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It is aaid that England gave to the Germans a copy of her new rifle m return for the reoipe for making,melanite. Ik is calculated that the matter sent through the post-offio'es of Europe m a year weighs about 800,000 tons. James Chapman, a shoemaker, Christohuroh, aged 53, married, with a large family, died on Saturday morning from taking an overdose of ohlorodyne to relieve neuralgia. Young mother to elderly lady visitor: 11 Don't you think that baby looks very muoh like his father?" Old lady: "Yes, I do; but I wouldn't worry—be may outgrow it." An exchange remarks, with justifiable aaroasm, that it would not be surprising if some aooiety women were to set apart a day upon wbioh tor eoeive their ohildr en. The Nizam of Hyderabad has reoently made a further purohase of Frenoh crown jewels of the value of 40,000 rupees, m addition to a previous purchase of 60,000 rupees' worth; When a man attains to the mature age of eighty it is only reasonable th,at he Bhould sxpeot to be relieved of the onus Qf provjding for his parents ; but at Buda-teath recently pue Janos Merryessi, aged eighty-four, tried to commit suicjde beoauee he was np longer able to support his father and mother. The nneonsoionable old couple are said to be \\§ and 110 respectively | The fashion of wearing gloves of different colors on the two hands is steadily increasing m Paris, and will doubtlesß cross the Channel before long. The contrast is often very Btropg, as when one band is white or pale grey and the Qtper blaok j but many ladies are satiefied with, a )ess glaring difference, and olothe one band m say light, and the other m dark tan. An interesting oiroumsianoe is reported by oertain whalers lately returned to Norway. On the Lapland ooagt there was captured toward the close of the Beayqn an immense female piked whale with twins, The babies measured about ten feet each. Aooording to Professor Collett, of Christiana University, only once bofore has a like thing been heard of m connection with the northern whale fishery. When Thomas Jefferson brought the tpmato from France to America, thinking that if it could be induced to grow bountifully it might make good food for hogs, he little dreamed of the benefit he was conferring upon posterity. A constant diet of raw tomatoes and skim milk is said to be a oertain cure for Bright's disease. General Sohenok, who, when Minister to England, beoame a viotim to that complaint, was restored to health by two years of this regimen. Osman Digna (remarks an ezohange) has jjeen more 'ort, un^ te tba« ustfal m the reoent engagement with the British and Egyptian foroes. He is generally killed, and his followers are utterly dispersed and routed. On this opoaeion, however, he was only severely wpuqded m tha left foot, while several pf hip men appear to t}aye been allowed to survive the. pombat, Qsman Digna's score up to date ia as follows: — Killed, six times; fatally wounded, three times | severely wouqded, four times j troops totally dispersed, nine times \ permanently Jj-^nragedl| three timeß j esoaped, onoe. The Greymouth oorrespondeni bi an exchange says that at the meeting of the WestTand Waßte Land Board a telegram was received from tbe Government stating that the Midland Bailwiy Company is now m communioation with Government m reference to the opening of that eeotion of their railway now oompleted. The same authority adds:—That the Railway Company intend business is apparent enough. Shipment after shipment of plant is oonßtantly arriving m Greymoutb. On Saturday laßt an immense consignment 3Bme to hand by the s.s. Brunner, consisting of rolling stock, and more is expected during the ensuing week. Those who set themselves to catoh others tripping should be careful lest they be caught tripping themselves. An amusing instanae of the necessity for bearing this m mind occurs m an article headed " Quotations and Misquotations," written by our Melbourne correspondent, and whioh was published m our issue of Friday* Therein the writer, after bowling out the " Australasian " m a misquotation from the Bible, goes on to assert that the common Baying " Tho war-horse soents tbe battle from afar," generally believed to come from the Bible is not to be found there. Our correspondent ia not as well up m the Soriptures as he should be to snable him to play the part of a reliable aoriptore oritio, for if he will turn to Job xxxix.. v. 25, he will find the following: — c "He (the horße) saith among the trumpets Ea 1 ha 1 and he snielleth the battle afar off 7' Holloway's Ointment and Pills.-—ln r ill outward complaints a desperate effort should g be made to at once remove those annoying t infirmities, and of establishing a cure. The f remarkable remedies discqvered by Professor t Holloway will satisfactorily accomplish this i lesirable result, without any of those dangers v >r drawbacks which attend the old method of l :reating ulceratious inflammations, scrofulous d tffections, and scorbutic eruptions. The most c imid invalids may use both the ointment and y jills with the utmost safety with certain d :uccess, provided a moderate attention be £ jestowed on their accompanying " Directions." a 3oth the preparations soothe, heal, and purify, a rhe one assist the other materially m effect- t ng cures and renewing strength by helping v ixhaustcd Nature just when she needs such I jjccoifr. • ■ £

