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* : — King Otto of Bavaria thinks himself a black oat, and is altogether Wobegon o. Cable news from Perth, Western Australia, states that Johnson, the murderer of MoPher* eon and wife on Thursday, committed suioide by Bhooling himself. Snakes have made their appearance at the Melbourne Exhibition. It is said that there are numbers beneath the building. A black Bnake was killed m the Lancashire Court last week. I A prospector who has been m the Otaki district reports that he has found a large depoait of hematite ore m the district. Some samples he brought into town (says the 11 Wellington Timeß ") resembh the ore found near Collingwood, m the Nelson distriot. The •• Lyttelton Timeß" says that the first edition of Capt Cotton's new sporting novel, " Gone Away," has been issued at Home, and has found great favor with the reviewers. The Priuoe of Wales has.aocepted a copy, and nan written a congratulatory letter to the oaptain. Some weeks ago a report appeared' to the efleot that the eleotrio light used m the Cathedral Church m Nelson had been abandoned on aooount of its ineffloienoy. An informant of the " Reefton Guardian " states that it was owing to the company going into liquidation, and not because of the insufficiency of the light. King Monanga, who rules over the blaok kingdom of Uganda, is not a pleaßant man for a next door neighbor. He rules ovei 10,000,000 subjects, and is as ferooious as he is powerful. He has 15.000 wives, and killi five of them every day for his amusement. He is the largest slave-trader m Central Africa, supplying the Mahomedan dealers annually with about 150,000. In the Resident Magistrate's Court thie morning before Major Steward, J.P., a farmer who had last appeared on a similar charge two years ago, pleaded guilty to having beec drunk on ( the previous day. In consideration of the long period whioh had elapsed since h< had been m trouble he was treated as a first offender and ordered to pay a fine of 5s and 2s oabhire ; m default 24 hours imprisonment. The " Advooate " says that the orops a]] through the Taieri are looking first-olaes, anc the harvest will not be so lats as was at one time anticipated. The heat that has prevailed during the past few weeks has brought on the wheat and oats with astonishing rapidity. Of grass there is a splendid shoq m all the paddooks and farmers are buyin extra stook to feed it off. There is a good story told of a Viotoria politician— a|Mr Smith. When Minister < Education m Viotoria, he visited a certai State school and was told by the headmaste that the Btandard of the ourrioulum was nc as it should he. "Indeed \" replied th Minister, " that must be reotified. I'll se that a carpenter be sent round to have i raised at once." A young girl m Auckland, the daughter c respectable parents, left her place of servic one day recently, and was found wanderin through the domain on the following more ing, m a state of partial insanity. She ha fallen into the hands of some larrikins, wa drugged, outraged, and then robbed and he boots actually taken off her feet. A contributor sends the following to th "Feildiog Star":-" Mrs — away, whil oleaning the house, asked her husband to na up some [ ] ; he refused ; she looked + f a him ; tola him his ooDduot was without 11. an beat him with her *3~ till he saw **. H now lies m a (,) tose states, and may soon fa a subjeot for dis §, as bis lite appears as if i would soon come to a (.). A man must be a * his life and limb in.suoh a way as that." Writing of the ex.member for Akaroa th Londop correspondent of an exohange says —I met Mr William Montgomery m Si George's Club the other day. He was lookio very hale and hearty,* and sat down afte lunoh to a pipe and a game of ohess m th smoking room. He tells me that he is fixture here till his son ia able to aooompan him out. The latter, who took a good degre at Oxford m the summer, is now engaged ii taking outfterms as well as reading for the bat A manufacturer of Pbiladedelphia of grffi experience, as well as of much intelligence says the " IronJTrade Review," instructs hi workmon to hold large Bteel tools m a nort] and south line while the tools are beim tempered. He says that many years ago h noticed that such toolß would often flyapar when being tempered if held " east am west," and that tlje liability to suoh apoideht ?aB gf eat)y lessened i| riot entirely obviated if the tool waß fceld •• W fti\ and south.?' A curious phenomenon was reoently relate by M, D'Aigonval before the Frenoh 4cadem of Medicine. After gating for a few seoopd; on an arc light of intense brilliancy, h suddenly became deaf, and remained so fo nearly an hour and a half. Surprised am somewhat alarmed m the first instance, bu reassured by the disappearance of th symptoms, he repeated the experiment wit] the same mbuU. When only one eye wai exposed to the light no very marked effeo was produoed. The following story of Pat and the Priest ii on old one but it will bear repeating :— ."Oh Bat, and what do yp.u thin| will be you: feelings on |the day of judgment ' when ybt meet Mrs Mahoney and the pig you stoli from her, face to face ? " » Does youi merenoe thiDk the pig will be tfcera ? " ••£» indeed, will he, aud what will ye Bay then ?' •' I shall say, your riverenoe, • Mrs Mahoney dear, here's the ,pig I borrowed of ye, and I m mighty glad to nave this opportunity ol nsthoring him. At a Committee meeting held yesterday, the Ashbnrton facing Club fixed (he Autumr race meeting for Thursday and Friday. Mm Bth and 9th. The lateness m the season ol the days seleoted is due to Eaßter falling ver* late this year, the Canterbury Jookey Clubi Autumn .meeting, on Easter Monday and Tuesday, falling on April 22nd and 23rd, and thus clashing with the usual date of the Ashburton Baaing Club's meeting, A subCommittee was appointed to draft a programme to snbmjt to the general Committee, To judge from the following paragraDh from the "Mail "things must *c looking up m the White Stone City :— « A house-agent In Qaznaru informed us yesterday that he had no less than tweJ?e applfoatfqns for opttagea during one day this week, but was not able to supply one,' 5 The very next paragraph of local new« }n the same issue, however, doeß not go to show that properties have reaohed any high value. It readB :— "Messrß Fleming and