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Daring 1888 the quantity o* spjrjts made m Viotoria was 8,737,016 gallons. 9 Lady Onslow is Bftid to be a goocTamatenr »otress. Wanganoi wool export unnsnally large. Harvests prospects of that country good. The Fiek Jubilee Singers, although their ■tay was a very brief one, took between £600 and £700 from the Weßt Coast. Manawatu flax milla working day and night to reap the advantages of present high prices. The new Lord Mayor of London was known m his ycuth as the " champion high jumper of England," and had fame aa a Westmore* land wrestler. ■« Jfr Edwards a Victorian landowner now resident m England, has agreed to present •n organ and peal of bpjls to the new cathedral m Melbourne. There were twenty- three applications recently for the job of assistant hangman m Sydney, whioh carries a salary of £120 per annum. The Rev Fielder Israel, pastor of the First Unitarian Church m Salem, Mass., and prominept jp Masonic orders, out his throat m the vestry roomop January 4. He died instantly. Mrs Hodgson Burnett has op to the present made close on £10,000 onto! "Little Lord Fauntleroy." Being an Englishwoman by birth, but married to an American , Mrs Burnett is able to secure a copyright m the United States whioh gives her an advantage pver authors who are British sobjeoto, In itha Jewish almanac, for a.m. 5647 I (from September, £886, to September, 1887), which has just been published, statistics are given which give the entire Jewish population of the world as 6,300,000, of whom there are m Europe, 5,400,000 ; m Asia, 800,000 ; m Africa, 35,000; m America 250,000. The reported existence of the Bathnrst burr m the Oamaru district is injrorrflot, Toe seeds whioh were taken for the burr turned put to be those of a kind of clover which pas beep growing m the district for many years, and whioh had been introduced from Home along with clover seeds. The plant is a good forage plant, and has never injured wool. The " Wanganui Ohroniole " of the 9th inst. writes :— Large numbers of soles were found on the beach at the Heads yesterday, where they bad been driven by the porpoises and sharks, whioh were obasing them and pther fish all day. A number of boats and fiaofiea were out over the Bar yesterday, but tijhe take of jbhnappflr was only moderate, .owing to the number ,o^ tyga shprJEf that were j yowling tbojit. "• o - ••>- ..■ i

Denmark is an immense dairy. The export [ : of batter last year amounted to 45,000,000108. 1 All those connected with the play of " Ashore and Afloat " are requested to attend the rehearsal to-night at the Oddfellows' Hall. A train on the Hudson River and New York Central Railway recently ran 426 miles m 447 minutes. It will be seen by our telegrams that the Rev A. M. Beattie, of Ashburton, has been appointed Moderator of the Presbyterian General Assembly now Bitting et Auckland. The Empress Viotoria has bought a large blook of land for £5000 at Steglitz upon whioh she intends to ereot an asylum for the reception of young girls who have been deserted. Miss Louise Bouvier Drexel and her two eißtera, Lizzie and Kate, are the three wealthiest young unmarried ladies m the United States, Eaoh has an income of over £60,000 a year. The " Invalide Rußse " states that instrue* tions have just been given to the oommanders of the parks of field artillery to employ watch dogs to warn the sentries of the approaoh of an enemy. This ib the first occasion upon whioh Buoh a Btep has been taken m Russia. The dog tax is atriotly enforoed by the Home Government, but a notable exception is made m favor of dogs who belong to the Devonshire fishermen. These sagaoiouß animals are trained to swim out to sea and catch hold of ropes thrown from the smaoks. The dogs then swim to shore, and men wait* ing on the beaoh reoeive the ropes and pull the boats ashore. The following announcement appeared some time ago m a Glasgow paper ;— " James Hodge continues to sell burying crapes ready made; and bis wife's nieoe dresses deid corpses at as cheap a rate as was formerly done by her aunt, having not only been educated by her, but perfected m Edinburgh, from whence she haß lately arrived, with all the newest and best fashions for the dead." A terrible accident accurred at Barrow Lime Works, near Leicester, recently. A workman named Henry Smith was oleaning some maohinery when he was drawn by bis jacket into the Bhafting, and killed before the engines could be stopped. His body waß fearfully mangled, some parts of it having to be out out of the' maohinery. He leaves a widow and four obi'drec. A man stole a sheep at Mitoham, m Surrey. He tied its hind legs together and put them over his forehead to carry it away. In getting over a gate, however, the sheep, it ii thought, straggled, and by a sudden spring slipped its feet down to bis throat, for m the morning they were found, the sheep hanging on one side and the man dead on the other. , A story is related of a raw: Highlander, fresh from the heather, who put up at an inn m Perth, and shared his bed with a negro. Some coffee-room^ jokers having blackened his face during the night, when he was palled, as