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~ — ♦ The oodlin moth has made its appearanca m the Woodville dißtriot, Mr Maokay, assistant 'geologist, goes on a visit of investigation of the tin depositsi n Stewart's Island. A native magistrate of Calcutta has been sentenced to two years' rigorous imprisonment and a fine of 3000 rupees for bribery and corruption, " Partly guilty, partly self defeppe," was the reply of a Wellington man to a charge of wife beating. The latter half was supported by the statement that sometimeß his wife managed to beat him. Tbe Crown Prinoe of Germany, now six and a balf yean old, is drilled every day for half an hour by a Sergeant-Major of the First Begiment of the Guards. He is an extremely handsome little fellow. Two Commercials, trg?ejjipg for Glasgow firms, bad th*h watches stolen at ap hptel m Wellington. One waa taken from under I the pillow, and the other from tbe owner's pooket, while he was out of the bedroom. The Justioe of the Peace at Cossville Minnesota, is Samuel Gilmore who is forty years of age and only 2ft 9in tall. He weighs only forty-six pounds. Mr Gilmore is a successful farmer and a prominent man m the County. The ZoaJandia with the San Francisoo mail /bringing dateß London to Deo. 26tb, Frisoo Jan. !*>th) arrived at Auokland at nine o'olook last night. A summary of her news appears m arjother cplamp. Another dynamite outrage has been perpetrated m Pans. Early on the morning of Deo. sth the bell was rung at the door of a servants' registry office. The concierge got out of bed to see who had entered and found the fuse of an infernal machine, whioh he had the presjßßas of mind $o extinguish with

The Empress Frederick has presented the 1 3ueen with the small writing desk on whioh tier husband wrote after ho was unable to speak, and Prinoe Albert Viotor has reoeived the late Emperor's watch, Mary Fitzgerald ib said to be the oldest professional pickpocket m the United States. Her life of orime oovers a period of 69 years. In that time Bhe has spent 40 years m gaol. When she attained her 79th year Bhe was again taken into custody. The Boyal Tapestry Works at Old Windsor, after struggling to exist under distinguished patronage, have succumbed to fate after a loss of not less than £60,000. Some of the persons employed propose to continue the works at their own risk. St Ambrose (a town 12 miles below Quebeo) has had a terrible revelation. Complaintß had recently been made of the condition of the reservoir water. An examination revealed the remains of 11 ohildren m an advanced stage of decomposition at the bottom' of the reservoir. At Dijon a oonviet under a sentence of twenty years' penal servitude, was permitted to leave his prison and marry his sweetheart. He returned to prison after the ceremony, and m two years' time bis wife will be able to join him m New Caledonia. The profits of some of the London penny dreadfuls are enormous. Printed on baa paper and giving a few ill-written pages eaoh week,, they are eagerly devoured by offioe boys and street gamins. The proprietor of several of these publications boasts of dearing £13,000 per annum. A servant girl at Woodville the other day sued her mistress for wages due. It oame out m the evidence that the girl was hired m Napier, and she oharged her mistress firstclass train fare, stating that she did not consider it right for her to travel seoondclass when going to a good situation. The landowners of Oudo, Hindoo and Mohammedan, have formed an association for the preservatiyn of the country from the perilous designs of the native congress. They propose to Bend a memorial to the Government requesting it to adopt measures for the suppression of this seditious agitation. Speaking at the opening of the medical ' session of the Glasgow University, Professor Buohanan deolared that out of every hundred young men who entered the medical classes with a view to qualifying m surgery and mediciae, only one issued from the ordeal of study and examination a full-blown medical man. A solid gold nugget, weighing upwards of 990z, has been found m Jones' creek, about five miles from Dunolly, m Viotoria. It waa m the old workings, about 6ft from the surfaoe, m a small corner of a wall between two old claims. A most remarkable incident is reported from Dallas, Texas. Mrs George Hirsoh, of Nevarro county, has given birth to six ohildren, all of whom are living and doing well. Four are boys and two are girls. The boys have been named Frederick, Mills, Cleveland, and Thurman; the girls are Viotoria and Louise. The Consulting Committee on Publio Health m France have found that moßt of the large sardine firms of Morbihan and Finisterre übb lead m liberal quantities m soldering the tins. Several oases of death from lead poisoning have ooourred, the lead having filtered into the fish from' the soldering. A serious explosion of meal-dust ooourred at an oatmeal mill m