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■>' ■- ♦ ■ Typhoid fever is raging m Melbourne and a hundred oases are reported to the Health Officer daily. The number pf wet gays m Westport m 1888 totted up to 169, or m Other vyprda it rained six months* The clergy of the Oharoh of England of all gradeß, from archbishops to curates, number twenty-three thousand. A crjcket match between the Ashburton and Geraldfne Clubs will be played on the Domain Ground on Saturday, oommenoing at XI a.m. The Eev D. T. Taylor says that it the United States drink bill for a year were m silver dollars, plaoed one on top of another, they would reaoh the disray height of 1600 miles. : Professor Baldwin's balloon ascent and parachute deßoent wbioh were to have taken place atDunedinon Saturday did not come off owing to the high wind, whioh slit the faallcoa $lmpst from top to bottom, An Englishman has invented an electric gun. There is a small storage bajtery fixed m the stock, from whfch a current' B^rona enough to explode the cartridge ißpompjuuir oated. It is said that one obaiging of the cell will explode 5000 oartrjdgeß. Mr y. E. Maroh will attend at the Court, bqgee; Ashburton, on Tuctday (to-morrow) — not Friday as stated m error m our last— for the purposes of explaining the conditions on whioh the Village Settlement lands near Ashburton and near the Mount Sonjera Coalpits oan be taken up. He will attend at Mount floraers for the same purpose on Wednesday. .The British oonaul, at Baltimore, m a recent report on the agriculfive of. and Maryland, stats* that the dairy industry ■ m those States is m a deplorable condition and the produce almost unsaleable, while at the same time first olaea bt&n&a ot fitter uniformly command a dollar per lb m the #ew York market. UoLf.^v/Ay's Pills.— Nervous Debility.— No part of {^ human machine requires more watching than tne npryous system — aron it hang health and life itself The^e Pill? are the best regulators and strengtheneri Of the nerves, ai>d the safest general purifier's. Nausea, headache, giddiness, numbness,- and ygftqpt&l apathy yield to them. They despatch m a 4iutomuy manner those distressing dyspeptic symptom^ stomachic piin, fulness ; at p^ of stoma.cbi adbomiuaj distent on, and i overcome both capricious appetites .and 'con-! £Ned bowels — the commonly accompanyidg - f' ;ns of defective or deranged nervous power. ! ollowoy's pills jure particularly recommended to persons of studious and sedentery habit?, who gradaajly siok jintip ~a 'nervqijs "andj debilitated safe, unless Bogie, s.ucti re^tpr^tivc : Vp occasionally UJjeftj ' .""■,"". y

Ths average income of the lav officers m le three kingdoms is instructive : — England, opulation 26,000,000, Attorney-general 11,875, Solicitor-general £8905 : Ireland, opulation 5,000,000, Attorney general £8100. lolioitor-general £2835; Scotland, population ,000,000, Lord Advooate £3768, Solioitor;eneral £1198. In Russia eating and drinking take np no mall part of a man's existence. In the lining rooms of some of the large coffee mlaces there is a pool of fresh water m which ish of various kinds and sizes Bwim about. i.ny patron of the reetanrant who may wish i oouree of fish for dinner, goes to the pool, Dicks out the particular one he may desire, md m a jiffy the waiter has captured it with \ dip-net, and sent it to the cook, According to the " Wellington Evening Post" if public rumour is to be credited, and it believes that m this ' instance it is pretty aoourate, the Judgeship has, directly or indirectly, been placed at the disposal of the following legal practitioners : —Messrs Whitaker, Stoat, Travers, Connolly, Bell, Hesketh, Geo. Harper, Haggitt, F, Chapman, and Denniston, and rejected by all except ths last, who is said to be etill m the running. The " Daily News " Oaloutta correspondent reports the occurrence of a religions riot between Hindoos and Mohammedans near Mhow. Three; Hindoos. were killed and tipwards of fifty people injured. It was found neoessary to send troopß to quell the disturbance. The Pathan Sepoys, of the 17th Bombay Infantry, stationed at Mhow, ran amuok. They killed a native offioer, two Sepoys, and a woman, and fired at their adjutant but missed. ' The guard was turned ont and shot down the murderers. Mr A. Maodonald, of Waitui.uear Geral. dine, writes a correspondent of the •• Press," has m his possession,* fine well-grown oat which, at any time ie pretty savage, but is particularly so when she has kittens, as she happens to have just ' now. Me Maodonald has also just purchased h small monkey, Bnd np sooner did the latter see the kittens than she immediately made for them and took possession of one, the oat looking on and making not the slightest objection. The monkey has now tak^n up her quarters' permanently m the oat's box, where she Bits the whole day long