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Public Notices +~mm ~~mm ■> I. ijp. ■■■ , - ii. i i, m.i-! ,maimm THE ••RED CROSS" PRESERVIN; COMPANY, Ohapel Street, South Yarra, Victoria, v CANNED Tomatoes, equal to American and at same price • also Peaohes, Pears, Apricots, of tho finest quality, and m heavy Byrup. All these goods are manufoctured under tho supervision of Mr George J»me3 Ward, lato of California. The Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Tomata Sauce and Assorted Sauces of this Company are well known to bo better than any imported, 5 213 KEATING'b POWDER. KEATING'S PO WDkR.; . KEATING'B POWDER. KEATING'S POWDER, ... KEATING'S POWDER,,;;^ KILLS BUGS, FLEAS, MOTHS, BEETLES. THIS POWDER is quite HABMLESa to Animal Life, but is unrivalled m destroy, ing Fleas, Bugs, Cockroaches, Beetlet. Moths m Fuia, and every other species of insect. Sportsmen will find this invaluable for dtstrbyiug fleas ih ttiei* dogs, as also Ladies for their pet dogs, THIS ABTIOLE has found so GEEAT a SALE that it has tempted others td vend a 80-called article m imitation. The Public are OATJTIOMED that packages of the genuine Powder bear the autograph of THOMAS KEATING, Hold m Tina only. • ■v TO GET RID OF WORMS TO GET RID OF WORMS TO GET RID OF WORMS TO GET RID OF WORMS '". Use the "absolute" remedy. ICEAT. ING'S WOBM TABLErS? 7,A^S; Vegetable Sweetmeat, both m appesoH ance and taste, i urnishing a most aurrtBble method of ad_u_ietering. the only £?#££ remedy fer INTESTINAL OS THBEAD WOBttc. It ia» perfect]? safe and mild Pre } aratxenf and tt especially adapted for C__dreni> Bold m Tina by all Druggists. ™7.' T Proprietor—THOMAS KEATING Loudo. BUOOESS THE BEST TEST ' WOBTH HOLLOWAY'S pills & mmm t THE PILLS 'A: Punfy the Blood, impart tone to the Nervous system, and act most powerfully yet soothingly. ! _ LIVER AND BOWELS, ? Promotfng and Assimilatioa, arid •adowmg the whole bodily I^6-^ Strencth and vigor. Nervonsi Headachfea^ Tremßhngs, with- Lassitude, and : GeneS? Debihty quickly yield to the potent forced the« welLbown IPLUs, and %*<.£?£* nvalledm then efficacy itn «il" **-**- ' FEftlApi; COMPLAINTS;Removihg all obstructions, skfe bleinkhes • pimples.and.boihy better than?-an^o3* ■ family medicine known. ; . • *r^ ; » THE OINTMENT ■■/* « ' HAS A WORLD-WIDE REPUTATIONS r It heals every k of Sore, Ulcer and s Wound, more certamly than any other known! f salv f- *te farvellous penetrating poweif- , render it mvaluable m all _~"-^- - THRO/ T _¥P chest diseases;: ; Curing Bronchitss, Quinseys, and Asthiia. reducing Glandular Lumps, clc*_£i__d healing Abscesses ant FistulaVaod ' for alleviating the excruciating tortures of " a a J RH? UMATISM, GOUT" ■ And NeuralgxaJt is unsuspassed.'^ It never > fails to remove Scurf and every species of ski ) CllSv<lSCa ' .^ V?