Hedley sold by auotion to-day the freehold oeotion 5, blook 67, with a two roomed cottage thereon, for £32 10a. ' It is said that King Milan is at present detained at the baths of Gleiohenberg for debt. For years he has been m flnanoial difficulties ; but m spite of that he has been travelling constantly last autumn, and incurring large responsibilities. The Belgrade papers say that bills were sent m lately from lalbaoh, Alibazia, and Gleiohenberg, and give an amusing account of tho consternation of the Ministry, and especially that of Rakitoh, tbe Mmißter of Finance, for not only ia the treasury empty, but the King's oredit is exhausted, Rakitcb set off for Gleiohenberg, and tendered his own and hiß colleagues'* resignation. These were not accepted, but Mijatovitoh was called m to arrange matters if possible. oiselet is the name of the little monster who has jußt appeared before the Assize Court of the Aube, m Franco, on the charge of deliberately killing two children. She herself is but a ohild not yet thirteen years^of age ; but she was placed m servioe by her parents, her duties being those of a bpusemaid. She had two little boys to take oharge of, aged respectively throe years, and Bix months, and it seems from the evidence given that this youthful criminal, being of a lazy disposition, did not like having to take aare of them. So, as a means of relioving herself ol her little charges, sho killed them both— the elder one, Paul, by twisting a pillow case about hiß head and sitting upon aim until he ceaßed to breathe, tbe younger >ne by stuffing a handkerchief into his mouth irid kneeling on his obeßt. Both the children me thus got rid of on the same day: Keating's Powder 'destroys both moth, fleas 3 eetles, and all other insects, while quite jarmless to domestic animals. In exterminate ng beetles, the success of this powder is ixtraordinary. It is perfectly clean m appli. :ation. See the article you purchase \s [{eatings as imitations are noxious and injtectual Sold m tins, |s, 6(j, and as $d by

I Mr J. R. Steel, who was absent from the ' special meeting of the Borough School Com- i auttee, at which five members resigned, has since also handed m hia resignation. A oarat of gojd received its name from the carat-seed, or the seed of the Abyssinian ooral-flower. This was at one period made useful when gems of gold were to be weighed, and bo oame about the peculiar and now general use of the word. A foolish lad named Arthur Satherland 17 years old, liviDg at Wairoa, Auokland, quite unacquainted with firearms, plaaed several ohargea of powder and lead m a fowling piece. Too explosion whioh followed on his firing the piece was terrifio. One breeoh was blown out, and the barrel and stock splintered to pieces. The lad was very serioußly injured. At Richmond, Yorkshire, recently a little girl was taken into a travelliDg menagerie by an elder sister, who was carrying her m her arms. As they were passing the lion's oage a man stumbled against them, and the ferooious beast took advantage by suddenly seizing the child's face m its claws, and made an effort to roach it with its mouth. Some men rushed to tho reßOue, but not before the child's face and head were frightfully torn. : She lives, but is m a very preoatious state. A famous phyaiotan having attended a lady with much assiduity, and she hating recovered, was BBked, playfully by her, whioh hand he would have, holding both out. He took one. She opened it, and it was empty. She laughed and rallied him on his unfortunate choice, showing him a large cheque concealed m the other. The doctor, however, retained the empty hand, and said he would rather have that one, and that the cheque was nothing m comparison. The lady blushed, and gave him the band he held for life. The fine weather of the last few days has ripened oatß very quiokly and harvesting of this grain is m full swing. In the earlier diatriots, such as Seafield and Kyle, some of the oats are already m the Btaok. The crop varies greatly, m Borne plaoes being very light, and other paddocks giving a oapital yield. Wheat is looking well nearly every* where, and promises to be above an average crop. Barley ia exceptionally promising. Complaints are still heard of the poor progress made by the turnips, a great deal of resowing having been necessary. The fly has been troublesome about Rakaia, but the young plants are now overcoming that peat and making fair growth. The following news with respect to the New Zealand Antimony Company is oontained m the London letter of the " Dunedin Star " : --Sir Walter Buller is rapidly developing into a financier of the first quality. His latest coup almost takes one's breath away. Sir Walter has absolutely Bold the gold mine on the New Zealand Antimony Company's ground at Jaokson'a Head for £185,000, which is £3§,0Q0 more than was originally paid for the entire property, Payment— £10,000 m oash, and the balance m shares m a flrst-clasa company with a oapital of £250,000. In consideration of their interest m the mine the Antimony Company will nominate one of the directors m the new company, and it is likely they may select Sit Thomas Brooklebank, of Liverpool, as be ie a large shareholder. What antimony shares will go to when this news is made publio at the general meeting next week I don't know. Tou can't get any now. I tried, and failed. A nobleman m the last century wae engaged to be married, the happy day had arrived, the bridegroom was about to'step into his oarriage for the ceremony, when news was brought him that his betrothed had eloped with a more favoured lover. Coolly returning to the great drawing-room, he ordered the attendance of his housekeeper, and astonished her by asking which oi the female servants was without a lover, She retired and inquired, returning with the news that the only one m that position wae the kitchen maid, a handsome .young oountrj girl. His lordship sent for the blushing maid, and utterly astonished her by asking her il she would marry him, adding that the lady he had wooed had jilted him, and he wae determined to be married that day. The girl stammered a baßhful assent, retired bj direotion to put her best olothes on, and accompanied her maßter m his coaoh to church, whence she returned a peeress. The match turned out happily.

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2043, 22 January 1889