contentedly hogging the kitten -in her arms, presenting a comical sight. Lord Onslow, our new. Governor, has had' to Bubmit to the infliction: of i being inter* viewed. The "Auckland Star" correspondent who saw the Earl a short time ago before the, Ruapehu left London, says : — " Lord Onslow wishes it be to understood that, whilst he proposes to send every penny oi bis Official income and entertain m muoh the same Bpirit as his predecessor, he does not mean to go m for any extra display. ' Because I am an earl and drive a ooaoh m London, I don't want it to thought that I am coming out to do things on a big uoale. I understand the New Zealand Ministers do not want anything of that sort, and besides, display is quite out ,of my line."' . . The " Napier Daily Telegraph " of the 16th inst. has the following :— lt is reported that the Maoris living near the mouth of the Ngarnroro caught a salmon yesterday weighing 201bs. Unfortunately they had out it up and oooked it before any European saw it, their hurry being caused by the notion that they would get into trouble if it- were found m their. possession, Mr Peter Robinson, of Pakowhai, saw the head and tail, and declared it to be a salmon. .If the Maoris had only known the value of the oatch they could have made more sovereigns than the fish weighed by exhibiting it, besides, perhaps, obtaining a reward foi settling the question whether salmon have been naturalised m obr waters. ■■■■•' t The following " tall yarn " appeared m the " New Yoric Tribune " :— A traveller tells the following Btbry Jo illustrate the sensibility of Maoris to pain/ "My friend," he says, "had given * Maori a pair of boots, bat they were too short for him. For some time he endeavored to force them on, but this waa impossible; so he seized a small tomahawk (hatchet) and out off his large toe to the length of his other toes, and then applied Borne juipe of the flax plant ("Pbormium tanas "') tp the put tp etpp thp Bleeding, and pnlled on the boot, whiph was not removed until the toe healed. He put on the other boot after a similar operation. I have known several inatanoeß whioh appear tp prove that the Maoris are less sensible to pain than Europeans," Among tne exhibits at the Mechanioß* Institute Fair at San Francisco, were a dozen horseshoes made by Miss Annie Bole, aged fifteen. A reporter Bent to interview this young lady found, her m the shop where she had learned her trade. Mr Walsh, the blcelcsmith who had taught her, was very proud of his pupil, and at bis request Miss Bole made a horseshoe then and there. A piece of round iron was out off by Mr Walsh, and Miss Bole rolled up her sleeves thereby revealing a rather small arm, tied on a leathern apron, and plunged the iron into the fire. The yotbg lady is about sft three inches high, and is rather fragile than strong. She brushed her hair ' baok frqm a laughing faoe, and soon the hammer was ringing. She made the orease m the shoe, turned it into shape like a veteran, regardless of the flyiog sparks, drove the nail holes, and finally turned put as fine as shoe as ever graced the foot of a racehorse, for Miss Bole will have nothing to do with shoes for ordinary dray horses, but oonflneß herself exclusively to the finer shoes. Miss Bole said that she first became animated with the idea of making hprsoßhoes by watching the blacksmith. Finally she asked him to let her try, and he was bo muoh pleased with her first effort that he showed her all be knew, and the result was the. exhibit at the Meohanioß* fnatitute. Mr .Walsh deolarea that he. is gping to send one qf the horseshoes to the Queien of^Englanch ' ' " On Friday lasts soirpe m cpnneotipn wjth the Presbyterian Church was held m the Mount Somers Schoolroom, with the object of paying for the congregation's harmonium < and of assisting the ohuroh ohoir m pecuniary matters. Mesdamea Hood, Lambie, Edson, Finlayßon, Jones, MoOlimont, and Harvey provided tables well garnished with daintieß, and the numerous guests of the evening did jjimple justice, to. the spread. As this was the first soiree m lbs ftlßfrjpt for some years past the friends assembled "enjoyed ' thejr ' sopial intercourse very muoh, ana were loth to clear the room for the after proceedings so soon as is customary m districts where tea meet' ings are of more frequent ooourrenoe, and it was a late hour befpre the second part of the eyenjng'B programme oould be carried out. The Eev $lr Finlayson took the chair, and there was a crowded audience. The Chairman stated that the position, numerically and Otherwise, of the congregation was highly satisfactory, Messrs Blake, Beattje, and Wallace alsp addressed the meeting with earnest words of exhortation, which were most attentively listened to.. The following musioal items were contributed during the evening : — " Gospel bells " and '' What a gathering," Oboir; "Have courage, my boy, to say ' No,' " bolo Mr J, Price and chorus ; "Oh, the* ocown, the glory crown " and /• $fhen the mists have rolled away," Oboir ; f Gome unto Me,?' polo Miss A, Prioe; '•Oomjng of the J£ingdom,J' Chojr: MFar, far away,'' duet Misses Doyle anjji Greagh; "Glory to God," Ghpjfrj •' The Ohristja^s good night,*' solo Miss A. Price, accompanied by Miss Bißhop. A most pleasant evening was brought to a cloie by votes of thanks to the ladies, moved by Mr McOlimont ; to the speakers, moved by Mr Bueohler ; and to the singers and musicians, moved by Mr Lambie. The bee£ medicine known is SANDER and SONS' EppALyP-Tf EXTRACT. Test its eminent po.wej-ful ejjfeots m coughs, colds, Jn#u.fln#a ; .