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-- ♦ ■ There is a one-million bank-note kopt at tbe Bank of England to gratify the carious. It is estimated that 32,000 families are homeless m London through intemperanoe. The sales of " Hymns Anoient and Modern " is said to average 1,000,000 copies annually. It io stated that there are 14,465 commercial travellers m tbe United fttajteg who are women. European nations have already appropriated about 6,600,000 of the 11,000,000 square mileß cf Africa. Mr Sims Reeves has now been fifty years a public linger* He made his Atbut on tbe stage at Ne.wcasi^o./an-Tyne. It is estimated that Protectionist Amerioa will have the enormous surplUß of £R2,3.G2,01Q to show for 4he fisoal year ending 80th June. The Emperor William has had the imperial orAwn pf Germany so altered as to make it an exaot counterpart of the one worn by .Charlemagne. The " North OtaßO Times " has beard that a tradesman m Oamaru has come into iossepßibn pf a fortune, with a Rrob»ble £»ronetcTtMkfldQntp#)

The '• Japan Weekly Mail " states :— >• It is stated that a deoision has been arrived a< after considerable dieouesion that candidates for the National Assembly and voters at eleotions must be thirty years of ago." The total amount of wine annually produced m Europe may be fairly estimated at about 2,752,000,000 gallons, which, at six bottles to the gallon, is 16,512,000,000 bottle B, or about four dozen bottles of wine to each inhabitant of Europe. Four statues of sandstone, representing respectively tho late Emperor William as Jupiter, Empress Angusta as Juno, the Emperor Frederiok as Mars, and Empress Viotoria as Minerva, have been set m tbe nioheß above the grand entranoe of the royal aohlouß m Berlin. Mother Carey was a personage m the life of Wheeling, Ya. She died a few days ago at the ripe old age of 111. She was rather ecoentrio . About ten years ago she purchased a tombstone for herself and kept it m her room up to tbe time of her death. Its Lyttelton correspondent informs the "Press" that tho ahip Wellington will complete her loading to-day with about 18,000 lambs, shipped for Messrs P. Cunningham aud Co., the total weight exceeding half-a million pounds. We suppose this is the largest shipment of lambs that has ever bean made by sailing vessel. The " Churoh News " for March says :— We are glad to hear that the Rev Walter Dunkley has beon appointed to the position of Minor Canon to the Cathedral. Mr Dunkley has already done much voluntary temporary work m the Binging services ; bis permanent appointment to the post will give general eatief aotion ." The Hoßpital returns for tbe month of Fabruary are as follows : — In hospital, February Ist, 5 ; admitted during the month, 10 ; discharged, 5 ; died, 2 ; remaining, 8. The Matron wishes to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of old linen from Mrs Brown (Waterton), books and old linen from Mrs Twentyman, blbo flowers and fruit from Mrs Lee for the use of the inmates. Tbe ancient sport of faloonry is about to be revived m England. One gentleman has killed this autumn 149 grouse with faloons, and tbe Old Hawking Club killed 206 rooks, 13 magpies, 67 grouse, 117 partridges, besidea pheasants and duoks. In Ireland, Mr Olebben, of Clonmell, has a regular hawking establishment, and is raising about 50 birds a year to be trained for the Sport. The telegraphs m Mexico afford abundant exeroise and recreation to the monkeyß whioh abound m the wooded districts of that country. Ah many as a hundred ablebodied members of the tribe may often be soon looped together, swinging m festoons from the wires, or performing aorobatio feats, whioh frequently end m bringing the gymnasium to earth, and utteily breaking down the telegraphs. About tbe coolest thing m the way of advertising by telegraph " on the cheap " is a message reoeived by us from tho Press Association— and for whioh of oourse we have to pay— announcing that Messrs So and So (we at any rate don't advertise them at our own cost) " have purchased the lease of the Arcade, Manners street, Wellington, and intend commencing business shortly Ij What next we wonder 1 At the annual meeting of the Acclimatisation Society held at Ohristohurch yesterdayi the Hon. J. T. Peaoook was re-eleoted president, and Mr S. O. Farr secretary for the twenty-second time. Over £70 has been collected towards paying off the overdraft of £114. It is expeoted that £100 will be subBoribed. It waß deoided to recommend Government to curtail the shooting seasons for native and imported