At the B.M. Court this morning, before Mr D. Thomas, J.P., James Williams, charged with drunkenness, was let off with a caution, a oonviction being entered up. Ther9 is good news of the South Pacifio \ Petroleum Company's well. The agent at Gisborne telegraphed on Friday : " Later news states plenty of oil m well. Weaver engaged oleaning out to ascertain the flow, suooess." Baldwin made a second attempt to asoend by his balloon from the Agricultural Show Grounds at Christohuroh, about 4 o'clock on Saturday afternoon. The balloon was inflated, rose a few feet, but came into contact with the produce shed and was ripped. Several thousand people were present. Baldwin was more successful to-day, when he asoended from the gasworks. Mr Herbert Spenoer is said to. have lately taken to wear ear-caps. The philosopher sits with his fingers on his pulse, and when the conversation becomes too exoiting, he olaps on his ear-caps. This proceeding is apt to be misunderstood; and during his long visit to Mr Grant Allen not a few people were muoh offended when they saw the philosopher do this. They thought it meant their conversation was beneath his intelleot. Writes the " Manawatu Times " :— The number of wild dogs m Fitzherbert was reduced by one on Saturday night, when Mr R. S. Smith and. O. Waldegrave, after five hours weary watohing, suooeeded m potting The skin was brought into town to-day to be tanned. It is beautifully marked m blaok and white, and it is Btated that all the wild dogs yet seen m that distriot a>e marked m the same manner, and have short tails and small ears. A few months ago an account appeared m the Amerioan papers of a supper party at Baltimore whioh was given m honor of the 1 young bride of an Englishman. In the course of the evening the bride took off her dainty slipper, filled it with ohampagne, acd. passed it round to the guests as a novel kind of loving cup. It will not greatly surprise those who have read or heard of this freak to learn that the lady is a wife no longer. Her husband lately procured a divorce, and is now on his way back to Europe, a sadder and a wiser man Says the "New Zealand Herald:— -We understand that some further oorrespondenoe has paßßed between the Imperial authorities and the New Zealand Government relative to the proposed pensioner settlement eoheme, and that the former have made some definite proposals. As showing how large a sum of money is expended m the colony through the settlement here of Imperial pensioners, it may be mentioned that at present some £36,000 is paid m the colony m Imperial pensions. Of. this amount about £16,000 is distributed m the Auokland distriot. Aoountry whose foreign trade has increased more than sixfold m 10 years must be rapidly forging ahead. The progress made by the Argentine Bepublio during the last decade (says " Fairplay ") is brought out by the shipping statistics recently issued. Ten yeara ago the total foreign entries m Argen. $ne ports amounted to 2462 vessels, with an Aggregate tonnage of 696,000 tons ; last year the entries exceed 12,000, and the tonnage reaohed 4,500,000 tons. The vessels trading from foreign portß numbered 5694 sailing Bhips and 6607 steamers, inoluding Uruguay and Paraguay as these represent river navigation. Of the above totals 422 were British sailing ships and 2546 British steamers. Those who see them together say that nothing is more touohing than the absolute unselfishness and devotion of the Queen and the Empress Frederiok, The Queen's one thought from morning to night, the " World " says, is to minister to the comfort of her daughter, and endeavour to diminish her grief, and, the smallest wish, of the Empress is attended to and oarried out with the most affectionate assiduity. The Empress is look, ing very worn and tired, and sleeps badly j but the rest and quiet of Windsor, whioh she enjoys thoroughly, and whioh she and her daughters are never weary of expatiating on, are (already beginning to have a good effeot on her health and spirits, Through the somewhat ambiguous wording of the report that appeared m a Ohristohuroh