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The " Timaru Herald " states that a few nice soles are being oaught by net m the harbour now. They are rarely oaught there and as the fishermen say, it ia by ft flake they get any at all. The "World" states that Lord Onslow has experienced -considerable diffioalty m rinding an A.D.0,, because the JSew Zealand Government has withdrawn the allowances for the Governor's staff, and the War Pffioe regulations preclude an officer serving away from bis regiment drawing any pay. Gat of the 180,000,000 population m European Pussia, no fewer than 7,500,000 persons are engaged jn the domestic trades — that is, they manufacture for the trade m their homes or rooms. Their production annually reach between £150,000^000 and *gOO,ftQO,OOO. During the performance of ono of U. Pelibe's operas ajt Naplep repently, a startling murder was aoaomphshed on tbo Btage, and m the presence of a fashionable aadiepoe. The scene represented a battle. The ohorists, i attired as soldiers, fired their rifles at eaoh | other, Suddenly one of the ohorists fell ' dead, A ball had penetrated to hi? heart. A I panic ensued. The police discovered that opt of the onorists' rifles had been loaded with a • , ' cartridge, and that the man who fired it Si Tv 4<>l >ed io kill the very man that had had threap assassin finally confeieed fallen deaa. j- v «•■ tha raotiv«

. £25,000 was paid down for the publishing right of the musio of " The Yeomen of the Guard." The " Otago Daily Times " says that Mr Elder, of Port Chalmers, is trying to induoe the starting of dairy factories m suitable localities m Southland. An offer which he made to the settlers m the Fortrose district was not aocepted. The Pukerau settlers seem inolined to aooept the terms, which are to erect a faotory oapable of treating the milk of 800 oowß, but to commence with 400, provided that number was guaranteed and 100 £10 shares were taken up m the district. The "Wellington Post" sayß :— Mr H. B. Yogel, of this oity, evidently inherits some of his father's well-known literary ability, and 1 to have a taste for literary work. We have more than onoe met with interesting contributions of one kind or another from his pen, and we find m the " Young Folk's Paper " for January — a London publication of wide oiroulation— a very well written although rather mysterious tale entitled " The Haunted Saloon," to which his name is attaohed as the author. A distressing affair is reported from Baroaldine, Queensland, A man and wife and two ohildren were camped m a tent on the bank, of a river. The firßt night the father heard one of his ohildren moaning, and on lighting a oandle he discovered that the girl, aged three, was apparently m a fit, and she died i m a few minutes. The next night the other infant child was plaoed m the same bed, and ! the parentß were again wakened by the ohild moaning. On lighting the candle they saw a large blaok snake glide off the obild'B breast. The ohild died m great agony a few minutes afterwards. A snake's hole was discovered under the bed. A windfall coming to a gipsy tribe, owing to the industry of a former member, is an event not often obronioled m the history of the strange and doubtful people referred to. It is said that the family of a late queen, known bb Esther Faa, or Blythey, and frequenting the neighborhood of Eelso, has, nevertheless, been so favored. They are the heira, if rumor apesks the truth, of a man who, being banished for some breach of tribal law, went to California, where he firßt tradsd as a paok-pedlar, and afterwards beoame tfcfe owner of land m which rich mines were discovered. The property has been left by will to the poorer members of the family, of whom there are said to be some 35. A shocking case was investigated by the Aston (England) Coroner on Deo. 6th, Some working men were dißOUßsing their oapaoity for eating and drinking m a publio-house when one of them, named Andrews, said that if he had a sovereign he would baok himself to drink a bottle of brandy. A member of the company offered to pay for a bottle if the other would drink half a pint m twenty minutes. , If he failed he would have to pay for a threepenny cigar. Andrews drank off the brandy and very Bhortly died. The jury, m returning a verdict of death from excessively drinking, spoke very strbngly of the oonduot of the men who promoted so disgusting an exhibition. It is understood that they will be oriminally proceeded against. There are several " good things " of Whe" well's, the famous Master of Trinity, oolleoted m the Deoember number of Temple Bar, but one of the very best is left out. Whewell was at one time engaged m a controversy with Sir David Brewster about the plurality of worldß, and took, as ia well known, the view that there was but one world— which, as someone happily remarked, was very natural, considering the prominent plaoe he oooupied m it. Some one slyly pointed out to him the passage m the Vulgate : Nonno erant decent mundi 1 (It should be explained for "ladies" that mundi may mean either worlds, or ilcansed.) Whewell instantly turned the ' text Against hiß opponent by replying : ," Ver j true ; but look at the next question : übi