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A series of singular adventures, of whioh the henolne Is a certain Mademoigelle Bertha Rother, la jaot now the Bubjeot of a good deal of comment in social cfroles In Berlin and Vienna. 3Tbto Interesting young parson Is an ex-actress* who bas bad engagements In numerous* theatres In both the above named cities, possibly not on account of her artlstto talent*, bat probably In consideration of her personal charms, which It Is said are remarkable. On several occasions In her past life she had been called upon to answer for certain little lr regular ltleV by the police antho Hies, who, if not quite satisfied with her explanations, were, how* ever, reluctant to proceed to extreme measurei against her, she evidently havIng powerful protectors ready to screen her beneath the te?li of their Influence. But at lasb matters reached a high pitch of Indecorum after she had joined her fortunes to thoee of a pertain bold speculator, who opened a show of tableau* vivants on a system of realistic dmrivolture whioh, however attractive it might be from a mythological and olasafoal point of view, was considered by steady going officials as somewhat too primitive and aoademio to snit the seriou» s conventional tastes of the Berllnesp. Added to this little Irregularity there was another matter engaging the attention of- the cald officials, wberela Mademoiselle Bertha Rother was aotltig a> most important part. It appears that shehad had a liaison with a personageoooapjlog a distinguished position In the dlplomatlo world, who had been so Imprudent as to oommuoloate by letters to the lady Important secrets of hfa married life, wKfeb placed the writer In her power. She had reoelved at various times important mm* of money from this admirer of hers, and finding that he had made up his mind at last to tutn a deaf ear to her continuous exorbitant demands,, she threatened unless he compiled with her request to forward his letters to his wife. But distinguished personages oooupying a high position Id the diplomatic world have means. of ridding themselves of Importunate applicant* -ffhioih— -ac&lxiMs — mortals d 0 nob— possess* Mademoiselle Bertha Rother had to endure the Inconvenience of a domiciliary visit. when the inculpating dooumenta : were easily eeonred, She received at the same time a summary order of ex— pulsfon. Bat the executive had evidently reokoned without the bright eyes of. the oharmer. The official charged with the execution of the order was tempted and fell, and was immediately relieved of his functions, However, Mdlle, Rother managed to evade the order of expulsion, and she then turned her attention specially to a certain M ■ ' a very rloh man, with whom she Bubae* queotly went to Vienna, where she oreated quite a sensation on the stage of several minor theatres. It Is to be assumed, however, that she did not devote her whole time to dramatic ajrk, for on tht* occasion also the Viennese, police politely requested her. to leave the capital, and! transfer her charms and attractions to some othet stage. M.— ,who was head] over ears in love with the sednotlve »d---'venturess, now made up his mind to obtain social status for the objeot of hli adoration ; and to this effect he purchased for her a nobtlfary estate In Mecklenberg at a few hours by road from Schwerin. This was no ordinary present, not only on aooount of the slz9 and beauty of the domain of Flessinow, but for the reason, that singular anoient privileges aie> attached to It. In virtue of theseprerogatives, the person In whom the estate is vested is empowered to assume a title of nobility. Mdllev. Bertha Bother, therefore, has blossomed Into the "Burgfrau" of thelocality. It would not be . a matter of much Importance if the assumption of this title offered no other advantages beyond that of flattering the vanity of Its pos~ •essor; but, In addition to this, there la at right of sitting In the Mecklenburg Delegates, and if It be a woman who l' a Jq possession of the domain, she la Entitled to delegate her authority to w v aO ms6eTei ■he p eases. Here then./ we have , designing derm mmdamt '„ m9mb er of the ducal Parliament B ut the advantages derived from the hiding of the estate do not end here. Bj r its old-fashioned clauses the Mecklenburg Constitution Bmpowera the possessors of certain fiefs to exerc',ae supervision in matters affeotIng Ue public health and morals. They We also empowered to exeroise magisterial authority In oases of petty thefts »nd leuanlts. Bertha Bother can senkenee people to twenty-four hour*' Imprisonment for specific delinquenlies; and she is supposed 1 to hold ludience onoe a week for the purpose of: istenlng to complaints and giving advioe. [t is reported that the Burgfrau baa takes o her new duties quite seiiously, and fa lellgbted with her station. There is a me smack of the spirit of opera-bouiTe In he off band theatrionl style In which she loldly delivers her iudgments to he Intense wonderment of the country, oik who are subieoted to her jurisdiction*! me has sent as her representative to theluoal Parliament an Individual whose past lie would not bear the strictest eoqoiry a >ut to whose presenoe there no one oan for It Is covered by the authority f the possessor of a nobiliary estate.; Now rho would have thought that suoh a tranpe sttta of tffslrs in connection with he tenure of land could have existed In Germany in the nineteenth century? Bat o it is, aod this short sketch of the doings f a notorious adventuress is by no means n exaggerated, fiotlon, but a aerlout latter-of-faot story. .; : "

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Ashburton Guardian, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2055, 5 February 1889

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A CONTINENTAL ADVENTURESS Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2055, 5 February 1889