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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL

-•———*♦ Last year 1356 people died of delirium tremen* m England. Russia, it is Bemi-offioially stated, has renounoed all interest m Bulgaria. Queen Emma of Holland is transacting State business m a masterly manner. Paris swarms with beggars. Four thousand were arrested m that oity during last month. A Miohigan toothpiok factory su.tains the proprietors and numerous employees on a ; turn-out of 7_ millions of tootbpioks a day. At a meeting of the Saored College, presided over by the Pope m person, it was deoided to allow Catholics complete liberty of aotion m political elections. There are evidently soms peculiar specimens of J. P. 'ft over; m Australia, The followiqg is reported to be a deoision .lately given m one 1 of tho provincial Courts of Viotoria m an ' assault oase :— " We find that be struok _he, > and she strook he. We dismisses the casea, ! and giveß no costs to nobody." ' A " natural battery " has been found m [ Nova Sootia, at Bridgewater, where a teleShone line run. to the mines, abont 80 miles istant. A ourrent of eleotrioity was found \ m the line, whioh is attributed to the 5 »• natural battery" formed by the mineral > deposits of copper, silver, lead, and iron ores , m the vioinity of the gold mine. 1 According to the official return, just pub- , lished, we have no fewer than §500 cavalry soldiers, or more than one-third of all the - horsemen of the British Army, without horses r on whioh to mount them. Tbat is to say . that out of 81 regiments of 18,300 non-com-r \ missioned officers and men, a total equal to , 12 regiments, or 6500 men, have not a single ) hor.e on wbiob to put a saddle. Miss Lowe, tbe editress of tbe " Queen ', j BWjßptper, was appointed many years ago [ when entirely without literary experience and not out of her teens. Sergeant Oox's quick ' eye for business and extraordinary insight into what was likely to pay were Boon justified. He bought tho " Queen " when it was at a low , ebb for about £700 ; its oiroulation soon rose . npder hftea Lowe's able editing, and at the . present time It brings m over £12,000 a-year. Miss Lowe is not content with' the general , supervision of the " Qaeen," She iB a 1 , voluminous though anonymous writer herself 1 m its oolumnß. She also oontributes to ; several other journals, There is a very amusing, though not very 1 fpll, paper on puns m Temple Bar for I January. Among the instances given are (1) • Rapier's famous despatch from India announi eing fria vio^pry m the word Pcocavi, whioh means, " % ftaye goinde • " (2) General de Bourmpnnt's message to roe JJVenob Minister of War m IWQ, when the Dey of'^lgiers ' escaped him after being taken, perifidi Biei\\,, " I have loßt a Dey 1 " (3) that attributed to Drake, when the ships of the Armada turned tail, m a message to Queen Elizabeth, ! ''Oantharides"— m, "the Spanish fly." Perhaps the best of the pnns mentioned is the reply of Thomas Puller's friend J_parrow--1 hawk, ( to whom Fuller pot the question, ' ''What is the difference between a Sparrow- ; hawk and an owl?" "Why," was tho ' instantaneous reply, "an owl iB fuller m the faoe, Fuller m the body, and Fuller all over." 1 Miss Amy Vaughan's Oap and Jacket Oompany opened for a season of three nights ' In the Oddfellows' Hall last evening to a medium house, Tbe entertainment provided is a very fafr one, Misqes Ajny Vaughan and Annie Vaughan, May gravers Spd Messrs Collver and Carter sustaining the chief parts. A number of oharacter and comic songs, §nd ballads were sung by the various members of the Oompany, maby of the efforts beipg redemanded. A hornpipe 1 was excellently danoed by ''Little 'Daisy," and its repetition was olamored for. Mies 1 Traverßaoted as interlocutrix, and Miss Annie and Amy Vaughan as bones and tambp respectively. Muoh of this part of. tbe busi- > ness was entirely new, ana seemed to meet with a good deal of favor from the audienoe, The second portion of tbe programme went 00 very well indeed, the moßt notioeable ! features being Miss Amy Vaughan's masher impersonations, and }$r Collyer's performance on two silver whistles, "£he other tnonjbers of the