probable that if operations wore suspended i othor companies interested m neighboring mines would oombine to seoure a oomplete geological test of the oountry. A widower married a eeoond time and his ohoice wan a woaltby lady about fifty years of age. When tho bride and bridegroom returned homo from the wedding the husband, introducing the wife to his children, said : "My dear children, kiss this lady's hand. Sho is the new mother I promised to bring yoa." After taking a square look at the new mother, little Charley said : " Pa, you have been fooled, She ain't new at all | " On Bunday last, at tho conclusion of Divine service, conducted by the Rev. M« P. Riddle m the Sohoolhouse, Doric, prizes m connection with the Sabbath Sohool were presented to John Carru(hers, Willie Stuart, Ellis Boyoe, Willie Garruthers, Wailaoe Baxter, Emily Boyoe, Mary Page, James Page, William MoLean, Mary MoLean, Willie Sims, and Albert Boyoe. Mr Riddle addressed thoßo present at considerable length on tho duties of tho parents, tho children, and Sunday Sohool teachers. Oar South Rakaia correspondent Bays : — The weather here has been extremely dry and hot lately. Tho pastures are vory much burnt up, and feed for is stook very soaroo. Turnipß are Buffering very muob, and many orops were a oomplete failure. Farmers have had a good time for their harvest work, and are now anxious for a good Booking rain, whioh would do an immense amount of good. Threshing mills are hard at work, the results being m some inßtanocß m exoess of the estimate and m others slightly below what was expected. Farmers are not at all satisfied with tho present price offered, and are inolined to hold baok for a time or ship. The New Zealand and Australian Land Company purpose eroding a large iron store on one, of the railway sidings leased from Government. Grain, ia now being carted to the railway, and m another week's time this dull little township should be unusually lively. T^here was a howling nor'-wester blowing tare last evening. A public trial of a Maxim gun, which has bfion m the Armament Court at the Melbourno Exhibition, waß made at the Williamstown Rifle Range on the Bth ult. There was a large attendanco of officers of the Viotorian Defenoe Force, and amongst those present wero Colonel Fronoh from Queensland, and Colonel Bingham from Sydney. Tho trial was a revolution. The gun was laid first at 200 yards. A lady pressed a button for a little over one seoond, and thirteen Bhots were fired, nine of which were bull's eyes. Sergeant-Major Porter' then pressed tho button for 17 seconds, firing 167 ehotß, 159 being hits. The woapon was afterwards successfully tried dp to COO yardg. Tho lotigßHl lust was pressing tho button* for 27 aeoonds, during whioh time 280 shots were fired. Tho next longest teafc was 24 eeoonds, 240 rounds being fired. The performance of the gun, whioh ie of one barrel only, exoited general admiration, its efficiency being fully proved. A strong wind was blowing at the time. An oßoapod lunatic played a good joke on prominent people at the Hot Springs, Arkansas, tbo other day. He entered the town representing himself as a millionaire from California, and wanting to ODgage a dozon persons for good positions at nalaries of from 4000 to 8000 dollars a year. This talk was eagerly swallowed by tho people, and they became oloßoly attaohod to the old man, who said his name was Harper. A grand supper was given m his behalf by about fifty men, and thero were flowers, 1 wines, and' music At the banquet the old man said ho wishod to give bis friends a gonuine mark of his affection. Ho produced a handful of ohequos. " These, friends," said he, " contain my cheques for various amounts, and tho only stipulation I make is that thoy may not be opened until to-morrow." Then there was more rejoicing, and tho old man was fairly worshipped. Ono woman could not stand the pressure and ran home and opened her envelope. Sho found jt oontained tho loaf of an old almanac with proverbs like this, "A fool and his money aro soon parted," " All that glitters ia not gold," etc. Boiling with indignation sho returned to tho banquet room and showed her cheque. Then there was a simultaneous opening of oheques, and a scene followed. All oontained pieces of almanao jokes. The old man was put m gaol on a obargo of fraud. The specific oharge was obtaining 80 dollars from Squire 7»'it!cr." Jt 4ft v?lo ? ed that tne old mnn waß an escaped lunatic xrom J2?!? a onYille, JUJnoiB, named James Sykos. What appear to ub to ba an indefensible example of rod-tapelßm m oonHootJon wjth postal matters has come under our notjoo, A business firm atfVertisfcg m this paper asked for some information as to tbo existing arrangements m oonneotion therewith. Our publisher replied by post-card, pasting a copy of tho running advertisement at the baok of the card, and writing underneath, " Dear Sirs, — ThiH is your advt at prosonl timo m 'Mail' and 'Guardian,' spaoe i oolumn, A.P. Co , per H. W. B." The card of oourso bore tho usual penny impressod stamp and tho address only on tho face, The add.resuoo yaa' oharged dojUoioat' "postage, it boing asserted by the department that to paste printed matter at the back and writo » memo below was to constitute it a letter. Wo Bhould have said nothing about the matter but that similar instances have previously occurred, and bavo boon brought undor our notioo on a eubjeot of oomplaint. It appears to us that if the action of the looal postal authorities is m aooordunoe with instructions — as we proBumo it is—then tho instructions of the Department need amondment. While wo aro writing on the subjoot we may as well point out another anomaly, viz,., m oonnootion with the posting of f'laM'M Jotters. 4s |s well known a lottor may bo posted m tho mail-van of the oppress train after tbo hour of oloning of the mail at tho post office, and up to tho moment of the departure pf tho train, for any plaoo m Now Zoaland if a stamp for on« penny extra postage be added. But it may not bo generally known that if the lottor is addressed to England, Europe, or Amorioa (or to any plaoo outside New Zealand, oxoept tbo Australian aolonios) an additional eix- ' ponny atamp at leant is insisted upon, m I point cf fsct the Y"!U2 of the Bl&tnpB on tho letter, whatever the amount, must bo doubled. This, it opponre to us, is a voxatioue, and oppressivp regulation,

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2082, 8 March 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2082, 8 March 1889