paper of the proceedings at the last meeting of the Board of Education is so far as these relate to the resignation of the Ashb.urton Sohool Committee, many householders' have misapprehended the faots of the oase. It was proposed at the meeting of the Board that the letter of their Seoretary, whioh was sent to the Ashburton Committee, should be published, but an objection was raised that possibly the letter wight be libellous. Many people construed the report to mean that it waß the letter of the Committee's Seoretary that It was contemplated to publish, but this is not the case, Mr D. Lindsay, the well-known explorer, who has reoently returned to Adelaide from a stay of some months iq the MaoDonnell Ranges, confirms tbe reports of the dried up oondition of the oountry. At the ruby fields, he says, the olaims are nearly all abandoned, owing to the want of water, and the gold prospeotors have been obliged to leave off work Owing to the same failure. Mr Lindsay heard nothing aa to any dispovery of diamonds, but he does not believe the^e is anyone m tho distriot oapable of reodgnising the stones m their rough state. He expeots that many valuable gems besides rubies will yet be found there. He oonsidara the report as to the existence of an active voloano farther away m the interior as credible, the blaoks about Alioe Springs seeming to know of it. They sneak of a hill that is alw.ayg burning ; whiog throws up sand and stones, and of whioh they appear afraid, These blaoks are quiet people and comparatively civilised. Mr Lindsay considers Alioe Springs a rioh distriot, oapable, with suffioient water supply, of supporting a large mining population. Water, he thinkß, may be provided by Government sinking wells, and encouraging its being stored. A meeting of the Hampstead Town Board | was fyeld on Friday evening. Present : Messrs Fawoett (ohairman), Andrews, and Elliott. An apology was received for the absence of Mr Orr. A letter was read from the County Oounoil giving the Board the oontrol of slaughterhouses within its distriot. The clerk was instructed to qbtain the fees fqr the outtept year, which the Oounoil had intimated its willingness to hand over. The works oommittee reported that the formation of William Street had been let to Carter and Ibell for £13. The work had been done m a satisfactory manner and the oommittee reoommended the payment of an additional sum of £1 for clearing gorse. The report was adopted. The ohairman informed the Board that he h»d arranged for the use of the present offioe till the end of the financial year. It was resolvod to sell tho Board's oottage if terms could be arranged. The, olerk was instructed to write to the Borough Counoil, asking if any steps bad been taken towards the formation of the proposed Central Board of Health; Tho clerk was instructed to take steps for the recovery of all rates or other monies due to the Board. It was deoided to instruct the ranger to proßeoute all persons driving or riding horsea or bioyoles on the footpaths. The Board re« solved that the registration fee of dogs used for the management of stook should be 7s 6d. A small inorease m the olerk's salary was made. Aooounts were passed for payment and the Board adjourned. The best medioine is Sander and Sona' Eucalypti Extraot. Test its eminent ppowerr r ful leffeots m coughs., cojds, influenza, eto.— the relief is instantaneous, Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. His Majesty the King of Italy and medioal syndicates all over the globe are its patrons. Bead the official reports that accompany eaoh' bottle. We have no oooasion to offer rewards m proof of the genuineness of our references. The official reports of medioal olinics and universities, the official communioation of the Consul-General for Italy at Melbourne ; the diploma awarded International Exhibition, Amsterdam — all these are authentio documents, and, as suoh, not open to doubt. We S add here epitome of one of the various oasea 2 treated at the olinio of fcjohultz, M.&., Professor, etc.— M 0.8., 24 years old ; oongestional absoess on the thigh. Inoisions made m two places. Although Lister's dressing was applied, the seoretion beoame, two d.ays r later, very copiou.B, and had adopted a foetid, ); leoomposed oharaoter. The temperature rose ~ snormously. In consequence the dressing *- vas removed, and m its place were made luring the day-time repeated irrigations with Eucalypti Extraot. The offensive footer disippoared very soon, the fever abated within i few days, and the patient recovered after he lapse of several weeks. In this instance tc m mußt not lose sight of the fact that the ai atter w?ed : [the patient's, life.' -tc

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2048, 28 January 1889