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• I An American syndioato has boon formed with a capital of 50,000,000 dollars to construct a railway m Siberia. The now dynamite gun oruisor, built at Philadelphia, showed a speed of 21*47 knots an hour on bet trial trip. What an enormous industry the manufacture of bottles is can only bo indifferently understood by quoting statistics, whioh show that the daily output is over 40,000 gross for all countries. Agriuultaral depression is not confined to England. Out of every four farms m Illinois three are mortgaged, and the loss of the Illinois farmers m the last five years is estimated by offioial reports at 50,000,000d01. The " air bath " has been especially reoommended at the Medical Congress for oonßumptive patients. It consists of a system of reat m the open air for hours daily, the patients reclining on steamer ohairs or loungeß. At Christohuroh yesterday a man named Joseph Tindall gave his son, 12 years old, into custody on a charge of stealing a watoh belonging to fellow-workman named Oharles Pearce. The boy confessed to stealing the watoh, whioh he bid m the garden. The Christoburoh Temperance Hotel Company, formed ten years ago, has been wound up. The hotel, furniture, and other assets, have been handed over to Mr H. W. Paoker, the mortgagee, who has paid the company's overdraft. Sunflowers are used m Wyoming territory for fuel The stalks when dry are as hard R3 maple-wood and make a hot fire, and the seed-heads with the seeds m are said to burn better than the best hard coal. An acre of sunflowers mil furnish fuel for one stove for a year. A smart young fellow recently bustled into an up-country railway station and m a free and easy stylo inquired of the ticket olerk — " What's the lowest you'll take me to Wei lington for ? " " Eighteenpenoe m the dog box, and supply your own collar and chain," was the reply. The Timaru Herald " Bays the Bun Commissioners, Messrs Baker, MoMilan and Foster, have gone over Station Peak and Hakateramea runs, and are at present up the Waitaki river. They are expeoted down by Wednesday (to-day), and will return to Timaru through the Mackenzie Country, The " Gazette " contains a notification to the effeot that the regulation published m the supplement to the " New Zealand Gazette " of the 27th January, 1888, regarding bags holding more than 2401 b each, is amended, and the full contents of suoh bags 1 of grain will be charged rate and one-eighth instead of rate and a quarter. A meeting of householders for the eleotion of a Sohool Committee . took plaoe m the Sohoolroom at Mayfield on the 14th instant, when, the following gentlemen were duly elected, viz. :— Messrs Jameß Deilow (ohairman), R. Jackman, J. Patterson, D. Kellehan, Chrifltiaxjßon, W. Dallow, and W. R. S. Elmslie. The "Wanganui Ohroniole" understands that Mr O. D. R. Ward haß already been asked, m the event of the Ministry not appointing him to the vacancy on the Supreme Court Benoh, to stand for Beveral of the Soutbetn electorates, at the next general eleation. Should he consent to do bo, it is not unlikely that he would contest a seat now returning one of the present Ministers. The eleotion of General Harrison is interesting to Englishmen beoause he is the direot descendant of Harrison who signed the death-warrant of Oharleß 1., and was afterwards executed at Charing Cross. That inoident wbb frequently referred to m the; oourae of the electioneering campaign, and was undoubtedly one of those things which told to the credit of the suooessful candidate —"Pall Mall Budget." * ' The "Norlh Otago Times " states tha with the first fine day the contractors for th< breakwater will complete their contraot, so far aa the repairs to the wall are concerned, Tha gap that has started the people of Oamaru m the faoe for so long a time, and that has given visitors the impression that the sea wall is not a very stable instruotura will be dosed up. The work done under the present oontraot is one'of the most substantial oharaoter. A game of chess has been going on for five years between players living respectively m Australia and Newark, U.S A. They make their moves by letter, the Amerioan sending his communications by way of Europe and the Suez Canal, while the Australian prefers to post across the Paoifio to California and over the continent. The latter now wishes to oomplete the game by telegraph the loser to bear the expense, but his oponent, who is considered to be very near defeat, refuses. The next Mayor of New York will have m his gift on the Ist of May, 1889, (sayß " St. Jameß' Gazette ") appointments worth nearly £200,000 a year m the aggregate. There will be a