be desired, very early next morning, and got up, he saw the reflection of his faoe m the mirror, and exolaimed m a rage, " Tuts 1 tuts 1 the silly body has waukeaed the wrang mon 1" . , V Capital punishment has been abolished m Italy, the resolution passed by the Lower House, to efleot that change m the criminal oode having been aooepted by the Senate. The death penalty was years ago abolished m Switzerland ; but the experience gained from the experiment was apparently not what was anticipated by the philanthropists, for recently capital punishment was re-enacted with general approbation. A boy named Series egeS thirteen/ 'was attacked m the Fair Field at Havant, near Portsmouth, recently by a strange man, who out the boy's throat from ear to ear. The district was thrown into a state of gwat exoitement, and a man who is supposed to be the murderer was arrested at the railway station. He showed great nervousness, but refused to speak. No motive for the crime is known. At Dundee, Sheriff Campbell Smith has decided that a m»n is bound to support his mother-in-law, and that even the Married Women'fl Property Act does not exonerate him from this responsibility. The Sheriff held that the liability of a son-in-law to support his wife's parents was not a debt, but a natural obligation whioh he wan bound ; to take over along with his wife. Orphans , should henoeforth be m increased demand m the matrimonial market. Lord Wolseley's pioture of the battle of the future m hia review of Col Maurice's article on war is remarkable chiefly beoause of the confidence with whioh he relies on the dimination, of noise: — "One remarkable change|wil)Sbe the absence of nearly all the terrifio noise whioh the discharge of 600 or 600 field guns and the roar of mudkotry caused m all great battles. We Bhallihave praotioally no smoke, to mark the position of the enemy's batteries and troops m action. The sound of oannon will be slight and will no longer indioate to distant troops where their comrades are engaged or the point upon whioh they should consequently march." What with smokeless powder and noiseless artillery, all our, old ideas of battle will be revolutionised." But is it not possible that now and then, at the proper psychological moment, a commander who suddenly served out some of the genuine old roaring kind of powder might do more by the sudden outbreak o( the battle thunder to demoralise theenemy than by the unmasking of a whole park of artillery 7 That leviathan steamer the Great Eastern Is now gradually yielding to the destroyers hands, and bit by bit her form is disappear* ing. Her immense bulwarks, whioh have weathered many a storm. and resisted many a wave, are now lying like so much lumber on her deck, whilst the numerous deok houses are being demolished. Half of the gigantic paddle-wheels have been taken from the vessel, and the large iron paddle-boxes are now receiving attention. The vessel, as she now lies off New Ferry, m the river Mersey, seems for the moßt part to be firmly embedded m the mud. At times, however, the prevailing bfgb. tfdes threaten to disturb the steamer from her position, but, to prevent this taking plaoe, the valves are opened, and some 4QOQ tons or bo of water admitted. This has the efleot of keeping the vessel down; and when the tide recedes the Bteamer is left high and dry, when the immense hull is seen to its full extremity* Some Bixty men are engaged m demolishing the Great Eastern, but it is said that some eighteen months must yet elapse before the work will be completed. Mr Raphael Tuck, m an aoooont of hi" Christmas card trade, told a -London reporte* that he does a brisk business with the bigwigs who oondesoond to write verse, nnd he enlarged upon the suitability of getting out appropriate lines to the piotures, "We have to pay the Marquis of Lome a rather heavy price for his contributions," said Mr Tuok. " Among our other verse writers . are Dr Geprge M^cflonald, the Bishops of Exeter, of Sodor . and Man, and Capons Jtarrar, Duokworth, and the Bey Newman Hall, as well as Beveral ladies." "Is designing cards remunerative?" "Deoidedly, we have one lady who earns £700 a year, and she has a sister who earns a thousand. Then we have a staff of lady artißtß. They don't design muoh original work, their task is to copy and seduce subjects. We do some business m j)and,pitinted oardß also. Their proportion >s about g per oent. The ladfcs who copy earn from £j? a week downwards./? " Does your staff do all your work ? " •• No ; and J should like it to be well known that we are always open to consider and accept contributions." We dip the following important testimonial from the "Illawarra Mercury " (N.8.W.) of the 30th March. It needs no comment:— " Mr John Loveday, of the Bulli Mountain, writes to us that after suffering for four years with aoute gravel, he has experienced almost complete relief by using Sander and Sons' Euoalypti Extract. He flays peeing the eaid Extract advertised m the anawarra Merqurj .! his intenso suffering induced him td obtain a bottle of the medicine from 'Mr Hbski'rig', ohißjfpi«Jj,' pf this tpwn, and that the ust of \t gave him great relief At pppe. He states that between the lPth Marph instant, when hp obtained the first bottle of the extract, and the 19th, the use of that meowine continued to afford him relief, to which be had been a stranger for four years. Mr Loveday writes also that he has found the Euoalypti Extract ' a cure for rheumatism as n ell bb gravel. He ) requests us .to publish this information through the 'Mercury.' We have muoh pleasure m complying with Mr Loveday's request, whose word oannot be doubted, and who can have no objeot m view other than a pare desire to benefit luflering humanity,"-- :■*& ' ■ /_" ••