tuni nevemi "—'• Pall Mall Budget." ' The orchards of Australia are threatened with a new pest. In the Riohmond Bivei ; district this insect has destroyed the Whole oi the orange crop. The Secretary to the Fruil Growers' Association of New South Wales states that no one can tell the name of the i pest. Professor M'Coy, to whom the mattei was referred, thus writes :— The insect juai , received is the Eurypleura hicotnio, a larg< kind of bug found m Java and the Philippine Islands, but the occurrence of whiob m New • South. Wales is entirely new to me. I should > be glad, therefore, to reoeive from you m ! formation of the precise locality m the oolonj where this inseot is injuring the orange crops, 1 Like all of the family, this bug injures the > plants by piercing the fruit and the leaves , and young shoots, and sucking the juices, , They are also very destructive to caterpillars \ and other inaeots." Advices from Naples describe Mr Glad--1 stone as' robust and ruddy, full of animation > and walking and driving with an ardoui i equal to that of the youngest member of thfc party. He actually talks of climbing Vesuvius and renewing acquaintance with the famous crater which he first made 38 years ago, The Liberals are always exceptionally hopeful and enthusiastic on the birthday of the great leader. To-day they are cheerfullj asking one another why Mr Gladstone should not live as long as Viscount Eversley, the former speaker of the House of Commons, who died recently at (he age of 05, full oi intellectual vigor to the last; De Lesseps k three years older than Mr Gladstone, and is, to all appearanoe, good for many years oi hard work. Lord Palmerston died m the harness at the age of 91, and might have lived ten years longer or more had he taken as much care of himself as Mr Gladstone does. The writer of n series of notes on current topics whioh appear m each week's issue oi the " Witness " thus gracefully refers to the remarks of Judge Ward on the oooasion of bis retirement from the Supreme Court bench : — " It was said ©f King Charles the Fret that nothing m life became him like the leaving it. Judge Waro^may have done well while he was on the Supreme Court benoh, but he oould hardly do bo well as he did on hiß retirement. His remarks to the bar were perfect m point of tone and taste, and though acknowledging that he had suffered a disappointment, he uttered not a word of i)l« nature or complaint. Then one pannQt help admiring the delioate literary flavour m some of his sentences, as, for instance, when he eaid that ' an address of weloome is, after all, ohiefly a matter of courtesy — an address at parting one of appreciation.' And he managed to oram nil that was to be said on the subjeot m the eing'o sentenoe : < I would rather that men should ask why I was not appointed a judge of the Supreme Court, than why i wan appointed," ?h.ere ia tru,th,au w/eU is antithetical neatness m the remark." A correspondent sends the following to the " North Otago Times " :— On Saturday, 9th inst., two or three boys, sons of Mr Munro, of the Otematata Hotel, went up the river to bathe m a deep water hole, on the side of which wbb a large rook whioh tjje boys used to climb pp on after swimming acrqsg. Reginald, the eldest, swam across, and on pulling himself up on to the rook he either lost his hold or overbalanced himself and fell baok into the water. At first the others laughed at what they thought was an amusing episode, but on seeing their brother floating bead down they of course changed their mood. Seeing how matters stood, Edrio, a boy of fifteen, pluokily jumped m and catching bis drowning brother with one hand, and swimming with the other, brought him to the bank quite insensible. Mr J. D. Duncan happened to come along at the time, ant Boon restored him to animation. Had it not been for the great presence of mind of his brother Edrio, and the exertions of Mr Duncan, a serious fatality would have hap. pened. Certainly the Most Effeotive MEDICINE m the world is SANDER and SONS EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its eminent powerful ejjeptp jn Coughs, Colds, Influenza, etc, ; the relief ia instantaneous. Thousands give the moßt gratifying testimony. Read thig certificate :— " 24th April, 1885 — Messrs Sander and Sonß,— lt is with the greatest of pleasure that I testify to the excellence of your Eucalypti Extraot. Having had inflam. mttion of the bpne of the leg, whioh came on i after a severe attack of lqw foyer. I was attended by pr J. Boyd, who bad made ! itrenuopa efforts to Bave my leg, but witkout sucoess. He found it necessary to amputate my limb. Having heard m the meantime of the wonderful oures worked by the Eucalypti Extraot, I obtained a bottle, and the extraot had not been applied more than an b,Qqr when I began to feel greatly relieved, After apply, ing the extract every four hours for nine or ten dpya I was out of all danger. I would persuade all who may be affected with any such disease to give the Eucalypti Extract a trial, and I am opnvjpoed that they will find it the most wonderful of medioines,— Yours, etc., E. J. Cubhow, \Va,ttle sjreet Sandhurst,"

