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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 1889 LOCAL AND GENERAL.

* ■ The Lowoiiffe Company have scoured a first prize for wool at the Melbourne Exhibition. Rev Father Binsfield will say mass next Sunday at 11 a.m., and next Sunday week at the same hour m the Waterton Sohoolroom, Longbeaob. His Honor Mr Justice Ward informs the " Press " that he has no intention of retiring, but will resume the duties of District Court Judge. The " Press " reports that there are some very heavy orops about Woodend tbis season, but the sparrows have made cad havoo among those that ripened early, i The Maori Haka troupe, who have been performing at the Melbourne Exhibition, m Sydney, and Adelaide, leave next week for the Pariß Exhibition. The nobility of England date their creation > from 1066, when William Fitz-Osborne is ; said to have been made Earl of Hereford by , William I: | It has been found that the whole of the 1 wells m Olarenoe Victualling Yard, Portsmouth, from which Her Majesty's ships ate 1 supplied, are so contaminated with gas that i they have all been ordered to be closed immediately. In many towna m Germany and Swit?er--1 land are found many hotels owned by share* '• holders, which are entirely under the management of the " Evangelical Union." In some cf them there is evening prayer at 9.30 every evening^ conducted by the hostess. The opinion m Auckland is that excessive damages were awarded to Mr karnaoh m the reoent libel aotion, and an offer has been made to Messrs Wilson and Horton, the proprietors of the " Herald," to defray the amount by publio subscription. The offer haa bean declined. At Port Melbourne Police Qourl, on Jan. 14, Robert Byrne was oharged with failing to comply with an order of the Cpunoil to fill up certain land. Defendant who did not appear, was fined £5, besides being ordered to pay £233, being £1 for eaoh day the order had been disobeyed, with costs ten guineas. Some sensation has been oaused at Pyrmont, New South Wales, by the escape of what is supposed to be natural gas from a cliff adjoining an old quarry hole. By some means the gaß which' wa? eaoaping from a cleft m the rock became ignited,' and it has been burning continuously for several days past, showing a flame some 18ia wide by from 3ft to 4ft high. A man named Edward McSweeney wan arrested at Lauriston yesterday by Constable Simpson on a warrant oharging him with having obtained 16s from W. Spring, publican at Leeston, by means of a valueless cheque drawn on the bank of Australasia, Asbburtpn. The accused was brought up at Bakaia before Messrs Hardy and Pyke, J.P.'s. He pleaded guilty to the charge brought against him, and application was made on his behalf for his release on probation. The Benoh adjourned the case till to-morrow, m order that the report of the probation offioer might be reoeived. The Mount Somers sohool children had their annual treat on Monday, 21st inst. The weather was all that could be desired, and the parents snd friends as well as the young people enjoyed a day's capital fun. A large assortment of useful and ornamental prizes were competed for, and everyone present, whether native or strapper, received some token of remembrance of the day. Creature comforts were by no means negleoted, sp that satisfaction of appetite and cheerfulness of heart were the portion of everyone present, The sports lasted till twilight, and were followed by a ball organised by the bachelors of the distriot. The wonderful perfection to which the art of oolor.printjng m tho various forms of ohromo-lithographß, oleographs, etc,, and the equally marvellous cheapness of the processes! as contrasted with the tedious and costly work of hand-painting has enabled advertisers to announce their wares m an exceedingly attractive way besides affording to the public the means of deoorating their houses with many beautiful productions. Perhapß no manufacturing firm takeq advantage of this means of publioity more extensively than Messrs Duke Sons and Co., of Durham N.C., and New York, the manufacturers of the popular " Cameo " cigarettes, to whose agent m Ashburton, Mr W. Zander, we are indebted for some really beautiful specimens of advertising placards. Some, of these are ban-nerette-ehaped adorned with colored pictures illustrative of various nationalities, and others life-size portraits of types of female beauty. One of these, a reproduction, evidently, of a photograph, m black and white ia of great merit as a work of art, SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. — In protection of the ' world wide fame our manufacture has aoquired all over the globe, we publish the following : — Hazard, M.D., Professor of General Pathology and pigeases of the Mind and Nervous System, £jaya m »q editorial published