game to three months, and to ask kindred sooietiei m Canterbury and Ot'ftgo to 00-operate. We learn from the " Press " that the Buns Olassifioation Commissioners, Messrs J, H. Baker, D. McMillan, and R. Foster submitted their report to the Canterbury- Land Board on Thursday on the land south of the Rangi* tata River. The Board fixed the upset amount of rent the Government should be recommended to offer them at, and it was proposed to hold the auo'.ion sale of thesa runs m Timaru early m April. Plans showing the new subdivisions of the runs,, with particulars as to area, upset price, etc, have been sent to Wellington to be lithographed, and copies will be available as early no possible'^ For some time past complaints havo bean made of the Woollen Factory turning matter from the Faotory into the Borough supply race on the Alfqrd Forest road, which matter finds its way into the side channels on the western side of the town. We have been given to understand that several householders have instructed a solicitor to inform the company that unless the praotioe is stopped a Supreme Court injunction will be applied for. This afternoon the' management of the Faotory informed Mr Outhbertson, who had the matter m hand, that the nuisanoe complained of would be remedied as speedily as possible. ' ' Private letters reoeived by the last mail from the Owen distriot state that tbe drive being put m between tbe Wellington and Silverstream leases is m 32 feet, tho whple of which is along a lode 2ft Gin thick. An assay, by Profeeßor Biokerton, of the last samples from the Wellington lease gave a return of 6doz of Bilver per ton. Work m the drive has to be discontinued on account of the foulness of the air. A shaft is being sunk on the Silverstream lease for the purpose of conveying fresh air to the drive. Work ib steadily progressing on the Wellington lease, the drive being m quart? with oooas|onal patches of silver ore. A shocking fatal aooident occurred m Geraldine on Thursday morning last. A boy named William Lawßon, son of Mr Williard Lawson, butoher of that township, was, about 7 (i.m,, m a paddook oatohing a horse. He had the rope*, wbioh wbb attached to the horse, round his arm, the slip knot of whioh tightened tbzongh fbe exertions of the horse to get free again. The boy waa ttyrpwrj and dragged some distance, the hprse trampling on hie head. $ot making his appearanop a| bis father's house, the latter went out to look' for him, and found him lying quite dead, with his head literally smashed m. Groat sympathy is felt for his parents, the boy (about fifteen years of age) being most aotive and of great help to his father m his business. An inquest will be held. The annual general meeting of the Ashburton Rifles was held last evening, forty members being present, and Oapt Dolman m the ohair. The Secretary, Jjieut Fooks, read tbo minutes of the last general meeting whioh were oonfirmed, The balance-sheet was read, and, after some d^soußßion, was adopted; Captain Dolman, m addressing thn company, Bt&tcd he wbb very well satisfied with the Work done by the company during the past year. As regards bayonet exeroigo the company had been very successful, winning tbe Cup at Timaro. The Secretary of the Shooting Committee, Private Salek, read the Oommittoe's report whioh showed a sum of £89 had been expended during the season on shooting, ft was deoided that the company build an orderly room, the cob* not to exoeed £60. Lieut Muller was re-eleoted Treasurer and Segeanfc Dee elected Secretary. Sergeant-Major Hayes and Color-Sergeant McDonnell were eleoted as members of tbe Finance Committee. The Shootipg Committee were re-elected, A vote of thanks to the obair conoluded the proceedings, The best medicine known is SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Teßt its eminent powerful offeots m coughs, oolda* influenza, etc* — the relief is inßtantaneous* Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. His Majesty the King of Italy, and medical syndicates all over the globe, are its patrons. Read the offioial reports that accompany each bottle. We have no oooasion to offer rewards m proof of the genuineness of our references. The offioial reports of medioal olinica and uniTorfiitaeß, the official communication of tho Consul-General for Jtaly at Melbourne; tho diploma awarded Informational Exhibition, Amsterdam— all these are authentic documents, and, as such, not open to doubt. We ■ add here epitome of one of thx various cases treated by Siegen, M.D., Professor, etc: Burning of the right band through the explosion of a small oil Btove. The epidermis OB tb.e volar and palmer side of the hand- of the ibirty^yeAP-pld patient was completely separated and lifted up op far as the joint of the hand. The likewise; lifted nails wore hanging loope, and half of the phalanx of tbe < nail of the middle finger was coaled. The wounds thuß contracted healed m three weeks under daily Qpplipationß of Eucalyptio Extract ' dressing.' Tbe 'patient has retained the full ' type of tbo bM~ (&p>t,) j ,