Oompany also Btjetaioe<J tp.ejir parts very creditably, all the items being well rendered, and m each case redeniandecj, A° amusing 1 faroe entitled " Jam. Jan. '' brought the ontainment to a ologa. The Oompany appear again this and to-morrow nights with entirely different programmes. The usual monthly meeting of the Ashburton Fire Brigade was held last evening, there was a |Ull attendance of members, Captain BoottT.presiding. A letter was read from tne Mayor apoloßiging for his absence from the annual meeting of tho lirigade, on 1 the ground that he was m Ohristohuroh on that evening. Oapt Scott, who attended the meeting of the exeoutive offioers of the Firo Brigade Assooiation, recently held m Wellington, reported on the work clone at the meeting, Lieut Dolman reported to the mooting that the management of the Woollen Faotory desired tbat a code pf signal, should bo arranged m oase of a fire ocourrjng at the mill or its vioinity. The matter wag left |n the hands of ihe offioers with power to aot. The formal business having been transacted, Mr Keir, tbe Ohairman of tbe Fire Brigade Committee of the Borough Council, who was present by invitation, was oalled upon by the Captain to present tbe long service certificates to thoso men entitled to them. Those were : — Oapt Scotl-, Foreman Quanp, DepujyForeman Nokoß, Firemen Baker, Parkin, Nelson, and McDonald. In making the presentations Mr Keir complimented tho Brigade on i<P efficiency, and assured those present tbat the Borough jDoupoil toojk: every interest m its welfare. Oapt Scott replied on behalf of the recipients and other members of tbe Brigade, and moved a vote of thanks to Mr Keir for bis attendance. The voto was duly seoonded, and oarried by aoolamation.

The Ashburton portion of the English mail | via San Franoisco arrived by express this morning, and was promptly sorted and delivered by the post offioa officials. The " Oamaru Mail " says by the Bhip Canterbury, whioh leavea this port for London thia week, 100 carcases of mutton, ■ generously Riven by the settlers of the County of Waitaki, will be forwarded to Dr ! Barnardo'a home for destitute children. The cost of freezing, freight, etc., has also been > subscribed by the people of Oamaru and distriot. A change m the Jewish Sabbath is being— bo the " Graphic) " saya — seriously considered by the Amerioan Israelites. Tho presont arrangement greatly damages business m- . torosts, for the Jews are thus obliged to stop work two days m the week, not daring to open on Sundays. Many of the Jewish journals strongly advise their co-religionists to keep their Sabbath on the Christian Sunday. A curious instance of the survival of Jacobite tradition ooourred (according to the ' " Manchester Guardian " London oorrespon- ' dont) when the Prince of Wales visited ' Warwick Oaatlo. He asked the name of one : of the portraits, and the housekeeper — a Sootohwoman from the far Highlands—--roplied, "King James III." "Ah, the Old Pretender," said the Prinoe. "We don't think so, your royal Highness," replied the sturdy adherent of " lost oauses and forsaken beliefs, of unpopular names and impossible loyaltieß." Buffalo robes, whioh were formerly so common m Amerioa, are now becoming the rarest furß at St. Paul, whioh was the greatest mart. In 1881 100,000 robes were sold, but the trade ia now praotioally extinct. Buffaloes once roamed m thousands upon the vast prairies j of Minnesota and Dakota, but now one might \ as well seek there for a herd of unioorrts, and it is believed that the only remnants of the immense herds whioh formerly thronged the north-west of Canada are a few thousands of animals whioh are scattered around Wood's Mountains. Count Herbert Biamarok made his maiden speeoh m the Reiohstag a few days ago* Unlike hia father,- he drank no brandy during the thirty minutes he waa addressing his oolleaguea. But be resembled hia sire m hia delivery. Hia voice, enunciation, and abrupt mothods were muoh like thoße of the elder Biamarok. Hia presenoe is not ao impressive as his father's, bat that must be beoauae of his youth. His Bpeeoh was able, and, on the whole, worthy of his exalted origin. Hs was nervous at firat, but fts he went on he became calm and fluent. A