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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL

Sal a is now putting the finishing touches to " My Australian Book." Among the pasßengerß by the b.b. Mararoa was Dr Selwyn, Bishop of Melanesia, who landed at the Blufl and proceeded on a trip to the lakes. The "Gore Standard" states that there are indications everywhere m the district that thiß year's orops will be greatly superior to those of last year, both m quantity and quality. Mr Garven, Colonial Treasurer of New South Walee, says that the country' is m a more terrible financial fix than at any previous time, the publio accounts being overdrawn to the extent of £1,300,000. The Directors of the Westport Goal Company state that there ib not the slightest truth m the report telegraphed from Greymouth that the Westport and Grey Valley ooal mines had been disposed of to an English syndioate. • . Aocording to offioial statistics, it appears that 1136 b tray dogs were oaptured m London by the police during last month, and oonveyed to the home at Battersea. This number inoludes thirteen " mad or ferooious." dogs, which were killed m the streets by policemen or private individuals. BWith referenoe to the extraordinary mildness of the winter m England, Mr M. T. Culley, of Coupland OasVle, Wooler, North Northumberland, writes to a local paper that he bad a dish of tender and excellent green peas on November 20th, and on the 28rd one o< globe artiohokes from his garden, while primroses, polyanthus, foxglove, sweet peas, and roseß bloomed abundantly. An offer haa been made to the Minister of Eduoation of South Australia of £6000 for the right for one year of advertising on the backs of postage stamps. Tbe advertisement would be printed on each stamp previous to the gum being laid on. Offers of a similar nature bave been made to tbe Postal departments of New South Wales and Victoria. They will be jointly considered at a meeting Of the heads of departments m Melbourne. The Government, by " Gazette " notice are inviiing tenders for a direct monthly or fortnighly service between Plymouth and New Zealand, to have effect for three years, While no bonuß ia to be paid where mails are are delivered within the time, a penalty of £4 an hour will be inflioted for late delivery. The suooeesful tenderer is to give 8 guarantee of £20,000 for the due fulfilment of the oontraot. The Sultan has taken a leaf out of the Czar's book, and prohibited Hebrews from settling m Palestine, The ohiidren of Israel are not now allowed to stay m the country that was their father's longer than three months at &- time. Before this bard law was paused they were settling m the neighbourhood of Jerusalem m considerable numbers, one result being that the prioe of land rose to the phenomenal figure of l£dol. the square yard, and oranges were largely dealt m. A correspondent of the " N.Z. Times " very : properly suggests that the new Railway Com- j miesionera should try to arrange some plan to rpl^ys the engine-drivers and guardß of the local .Government Ijne of their long hours of labor. At present, stat6M the porrespondent, these men work at least 14 hours a day. Considering the responsible positron of an engine-driver, and the arduous nature of bjs employment, 1£ hours' labor per day is far too much to expeot a man tip endure with safety to himself or the travelling publip. A remarkable voyage by steam has just been accomplished (remarks the " Times f> ) by tbe P. and O. steamer Aroadia, which left London on the 20th October for Bombay, where, on per arrival, she discharged her outwara 6&?£0 of 8000 tons &pd lpaded a return freight, amounting to 4000 tons, m five working days. Leaving Bombay again on the 16th alt, she delivered her mails at Brindißi and continued her voyage home, calling at Malta and Gib' raltar, and arrived at Plymouth at noon yeslord ay, having performed the round voyage of 73,189 miles m 47 days, inoluding stoppages at the different ports en rmvte. Tbe " Methodist Times " writes ,'~~" Our Churoh Buffers greatly from the fact that John Wesley, with all his great gifts, had a very limited sense of the beautiful. How hideous are all our oldest sanotuaries. But the novel prominence given to olassioal music m the West End Mission is a phase of the forward movement which is full of significance and hope. Beauty of sound, beauty of form, beauty of Color, are destined to be the hand* maids of Evangelical Christianity m the 20th centuryt They have been too long associated with clerioal reaotion. • Revivalism muEt be redeemed from everything that iB coarse and vulgar, and must be brought baok to the refinement and delicacy of Jesus Chriat." An exchange states that the fortifioa'ions which protect tbe chief ports of New Zealand aro to be strengthened. An additional eightinch gun has been erected at