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About 428,000,000 eggs were consumed m Paria m 1887* We are m receipt of the " Musioal Monthly " for February. With this number is issued "Auld Robin Gray" arranged as a cornet solo with piano accompaniment. Rumor hath it (says an exchange) that the scarlet ooat is to be done away with m oar volunteer force, and that the tunioa of the future are to be blue. At yesterday's meeting of the Charitable Aid Board Mr Thomas applied for thirty tents and 2001 bof sulphur, m order that the Aah. burton Home might be thoroughly fumigated. This and other matters were left to the Ashburton Home Committee. The Eiffel Tower, m Paris, is now more than 200 metres high. The " Tepps " remarks that the highest monument m the world has heretofore been the obelisk at Washington, which measures 169 metres m height. A young married man with a large family, who is employed m one of the largest of the Auckland gum stores, has very recently reoeived information that be has fallen heir to a nioe little dot of £12,000 or £14,000 by the decease of an aunt whom he had never seen, but with whom he had maintained a regular correspondence m writing. Hitherto he has been receiving an ordinary salary, and having no other means his pieoe of luck was more than welcome. A singular toene occurred at an artist'B studio m the Rue de Douai, Parie, recently: A mondaine living m Avenue Kleber had been Bittiog for her portrait m the guise of the "Chaste Susannah m her bath." The ••model " had been recognised by a friend of the husband, and the latter, on hearing of the circumstance, rushed to the studio and discovered the canvas, which he tore to shreds. He even struok the artist, who returned the compliment, and the oaso is to be eettled m Court, the painter posing as plaintiff for the recovery of the value of the portrait destroyed. The loss to the country from the bad harvest of 1888 is indicated m the statistics issued from the Privy Counoil Office. These show that while 350,000 acres more m Great Britain were devotad to wheat growing than m 18t>7, the yield is less by nearly 2,500,000 bushels. Not only is this the oase, representing a direot loss of about half a million pounds sterling, but there is a large proportion of light corn and the crop is as a rule inferior m quality. Barley Bhows a rather better yield than last year, both m total and aoreage, and oats a blight decrease m eaoh of these respects. A sad ooourrenoe has happened at Abbots' ford, Victoria. AMr Townsend, tailor' employed at the ?arra Bend Asylum, brought home some brawn on Saturday night. He and his wife partook of some before going to bed, but suffered no ill effects. The next morning six of the children breakfasted on the brawn, and shortly afterwards beoame sick. A doctor was called m and found the children suffering from poisoning. On remedies being applied four of the obildren speedily reoovered, but a little boy aged two, and a girl aged four, continued very bad. The boy died next morning. It having transpired that the South Canterbury Jookey Club Autumn meeting had been fixed for May 2nd and 3rd— a week before the dates fixed for the ABhburton Autumn meeting — the committee of the Ashburton Raoing Club met yesterday to consider the matter. It was found that the Timaru dates had been fixed prior to thoße for' the Ashburton meeting, but through the ftxture appearing m 'jane only of |he Christ, ohurch papers it^iad escaped the nQticp of the committee. The Geraldine Raoing Club had subsequently fixed their meeting for the only alternative dates — m the beginning of April — and the oommittee had, therefore, no ohoice but to hold the Autumn meeting on the dates already seleoted, May 9th and 10th. These are the ten commandments of the Paris League of Patriots, which were sold m the new almanac at their l»8t meeting: — 1. Thou shalt hate and energetically oppose the frußfiians, 2. Thou shalt detest Bismarok, end William beside him; 3. Thou sbalt demand Alsaoe back, and Lorraine likewise. 4. Tbou shalt Bsrye foe league eyerywfterp with all thyji soul. 5, Thou shalt always pay thy contributions regularly. 0. Thou shalt subscribe to, and diligently read, the organ of the League, 7. Tbou abalt bear Deroulede's image on thy heart. 8. Thou ehalt obey thy leaderß as soldiers obey their General. 0. Thou shalt love thy dear country as a mother. 