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>. The ordinary monthly meeting of th Ashburton County Oounoil was he' this morning. Present : Measra W. C Walker (chairman), 0. J. Harper, Join Grigg, Jas. Browo, W. McMillan, H Friedlsnder, E. 8 Costor. An apology was recoived for the abaenci of Mr E.G. Wright. chairman's statement. The Chairman Raid ; - Since laat meeting tenders for enl»rcin( the males, Rangiia*a Plains Water Supplj bate been aco pted, • xc pt m the case ol those conceded with the watsr racei Windermero Dhtric, which I withheld far the present after consultation with tbi Engineer. Another meeting of the conference of members of the Borough Couacil, Hampstesd Town Hoard, and tbis Oonnoil with refHrenoe to the pro posed Hampßtead Witer Supply waf held dnring hat month and the proposa of the Borough Oouoo : l to supply the Town Diatriot with water, which camo bofore the conf renoe and duly discussed, will be placed before the Oounoil f»r its oonaideration. The meeting of th> Council which was t » have taken pi cc on the 11th inst to elect a motnbor to repreient this County on the Lytielton Harbor Board lapped through want of a quorum and an extraordinary vacancy ha- inc therefore occurred a special mooting for tbe above purpose will be held after the ordinary meeting- The new rolls forwarded by the Property-tax Department are placed on the table for inspection, and Mr Bperrey writes to say that he hoprs the Council will ex imitjo thorn m order that any errors or omissions may be remedied, so that the rolls to be 6uppHed may be as correct as possible. The Committee appointed to inspect t*toddart'n Creek has visited an>l inspected the creek and will report during this meeting. No Idoensing Committee for Mouot Hult Diatriot was elected on the day appointed, and the Government has been advised of ihe same. Mr Chapman wiiteß asking what the Council proposes to do m the matter of bis creek, aa he wishes some remedy oarriod out before the •* inter sets m and farther injary is caused Mr Inwood brings befoie the Council the •übjeot of damage likely to be caused by water on bis property through tbo action of" the water raoes, and states that he will hold the Council responsible for any damage or depredation of his property. — The Tinwald Town Board ate willing to take over Reserve 1422 on the terms ■tipnlated by tho Council, but ere of opinion that the arrangement will not answer, and think the Reserve should be closed and plunted —The Commissioner of Property tax advises that a further Bum of £242 12s 5d on account of subsidies will be placed to the Council's credit. kjkhkiebs' export. Pains Water Supply : Thiß supply has on the whole been very well maintained during last month, but the prevalence of north-west iriuds during the last two or three days has tfcnsed » little blockage and disarrangement which will be notified immediately The •apply from Padding Hill hsi been gradually draunisbidgt and now all the water from that •ource is tenwd into (be main. The Wakanui •seek is lower than umal, »• there U no more water obtainable from North Ashburton river, feat the raoes fed from this oreek wbioh goes oat towards the Beafield district are still fully ■applied. You will observe from the ranger's report that E6 water race m the vicinity of Mr Bowling's slanghter yard m B.S. 80885 is bting muoh polluted by bis pigs, to the detriment of those settlers who are dependent m a gnat measure on that race for their domestic ftpply. I understand the slaughter yard license was issued by the Polioe Department jiabjeotto aoondition that pigs be debarred ae&M to the race, and it ia most important that the polioe enforce the fulfilment of this condition. At the present time the supply tot Wakannt district is being well maintained. Aehburton-Bangitata Water Supply : With Hrn exoeption of the lower end of the Goldstream district and upper end of Shepherd Bosh distrust, which axe still m the condition described m my last report, the supply is fairly satisfactory. To provide m part for m. adequate supplies, five out of the six contraots lor which tenders have been oaiifd have hoen Itt, and the work on these is prooeeding s»tiafutorily. And now with reference to the question «£bich has been raised as to the liability of *jLVj>r raoes to affect injuriously the undrained lands £° tnß Longbeaoh distrust. I deem it my duty at the present stage to place a few leading factk before the Oounoil, with a view to a fuller investigation of the snbjeot. I find that during tße dry season of the year (when the larges supplies are required) the