disgraceful soene ooourred at the Ballan Council (Victoria) meeting last week, whioh broke up m disorder. Owing to a dispute regarding the ruling of the president, Councillors Bell and Petty had high words, and then fell to blows. After several blowa had been exobanged, the oombatanta closed and pummelled each other, both tailing together, Councillor Bell being under. A oonßtable was called m and tried to effeot a separation but i Councillor Petty held ao tightly to Councillor Bell that it took two men to drag the Petty-Bell-igerents apart. Tbey both then commenced calling eaoh other liars, until they were dragged away by their friends. A oricket matoh " Bankera " v " The World "will be played on the Domain Ground on Saturday. Teams will be obosen from the following: — Bankers — Messrs MoO wen, Shury, ' Jenkins, Jameson, Luxford, Wroughtoo, Strange, Polhill, Weston, Jameson, Simpson, Hargraveß, Field, Foley, and Restell. The World — Meßsrs Denshire, Andrews, Sawle (2), Sicnp-on. Chapman, Makeig, Outhbertson, Kneen, Dumareeque, Dr sTweed, Maf nwariDg, Crisp, A. Fooks, J. Fqoks, and £. Williams. Tbe match witji the. Ashley Oounty takes plaoe on February 19th. Mr 0. W. Oldreive lately succeeded m walking on the waters of the Hudson River from Albany to New York, a distance of 150 miles, for a" wager of £100. Hiß average progress was about 24 miles a day. He always went with the tide. The shoes he wore are made of cedar, lined with brass. . They are five f set long and a foot wide.. Eaoh is airtight, with a space m the centre for the foot. On the bottom are three fins, so arranged that when the shoe moien forward 1 thoy are pressed up against the bottom, and when the shoe is at rest they hang downwords, like paddle-wheel buoketß. With reaped to the sale by mistake of the leases of the Oteksjke Buns, Mr Herbert Newton, a well-known solioitor of Oamaru, writes to the "Mail" as follows i— *" The . auctioneer ought never to bave signed the ' conditions of sale after receiving the telegram informiog him of the mistake made. I think, - moreover, that if he did, ho has exceeded hit authority t and that the Government are not bound. Tho telegram informing him (the auctioneer) of the mistake was to all intents and purposes a revocation of hia authority to sell £hp run* whjoh ought to have beed withdrawn^ arid if he bad nqt tbpn opmpleted tbe Bale m a 'legal manner 'by' sjgojHft the conditions of sale, hp had no authority to do $$ afterwards. The government, under the circumstances, ought to avail tbemsplvea of this loophole to esoape from the effeot of their Previous blunder, A northern contemporary flaya(--4t last we bave apparently authentic news 'of the veritable " taniwha ; " this time from North Wairarapa. It appears that a short time baok a shepherd was going along the bank of the river Whareama, where there iB a deep Eool, when to hia surprise and astonishment c saw a large fish ohaßing other fish m the river. Tho fish was not an col, and swam with an immense mouth open and head and shoulders out of winter; Jt was duly described by the observer on getting to the station, and, as usual, the yarn was discredited, powever, by' an aooi^ent, a _Jr Walker waa riding along by the same pool latop j n tft 0 day, and l}o saw and <Jeßonbec{ the same tysh as beha*/{ng Jn the oaino manner aa the previous witness, He first heard a great splash m the rjver,' w^iohha thought must be paused by a stray or wild pig, and on going to loojt, noticed the tabiwha. Information was taken to tbe station of the Rev J. Andrew, on the river, who tbat evening baited a cunningly devised triangle of shark hooks with the oaroaso of . a newly killed rabbit, and attached the bait to the stern of a punt m the river. Next morning the bait waa found to bave been torn off the but tho taniwha was not to be Been. Jt ia Byßßesied that tbe flab might be a largo sea-fish,' whjob ha*l become looked m during the Buramor monthß, aa the ppol m question ja only some three or foqr Wiles aljoye tidal injhpnoe }n the river,

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2081, 7 March 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2081, 7 March 1889

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