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Chioago girls are developing a mania for marrying Chinamen. Bishop Webber, of Brisbane, says that m all probability Australia, mill, m half a century, outstrip England m importance, Horaoe Smith Bays that speculation is a word whioh Bometimea begins with its second letter. One of the Tapanui milk suppliers is milkfog a oow at present lot tbe dairy faotory that gives 3401bs of milk per week. A Timaru man baa a brood of 24 chickens " brought pat " by one hen, from 25. eggs put under her, The distriot pffioera of the Foresters order will attend at Aebbqrton to-night to inaugurate a lodge here, A number of intending members have pasßed the dootor'a examination. A yonag girl m l/ondon has turned tbe photographic art to profit by going about and taking incidents m tbe public thoroughfares and parks. Sbe has an eye for situations, and catches them full of%atural spirit and aotion. She is out from ten o'clock until three, and under her camera obaraoteristio »oenes of nity )}j.e are being turned into hard money, j&er picture* are used a great deal m studios, , IW41 W4 toe.; aro fyll 0/ lujgaa^oe, .-r

The flower trade of London ia estimated to ' amount to £5000 a day. The Bantam of Berlin is the latest popular name for tbe German Emperor. v - The Minister of Defenoe has, after receiving the report of tbe board of enquiry, npheld the disqualification of the Chrißtohuroh Sootlish Rifles m the independent and volley firing on account of one squad firing more than the prescribed number of shots. Three boys were bathing m the river Avon, near New Brighton last evening, when one of them Earneat Mills, aged 15, eon of an operative jeweller, got into a hole, and before his companions could extrioato him he was drowned. The body waa recovered by a lad named Moses, who dived for it. Napier ia the home of some mean thieve a They have just out away and atolen the gaspiping out of tbe Anglioan Ohuroh at tbat place. Tbiß is the third time recently on whioh that religious body have been left m a state of utter darkness through the same agenoy. Thirty shota m sixty-six Beconda can be done with tbe Eogh repeating rifle, which is the production of a Leige manufacturer, and whioh, by all aooounts, the Belgian authorities are disposed to adopt as the ' national arm. Thirty shots can be fired m a minnte and six seconds, aim being taken by the rifleman, and the arm raised to the Bboulder after oaob discharge. The Engh is aaid to be composed of fewer pieces than any other existing rifle. Bioyoleß driven by steam ia the latest novelty. Oil is used for fuel, and it ia claimed | for them that there is no noiae of escaping Bteam, or odour from burning oil. A speed of ten miles an hour ia easily attained on , level ground, and enough fuel and water ia oarried for a ran of twenty-five miles. The engine, boiler, and the whole apparatus for a bioyole developing power weighs sixtyeight pounds, and is all carried m front and is sight of the rider. A remarkable imitation of blaok walnut may be manufactured from poor pine, the quality aad appearance of the article being auoh as to defy detection except upon very close examination. To aooomplian thia, one part of walnut-peel extraot is mixed with aix parts of water, and with this solution the wood ia coated. When the material ia half dry a solution of biohromate of potash with water ia rubbed on it, and tbe counterfeit walnut is ready for use. In the divorce case brought by tha Rev J Hoatson againat his wife, Mr Justice Ward at Christohuroh yesterday granted a deoree nUi with oosta against tbe oorespondent, John W'laon Gilpin. The evidence Bhowed that while Mr Hoatsop was visiting Mel* bourne, he Bent hia wife and three obildren to Governor's Bay where the intimacy began between Mrs Hoatson and Giipin, who kept an hotel there. On Mr Hoatson'a re'urn, Mia Hoat&on went ' baok to Christohuroh, but afterwards returned to Gilpin. In the Resident Magistrate's Court this morning, before Major Steward, J.P., James Adams, alias Prioe, alias Pearce, an old offender, pleaded guilty to a charge of vagranoy. Several oonvictions were proved against him, one for vagranoy with a sentence of six weeks' imprisonment. Mr Peter Williama deposed that prisoner had on two qoo&Bions applied to him for money for drink, 'a*hd Sergt Feltpq stajipd (bat there had been numerous complaints against aooused, who wob a publio nuisance, Prisoner, who