delivery of water m main if cm South Ashbnrton river is 24 cubic feet per aeoond. Over the remainder of the year it is considerably less, and while flood-water prevails it is abut off altogether. Of this 24 oubio feet per iscond half goes for the supply of the district between Ashburton and Hinds river, and half lor the Bangitata plains. Dealing at present with the former district only I find that 12 eubio feet per second represents barely one* tenth part of the usual perennial flow m existing creeks and water courses m Longbeaoh distriot guaged on a line about midway between the railway and the sea, that is to •ay it is less than half tho usual volume of Stoddart'B oreek where it passes the Long•aeh Tilsworks. Distributed as the races are pretty equally over the plains the efleot would ■eareely be appreciable even if the whole volume of 12 oubio feet per second and for the whole year were to find its way to the lower grounds whioh is very far from being tii« eaie as I shall presently enow, The total delivery m a year would only be equal to a ainfall of about l-16th of an inch over the 90,000 aores served by those raoes west of the railway line, and thai after allowing largely for evaporation from said rainfall, This would snrely be an unappreoiable addition m •■district where tbe annual rainfall averages •boat 80 inobes. From observation, however, I have found that during the dry season, when the maximum supply is drawn from the liver the following is a pretty dose approximation of the disposal of the supplies : — o*l6tb goes for evaporation ; 216 th goes for •ontumption by stock, etc ; 440 th absorbed try vegetable growths m raoes; l-16th leakages •t flumes, eto. ; 2- 16 th percolation ; 2-10 th discharged at lower end of raoee. After the raoes are m operation a short time the per•olation becomes bo small that so far bb I flonld ever trace it barely moistens the subsoil m the immediate vicinity where it is held m iStpension till it is taken up by the roots of ages, or exhales slowly away. I oannot aa* evidence whatever of its saturating the underlying beds of shingle over the surrounding Urge areas, and muoh less of iti finding its war tor many miles down tbs plains into the jandrained district, I am convinced that not ♦ drop of raoe water nope? reaches these low lyfrg lands except what little runs out directly at the end of the nets, and that ii so inifitasimally small that it is scarcely worth mentioning* So it would not give an additional depth of water of } oi •n inch to any one of the existing oreeks m the locality. Had the same quantity of water whiob feeds the raoes been left m the river, then woold oertainly have been a muoh larger proportion of it lost by percolation wbiob would have gone to swell,- the under ground oorrent, inasmuoh as the continually ezpoßed corfaoe of shingle m the river bed is so roach more porouß that the water raoes wbioh arc almoflt impervions. I have not referred tc Che raoes m the Wheatstone and AshtOE diatriot because these are supplied m greai measure from an existing oreek, and I pre sume the settlers there would not consent t< Abandon them. There can be no doubt tba large undercurrents do exist on these plaim ana do perodioally rise to the surface ii many places on the dry as well as the we land, raising for a time the water level ii wells m some of the driest districts from 21 to 80 feet. Thaie springs would appear to b fed from the rivers and mountains, but what «ver their origin the indication presented o their volume is suoh as to represent the resul of a very considerable rainfall overalarg watershed, and is out of all proportion to th ■mail supply taken for water raoe purpose* Having aaid this muoh as to the effects of tb water raoe system so far aa regards the Ash bnrton-Hinda district I must repeat what have stated before that the great want of th lower part of that diatriot, outside th boundaries of Loogbeacb, Ohatmoaa an Windermere estates iB a system of drainag whiah would provide not only for the outl< el the existing stagnant water with wbio iflgtfr cart of tbftt Ml* U ObirgO, bat »U

