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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

Paris met with a heavy loss the other day, the huge female elephant, whioh, during the past twenty years, had been an attraction to hundreds of thousands of visitors at tbe Jardin dea Flantes, died of tuberculosis. Complaints are rife that tbe stoats and weasels turned out m North Canterbury to destroy the rabbits are killing the poultry on the farms. The Sefton Farmers Club are considering what aotion should be taken m the matter. The following jcuas dc mot ', are from the " Sydney Bulletin " :— •' A Freetrade candidate says tho Proteotioniatß are the gorillas of politioß. Just bo— just m the same way as the Freetrade orators are tbe harangueoutangsr The Queen of the Hovaa has, m graoeful terms, accepted the Grand Oordon of the Legion of Honor, assuring the President of the Frenoh Republic of her determination to maintain the existing friendly relations between the two oountrieo. Tho failure and flight of a well-known stockbroker, M. Bex, has oaused no little sensation m Parisian financial oiroles. He leaves liabilities of upwards of 8,000,000fr; bis partner, cashier, and teller have been •rrasted, M. Be* has now suioided is Switzerland, The hottest region on earth »a troploal Atriea. The extreme beat is found not at the equator but m the neighbourhood of the Dorthern tropios m tbe Nubian desert where food may be oooked by being buried m the sand. The saying of tbe Arabs is "In Nubia tbe soil is like fire and tbe wind like aflame." ' The " North Otago Times " writes "as an evidenoe of tbe great heat m Oamaru on Monday we may mention that apples blown ' off the trees were literally roasted as they lay on tbe ground. Mr Lemon yesterday had an i apple m bis possession as thoroughly roasted by the heat of the eun as if it had made the 1 acquaintance of a fire. The Weßleyan Ohuroh annivflrsarj Survioeß are' announoed for Apr;! l*th and 16th, On the latter .data, alter the anaual uojree, (he r.ovd W. Morley will deliver his leoture on his recent trip to Europe. The aubjeot of the leoture is " 30,000 miles by land and sea," and when treated by a keen observer of men end things as the lecturer is, the most will be m^de of the subjeot. Lord Qdblqw, befng de§irou.B of bringing with bim from England a pot poodle belong ing to Jjady Onslow, made enquiries whether the Stook Importation regulations could be so far relaxed as to allow tbo animal to be quarantined m a building m Government House ground, instead of on Soames' Island^ as required by tbe Order m Council. Tba Oattle Board refused tho request. A young chemist's assistant, named Tarti o Deausier, has been arrested m Paris on a oharge of having poisoned no less than sixteen persons at Havre. The supposed motive of (he murderer was to disoredit the premises of bis employer ao dangerously iDfeotive, and thus obtain the goodwill 'of the business for a trifling sum. Dr Brouajdel has traced the poisoning m all oases to arsenio, The Paris students have come to a decjslop respecting the collegian's oap, whioh it was reoontly proposed should be worn as a sign of recognition by the students of the rospeotjye faculties. They have adopted a oap made of violet fllqth with a yellow border for hdlcn lettrcß, with a mi upo tor the law, a garnet one for tbe medical, ' vermilion for the j soientifio, and green for tbe pharmaoeuticaj class. An attempt is to be made to introduce i fitljaon into the Aude, whioh flows into the Mediterranean, near Jfarbonne, and 100,000 ova of the Sacramento river have been brought from America, and will shortly be plaoed m tbe river. Tbe Baoramento fish is moat likely to become aoolimatißed m tho .rivers of Southern Franoo, whioh are of tho Bame temperature as its native streams, and have always proved too warm for the spawn from Scotland and Norway. A Manawatu exchange says: — The oat crop around Awnburi and Feilding is this year very much affected with rust. Mr Sanaon, who saw indications of rust m his early oats out them a week or so before they were really ripe, and by taking some pains m getting them well dried before oarting, ho wbb enabled to save them m buoli a condition as to be enabled to out tho straw into flrat-olaaa chaff. His late oats are, however, like those throughout that district, so full of rust as to nearly suffocate the drivers of the reaping maohines. Michael Scott, a sailor, and the cloye author of "Tom Cringle's Log," made c, olever prophecy