dook commissioner with a salary of £1000 s year, a commissioner of public works with £1500 a year, a corporation counsel with £2400 a year, a commissioner of charities and correction, salary £1000; a polioe commissioner and a fire commissioner each with £1000, a president of the health department likewise at £1000 a year, a oity chamberlain with £500 a year, and three excise commissioners with £1000 ajyear eaoh: " It," a remarkable oat, died at Putnam, Connecticut, the other day. The animal had seyon legs and two tails, being m reality gne oat m front and two pats behind. Her strange deformity enabled her to do'mbny tricks, she was able to walk at any angle without turniog, and whenever the perpendioular walls wore near enough together she oould go up them as easily as Bbc oould walk the floor, while it was her favorite sport to olimb a tin pipe to the roof of the house. She was buried m a triangular blaok walnut box with the simple inscription " It," and many 0l Jhe yjllsgerj Rinded the burial. Probate of the will of tho lata Thomas X'w U, of Clarence House, Clapham, who died on Oor. 4th, aged fifty* three years has been gran'ed. The testator, better known as Tom King, was born m Stepney. After making one voyage as a sailor, be obtained work at the Viotorian Docks, and rose to be foreman pf the shipping works, adopting pugilism also as a profession 1 He was bea'en by Mace m January 1802, but m November of the same yeßr the combatants again met and the tableß were then turned, and Kkig beaame the champion of England. After a fight whioh exoited much interest at the time with Heenan, m 1863, Tom King retired from thg prize ring and beoame a bookmaker. The value of Jjis personal estate ia deolared at £54,472 Bs, ' A trial of reapers and binders was held yesterday afternoon at Mr J. G. Cox's farm, Race Course Road. Two Peering and two Brantford machines exhibited, The crop whs a sixteen aero paddock of oats, rather on the green side. It waa fairly even, the straw averaging about 2ft Gin throughout, and would, if allowed to ripen, have threshed out 30 bushels to the aore. Tbeßrantfordmaohines were sft and 7ft m width of cut respectively, and were driyen by JP. Cox and I). Johns, This was the first agpoarftneo m a harvest field m this district of the Vf i mapbjne. It attracted a great deal of attention, a mokt notioeable feature being the wonderfully light draught, a by no means firßt-olass team of two Jiorseji drawing the machine with ease. The work turned out was vety good, the out being clean and the eheayes well formed and lightly tjed. The ,sft Brant ford jalso did its work m good style, both cutting and tying well, The peeringß wore sft and 6ft m out, and were driven by S, . Hume and W. Fleming. "^a 6ft machine tjed'wifh hemp, the other iV" ■ ' Ma **illa. Both machines did three using _ ■--le.LtW! apS capital work, cutting a iir* . - turning out fine well shaped and square u _ sheaves. There were several farmers present at the trial, and the opinion was generally expressed that the work of all the machines was exoellent. " Rough on Piles."— Why suffer Piles immediate relief and complete cure guaran» teed. Ask for "Rough on Piles." Sure cure for itching, protruding, bleeding, or any form ?f pd 4

The Japanese propose to erect a monument o the memory of Ganeral Grant at Tokoi. Paris swarms with beggars. Four thou. land were arrested m that city during last aionth. A French priest deolares that France is Bxoited as never beforo within the century, and impelled to seek a saviour. The meeting of 'he Stewards of the Trades, men's Racing Olub, called for yesterday evening was adjourned until Saturday even* mg next. * The Prince of Wales was so delighted with the Hungariau national dance, the Osardao, that he has resolved to transplant it to British soil, and it will be introduced at fashionable balls the coming season. It was when the late Professor Proctor was on English sohool examiner that a little girl defined the difference between a man and a brute aB follows : " A brute is an imperfeot beast ; man is a perfeot beast." A little boy, about five years of age, wbb knocked down on the Wakanui Road this morning by a truck attached to a traotion engine. The youngster had a fortunate escape, sustaining only a few outs and bruises; Dr Tweed was promptly on the spot and attended to the boy's injuries. A day^ at two ago we printed the story of a little episode whioh transpired at a meeting of one of our looal bodieß. It will be remembered that a member formally challenged another to fight a duel. We have ohanced upon a oopy of the document m question, and the following are the polite terms m whioh the gentleman