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• The tramoara m Wellington will it is expected shortly be driven by eleotrioity. Arrangement? with that view are now •m progress. The Maori Footballers have a splendid record for their tour m England, the following being the figures up to Feb. 6th, the date of last advioea : — Matches played, 52 ; won, 84 ; lost, 14; drawn, 4. Points for, 286; against, 141. A man bad a narrow escape of being bnried alive near Lyons. Ho was supposed to have died, a certificate to that efleot having been granted by the doptora. On the eve of the funeral the watcher was' alarmod to find the Buppoaed corpse sit up and ask for drink. The man had been m a trance. It is stated that not less than 09 per cent, of all the flower seeds sold m the United State/3 are raised abroad, chiefly m Germany. In that country immense traots of land are devoted to the growth of flowers for seed, and the business is oarried on m the moot oareful and systematic manner. The detootiveß have recovered the second of the gold watches whioh were* stolen from the bedrooms of lodgers at the Empire Hotel, Wellington, on the 28th of last month. The watoh was discovered " plantod " m a rathor poouliar reoeptaole— namely, m a jam tin whioh waa seoreted amongst some furze oa {he terraoo. There ia 0 story of " Bom " Martin, as the late Baron was familiarly called at tho Bar, Whioh illustrates his brusqueness, and what he doubtleßS intended to be, kindlinosß. At the Assizes, with his usual desire to out matters short, he had sentenced a man to death, and djqmißßed him, after omitting an important formula m the sentynoe, Tho clerk of aesize was observed to rise, and whisper m the judge's ear, " Ah, yes | quite so. Brung the preesoner baok. i'jreesoner at the burr, I beg your pardon. May the Lurrd have murney on your cowl 1 Take him away, gapler. Call the next owe,"

The oost of Government advertising m the lolony for the year ended 80 Sep., 1887, was m :%91 17a ldi ™ We are requested to oal\ attention td an D< dvortiaeraent m anolhor oolumn announcing hat Mr Wobley, from Obrißtoburoh, ia now n Aehburton and ready to undertake the n uning or repairing of pianos, harmonius, eto £ Mr Douglai Sladon, the Australian poet, baß ÜBL had v unique oompliment paid him by n he Itoyal Scottish Society of Literature, who d mvo eleoted him a life honorary correspond- h ng member of their great Booioty, a diatino- o ion shared only by John Groenleaf Whittior, Oliver Wendell Holmos, Mark Twain, Juleß Verne, and Max O'BelJ. ' The "New Zealand Times" says that g domeatio servants seem very plentiful m I Wellington just now. The other day a 'lady advertised for a general servant, good refer- . onaea boing stipulated for. The olook had barely finished striking the hour fixed for ■." application when three applioantß presented ' ihemselves, and a continual Btream of oandi- * dates followed during the whole evening, all being apparently of a very satisfactory olasß, ( and well recommended. This is a great ) change from the experience of former days. ' A oouplo of men, who had taken more drink i Chan was good for them, adjourned m the ( small hours of this morning to a vaoant piece' i of ground near the Orange Hall for a friendly i wrestling matoh. While they were engaged i m their rough and tumble one of them lost three sovereigns and Borne silver, whioh . dropped out of his pocket, and the two mateß, ; aooompanied by a friend, were busily engaged some hours afterwards m searching all round the looality for the missing ooin, but without ancoess. At a meeting of the Canterbury Farmers' Co-operative Association held on Saturday it was suggested, m view of the aotion taken by the Woollen -Factories m declining to supply . their products to the Association, that the Canterbury Farmers' Association be communicated with, requesting their opinion as to the advisability of both Associations combining to purohaee and work the Ashburton Woollen Factory (m liquidation), and that fall particulars on the Bubjeot be obtained for consideration at next meeting. Advioas received at Lloyd's from Aalesund, Norway, dated November 20, state that a man was reeoued while dinging to a floating spar off But by the sohooner Dagny, bat he waa so exhausted that it was five-days before he oould make his deposition, fie now deolarea that bis vessel was the Frank Brunn. A sea Btruok her and Bwept away the rigging and dock load and seven of the orew. On the , third day the captain shot himself, and the mate jumped into the sea. The man had nothing during the five days he remained on the wreck but a little vinopar and brandy. The statement of the liabilities and assets of the banks doing business m Now Zealand is published m the " Gazette." The liabilities include notes m circulation £865,000, Government £'101,000, deposits not bearing interest £3,261,000, deposits bearing interest £7,312,000, the total liabilities boipg £11,988,000' The asseta include coined gold and silver £2,212,000, bullion £97,000, landed property £543.000, notes and bills discounted £3,101,000, debts due to the banks £11,467,000, the total assets being £18,039,000, In North London a young girl, aged sixteen, who slept with an elder sister, waa alarmed on waking up m the morning to find her hair, whioh she had plaited before going, to bod, had been out oft. A portion of the plait Was