for snoh flood-water bb would pass naturallj through the district as the reßult of the season's rainfall over a large area. At fl present thore is very little provision made for [I cither of theso objects. As the present limited !. supply is not sufficient to rcaok the lower end -, of the race on the Bangitata plains, I need not now enter on the water race question oe BfTffOtinß the leßser area of Bwarap land neai 3 the seaboard m that district further than to «ay that it amounts to nil, On tho whole as far as I am capable of judging, thn ho! tiers near the seaboard m tho Ashburlon-Bangitata districtneednothavo the slighteatapprehensionof • injury to their propnrtieß so far as wAter race [ influence is conoerned, and this boing tho ease ' there would seem no good reason to restrict i the benefits of the present system of races m [ that district, whioh serves more or less effii oiently an area of about a quarter of a million , aores. I should say the mileage might be largely increased without detriment to any interest. With referenoe to part of the digtriot on Lowoliffe Estate, there ii a beautiful example of drainage and irrigation going hand 1 m hand, the drainage water being utilised for irrigating during the dry seasons large areas 1 sf grass landß and with most excellent effeot. ! Tho dried up condition of nearly all tho pastures on the plains for some time pait is a strong argument for the seasonable watering of Rraea lands m this county. Flemington.Waterton Baoe : The settlers interested aro making mutual arrangements as to the location of the rape. When those are oonoluded and they provide the funds, the raoe from Ford's creek will be put m hand. Water Itaco from Sloddard's Greek : The Committee will report on this matter today. The length of oreek whioh Mr Stoddard requests to bo enlarged and improved is 8 Q ohains. Bridge, Wheatstone : The bridge and othe works on Terraoe road near Wheatstone hay been completed. County Bridges : Some minor repairs ar being exeouted on these, and a small stook o timber has been obtained for further renewals Upper Bangitata Bridge : After reserving 5i n planks for repairs, the remainder of the deck ' ing has been put up ml 4 lotß for sale by auc a tion, whioh Bhould bo arranged to take plaoi t shortly. The lower oourse of conorete ii >, watorwall within the abutment at north em f of bridge baß been washed out by the last flooi g in the river to the extent of about 30 linea a feet. This would require to be replaoed at i 3 lower level. The expense of repairs inoludinj s temporary deviation of stream would, pro bably, be £50, and it would be well to inforrx the Geraldine Council of the damage. Guaging Streams, Ashburton-Rangitata f Dißtriot: I have completed the bi monthly ] reoord for period ending 28 h February. ' ALLEGED POLLUTION 07 A WATER HAOS. 7 Iv reference to the alleged pollution of ' a water race referred to In tho Fnglneer'i ' report, the Chairman was deputed to ' enquire Into the matter, and was author- " ised to takn action If necessary. t BANGITATA T&AVJHO BRIDGE- ' The Engineer wti authorised to h«ve ' necessary repairs exeouted to groia for | the protection of approach to Rangltata 1 traffic bridge. HAMPBTBAD WATER 80PPLT. The Ohairmau reported the result of a 1 oonferecoa between the County and } Borough Councils and Hampttesd Town 5 Board m reference to a water lupply for t the Hampetead district. Certain pro- , poials had been ma Je by the Boroogb and t these would come befote tbe (found 1 ! to-day. i t WiTBR RATB. ' MrGrlgß, for Mr Wright, mored the > mot tun of whioh notice had been glren by 1 the Utter :— " That a water rate be now ' .■truck for the year ending March 81 next ! nnder the provisions of the water raoe J by-lawa and that tbe same be levlad over , the whole cf the contributing raoei." The motion waa teoonded by Mr Brown i and oarrled. i WITHDRAWN. i Mr Harper obtained permission to l - wl.hdraw for the time being his : notloo of motion dealing with the j complaints as to superabundance of ■ water m the Longbeaoh dlstrlot. said to bo oauaed by the water races, also that ' dealing wl*h the redaotlon of tbe rent of [ Mr Goodwin's reserve. , BTOBM WATER i Mr A. Wilson, Wlnslow, waited on the • Council and oompUined of damage done i to bis property by storm water oomlng i down a oreek In that dtstrlot. After discussion it was resolved " That the Council oannot undertake to deal with 1 any individual application, but reoom [ mends tbat ffce settlers make application to the Council m order that the matter r may be dealt with m some considerable r area, [ ibbiqation. r Mr W. Langdon waited on the Counoil ) «nd asked to be allowed to irrigate five ■ acres of land with water from a water r race close by. He was willing to pay ' 10s an acre for the water. \ The Chairman said the application was [ opening up a large question. He Bug- \ geated that Mr L&ngdon should put his t offer m writing, and the Council would j give it full consideration. Mr Langdon complied with the Obalr- . man's suggestion, and the application was i referred to the Water Hnpply Committee. J FATMBNTS. > Aooounta were passed for payment. 