At the regular monthly meeting ol the Somerset Lodge of Freemasons, held last evening, Bro. E. J. Paul, J.W., was unanimously elected W.M. for the ensuing year. - A Home soientifio journal m giving some hints to manufacturers, Bays there is a capital opening for paper mills m J-New Zealand, pointing out the faot that about £180,000 worth of paper is Bnnually inported into the oolony, and the present protective tariff will enoourage the establishment of paper mills. It iB rumoured that one of ths large paper firms is coming to the oolony m a few weeks' time to look at the ohance. In Berlin heavy waggons are not allowed on certain (streets. In Paris any oartload of I rattling material must ba fastened until it oan't rattle- Munich allows no bells on street oars. In Philadelphia ohuroh bolls have been held a nuisance m certain neighborhoods by judicial ruling. Steam whistles are forbidden m nearly all the larger cities of Europe and the United States. Milkmen and bakers are not to use bells or horns m some oities. In others the abominable yelling and howling of huoksters, for which there is no excuse at all, are prohibited. Talk about wealth lying disregarded under oar noses t In a lecture before the Franklin Institute, Professor Hanford Henderson stated that aluminium was an element the name of which is m almost everybody '■ mouth. There is about 40 per oent. oxide of aluminium m ordinary clay and about 56 per oent. of metal m the oxide, bo that a oubio yard of olay contains 9371bs of metallio aluminium. At sdolß per lb, the lowest, this is worth over 4500d015, and consequently one oubio yard of ordinary pure olay contains an amount of aluminium for whioh Bociety is willing to pay over 4500d015. A curious disoovery was made by Messrs Oondor whilst cutting a drain through O. Nelson's Beotion at Marton on Saturday, says the " Bangitikei Advocate." Embedded m the olay was a hollow log, and m the interior of the latter a baker's dozen of fish were found, not only alive, but very muoh sb. The longest of them measured about four inches. They seemed to be a cross between a New Zealand trout and an eel. They had trout's heads and spots, whilst their shape wbb eellike, and over the eyeß of eaoh fish were a pair of miniature horns. There was no water anywhere near where these pieoine curiosities were found — indeed, no water, save that produoed by showers of rain, had been there for weeks previously. Though the fish were full of animation when taken out of the log, they expired soon after being exposed to the air. A writer m the " Pall Mall Gazette " ha* heard a good story of the "Encyclopedia Britannioa," whioh illustrates with muoh force the penetrating powers of those huge red volumes, whioh are world-famous m every sense of the word. It seems that, somehow or other, a set of " Enoyoloprodiaa " found their way to Lake Nyaßsa, whioh everyone knows is m Central Afrioa. They formed the library of Mr Soott, the missionary. One day the missionary being threatened by an attaok by natives, found it necessary to shell a village. But he had no bombß and no powder. " Take down letter 'B ' and reach me down letter ' P,' " said the missionary to Quashee Washes, his native servant, whom he had trained to handle the monumental volumes. In a oouple of days the result was a fine supply of rookets, whioh completely dislodged the enemy from his position. So muoh for the catholicity and the penetration of the 41 Encyclopedia Britannioa." A further development of British trad* with both Norway and Sweden, now increasing, is expeoted after the oompletion of the great railway now being constructed by a firm of English contractors for the Swedish and Norwegian Railway Company of London. This line will oroBS the Scandinavian peninsula and terminate at Viotoriahavn. It it anticipated that an Arotio Bilboa will spring up on tbi shore of this fine harbur. The main purpose for whjtoh the railway is being made is to convey the mineral wealth of Lapland to this poit. The line descends from the Lapland frontier at a height of seventeen hundred feet above the sea level, and is being out, or rather blasted, through an almost unbroken series of rooks and mountains. Part of the line is already open for traffic, but it will not be finished throughout its whole length befoie 1890. It passes through a magnificent country, and will probably beoome a favorite route for tourists. Holloway's Ointment and .Pills. — | Did Wounds, Sores, and Ulcers. — Daily j experience confirms' the fact which has triumphed over opposition for more than forty years — viz-, that no means are known equal to Holloway's remedies for curing bad legs, sores, wounds, diseases of the skin, erysipelas, abscesses, burns, scalds, and, m truth, all cases where the skin is broken. To cure these infirmities quickly is of primary import* ance, as the compulsory confinement indoors weakens the general health. ' The ready means of cure are found m Hollo way's Ointment and Pills, which heal the sores and expel their cause. In the very worst cases the Ointment bas succeeded m effecting a perfect cure, after every other means has failed of any relief. Desperate cases best display its virtues

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2065, 16 February 1889