m 1830 1 Apropos to tho Panama Isthmus bo said: — "'lt would be next to impossible to Join the two soas at this point by a oanal with water m it. How. ever, I expeot to see a Joint Stook Company set agoing some fine day yet when the national capital next aooumulates to a plethora, and people's purses beoorae so distended that they require bleeding I " A Joint Stook Company has been set afloat, and De Lesseps and everybody else knows the result. Tbe usual weakly session of the Star of the East Lodge, No. 02, 1.0.0.T,, was hold last ! evening, whon there was a largo attendance. Three proposals fpr membership wore made, and one candidate initiated, fyttet the routine business had been disposed of, refreshments were eorved up, and songs contributed by Bister Barrows and Bro A. h Norrish; recitations by Broa Blmsley, W. T. Norrißh, Kingston, and Sistor Edwards ; a reading by Bro T. Sawla, and a dialogue by Bros Elmaley and Qrant. Altogether a very enjoyahle evening was spent, and brought to a olose at 10 o'olook, Mr Thomas Caloutt, the well-known senior railway J»nes valuer for the New Zealand Govornmept and fpr private lines, is now tornporarily looated at tho oflßoes of tbe £gen> General. MrCalcutr, who is on a yisft to England, attends at present at Westminister Chambers to give full information as to lands, agricultural industries and the like, and is now placing his ID years' unique and special experience at the command of all enquirer*. I (" Anglo-Australian ") saw Mr Caloutt this week, and fancy he has not undertaken exactly a trifling task, as news of this kind somehow getß abrpad aujokly» apd I oxpeot a good many will be drawn to tb.a agency fa hear what a really practical man has to sayone quite freah from tbe colony. It is likely enough that tbe outcome may be eozne immigrants of the ?right sort, such as all cUsmi of ccloniiti m gi»4 ft im among , thw" *|

The Roy Father Ohastagnon, who has been on a visit of some months duration to France, arrived m Aahburton by express train this morning. It is a singular faot that some woods when meobanioally combined conduoo to mutual deoay ; such ill-fated unions aro oyproos and oedar, and oypreßS and walnut. A country oditor, noticing the preaont of a oup to a contemporary, says : — " He needs no oup. Ho can drink from any voasol that contains liquor, whether the nook of a bottlo, the mouth of a pickle-jar, the spike of a keg, or the bung of a barrel." The London correspondent of an oxohange says that an Australian florist m the Strand — Olay by name — did what was to outward neeming at any rato a very graocful aot at Ghristmaatide. To eaoh Australian hero, whose name and address were known to him, he sent a pretty noaogay of flowera to be worn during the festive season. Still more gold discoveries m Wales t A very valuable disoovory of gold has been made on the Gam Mountain, at Aber, nuar Bangor. The proepeotors have sent speoimena of the lode to two assayers, who have reported that the speoitnens are rich m gold, containing 6oz of pure gold to the ton of quartz. It was recently announced that Mrs George Hirub, of Navarro county, St Louis, gave birth to six children, and that the mother and children aro doing well. Mrs Hirah if 27, and has been married five years. Four of the children are boys and two girls. The order of the birth of the ohildren, exoept the girls, is unknown. The boys were mixed up after their birth, and no one knows whioh is the oldest or youngeßt. The Hirshes are simple, ignorant people,. The mother worked m the field picking cotton until within a couple of hours of the birth of the children. Bhd is a big, strong woman, and walked about the house looking after her ohildren within 48 hours of the birth of the last one. The London correspondent of the " Otago Duly Times" sayßt—Over 400,000 salmon ova have been oolleoted for shipment for New Zealand. Most of the ova were Beoured on the Tweed, and are now developing at Sir James Gisborn Maitland's fish-rearing establishment at Howietown. When it is m a proper oondition it will be shipped for the oolony. The netting neoessary to teoure the ova was performed under the direo ion of the Twend Commissioners of Fish, and they also conducted the stripping and fertilising prooesß. The New Zealand Government are to bo congratulated upon the quantity and quality of the ova scoured, as it is reported that salmon disease ia very prevalent m the Sooth of Sootland. The usual monthly mooting of the Methven Band of Hope and Temperanoe