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Mra W. Annie Besant, f:bp wejlrknown Freethought leoturess, has been eleoted a member of the London Sohool Board. A private telegram reoeived m Ohristohuroh states that Mr Florance and Messrs Bannißter and Hobden, lost m the bueh near Woodville, have been found. A new explosive, more powerful than dynamite, which cannot be exploded m the open air, baa been invented by Eudolph Ericsson, a druggist of New Britain. Bo vicious has life m London become that Cardinal Manning has written to the German Bishops, urging them to disooura'ge the emigration of the young men of their flock to that city. He Bays they are almost cure to lose their faith and their morals too. The "Oamaru Mail" announoes that a meeting of farmers and pastoralists is to be bejd on Saturday next, at Messrs Fleming and Hedley'a store, to make arrangements to forward, as a present, IQO frozen sheep to Dr Barnardo's Orphan Pome, London. A stupid error oocurs m one of oar " Notes on Current Topics" m yesterday's issup. Beferring to the vaoant Judgeßhip wo are made to say " none of the leading judges would accept it owing to the insufficiency of the salary." What was intended, of course, was " none of the leading barristers." A writer m the " Aaokland Weekly News >? says, '• The money value of the drought m Australia to settlers m New Zealand has been variously estimated by different business men at from £2,000.000 to £3.000,000. On one day recently 20 vessels arrived at Sydney from different places m New Zealand, all heavily laden with produce, while each Bteainer from New Zealand carries thither a full cargo of farm and garden produce." On the 4th of last Sept a Frenchman and a Spaniard took tickets from Paris to Dijon, placed their luggage m a compartment already occupied by a party of English, noted the number of the carriage— 2o,977— and betook themselves to the refreshment room until the moment for starting should arrive. On returning to the compartment they found that the English travellers had bribed the guard to remove their goods and chattels to another carriage. They were indignant, but there was no time for argument. They jumped into the carriage assigned them, and escaped unhurt m the Velars disaster, which ooourred a few hours later, while the ooflupants of the oompartment they had first chosen were all either killed or horribly injured. Holloway's Pills. — Epidemic Diseases. The alarming increase of English cholera and diarrhoea s-honld be a warning to every one to subdue at once any irreguliarity tending toward disease. Holloway's Pills should now be m every household to rectify all impure states of the blood, to remedy weakness, I and to overcome impaired general health. Nothing can be simpler than the instructions j for taking this correctiva B>ediclne, nothing more efficient than it cleansing flowers, nothing more harmless than its vegetable < ingredients. Holloway's is the best physic, during jthe summer season, when decaying fruits and .unwholesome vegetables are frcI quently deranging the" bowels, and daily ) exposing thousands .through "their neg%encc i m permitting disordered action, to the dangers f /jiarf Vqe \, dysentery and|holera, '

A satisfactory rehearsal of •« Ashore and . ifloat took plaoe on Tuesday night m the )ddfellowa' Hall. Sinoe the battle of Hastings England has tad 35 rulers, whose average length of reign ins been 23 years. Mr Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan have mnually divided £10,000 eaoh over their 1 oint productions at the Savoy Theatre, 1 London, during the last few years. ' The human body contains 1J gallon of alood, but the blood corpuscles contained therein, if placed end to end, would reaoh Eour times around the globe. We understand that the anticipated visit to Ashburton of Mr George Milne, Shaksperian actor, whioh had been arranged for by Mr Elston, lessee of the Oddfellows' Hall, has been postponed m consequence of the illness of Mrs Milne. The Greenook toad which was supposed to have been buried twenty thousand years, lived but three days after being unearthed. A looal surgeon, hoping to enable him to take food, slit the membrane by whioh his month was closed, and the patient, unfortunately, had not sufficient vitality to survive tbe operation. His remains are now quietly resting m a jar of spirits m tho Greenock Museum. The Italians have juat launohed their great armoar*olad the Be Umberto. Her displacement will be 13,298 tons, or 1,358 more than tbe Trafalgar and the Nile, whioh are oar largest ships. The Be Umberto'a speed is to be eighteen knots an hoar. Her principal armament will be four 104 -pounders and twelve 4J ton guns. Two other ships of a similar pattern are being built. Returns of frozen meat exported from Otago for year ending December 31st, show a total of 16,384,1691 b. There were 255,639 oarcasea of mutton, 17,846 of lamb, and 3379 of beef. This shows an increase of nearly 100 per oent. m a little over two years. The number of sheep exported from Port Chalmers was 143,388, lambs 3047, quarters beef 1100 ; from Oamaru, sheep 75,976, lambs 9925, quarters beef 710; from the Bluff, Bheep 36,276, lambs 3874, quarters beef 1213. William Jamieson, for many years the ohampion wrestler m Cumberland and Westmoreland styles, died m November at the