Wellington. Four nine-pounder field guns bave been sent down to Port Cbalmerß. $teps will be taken to further proteot the harbor approaches of Wellington, but the Defenoe Minister deolipes to state what those works are to be.' The aspect of affairs, not only m Europe, but nearer home, has induced the Government to make other preparations for any emergenoy that might arise. The Hon Mr Fergus has reoeived encouraging reports from various parts of the oolony m respect of the amalgamation of the weaker volunteer companies m the different oenttes. The Maharajah Dhuleop Singh has left Odeesa (says the correspondent of the " Daily News ") for Paris. The Maharajah, who had beeo there for some days, spoke quite openly to his guests on the subject of bis Indian inheritance, dwelling especially pn his implicit belief m the coming fulfilment of a Sikh prophecy to the effeot that the exiled Maharajah will, after the attainment of his fiftieth year, reoover his native kingdom. This will, laya the Prinoe, be accomplished with the aid of Russia. He further asserts that before eomiu" t0 tn ' 9 countrf tne Queen, m a letter asked "him noJ *° thr °w himself into the bands of Russia ; but m? W'od wad made urj to do bo, and he informed Her Majesty of bis resolution. He further complained fh,at far come years before leaving England his pepaion of £40,000 had been out down to £20,000 a year. ' ' Rough on X ATfi."-~C!ears out rats, mice, roaches, flies, ants, bedrbugs, beetles, insects, skunks, jack-rabbits, sparrows, gophers. A) fhemisU and druffjisjs, . \ i

A West Const prospeotor is quite certain \ ' he saw salmon, five of them, jumping m a i pool m the Kokatabi river. He estimated them at 10 to 151 b ain weight. It is stated by one of the speakers at the ' late British Association meeting that no fewer ' than 5,000,000 persons are dependent for their bread upon varioiiß adaptations of the eleotrio current. A staroh manufactory on an extensive stale has recently been established m Dunedin, and the artiole produced there is finding a capital market at remunerative prides. Maize is the principal material used. Bellows making ia also another industry reoently Btarted m the Southern city. The Auckland Varnish Factory is able to turn out 2400 gallons a week ; the demand m the colony averages 1000 gallons a week, The effect of the company's operations has been to reduoe importations considerably. The painters and cabinet makers consume about £15,00(1 worth a year. We gather from a question asked m the Housa of Commons the other day that horse flesh is coming into inoreased use m London for food. It appeared from the same question, however, that the consumers are not, as a rule, aware of the fact. The Government promised to take measures to prevent the sale of horse flesh as beef. An old lady was buried at Mancetter, near Atherstone, who had attained her one hundred and second year. She was born and died at an ancient inn, the White Hart, near Atherßtone, which is said to have been an inn at the time of the battle of Bosworth, when Henry Vll's soldierß emptied the cellars. Mong Kow, Chinese Agent of the Canadian Paoific Stoamship Line at Vanoouver, B. o*, was m Ottawa on January Bth, m reference to the head tax on Chinese immigrants, and interviewed the Minister of Customs. He represented that Chinese merchants and others were interested m a Boheme for the immigration of a million Chinese to the U S., British Amerioa, and Australia, and the present tax of 50dolB a head was an obstacle. It is feared that when this large movement of Chinese is made the Canadian Government will at onoe raise the tax to prohibitory rateß. It is thought the Canadian Paoifio is endeavoring to influence the Government m favor of this scheme, as it will bring millions for transportation. Mong Kow intimates that a friendly understanding with the Chinese Government and satisfactory issue of this negotiation would result m inoreased trade between China and Canada immediately. American news by the Mail states that trouble between the whites and blades ia growing all over the South of the United States; On December 18th, Dr. Whit, a white man, shot Tyler, a blaok, at Blaokville, S.C., m the street m self* defence. In Jackson, Tennessee, on the same date a desperate fight ooourred between negroes and whites, growing out of a lawsuit m a remote part of the country. A negro fight ooourred at Denver, Mississippi, on Deo. 2, m which two whites and five blaoks were killed. At Sandford, South Oalavera, a fight took place between the negroes and the whites on Christmas Day. The negroes outnumbered the whites nearly fifteen to one, but were completely routed. The trouble grew out of a talk about the late election for President. The enthusiasts m Franoe for ballooning are busy with the victor; so certainly anticipated for the nation who shall be