Ohioago. The mill was entirely destroyed, and the adjoining build • ings were shattered, while windows were smashed m blocks some distance from the soene of the disaster. The force of the explosion was felt a mile away. Three persons were killed outright, while several othera were hurt. A speoimen of a strange inseot whioh is proving a scourge m tbe fruit orchards about Watgania, Viotoria, was taken to the "Pleasant Creek News " office. It has, the •• News " says, only made its appearance during the last ten days, ooming m Bwarms afcer sunrise. It attaoks the ripest fruit, leaving the bare stones hanging by their stalks to their branches. They are nearly as large as bees, and somewhat resembles them m appearanoe. The Emperor of Austria having signified his desire that the fortieth anniversary of bis aooesaion should not be oommemoratetl othaiv. wise than by acts of oharity, there was during Deoember a remarkable overflow of publio and private donations for oharitable objeots. The most noticeable of those waa the magnificent gift of 12,000,000 florins— nearly a million sterling — made by Baron Hirsoh to the Government for the purpoae of founding agrioultural institutes and professional sohools for the Jews of Galioia and the Buokovina. Aooording to the " Press " the boys of Lyttelton have invented a new diversion" as the result of Baldwin's paraohute perform* ances. A handkerohief is tied at each oorner by strings, the whole leading to a point, to which is tied another string with a atone. The ascent is pourtrayed by the inventive genius throwing the whole affair into the air, and when the stone commences its downward jcurney, the parachute opens and gracefully floats to the ground. Like Baldwin's balloon, these parachutes are not free from misadventures, for the telephone wire is found to be a great nuisance, and already the wires are adorned m places with tbe ingenious invention, while at a short distance may be seen the disconsolate owner waiting for the descent. According to a large number pf learned geologists, Europe west of the Rhine is steadily sinking into the sea, and if the process only last long enough the strained relations between France and Germany will ultimately adjust themselves by the disap. pearanoe of one of the parties to the dispute beneath the blue Atlantic A congress of erudite professors is now- sitting on this question at Salzburg, and the members have accomplished a large number pf elaborate calculations to show how fast the unlucky country is going down and where it is probably going to, but bo far the researoheß of the brainy gathering have resulted m no coherent plan for holding up the collapsing republic and noboby has anything to suggeot. If France is sinking the oongresa oan't do any. thing but stand aside and watoh it aink, and they intend to do (hat jadioiously and await results, Aa English paper writes:— Sir Spencer 1 Wells's arguments m favor of cremation derive great support from suoh facts as the recent statement made by a gravedigger of Minneapolis, U,S.A., that during tbe prqpess of removing some coffins from one part of a cemetery m that town to another, he had observed that nineteen of the corpsee had turned on their faoea after interment. Similar horrible occurrences, m regard to a number of bodieß were observed m a oemetery at Brooklyn, N.Y. Both m the United States and m Europe, burial usually fpllowa death, so quiokly that it is too probable no inconsiderable proportion of the population of those regions- are buried alive. Even England is not exempt from this evil, aa is oooasionally shown by aooidental opportunities of observing opened coffins* Where cremation cannot be carried out, a period of a week should intervene between death and interment. Tha beqt mediolna is Sander and Sons Eucalypti Extraot. Teat its eminent power, ful effeots m ooughs, colds, influenza, etc,^— the relief is instantaneous. Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. His Majesty the King of Italy and medical syndicates all ! over the globe are its patrons. Bead the official reports that accompany eaoh bottle. We have no oooasion to offer rewards m proof of the genuineness of our references. The official reports of medioal clinics and universities, the official communioation of the ' Consul-General for Italy at Melbourne ; the diploma awarded International Exhibition, Amsterdam — all these are authentic documents, and, as suoh, not open to doubt. We add here epitome of one of the various oases treated at the olinio of Sohultz, M.D., Professor, etc.— "C,B., 2£ years old ; oongeational abscess on the thigh. Incisions made m two plaoea. Although Lister's dressing was applied, the aeoretion became, two days later, very copious, and had adopted a foetid, decomposed obaraoter. The temperature rose enormously. In consequence the dressing was removed, and m its place were made during the day-time repeated irrigations with Eucalypti Extraot. The offensive footer disappeared very soon, the fever abated wilhut a few days, and the patient recovered after tho lapse of several weeks. In thip iustanbe we must not lose sight of the fact that the latter ttpatmint M red toe F&tient's life/— (A4vt.)B 8 1