Sooiety was held m the sohoolroom, Methven, on Friday, 22nd inst. The President, Mr John Alison, oooupied the chair and m a few well-ohoaen remarks onlarged upon the many advantages and benefits to be gained by the little people m becoming members of a Band of Hope, besides pointing out to them tha nature and obligations of their pledge. A full and lengthy programme was then submitted and rendered to an appreciative audionoo. The reoitations by Annie Anderson, Florrie Hibba, Fanny Burrows, and Lucy Duff were ex. oellently given, as also were those of Ejam Burrows and Freddy Randn. A duet was nioely rendered by Edith Hibbs and Ethel Alison. Great oredit is due to Mrs Alison, i Miss Low, and Messrs Rands and Thomas i Grainger for the creditable manner m wbioh the ohildren acquitted themselves, 1 A faw years ago M. Turquot, then Under- ; Seoretary of State for Fine Arts, had tutho. i rifled an agreement by whioh, under the i supervision of the Domains Department, i Mmc Oailbava uudertook to discover hidden > treasure under the paved floor of the St. Denis ' Cathedral by means of a divining rod, wbioh she described m more modern phraseology as an eleotrio rod. The Boaroh wont on for some time, but inasmuch as it threatened to inter. , fore with the arlifstio treasures whioh were above ground, the operations were suspended by the Administration. Mmc Gailhava died, ( and her heirs have now brought an aotion against. t,h<? State for damages, whioh are •noJestly fixed at 500,000fr. This is, perhaps, l the only hidden treasure wbioh they now i hope to secure, but it is exceedingly doubtful i whether they will ga,iq acoegs to th.o mon,ey i chambers of the State. M. Bulofc, who 'ap- ! peared for the Administration, arguod that ' the oontraot was valid, but that the Govern* i ment was authorised m suspending the works. i The Civil Tribunal of the Seine has reserved its Judgment. ; At the Paris Faculty of Medioine Mile. Sohultao, a Russian young lady of 21, who 1 prese,pte4 herself for her doctor's dogre'o, was i warmly oomplimonted by M. Cbarcot, who i was one of the four members of (he jury, and whq admitted that women doctors passed | their examinations most Batisfaotorily-*better even than men. " But," ho oontinued, "permit me to tell you that thoeo women , think more of themselves than of humanity. They aspire to tho first rank, to the most prominent posts to luorative offlooa. They consent leBB willingly to be droßsera m our hospitals, to apply those antiseptic treat* ments whioh demand sustained, attention, minute pare, and groat physioal skill, Herd fs an occupation for whioh women are so'tyoll skilled; but they are' too ambitious. As Nature, again, has brared their ways tq roleg which (boy seek to fill, I oonoludo that women dootorq have no future before th,ern, and will never be more tb,an an exception," tjo (hen oomplimonted the young lady before him on her beauty, her youth, her talent, and hor courage. Dr Laudouzy, who followed him, remarked that m bis opinion women doctors mzg^t, wjtfi advantage, turn their atttention pabrp especially, to $he treatment of women and QhildiQD, ( ■"'- SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT.—In protection of the worldwide fame our manufacture has acquired all over tho globe, wo publish the following : — Hanard, M.D., Professor of general Pathology and Diseases of the Mind and Hervous System, Bays m »n editorial published m the ''Clinical Beoord :" — •« Wo have examined half-a-doicon speoimons of different manufaoturos ; the preparation of Sandor and Sons was the only one that proved to bo reliable and corresponding to soiontitio tosts." Another oonoootion called " Refined Extraot of Euoolyptus " has mado its appearance Binco. This product stands, aooording to Dr Owon, foremost m causing injurious effects. That gentleman communicates, at a mooting of the Medioal Sooiety of Viotoria, that a ohild living at Fitssroy became most seriously indisposed through its use. In another case a lady states on the strength of statutory declaration that she sufferod oruelly from the effects of the same ooncootion. To guard the high reputation of our manufacture we fool warranted m exposing tho abovo fapts, and desirp the public tp oxeroisp oare and preoau. tion when buying, SANDER and SONS — (Advt.) 7

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2075, 28 February 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2075, 28 February 1889

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