first to turn the command of the air to warlike purposes, obliterating frontiers, pouring down destruction on fortresses, ramparts, and fleets, and taking the wind out of the various new inventions for warlike purposes, inoluding the projeot of the new Amerioan oompany for protecting harbours from invasion by the sinking of iron pipes under the approaches to the port, by foroing petroleum to the surface by high-pressure maohinery, and thus pour, ing on the invading ships, 8 fierce stream of burning oil, surrounding them with flames as high as their masts, sent from a point many miles distant from the soene of the conflagration. The only oonsolation to be derived from the general ingenuity to intensify the horrible efficiency of our means of mutual destruction (says a contemporary) ia the prospect thus presented of war being made a game too deadly to be played at, so that the people of the various nations will oombine to prevent its being attempted. New Zealand (sayß the " Melbourne Argus") can boast of all the conditions required for the slow but certain accumulation of solid wealth. First of all it is a magnificent graingrowing country, and as long as the land oan be purchased at reasonable rates the produce will always find a profitable market. Then, to Bay nothing of wool and of the woollen industries which flourish with great vigour m Dunedin, we find find that above all the oolonies it is eminently suitable for dairying. The climate and the soil render it essentially a dairying country, and sooner or later there is sure to be a large demand for New Zealand butter and cheese. When the farmers were dependent upon the limited population of Australia, their market was neoeßsarily liable to fluctuation. When they sell their produoe m London they will be able to count upon a uniform prioe throughout the year. Agrioultqre, therefore, ogers a aou.nd foundation, whioh will be strengthened by minipg ana manufacturing. And m looking to the future of the colony we must also take into account the better and more hopeful spirit whioh now pervades the people. Some mysterious disease having played havoo amongst cattle and horses on certain well defined portions of the Winton die! riot, jn Southland, for the last fifteen months, the Cfoverpipent lately requested Mr G,eorgp Thomson, Boience master of the Dunedin High School, to investigate the matter, and that gentleman has just submitted a detailed report to the Minister of Landß. He finds that at least £000 worth of stock baa succumbed to the disease m question, which, however, it is almost certain ib neither infec, Uoub or oontagioua m its nature, while there ia nothing speoial m the vegetation of the district to aooouDt for it. Judging from the general symptoms B 2< 1 from the observations made m a yost mortem, examination of one of the affected boaßts, Mr Thomson believes that toe disease is 4ue tpinterpal parasites, chiefly m the lungs and stomaoh, probably arising from the food growing on the low. lying land m the valley of the Oreti River, whioh is under water, for several months m the year. The ailment is confined to the animals that graze on the inundated land, BtallVfed stock being almost entirely free from it, Mr Thgrnfupn recommends thaj he should be authorised to make further investigations, which would only cost a few pounds, and says that whether he is right m his exposition as to the nature of the disease or not, the nature of the surrounding* seems to have muoh to do with it, bo that it would be desir. able to oarry out drainage works by way of a remedy. The best medioine known is SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its eminent powerful effeots m coughs, colds, influenza, etc. — the relief is instantaneous. Thousandsgive the most gratifying testimony. His Majesty the King of Italy, and medioal syndicates all over the globe are its patrons. Read the official reports that aooompany each bottle. Mosler, M.D., Prof. University, Greifswald, reports :— The Eucalypti Extract proved magnificently successful m very severe contusions, bruises, sprains, wounds, soaldings, broken ribs, and limbs. ("Medioal Journal," Nov., 1881.) Jn diseases pf the kidneys, either active congestion orsuppres. Bion, (uicemia) ot albuminuria, dropsy, I lithargy, nothing will equal m its aotion Euoalypti Extract. Doses, sto 8 drops. Mosler, M.D., Prot., University, Greifswald, reports : — Diphtheria. Tonxils continually coherent presenting uloers with white exudats. Cured m fourteen days, Surgical Clinio of Prof. M'lntyre, College of Physicians and Surgeons, St. Louis— Soirrhus of Breast Excision Euoalypti Extract employed. No swelling, heat, or discoloration. Cured m fourteen days. — (Advt.)

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2057, 7 February 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2057, 7 February 1889