One of the results of Protection is that Messrs Collins and Sons are about to establish m Auokland the manufacture of envelopes and other artioles of stationery whioh have a heavy duty under the tariff of last year (says the "Wanganul Herald"). Mr Willis has also extended hia manufacturing business m coneeqnenoe of the pro- t teotion afforded. These are only two of a t great number of industries whioh are likely to be founded m consequence of the adoption 1 of a protective policy. It means the employ- < ment of a larger population and fresh outlets for the rising generation. j The Niagara Falls are becoming " popular " f a? a plaoa for suioides. The other day a : stranger threw himself over the bridge that leads to Goat Island, and was instantly oarried over the falls. His olothea were stripped from him, and when he was die- ' covered, two hours afterwards, his corpse was found naked, while nearly every bone m his body was broken. Not long afterwards an Englishman, who was identified as Fred Barber, Ohippinghouse road, Sheffield, shot himself on the Suspension Bridge. It was further discovered that he was a Dissenting minister, who arrived at the falls only a few days previously with a newly-married wife. The sight of the falls would seem to have deranged him. Americans, who have been shocked by the Whiteohapel horrors, are now (writes the correspondent of an American contemporary), horrified by the disooverieß m Brooklyn, the Surrey side of New York, and m Alaska, which is at the baok door of tbe country. In Brooklyn 1600 insane persons are paoked into an asylum intended for only 1000, and those of them who have no friends are kept m noisome cellars, dripping with moisture and reeking with pestilence. In Alaska the Indian girls are sold to the soldiers and miners for a little rum, or are forcibly abduoted from their parents and condemned to become the victims of soorea of brutes who oall themselves men, and the United States Government does not interfere to protect them. The evidence of both of these horrible discoveries is dear and unoontradioted. In Whiteohapel the number of mutilated viotims is limited. In Brooklyn and Alaska the deaths from foul diseases are numbered by the hundreds. His Imperial and Boyal Highness the Arohduke Rudolph Franoia Charles Joseph, Crown Prinoe ol Austria, heir to the Throne, was born on the 21st August, 1858, and was consequently m hia 30th year. He was a MajorGeneral Commandant of the 9th Division of Infantry, besides holding numerous other military offices. He was married at Vienna on the 10th May, 1881, to tbe Arohduohess Stephanie, Duohess of Saxony, Princess of Saxe-Ooburg and Gotba, daughter of the King of the Belgians, Leopold 11., and of Queen Maria Henrietta, Arob.duob.ess of Austria. There is one daughter issue of the marriage, the Arohduohess Elizabeth, born on the 2nd Sept., 1863. The Archduke Charles, who is now heir to the Throne, is brother of the present Emperor. He is a General m tbe Austrian Army, and was born on July 30th, 1883. He has been thrice married, his present wife being the Archduohess Maria, daughter of the late Prince Miobael of Portugal. It is asserted that a seoret, but none the lesß official, communication has been addressed by the French Government to the Vatioan, advising the Pope to leave Italy m oertain eventualities, and offering Leo XIII. any assistance of whioh he might be m need m the event of his declining to go to France. The eventualities alluded to of oourse refer to the tupture of relations between France and Italy. As to the possibility of these offers being aooepted, Leo XIII. is said to have manifested no sign of an intention to leave Borne. Tbe "Tribune" hears from Vienna, on the authority of a high eoolesiastio, that the Pope has charged Monßignor Galimberti to proceed immediately to the palace of the reigning Duke of Ltohtenstein, to thank him for bis generous offer ; the Pope baß at present no intention of leaving Borne; If, however, Italy should be engaged m war be would willingly take refuge m Vaduz, the oapital of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Leo XIII. also sends to the Prinoe the Order of St. Gregory the Great m brilliants. Keating's Powder destroys both moth, fleas, beetles, and all other insects, while quite harmless to domestic animals. In exterminating beetles, the success of this powder is extraordinary. It is perfectly clean m application. See the article you purchase is Keatings as imitations are noxious and in* effectual Sold_in tins, is, 6d, and as 6d by all chemists

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2056, 6 February 1889