lying on the pillow, with a piece of paper, on whioh was written, " This is just to show you that I am about. — The Barber." Strange to say the room door was looked on the inside, but the window was wide open. There ia now due to the outrage, and both young women aro very much alarmed at the occurrence. An extraordinary soene was witnessed m the Portsmouth County Court on Deo. 18th. A oase of alleged broach of oontraot by tenants who had left booauso the house wasinfeßted with fleas waß being tried, and for the seoond time iho jary found for the plaintiff. Judge Leonard direotod them, after their finding, to answer certain questions. The foreman deolined, whereupon the Judge said he would give them six hourß to consider. He was leaving the Court when the foreman of top jury insisted on loaving also. The Registrar interposed to prevent his doing so, whereupon . the Jud fi - dißohaigod the jury and ordorod"iJ new trial/ Referring to the statement of the " Wellington Post" as to a probable ooaliiion between Sir H. Atkinson and Sir R. Stopt the " Wanganui Herald " Bays :— With regard to Ministerial differences we can say nothing, for we have no knowledge of what goes on m Cabinet; but, bo far as the rumoured ooulition between Sir Harry Atkinson and Sir Robert Stout is oonoerned, we are m a position to give the report a positive denial. Sir Robert Stout is not likely to return to Parliament before the next general olootfon, and ho may not even then be a candidate, while there is not tho slightest ground for tbe assertion that there is any political understanding between him and Sir Harry Atkinson. So muoh for the oanard. A lady correspondent wrote to the " Sydney Morning Herald " last week :— " Will you publish a simple, and almost' certain, preventative for typhoid, which seems unfortunately, to be on the inorease. Let all mothers of families give their ohildren rootified spirits of turpentine, m the following quantities every night before going to bed: Three to twelve years old, four drops to eight dropß, m half a teaspoonful of sugar ; above 12 years, eight to ten drops. It destroys the typhoid germ, and much suffering may be prevented by this simple cheap remedy. If a ohild. is seized with typhoid repeat the dose five or six times a day, and let no solids or meat m any form be given. I speak from certain knowledge, and hope this little information may prove, of use to someone." A great deal of gossip is going on relative to the divoroe ease between General Boulanger and his wife. It has always been known that a worse assprted oouplo oould not be found. Ho was dashing, and gay, and adventurous, and she was quiet, and ascetic, and retiring; He vwajeune at bean, and she was elderly and an invalid. It is, however, not easy to reconcile tho lady's profession of religion with her application for a divoroe, whioh the Church condemns. Otherwise nobedy denies that she baß abundant grounds for thp petiljop. The general's ©Replies are trying to make capital against him out of the oase, but, suoh are tho morals of tho timem, it is not oonsidored likely to do him serious injury. Cn tho oontrary, the ohanoea are that the General, who knows well how to seize an opportunity, may contrive to turn the matter to his advantage.— (Tablet). The walls of Paris, whose creation oost the country £7,00Q,000 undor Louiß Philippe, ar? doomed td disappoar. Two yearß ago tho proposal to pull them down was met by a protest of eleven generals and military engineers, but a financial syndicate having offered the Minister of War the Bum of £1,000,000 for the stones of the wall and the ground on whioh it stands, the Superior and Permanent Council at the War Ofltoe advises the aooeptanoe of the offer, and a similar dealing away of walls from all the fortified places cf the north. In anticipation of this dooisioD, the syndicate referred to has been buying up, for Borne time past, the ground adjoining the wall, and will commence a vast enlargment of the town by the erection of buildings all around the city, on obtaining possession of tho wall and its site. A good deal of this new Parisian area will probably be devoted to the ereotion of suitablo dwellings for the working olasses of Paris. SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT.—In protection of the world wide fame our manufacture has acquired all over the globo, we publish the following ;— Hazard, M.D., Professor of General Pathology and Dißeasoa of tho Mind and Nervouß Syßtetn, saye m an editorial published m the '« Olinioal Rooord t " — " We have examined half-a-dozon Bpeoimons of different manufactured; the preparation of Sander and Sons was the only one that proved to be reliable and corresponding to Boient&o tests." Another concoction called " ReEned Extract of Euoalyptuß " has made its appearance sinoe. This product stands, aooording to Dr Owen, foremost m causing injurious effeotß. That gentleman eommunioates, at a meeting of tho Modioal Sooiety of Victoria, that a ohild_ living at Fitztoy beoamo most seriously indisposed through its use. In another oase a lady states on the strength of statutory declaration that Bhe suffered cruelly from the effeota of tbe earns oonoootion. To guard the high i iputation of our manufacture wo loftl warranted ip exposing the. above faots, and desire tie public to exeroiso oare and preoau. lio.i when&buying SANDER and SONS -*- Ady ?