Mr Gladstone's memory is as strong as ever. Mot long ago a friend asked hfm how muoh of Homer he oould repeat by heart. Mi Gladstone thought for a moment, and heßitated before replying, aa though anxious not to overstate the case. At length he said, " Well, I think if you were to repeat the first line of any page of Homer I could oontinue tbe quotation to the end of the page. Not a contemptible feat for a man rapidly nearing his eightieth birthday. There is said to be not the slightest foundation for the rumor whioh has been circulated that the Cz&revitoh is to be betrothed to one of the daughters of the Prince of Wales, the 1 Prinoess Maud being the favorite of tbe journals who report this fiotion, It is almost certain that the Czarevitch ,' m aooordanoe with the earnest wish of his father, will marry one of the daughters of Prince Nicholas of Montenegro. He could not possibly marry a first cousin, suoh unions being positively forbidden by the Greek Church. The Paris correspondent of an English paper referring to tbe affairs of the Panama Canal Company says that even had the loan (whioh proved a failure) been entirely oovered it Would only have brought m £15,800,000 from whioh various expenses should be deduoted. Tbe charges to be met are two years' interest on tbe bonds,, pending the completion' of the oanal, £7,200,000; 28,000,000 oubio metres of earth to be re* moved at 8s a metre, £10,000; 10 looks contracted for by M. Eiffel at £5,000,000 ; a bar at Gamboa to turn off the Chagresß River, estimated at £6,000,000 ; the most powerful waterworks m the world for pumping the water to the Oulebra Pass, £2,000,000 ; or total expenses, £24,200,000. This sum does not include the expenses of management and salaries, nor the cost of constructing harbors at Colo a and Panama." The following extraot from a letter reoeived by a resident m Oamaru from a friend m Sydney is published by the "North Otago Times " : — " Melbourne is m a very bad state now. One man I know who gave. a great dinner when I was m Melbourne, as he had cleared £200,000 m land, is now broke, and is m the lunatic asylum, and some of my greatest friends are stone broke. There was a disoount bank, oonneoted with the Melbourne Stock Exohange, started whilst I was there. Sixty thousand pounds was the amount to be subscribed — ten shillings on application. There were over 900,000 shares applied for m three days — one-half that amount, of course, paid m cash into the bank. It took them a fortnight, night and day, to apportion the shares. They went up to nearly £2, but I oould not get my scrip (20 Bhares) so oould not sell, and I paid a 2s 6d oall on them, and sold them yesterday for 4s a share 1 so that shows the state of Melbourne/ Prince Bismarck, aooording to Dr Busch, has every now and then' bad fits of gloom, m whioh he expresses himself as follows, nor haye any arguments any weight with him when he is bo possessed :— " Nobody loves me for what I have done. I have never made anybody happy— not myself, nor my family, nor anyone else. But how many have I made unhappy 1 But for me three great wars would not have been fought. Eighty thousand men would not have perished ; parents, brothers, sisters, and widows would not be bereaved and plunged m mourning. , . . That matter, however, I have settled with God. But I bave little or no joy from all my achievements— nothing but vexation, care, and trouble." " Vanity of vanities, all is vanity,", says the great preaoher, and the new Dootor of Divinity seems to be more .of the sohool of Eoolesiastious than of the Naearene. |».Holloway's Ointment and Pills.— Old ; Wounds, Sores, and Ulcers. — Daily experience. . confirms the fact which has triumphed over opposition for more than forty years— viz., that no means are known equal to Holloway's remedies for curing bad legs, sores, wounds, diseases of the skin, erysipelas, abscesses, burns, icalds, and, m truth, all cases where the skin is broken. To cure these infirmities quickly is of primary importance, as the compulsory confinement indoors weakens the general health. The ready means of cure are found m Holloway's Ointment and Pills, which heal the sores and expel their cause. In the very worst cases the Ointment has succeeded m effecting a perfect cure, after every other means has failed of any relief. Desperate cases best display its virtues

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2062, 13 February 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2062, 13 February 1889

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