©to.— tb,e relief' fa instantaneous, ThousanjdsgLve thp mpst gratifying testimony. His Majesty the j^ing of Italy, ted iftedioal Bfn&U»iQ&£fl pyer iJb.e glpbo ajre'Jts patrons. Read the omeiaTrejporte tfrai aopomp^y ( eacb bottle. Mosler, M.8., P-rgf, yhiyorsity, Greifswald, reports :— The Euoalypti iSxtra/gj proved magnificently successful m very severe oontusions, brulsea, uprains, wounds, scaldings, broken ribs, and limb*. (" Medical Joj^n&l/' Nov., 1881.) In diseases of tha kidneys, e&hjpr afltivfl congestion or suppres* sion, (prflemiaj" at albuminnrla,. dropsy, lithargy, nothing wi^ eijttttl m jto afltfgn Euoalypti Extract. Doses, $to % atßm. Mosler, M.D., Pror., University, Greifswala, reports '.—Diphtheria. Ton-ilB continually oohorept presenting ulcers with white exudats. Cured m fourteen days, Surgical Clinic of Prof. M'lntyre, College of Physicians and Surgeons^ St. Louis— Soirrhus of "'Br'oastv-. Excision JBuodlypti Extraot employed. 1 No swelling, beat, or dißcolorati^Q, r Cured Iq

An Eoglish paper asserts that between the hours ol 9-80 and 1*45 every day Qieen Viotoria works as hard as any olerk m London. Miss Alioe Draper, the woman's rights candidate for Massachusetts, received one vote — that of her brother. ■ -• ' There lately died m Paris an old woman who had amassed a fortune of £24,000 by telling fortunes with oardß. Workingmen have recently been appointed justioes of the peaoe m England, and the result has been so satisfactory that the number will be increased. More than one-sixth part of the land of the globe and nearly one-sixth part of the population of the world are under the control of Great Britain ; Eussia ranks second m territorialeztent, and the United States tnird. The star of the house of Bell appears to be m the ascendant. The head, Sir Francis Dillon Bell has long held the Agenoy-General, rumottr indicates his eldest son as the ooming vidce,' and now we learn that Mr A. W. Dillon Bell has been appointed engineer-in-charge of public buildings throughout the colony. ; . , At a meeting of the Ashburton County Hunt Olab on- Saturday evening, the tender of Mr Edward Saunders to keep and hunt the hounds during the ensuing season was acoepted. Mr G. H, Alington was appointed deputy-master for the Methven distriat, and Mr J. 0. N. Grigg for the Longbeaoh district. The question of the appointment of a deputymaster for the Ashburton distriot was held m abeyance for the present. ;: -^ A Mr Henry Meigs, of London, has just entered into a big contract. Its amount is £1,000,000. He has (to build a ship railway which will oonneot the Bay of Fundy witn the Northumberland Straits, m the Gulf of St Lawrence. The Mr Meigs here referred to is probably one of the members of the firm about whioh we heard so muob three or four years , ago m connection with the famous 11 MeigfT. proposal " for the construction of the Midland Railway. A meeting of the Stewards of the Tradesmen's Baoiog Glub took -place at the Commercial Hotel on Saturday evening, Mr F. Williams m the chair, MrSwann attended, and stated that the horse Neil Gow had been continuously resident m the distriot sinoe Ist Oot. and for some months prior to that date, and had not performed on any other course. rHe had had. an interest m the horse as, part downer since Ist Oct., and before that date.. The name of the other part owner was given. He oalled a witness who stated that he had saen a horse whioh was either Neil Gow or one so like him that he conld not tell any difference^ Bix or seven months ago. After disoussing the question it was resolved to pay the stokes to Neil Gow. During the meeting a statement was made to the effect that the mare entered at Ashburton and at Timaru as *' Jenny Lynn" was really "Flo," a wellknown performer, and that before going to Timaru she was disguised by having Jier tail cut and her mane hogged. It was resolved that the Timara Club be apprised of these circumstances. *

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2042, 21 January 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2042, 21 January 1889

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