There are 61 Chinamen m Now Zaalan ] larried to European wives, the number I ! half-oaste children of these marriages I sing 101. , I A speoial meeting of the County Council hioh was to have been hold this morning, to ppoint a representative on the Lyttolton ] Enrbor Board, lapsed for want of a quorum. A" meeting called by the Mayor, to consider j scans to sooure the representation of the iatriot at the Dunedin Exhibition, will bo l eld at the Borough Oounoil Chambers at 7 'dock this evening. The gold exported from the colony for the l 'ear 1883 totalled 201,219 ounoos as against l 103,809 ounces for the year' 1887. The total ;old exportdd from New Zealand since 1857 ms been of the value of £14,000,000. A return of oontraots for the supply of errets made by the Stook Department since Fanuary 1887 shows that before 31st Moron text the numbers contracted to be delivered ire as follows, to rabbit inspector Inveroargill L 712; do Lawrence, 10,700 ; do Outram, 228; io Queenstown, 270; do Balolutha, 4800; io Kaikoura, 4550 ; being a gross total of 21,760. Of this number, however, "it is estimated that less than one-half tho total prill be supplied." The price averages from 5s for sluts to 7s 6d for dog ferrets, Bay an average of 6s 3d per head. Even assuming that only 10.000 are aotually supplied the aoat of these will tot up to over £8000. The ÜBual weekly session of the Star o! tho East Lodge, No 62, 1.0. G.T., was held m the Templar Hall, on Weduesday last, when the offioors for the ensuing quarter were installed aa follows : -P. W.O.T., Bro T. W. Sawl; W.0.T., Bro Duncan ; W.V.T., Sister Edwards ; W. 0., Sißter Manhire ; W,S. Bro A, Paterson; W.A.S., Sister Book; W.M., Bro Parkin ; W.D.M., Sister Pearce ; W.1.G., Bro Elmslie; W.0.G., Bro M. Paterson. The outgoing oflioers reported the Lodge to bo m a very flourishing condition ; that the number of members good on the books was 95, and whloh number constituted the Lodge the third largest Good Templar Lodge m the colony. A marriage among tho Zulus is bb binding as any nuptial ceremony m England, and a man oannot put away his wife without valid cause, approved by the councillors of the tribe. Infidelity is punishable by death both to wife and partner m guilt ; constant and Byßtematio disobedience or incorrigible idleness is punished by divorce. If the woman thinks she is at all ill-treated she oan return to her father, who oan keep her by repaying the number of oows paid for her, the children being regarded as solely hers, going with her, If a wife prove obildless she is divoroed, or the father gives another daughter with her, without further payment. In that case, if the sister have children, the first two of her offspring are transferred to the first wife, and considered ap her children. When twins ooour, one is always sacrificed to avert illluok, If a man wiahos to take more wives, he must always obtain the consent of the firßt or queen wife. In faot, the Zulu laws of marriage resemble the old Mosaic laws, and their sooial condition is very similar to that of the Israelites when the Divine law was first given them. A touohing inoident occurred lately at the residence of Mr Wm Trumbull, m Belmont County, says the"St Louis Globe Demoorat." Bis little daughter, Maud, has been for some time siok with typhoid fever. She was poasessed of a fine Newfoundland dog, and a warm attachment sprang up between them. In the little child's rambleß the dog was her sole companion. Sinoe Maud has been sick the dog refused to cat, and would wander from p.'aoe to place, familiar spots to both dog and girl, apparently m search for her, ottering low, plantive wails. One day the dog was admitted to the bedside of his little mistress, and its joy was unbounded. The animal walked around and around the bed, and rubbed its shaggy head lovingly against : the little hand of the sufferer resting on tho outside of the covering. Time oame for the dog to. leave, whioh it at first refused to do, but finally yielded. It was then offered food, whioh it refused. It wandered off to some familiar haunts, whore happy hours had been spent with little Maud, and finally lay down by the stairwny loading to tho little girl's bedroom, whining m a pitiful manner. No attention was paid to the dog for an hour or two. At last someone called it, but it did not move. An examination was made, and the bruto wati found dead. Died of pure grief.

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