10. Thou shalt prepare for the great day of revenge. The Jungfrau Kapelle, who appear at the Oddfellows' Hall here on Monday next, have performed m nearly every Royal household of Europe, and bad the distinguished honqr of giving a royal command performance before leaving England m the P. and O. mail Bteamer Britannia, March 23rd, 1888. After forty *five oonseoutive ooncerts m Melbourne, they gave, on November 2nd, at Government House, a speoial command performance, there being present, his Exeellenoy the Governor Sir p. B, Jjocb, tr.O.M.G., K.G.8,, etc, Lady Loch andpujte. Baron Oarnngtori, G.G.8., Governor of New South W.alea, Sir Wm. O. F. Robinson, Governor of South Australia, Lord Hastings, Lord Ranf urly, his Lordebip the Bishop of Melbourne and Mrs Goe, and upwards of 8000 specially-invited guests, the Kapelle appearing m the modern dress of the Tyrolese mountaineer. The phenomenal success of the Jungfrau Kapello throughout tba Australian Colonies induced the Executive (Jommisfljoners pf the Melbourne Exhibition to engage the' Kapelle for one special morning performance on last Pup Day, and despite that enormous counter ftt'raotion, the large concert ball of the Exhibition was filled to overflowing, thousands haviDg to be refused admission. Consequent on this success the Executive Commissioners engaged the Kapelle for every available date at their disposal. The Company play no less than forty different instrumental, The best Remedy for Indigestion.— Norton's Camomile Pjlwj are confidently recommended as a simple remady for indigesr tion, which is the cause of nearly all the j diseases to which we are subject. -Norton's Pills, with justice called the " nature's j strengthener of the human stomach," act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient, are mild i# their operation, and safe under auy circumstances Sojid m bottles at I« ijd, as o,i, At, by sUj^cdiclne.jreadoti throughout the . i TO*

The " Press " says that on Tuesday an albatross, whioh had Be'.tled m the cornfield of Mr Pashby, Eaiapoi, was caught, being unable to rise out o ilhe grain. It measured 9ft Gin from tip to tip o! the wings. Tho bird^ frightened tho horses, whioh were reaping, with his efforts to fly, and nearly oaused an aooiden The fifteenth annual meetlDg of the. Canterbury Saleyards Company was held on Tuesday night. A dividend of 4 per cent, was declared for the half-year, making 10 per oent. for the year. During the year 363,000 sheep, 19,000 cattle, and 10,000 piga passed through the yards. The Ashburton Cricket Team to play against Bakaia Cricket Olub at Bakaia on Saturday noxfc, will be picked from tho following :— Messrs Strange, Donshire, Dumarosq, G: ■l Buohanon, Andrews, M. Foots, A. Chapman, C. Eneen, Merewether, Sawie, Jameson, Makeig, Davis, Williams, B. and B. Low. The above players must be at Soott's Stables at 8.45 a.m. when a ooaoh will be m readiness. The '• Reef ton Guardian" says gold, i reported as having been found m the Grow, ft branoh of the Earamea river near its source, and at the baok of the Wangapeka range. The party obtained about 4ozs of gold and have applied for a special claim. The country is described as being m Blate formation and very rough. Parties have on previous oooasions spent considerable time in' this distrust, but unsuccessfully, and we have frequently heard it described as rook to the surface and very little wash m or about the oreek bede. The house of Mr Bobert Eilgour, at Waimate, was broken into sometime during Monday night* Mr Eilgour was away at Waihao, and Mrs Eilgour was out nursing, the children staying at Eett's Hotel. The entranoe was made by forcing the back window, and as far as can be ascertained the artioles stolen were a silver watch and a suit of clothes. Outside the window were found a gold and a stiver pin and brooch, the burglar having evidently been disturbed by someone. The matter haß been placed m the hands of the police, who up to tho present have no olae to the perpetrator. In the report of the Tinwald Wesleyan Sunday Sohool Anniversary published m Wednesday's issue an error ocours. The number of children on the roll should have been stated as- 84. At the beginning of the year there were 48 names on the roll, there were admitted during the year 37, and there left 1, leaving 81 on the roll as above stated. A Band of Hope had been formed and successful meetings held regularly, the attendance ranging from 70 to 130, and a library of 76 volumes established. The oateohumen oltsses are being successfully carried on there being 25 girls and 23 boys on the class-books. -It may blbo bB mentioned that the tables were given and presided over by Mesdames F. Lowe, W. H. Smith, T. Williams, Clothier, Hawkins and G. W. Smith, assisted by Mrs Ireland and the Misses Fox, Eime, Hawkins, Grioe, Pearce, Thomas, Smith, Williams and Bishop. The total proceeds of the anniversary amounted to £18 7s. A large crowd of excited spectators (the Biverton paper states) were on the bridge on Thursday evening to witness the manoeuvres of a large shark. It is thought it followed Messrs Boderique and Wilkinson from the fishing grounds, and while these men were engaged washing their fish from the boat close to the bridge the voracious monster, measuring fully 14ft long and between 15 and 18 inohea aoross the back, would swim round about and under the boat. Mr Boder* ique happened to be oleaning a large groper over the Bide of ths boat, when the finny brute jumped almost out of the water and bit the groper olean m two: Another groper fell overboard afterwards whioh he also took away. A line was put down, and although, he appeared to be rather " tame " he was not to be " had " by the hook. He waß after* wards aocompanie'd by another one not bo large as himself, and at times both could be ■een disporting themselves until darkness bid them from view. S»ys the " North Otago Times " :— We have heard of a wonderful growth of potatoes. Up to the present it has been generally supposed that potatoes oould only be grown with their haulms showing above . the ground. This, however, is a mistake, and shows that we are apt to form oonolusiona without proper and reasonable grounds for arriving at them. This saaeod a resident of Oamaru planted early potatoes, and put them at too great a depth ioi the ground. As nothing appeared above th*J ground to indicate that the potatoes were making the ordinary progress, he concluded they had "gone off," and planted oabbage above the spot where they were put m. In the coarse of time the cabbages went the way of all cabbages, and some of the ground was turned over. To the astonishment of the party a fine crop of early potatoes was lifted. The potatoes had grown without patting "shaws" above the ground. If this oan be calculated upon to take place every time potatoes are planted deep, it will bo better to follow out the plan than to risk the frost and drought by planting near the surfaoe, The above is a fact. A Wellington ezohange soya:— Now that our New Governor, Lord Onslow, will soon be here, all the owners of mongrels are feeding up tneir canine pets, and grooming the ours m the expectancy of the President of the Dog's Home taking a warm interest m them. Onslow oomes with a good reoord for doga, but before he loaves New Zealand he will think less of them, as they are oursed ouiflanoee the town being full of yelping ours who keep the neighborhood alive day and night. If he has any doubts on the subject he has only to go to Te Aro to live for a week, and we guarantee that he will not have a second pair of boots left m the house after a good dog'night. Half of the furniture would be aimed at the curs, m addition to the boots. It was only a week ago that a boy got a severe concussion of the brain by being Btruck on the head with a stray boot-jack flred out of a top window at a yellow our who waß barking at the man m the [moon. We expect to see the largest assemblage of mongrel dogs evar seen m the oity awaiting the landing of His Exoellenoy Lord Oaslow, President of the Dogs' Homo and Governor of New Zealand. The total gross receipts of the New Zealand railways from the let April 1888 to the sth January 1889, that is to say, fornioe months and five days, amounted to £740,068, and the working expenses to £488,289. In the corresponding period of last year the receipts were £754,741, and the expanses £529.037. This is therefore, a deorease of £10,000 m £h9 receipts, and of no leas than £40,000 m ths working expense*, tjiougb 35 more tni|ea of line have been worked' (round* nutnber.s ari praployed m both oases), thus the'net profit for the peripd amounted tp £g57 : ,Q00. Thfs is at at the rate of £3,42,0ftQ peu annum, qr pply £8000 short of the Treasurer's estimate : * shortcoming which has every prospect of being pulled up before the fjlet Maroh, The detailß of traffic show a deorease of 2g0,0Q0 m the number (2,360,336) of passengers carried, and of 843,000 m the number of live stock, but an inoreasq of 120,973 tons m the goods convoyed. The increase ia m grain and minerals. The working expenses ab T sorbed only 65 per cent of the receipts as against 71 per cent, last year ; thus, though the groBS receipts are below the nominal estimate at the rate fef about £50,000 for the year, the net revenue oomes very dose to the estimate, The best medioina la Sander and Som Eucalypti Extraot. Test its eminent power, ful effeots m oougho, colds, influenza, etc— the relief is instantaneous. Thousands give the moßt gratifying testimony. His Majesty the Eing of Italy and medical syndicates all over the globe are its patrons. Bead the offioial reports that aooompany each bottle. We haye no opoasion to offer reward's m proof of the genuineness of our references. The official reports of medical olinicß and universities, the official communication of the ConsuKGenentl for Italy at Melbourne ; the diploma awarded Jnternatjpnal Exhibition. Amsterdam— all these are authentip dooumenta, and, as such, not open to doubt, We add here epitome of one of the various cases treated at the olinio of Sohultz, M.D., Professor, eto. — " 0.8., 24 years old ; congestional abscesß on the thigh. Incisions made m two places. Although Lister's dressing wfts applied, the secretion became, two days later, very campus, and had adopted a foetid, decomposed ptiaraptpr, Thp fcmnerftturp rosa enormously, Jn consequence the dresijog was removed, and m its place were made during tho day-time repeated irrigations with Eucalypti Extraot. The offensive footer digr appeared very soon, the fever abated within I a few days, and the patient recovered after I the lapse of several weeks. In this lnßtanoe I we must not lose sight of the fact that the . latter treatment toyed the p&tfaat'B life.' — [{Advt.} 8

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LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2063, 14 February 1889