* *£? O-ntmencare nmuracture ■ « . °i 8»; New Oxford streeWtetrP'S,*. , ;Oxford street, London),, and are sold by tfi ■ SvuSwor^ LiDeS"^# I Dwections for use m almost every hv___t_A' t [ **" Purchasers should look to thTliabd 3 on Pot and Boxes. If me address and strS^ are not on they are spurious TT... i ■ " .' '-''"■ ; :— . —. : —___* Oriza Perftimeryi i:-.a 207, Rne St. Honors, Paria, :■■ ._ LE GRAND'S SPEOIAL PRODUOT. Savon- Orlsa (Orlsa Soap)—Frombthe foi>j mole of Dr P. ReveU. Ihe besVioft_h for rendering the akin white and aofirj Sweetly and refreshlnely ie«_tas 1 ; (rose, green and white). : \ >_-,■>■ Savon-Orlxa- Veloute, exqolsltelyf-peif/ fumed for the toilet and baths .■-■'!■* Savon-Orlxa Orlxa Soap)— No. 2, extant; fine, ln boxes, 6 oakes, 12 exqulsitt: perfumes, No. 1 a _ Orisa-Savon-Ineorore, superior qaality,\ rose tea, white heliotrope and whita -violet •■-'■■ '. '<[ . ■■ 'ir. ■.•jrt-'r.i Orln-Tonlca (extraot of plants) to deanac the hair—new mown hay, -riwaroM, violet, etc. Orlxa-Powder —Plowera of Carolina rice j for softening and refreshing tht skin j m exoellent boxes, with powdei, prlxa-Veloute—-Flowers of rice powder l:, adhering to the skin, with the pei<^ fume of new moon hay „.., i irr Orlxa*Flower. (white and ambered^Ai.. excellent .oilet water,,thc C/ skin, sweetly and delloately, jpts* fumod lASn Aqaa-Orlxa—New toilet water, lefiaahmg^ the skin > ; Orixa-Hay—A toilet water with tht/pwft-r fume of new moon hay „...".. ,f, ,v Orlxa-Aoldnline—-Toiletvinegar, aromatlo:^ and disinfectant, speolally adapted for ladies'toilets; . . j .: n .r f!1 Orlxa.Scofoh-Lavender—Sprigs of St^oh^ lavender flowers j a rloh toilet water-Eaa-de-Oologne-Orlxa—The high-life 4ol*, i ,let water; „;.r.-?-.?■ Orlsa-Water—Concentrated and dlitUled.f % Extraot of snperior Ean ;de |pojo«^a. Gonttes-Orixa-pentifrloe — An exljpf fo|„ preserving the and guioa,.in:; good health and preventing decay o; Orlsa-Dentaire^\.m. paiU or powder,Jojwhitening th* teeth without aflectlnf"; .■ ' the enamel ■„. ; <i ■u,ru> i! -u\r Ess Orlxa :et Orixa-Lyi —- Perfernes fjpih soentlng linen and the handkerchief without staining . , i ,r, .j.-s Orlxa-011-Vexlously perfumed;, for ren/r/ aerlng the hair soft and brilliant, and ; preventing 1 tfrom falling off Orlia-Lacte (Orixa Milk)—An emulsive v lotion refreshing tonic to; the skin removing _ed spots and preventing wrinkles on the ioc»- c;. i; rChreme Orlxa (of Ninon de Lenoloa)-*-?, o» producing a beantifnlu white complex- ' - ion with, tho olearness and ;y_fvety softness of youth J ' ' '.'-•■'^:i ' ; " Orlsaline-Oolorante fthe best hair 1 dye>--For lnst»ntaneoaaly dyelbg • tHe' hair 3 ' to any rJxade.''tod' lwHh'.n^;dwe%V_^.. health. .In boxes,>a#^*p l^*^y f comb, prospeotns, .andbottlei;'A»:Ji»j boxes, the bottle only without aooal -.lOriCB i^V)!.;-,.,: T,;-j ;,•;■.; r«! ' ; h- ■ f Ess Orixa-Inoolore Violette of tha Car - a moat exquisite perfume qdlte a- ■ nosegay bf- ivit).eti :;i ',;r i" i i Ess Orlxa Suave white heliotrope Boaquetcf theflowar, , '7 : 1" ;

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 8, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2079, 5 March 1889

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 8 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2079, 5 March 1889