A merchant reoently from Constantinople eaya that 83,0000zs of attar of roses wort bottled m Turkey this summer. The greater part of this product is shipped to Franoe. A oase of stoioiam is reported from Binningbam, near Feilding. A man named Parr was grooming a horse whew it kioked him, breaking his leg. NothiDg daunted, tbe man got on tbe horso and rode two miles for Burgioal assistance, bringing also a paok-horat with him. The " Bush Advocate " Bays that a rather good joke took place a few Sundays ago m one of the oountry churohoe. After the olergyman had published the banns of marriage, tho olerk gave out the hymn, reading the first line, whioh was " Deluded souls that dream of heaven." Mr Robert Reid, President of the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce, replying the other day to a presentation, apeaking of oommeroial matters m Viotoria, said " they all knew from the signs of the times that the danger signal was down ; that the tonnage of vessels arriving with goods far exceeded the requirements of tbe oommunity. He feared that m the future, as m the past, many lines of goods would be obtainable here at less than they cost m tbe markets m the old world; this had always been the ouse after prosperous times. He was satisfied they were entering upon a period of great anxiety m the oommeroial world." Mr Blaokatt, the late Engineer-in-Ohief, m acknowledging a farewell addreßß and presentation said that but a shattered remnant of the once vigorous Tublio Works Department was now left, and not even under that name. He was glad to think, however, that the associated energies of the members of of that department had left an enduring record m the shape of the numerous public works of New Zealand, of whioh the; might all be proud— a record of nearly 2000 miles of well and oheaply oonßtruoted railways, of many thousands of miles of road, and of other works, marine and otherwise, m nearly every direction. These 'would ba an enduring record of what the Department had done, and he asserted without fear of truthful contradiction, that m no country had such vast sums of money been spent bo advantageously, bo far as the execution of the work was oonoerned, or with a staff so moderate m number, or with bo little real loss or waste. A speoial meeting of the Ashburton Sohool Committee was held last night. Present — Messrs Gideon Scott (ohairman), E. J. Paul, R. Elston, W. Craighead, Meddins, and W. J. Siloook. The prinoipal business was the question of the headmaatership, and after a protracted disoussion, a motion proposed by Mr Paul, was oarried on the oasting vote of the Ohairman, as follows :— •• That m the opinion of the Committee it is m the interest of the sohool that the headmaster be retained, and that the Board of Eduoation be respectfully requested to reconsider thtf: deoision.' The dissentients were Messrs Siloook, Craig, head, and Meddintf. First-olafls good attendanoe certificates were issued to William Anderson, Julia Hefford, Eliza Tannahill, Maggie Johnstone, Eliza Miles, and Harry •Hefford ; and Beoond-olaes certificates to John "Golline, Henry Gollins, Thomas Anderson, Eliza Turner, Alex MoOallum, Charles Baker, and Besaie AtwelK Holloway's Ointment and Pills.— A frequ cause of gout and rheumatism is the inflammatory state of the blood, attended with bad digestion and general debility. A few doses of the Pills taken m time are an effectual preventive against gout and rheumatism. Anyone who nas an attack of either should use Holloway's Ointment also, the powerful ' action of which, combined with the operation of the Pills, must infallibly effect a cure. These Pills act directly on the blood, which they purify and improve. Having once subdued the severity of these diseases, perseverance with the Ointment, after fomenting the affected joints with warm brine, will speedily relax all stiffness, and prevent any permanent contraction,

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2077, 2 March 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2077, 2 March 1889