m the " Clinical Record :" — '' We'hava examined half-a-dozen specimens of different manufactures • thp [ preparation of Sandor and Sons was the only one that proved to be reliable and corresponding to scientific teats." Another conoootion called " Refined Extraot of Euoalyptus " haß made its appearance since. This produot iift^nda, warding to Dr Owen, foremost m pausing injurious effeata, That gentleman Aommunicates, at a meeting pf the Medical Society of yiotoria, that a child Uyiug at Fitzroy became most seriously indisposed through its use. In another case a lady states on the strength of statutory declaration that she suffered cruelly from the effect* of the epuyi pqnepption. To guard the high reputation of. e>#r manufacture we feel warranted m exposing the above /acts, gnd desire the publio to exeroise care and prec'aur tion wbep baring SAtfDER and SONS.-- ,

Aocording to the agricultural returns, the irea under market gardens m Great Britain ncreaae from 37,849 aorea m 1887 to 52,666 acres fn 1887, while oroharda increased . from 163,290 to 202,234 acres. Noebel Brothers, the Baku petroleum reEiners, spent 25,000 roubles m entertaining the Dear. They presented the Czarina with a J diamond bouquet-holder valued at 10,000 " roubles. Another petroleum firm at Baku 8 spent 20,000 roubles m honor of the Czar. In Mulhall's " Balance-sheet of the World " the interesting fact is noted ttiat " every day J the sun rises upon the American people it f sees an addition of 2,500,000 dollars to the * accumulation of wealth m the United States, whioh is equal to one-third of the daily accumulation of all mankind outside the 1 United States. i A Melbourne oablegram says that Thomas ' Shannon, a young engine driver living at Surrey Hills, was found one morning on the footway m front of his reßidenoe, seriously injured, and he died shortly afterwards. It tranepired that deceased was a somnambulist, and it is supposed that he walked over the baloony when asleep. The seven Bibles of the world are the Koran of the Mahommedans, the Tri-Pitikea of the Buddhists, the Five Rings of the Chinese, the Three Vedas of the Hindoos, the Zpndaveata, and the Soriptures of the Christians. The Koran is the most reoent of these, dating about seven oenturies after the birth of Christ, A Western medium has interviewed Adam on the question, "Is Marriage a Failure?" " I don't exactly say that marriage is a failure," remarked the materialized first man, aa he sat down on a materialized log just outside of the Garden of Eden and looked hungrily at the fruit on the other aide of the wall, " but if I had remained single this would not have happened." William Bobinson, aged 103, who ib said to have fought with the 3rd Buffs at Waterloo and other engagements, and who landed m the colony of New South Wales m 1821 as a soldier, died a few days ago m the Parramatta Benevolent Asylum. Robinson, who, up to within the last few weeks, was wonderfully hale and hearty, claimed that m 1837 he received a grant of land comprising what is now Hyde Park, Sydney, but did not take it up. * Our Mount Somers correspondent writes " I sent you some ' oopy ' the other day m an open envelope, and now find that it reached head-quarters closed and was oonsequently excessed at the Poßt-offloe for defioient postage. The closure must have been effected m transitu, and as this is not the only time soon a- thing has happened, I would give other correspondents the advice to follow the course whioh I intend to adopt myself m future, namely to cut off the gummed part of the flap." Mr Fish, M.H,8.» is, it seems very wroth about the appointment to the judgeship and m the oourse of a letter to the " Daily Times " Bays : — " In my opinion the appointment of J. E. Denniston as one of the Judges of the Supreme Court is a wrong done to bar, Bench, and country. What I have further to say upon this subjeot I shall Bay npon the floor of the House, where I have no doubt the appointment will be pretty freely oanvaseed." Aooording to the "Wairaate Times " an inspector was recently examining one of the higher standards at a country school, not a hundred miles away from Waimate, and among other questions be put the following : — " Why was it Queen Elizabeth's family did not suooeed her to the throne 9 " This ■eemed a poßer, when suddenly one pupil held out her hand and replied " Please, sir, because she hadn't got any ! " With a smile on his face the inspeotor passed on to ths next question. The weather was intensely hot throughout New South Wales on Jan. 14th, whioh has been about the hottest day experienced m Sydney during the present season. The thermometer registered 116deg m the shade. At Gilgandra the city and suburbs were enveloped m a thiok haze and smoke, whioh extendod some distance seaward, and interfered considerably with