1 VALUATIONS. The Property Tax Commissioner ferI warded copies of valuations of road dis B triots witbin tho county and asked that r they might bo inspected m t at any errors B or omission* oould be rectified. a It wor d* oided to send the rolls to the 1 various Road Boards El DAMAGH BT VTATEIt BAOIB. c Mr In wood, Lowoliffe, wroto m refer* 9 enbe to the question of percolation from f water races. Air bough ho was not asserting 8 that the actual volume of water wae " greater on account of the noes, te oould state, whatever the reason, thai gullies never known previously to contair running water have become the beds oi creeks since tbe water races were opened Another thing not to be overlooked wat that tbe water races diverted a large quantity of surface water iv flood timai from its natural drainage outlet. He gavi notice to tbe Council tuat be would hole it responsible for any damage to, or depreciation of, bia property whioh might b< caused through tbe water raoep. Letter acknowledged, ; no aooiss. , Mr Jas Milne, Mount Boaters, wrote t ; say tbat If a orosslog were not put m fo ■ him over the tramway, within a month i he would be compelled to take off th » the rails. 1 It appeared Mr Milne's seotlon fronted ■ on the tramway reserve and never had any ■ Bcoeis to any road. ' The matter was referred to the Mount Soraers Road Board for their reoomI mendatlon. , TIMWALD niSBRVH. . , The Tlnwald To«rn Board, m roply to a i communication from the Council^ stated 1 tbtlr opinion that it would be the bait for i tho Oonnoll to plant the reservo near tbe 1 Balejards, and shut It up altogether, I HAMPSXKAP UVFThY. 3 The recommendations arrived at by the ) oonfeitaoo oa the sm jeot of a water supply i for Tlonald were considered. These prot posals, whioh have already been published, • 'were brlifly that the Borough Council o should provide a supply at Wakanal road t »nd Mooie street, at an annual cost of » £30, ° After a lengthy dlsoacilon it wss rel( solved to refer the rentier to tbe Town 5 Board for an expression of opinion. ~ SOOTH'S OOTTINa. k . The Mount Homers Rosd Board wrote ,f declining the offer of £5 from the C mnty It Oounoll ss a ffaal settlement towards ree palra and drainage at Booth's outtlog. c KTLM OEMCTKRT, '• Mr J. Lamblo, Chairman of tbe Kyle 6 Oemetory Board, applied to tbe Counoi! t for a small grant to have the Cemetery Z ceserro curveyed and a plan prepared. IC The Engineer was authorised to make i id surrey as far as ablo Of the Oemetery ai m required by Mr Lamble. at BTODDABI's OBSBK. )h Mr Brown, for the Oomnalttee appointee 10 lo dnl with the njnUir, Babwl»|di M

rppmt vhioh ncocnmondf'd that the »nm of £20 bo grnntai) to Mr Stoddart for the pnrpoeo uf cleaning on*, the oruek, on condition th&t thn Ooa.iO'l bu glvon authority to t»ke wu'er for wutor r»cea from tho oreok The adoption of tho report was moved by Mr Brown, seconded by Mr Ft lander and carried chapman's cheek. Tho report of the Oommtttee appointed to do»l with the the complaint of Mr Chtpman as to tho dnmnge done by tho oreek through hln property was submitted by the Chairman. Tho report stated that for (he efficient protection of the oreek the erection of three oinore'e groins at a cost of £45 would be neoeestry. The report was adopted provided Mr Ohapman absolved the Ooonoil from all farther liability In connection with the oraeki KOTiOhS or motion. Notice of tho following motion* to be brought forward at next meeting wan given : — Mr Ooster to move : " That a com of money be set aside to provldo for grants m aid to Cemetery Boards within the county." Mr Harper to move " Thit In oonneqaenoe of oomplnlotn made concerning the auper-abandanoe of water below the railway line In tho Longboooh- Windermere dlstrlata supposed to be caused by the oonnty water raoof, this Oounoll is of opinion that all the water races m those dlstrlots should, terminate at the railway I line, and be devlrted into a different ' ohannel." 5 Mr Harper to move " That at the next [ meeting of the Plantation Committee the . question of tb« rednotlon of Mr Goon win's I rent be oontidnred." Mr Harper to move (> That this Orunoll ' tfcko into consideration the advlsablenees of altering the distrlots over whiob the | water rangers take oha r g^.*' Mr Harper to move " That tho Oounoll undertake the maintenance of all tho water raoes and fords within the county." This was all thebutlneas to be transaoted at the ordinary meeting and the Council adjourned.

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