had nothing to say for himself, was sentenced to three months' hard labor. It has been commonly supposed that the Bar was the moßt oyerorowded' of the professions m the English metropolis, but tbe dinolosures lately made m the Westminister County Court go to show that the medical profession runa the Bar very dose m thia reapeot. Asr Humphreys, whose, cqmmitta} for non-payment of a judgment debt waa asked, explaicad that (hough he bad a practice m Camden Town " he had so much opposition that he could aoaroely get a living." The competition was so great, he said, "that some of the medical men attended patients for 2Jd per week 1 " And the Judge showed bis belief m the existence of this state of things by refusing to make any order. M. Grau, of Vienna, has discovered a series pf portraits m Egyptjan toniba which are |n a condition that surprises every pop who boa. Been them, Although they are at least £000 years old, they seem to be as freßh as many more modern worka m oil. They are painted m encaustic Altogether there are about 70 portraits of men and women ; some are on wood panels and Borne on canvas. It might easily be supposed that they are counterfeita by some livipg artist, bnt Herr Ebers, the Egyptologist, fend Hen Mendel, tbe paipter, have expressed a belief m the authenticity of tlje portraits. Deteptfvea obtain their bjnta and oluos from many sources, but it is not qfteq that .they receive them through the inßtramontalityof a parrot. Yet this is just what happened during the reoent researches of M. Goron, the bead of the Paris Criminal Department. Tbia offioor has been lately looking for the chief of the " Carusao Band," a fellow named Viator Chevalier, and going tbe other day into the foams qf a notorious receiver of stolen floods jn Pane, fie heard himael| addressed m harsh tones as ■' Good old Victor/ there ybq are." After a long aod minute investigation of the premises be found a Utter from Viotor to the receiver, m which epistle tpg rubber an : nounoed that he was m Angers, under the name of Felix Crozier, M. Goron immediately Bet out for tbat town, and arrested the ovner at tb.e tpo voluble parrot at the railway statipn, The Minister of Mines has been advised of the discovery of tin ore m Stewart's Island m a quantity likely to lead to the establishment of an important industry m that part of the colony. Tbe aotoal discovery is not reoent, but the extent of it has only reoently become known: Many years ago a German named Jjonguet found a oryatajliaed sqbstanoe m several gf the preejfa and watorppjareso of Stewart Island which resembled garnets m the rough state. For a long time these substances were thought to be garnetß. Specimens were sent to Tasmania and to Professors Ulrioh and Blaok of Otago. It now turns oat that the basis of these atones is the true peroxide of tin, and that claims have already been pegged off by peraon§ informed pf the trne nature of the grospeot. 1 The discovery acquires a special importance just now from the Btresa laid upon the interest whioh the disoovery m New Zealand pf tin and nickel (m quantity) would create among tbe Mperta at the Paris Bxhibitipn, r Messro C. R*y, Jones, and Piokford, and a party of lady vocalists gave a supoessful concert at the Alford Forest Sohoolroom on Tuesday evening last, Considering tbe time of year there waß a fair attencUnpe, and the perfeot training of tbe voices reflected inflnitf oredit on the leader, while saying much for the painstaking perseverance of the choir. Songs and duets rapidly succeeded each other. Miss Ray giving «• Wont you you tell me why, Bobin ? " But tbe crowning euccesß of the ever jag were the " Jubilee songs." The following jyere reoeiyod with rapturous applause : No. 24, Misa Bay, •' Steal away to tfesus ; " No. 84, ohonia, « We'll atand the storm ; " No. 41, Misa E. Addie, « He's the Lily of the yalley ; " No. 65, chorus, " There's a mooting here to-night;" No. 73, " I've been redeemed," The last seomed to oarry the palm, and m proposing a vote of thanks, Mr H. Knight trusted the party would pay another visit at somel future time, when persons were not quite bo busy, and congratulated them on the skilful rendering of tbe pieoep, whioh every one present heartily appreciated. Mr B. Evans seconded this, whioh was oarried with' apolamatibn. Never before baa the Bash been enlivened by 'snob, cheerful strains of real harmony. .Rev J. Allison presided over the meeting.