navigation. Several coasting steamers missed the Sydney Heads, and steamed aa far as thirty and forty miles paßt the en'tranoa to the htfrbor before they discovered their mistake. The silver wedding present whish is to be presented to the Prinoe and Prinoess of Wales gn behalf of the Principality, is now m oourse of oompletiqn, and their JJoyal High* nesßes have intimated to the committee their pleasure to receive the gift towards the close j of the month. The present is m the form of a massive shield, riohly sculptured with emblems and illustrations of Welsh history, having special reference Q> those monarch s who were more or lest} oonneoted wjth the Principality, apd much study and research have been undertaken to ensure absolute historical accuracy. An Amberley correspondent of the "Press," dating, 22nd inst, says :— " Another stoat or weasel was bi ought into Amberley to-day from Braokenfield. This makes four of these abominable pests wbioh have been seen, dead or alive, lately close to Amberley. Complaints have been rite a\pon^ the farmers b£ poultry and lamb's found dead, with the Thug-like brand of tha stoat or weasel on them. If this is a sample of what we may expeot when the ' natural enemy " of the rabbits' beoomes thoroughly aoolimatised, we haye a bad look-opt before us. These brutes must have travelled] at least' fifty miles." The following is the station list (for 1189, go far as regards the Canterbury district, submitted to the Wesleyan Conference whiph opened at Dunedin yesterday. It is we believe subjeot to approval tnd correction before final settlement. Christohuroh, Bar. ham street, W. Morley and W, J. Williams i Sydenham, L. M. Isitt; St Albans, J. J. Lewis, C. H. Standage ; I^yttelton, G. Bond 5 Bpringßton, 8. J. Garliok ; Leeston, J, Suthord; Kaiapoi, P. W. Fairolough and » W. J. Murray; Rangiora, J. H. Gray; Timaru, W. B. Marten ; Waimate, W. J. Thomas ; Temuka, E. S. Bunn; Ashburton, J. N, Buttle and J. T. Burrows. The South Australian Government Geolo< gist returned to Adelaide at the end of last week, after thre.e months' atjsenqe, The Qbjeot of hie trip was tq examine ttje country as far North as Alioe Springs, and 1 ascertain the extent of the water supply. During the tr|p Mr Brown travelled 2400 miles. Camels Were employed between AHoe Springs and thp ruby fields. The weather was exceedingly hot, and the thermometer on one occasion registered 124deg m the shade. The route between Anna Creek and Alioe Springs was well watered, but between tb,e B,prjngs and the diggings there was a great soasoity of water. Sinoe the Government Geologist visited the country the oreeks have been filled, and travelling has been made comparative easy. ■ The cyolists of Aohburtou seem determined to make their approaohing raoes a Bucceea, and from the activity and interest whiph they are displaying m the matter this should be accomplished. Tb,e Committep. of Management are sparing no pajno to endeavour to make the meeting as attractive as possible, and with this end m view hove obtained from the Railway Department a notification to the efleot that Saturday return fares will be issued to Ashburton on the 6th Feb. This should be readily taken advantage of by the Cbristoburoh riders many of whom have signified their intention I of taking part m the meeting. Many of the looal riders have been m aotive training for some time past, and from the number of spectators whioh assembles every evening to witness their performances, it iy evident that the public is beooraing interested m the, sporty Most of the gentlemen eleotod as officers' of the meeting have readily oonsonted, and given fine weather, the first Bioyole Baoe Meeting m Ashburton should bo a big suaoess. llolloway'3 Pills.— Nervous Debility.— Nq paj-t ofthejjuman machine requires move watching than the nervous syritem— uron jt hang health and life itself. These Pills are the best regulators and strengthened of the nerves, and the safest general purifiers. Nausea, headache, giddiness, numbness, and mental apathy yield to them. They despatch m a summary manner those distressing dyspeptic symptoms! stomachic piin, fulness at pit of stomach,' jjdbominal djstenfpn, indovercome both capricious appetites and' cpff fined bowels— the commonly accompanying signs of or deranged nervous power. Holloway r s Pills are patilC^rly . r «™n»nend.ed tp persons of studious and sedentary habit?, who gradually sink into a nervous and debiliated state, unless some such restorative l-e occasionally takcn»J

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 1889 LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2045, 24 January 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 1889 LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2045, 24 January 1889

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