Griffith Inn, Penrith, after a prolonged illness, m his fifty-second year. Daring his professional 'career, whioh began at the age of Bixteen, Jamieson won all the most ooveted trophies ol the ring, inoluding Carlisle and Newcastle several times, Lord Deoie's magnifioent belt, and silver oups, belts, and medals innumerable. Jamieson was also s splendid pole-leaper. An unrehearsed inoident is recorded by the " Feilding Star," whioh says that at Marton a lady vocalist had a high oompliment paid her. She had just conoluded a Sootoh Bong when an enthusiastic Highlander, carried away by his feelings, olasped her m his warm embrace and kissed her on the lips with a resounding smaok. The indignant singer resented the liberty with a still more resounding smaok over the nead of the offender with ! her fiddle, to the injury of the latter. However, a good laugh and a frank apology settled I the matter. The "Napier Daily Telegraph" reports that the following inoident is said to have 1 ooourred at a sale of leases of eduoation reserves m Masterton. On a certain Featherston Beotion being submitted, a well-known Featherston man asked if the standing crop was inoluded, and, being assured that it was, he bid, and became the purchaser. Thereupon a kind friend " wired " along to the oooupier, who immediately pat a mowing maohine on the ground, and, with the assistanoe of willing hands, oat the oats and carted them away. The purchaser was, at the time of writing, on the road between Masterton and Featheraton — on horseback. The " Bangitikei Advooate " is responsible for the following :— On one of the banks of the Waiaiai, a tributary of the Bangitikti River, which enters tbe latter above Eawatou, there exists an extraordinary curiosity. la a limestone cave sit two old Maories m a capital state of preservation, and betjide them there is a kit of fern, whioh is also m a thoroughly good state of preservation. The Maories have no tradition as to how the bodies came there. The natives are afraid to enter the cave, as they believe it to be tenanted by a taniwha. They conjeoture that the two old Maories must have been caught by the taniwha on entering hjs cave, The " Australasian " estimates the aoreage under 'wheat m Victoria this yesr at 1,248,000 and the acreage yield at 7,365 bushels to the aore. Tbis would give a return of 9,529,000 bushels. The quantity needed for tbe . requirements of the colony is estimated as follows : For sowing an area equal to that of last year at the rate of 1J bushel per aore, 1,560,000 bushels. For a mean population of 1,100,000, at the rate of 5$ bushels per head, 6,050,000 bushels will be required, making a total for home use cf 7,610,000 bußhels. Subtracting this quantity from the estimated total of 9,529,000 bushels, there remains a surplus for exportation of 1,919,000 bushels, or about 51,411 tons. A correspondent sends the " North Otago Times " the following extraot from a letter whioh he has just received from a friend m Melbourne : — " You tell me of the heat you have had m New Zealand lately,— llo deg m the sun ; but here it has been 154deg often, and I feel I am melting away like a pound of butter. Talk of rain 1 It rains here Bornetimes more m five minutes than I have known your heaviest rain m one hour. I have not far to walk from my lodgings to my work, yet I often get wet to the Bkin. .... lam cautious what I take here, as typhoid is very prevalent. For weeks I have only tastea milk once, though I used to be so fond of it, and 1 miss many dainties I used to have m New Zealand." Captain Ashby, for many years m com* mand of vessels trading to New Zealand, some 12 years ago established the business of William Ashby, and Co., lioensed passage brokers, which soon grew into one of the largest businesses of its kind m the world. Captain Ashby is at present m Auckland on a visit, to judge of the position of affairs, for himself. Interviewed by a representative of the " Herald " as to the prospects of people coming to the colony, he said : " Well, as soon as grandmother Standard and other London papers cease .crying stinking fish, lots of people will come out — people with money. You will have shoals of people — more than you beljeve— cpni|qg put m Jg months' time. There are lota of people pnly waiting for better tidings before they start. I shall have no difficulty m tending oat plenty of people, not pauperg,'? A financial syndipate has offered tbe War Minister £4,400,000 for the fortifioatiqn wall enoiroling Paris and the ground belonging to it, The wall was built at a cost of £3,705,000. The stone }n the masonry wou}d be servijeable m building the foundations of h.ouses. Two years ago a similar pjoppsal was made to tbe War Office, but rejected by the Defence Committee for Paris. Seventeen generals and colonels of Engineers belonging to that body were against that proposal, and fourteen m /avor. The syndicate m question bought come years ago a good deal of ground adjoining the piroular wall. The interest on the money meanwhile has been lost, but }t would be amply recouped were the proposal made accepted by the Defence Committee! The superior and permanent Counoil at tfto War Offioe have reoommended the demolition of the circular walls of Paris and the fortified places on the north side.

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