Great Britain is worrying about tbe rapidly increasing number of its lunatics. It appears that those supported by the Government alone have grown to 75,000. It is attributed to the hurry of modern life. Empress Augusta, widow of the aged Kaiser, has altogether espoused the oause of her daughter-in-law, Empress Frederick, m the latter lady's quarrels with her son, the present German Emperor. Upward of £20,000 waa epent by the Sultan m gifts for the Russian Imperial visitors, when they were at Oonstantinople, and hia lavish generosity haa exoited piercing cries from hia troops, officials, and servants, none of whom can obtain a piaatre of bis pay, which is many months m arrear. The first bank was established at Venice about 1157, and the name of banco waa given to it m Italian from the bench whioh the money changtra or bankers used to sit upon m their exchanges. The Bank of Genoa was established m 1345, that of Amsterdam m 1609, that of Hamburg m 1619, that of Rotterdam m 1635. Last year no 'less than 739 applications were made for letters patent m New Zealand being 195 more than for 1887. Nona of the other colonie^oan compare with New Zealand m that reapeot. In fact, m prpportion to the population, New Zealand makes nearly double the number of applicationa for patents to any other nation on earth, Tho following ia from the contributors' column m the "New Zealand Herald":— An interesting sight may be Been on one day next week at one of our suburban ohurahea, when a father, a son, and a daughter will all stand at the altar at one timo to be wedded to tbe chosen of their hearts. I don't think I have ever heard of such a oaee before." Tbe second wool aalea of the season at Timaru were held yesterday. The tone of the market was weak, and prices reported to have been id to Id per 1b lower than at the first sale of tbe season m December, medians and strong orossbredß being m best demand. Most of the fine half-breda were withdrawn. Pieoea and looks brought extreme prioea. An extraordinary conversion ia reported from Asia Minor, Monsignor Earekin, the Armenian Bishop of Siz, haa renounced Christianity, and embraced the faith of Islam. He has adopted the name of Achmet Muktar, and one of the reasons assigned for the change IB that the life of Christiana remains uninflaenoed by their oreed, while tbe Moslem conforms his practice to the preoepts of the Boran. 4 meeting of shareholders m the Aahbqrton Woollen Manufacturing Company will be held on Friday, Feb. 8, to consider the following motion :— " That it has been proved to the satisfaction of tbia meeting tbat the oompany cannot by reaßon of its liabilities continue its business and that it is adviaable to wind up the same, and it is accordingly hereby resolved that the company be wound up voluntarily," " We don't Bell spirits," said a law-evading beeraeller. •• We will give you a glass, and then it you want a bißouit we'll sell it to you for threepence. The " good oreature " was handed down a stiff glass and swallowed it, and the landlord handed hie ouatomer a biaouit. " Well, no, J think" not," aaid the customer! i'you sell 'em too dear. I can get lots of 'em five or six for a penny else* • where." Tbe directors of the Southland Frozen Meat Company hope to be able to make a 1 redaction m freezing chargea and concessions to shippers during the current year. The 1 accounts for last year show that after writing ■ off £221 4s Id, being the whole of the I preliminary expenses, and £778 15s lid for depreciation on the maohinery and plant. together with £16.5 lQs 2d expended for > repairs, there is a balanoe of £2000 11s Id at » the credit of profit and loaa aocount. This 1 the direotors propose to oarry forward, , The Sheikh-ul-lalam, whose death is re- [ ported, is an important functionary m the , Tarkißh Government* This officer ia ohief of 1 the Ulemaa, who may be conveniently p deeoribed as the olerioal party, and the Sheikh, therefore as the Turkish Arohbiahop 1 of Canterbury. He has the power of obieoting, on religious' ' Bounds \t these present ! themaelyeg, to any of the Sultan's deoreeg, 1 and a popular Sheikh-uMslam frequently has 1 more authority over the people than the Sultan. The offioe is hereditary. Mr W. Langdon, a carpenter at Orari, met I with a painful acoident on Thursday last. l While engaged building an additional olaas- , room, to tbe Orari Sonool be wan at work, on tharoof, wbloh is np* yet uncovered. " Bjr 1 some means be overbalanced himself, and s, heavy fall ampng the £oor joistq. which ara Borne* height from th.c ground, Beamed {mmh nent. $he onjy alternative wbb to jump olea.r oat op to th.c ground outside the bailding, and this Mr Langdon ohoae to do. Fortunately he landed, on bis feet, and though bis ankles and lega were severely sprained and he was badly shaken he suffered no serious injury. Skinny Men.—" Wells' Health R newer's restores health and vigor, cures dyspepsia, impotence, sexual debility. At chemists And druggists. Kemßthorne, Piossee, and Co. sjM hristchftrch, • ■ ; r - '

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