first mentioned invited his adversary to hostile oombat. •« If you do not accept this challenge, I shall put you down as what I always considered you as no gentleman, and a Coward." The " Ohioago Herald " tells how a Georgia farmer thinned out the rats whioh ravaged bis oorn crib, He got a throe-gallon jar, and half filled it with water. On the top of the water he placed a tbiok layer of cotton Beed: The seed, bo be argued, would attract the rats as a pleasant place to play ; and, of course, that moment m they would go. The trap worked like a charm. The rats came ; they attempted the frolio aot on the Beed with the deceptive foundation ; and, to use Mr Kilgore's own words, he •• caught a gallon and a-half of rats tbe first night," running the water to the top., A paper was read at the recent Ohuroh Congress at Home, from whioh it appeared that the tofal exports of spirits to Afrioa by the leading exponents of civilisation during 1887 amounted to 6,628,066 gallons. The pious work of exterminating the nigger can be as effectually accomplished by bad whisky as by gunpowder. Some of the gin and rum sent to Afrioa is said to be oooasionally used by the painters for turpentine. It is recorded that a " gorilla whioh bad been prooured at tho Gaboon Rivar, died on its way Home, and m order to preserve its body properly it was placed m a cask of trade rum ; but when the | cask was opened at Liverpool it was found that the hair and skin of the gorilla had been burned, as if by vitriol, and that tbe body was m a terrible state of pu'refaotion." It can only be supposed that the inside of a nigger is a trifle tougher than the outßide of a gorilla. Mahmoud Djelladellan Pasha, the late Minister of Finance at Constantinople, has narrowly escaped strangling. He oarae into | the office a few years ago, when a very poor man, but by means of systematic swindling of an outrageous kind he has realised a fortune of 350,000 Turkish pounds. Tbe Sultan, on being informed of his fraudulent praotioet, ordered bis arrest, and announced bis in* tention of having bim strangled, and of confiscating his savings. It then turned out that Mahmoud bad been sufficiently farlighted to invest his fortune abroad, ao that, if he were strangled, the Sultan would not gain a piastre ; and after muoh negotiation it has been deoided that he is to pay a fine of 120,000 Turkish pounds, and to be banished from the vioinity of Constantinople. This fine will not be employed to compensate the officials who have been robbed by Mahmoud, but it is to go into the Sultan's private purse. The parochial schools at Woodstock (England) have been closed, and the scholars deprived of the opportunity for eduoation beoause of a feud that rages between the Duke of Marlborough and the rector. "When the divorced duke brought his second duchess home to Blenheim, tbe reotor, being a man of mettle, forbade the ringing of the ohuroh bells m honor of what hn believed to be an unsoriptural union. Thereupon the duke retaliated by stopping his subscription of £10 per annum to tbe paroobial schools, and they hare Binoe been closed. The reotor tells us that tbe duke " hss forbidden myself and my curates to give any religious instruction m the eohools of Bladen, whioh is part of my parish. He has also, through his agent, withdrawn tha privilege of driv'n? through Blenheim Park from myself and my family.' 1 What, an instructive light this inoident throws on the relations between church and State m the rural distriots of England. ' It is well . known that people who have just escaped death by drowning say that during the last period of their immersion, after the conscious Btruggle -for life has ceased, they recall, with incredible vividness, all the events of their past life. Admiral Sir Francis Beaumont gave a very dear account of hiß emotions under such oiroumstanoes, whioh is quoted m Harriet Marttueau's " Biographical Sketoheß." He first thought of tbe aooident whioh had just taken place, the awkwardness that had produced it, the effeot it would have on bis father, the manner m wbioh the latter would break it to the rest of the family, and of a thousand other thingß connected with home. Then bis reflection took a wider range, and he recalled his last cruise, a former voyage and Bhipwreok, his sohool days, with the progress he had made and the time he had misepent m them ; even his boyish pursuits and adventures reourred to his mind. And all this took place betw9en his losing consoiousoess and his being taken out of the water—that is, within a space of two minutes. SENDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT.—Ip protection of the wqrld wide fame our manufacture h,aß acquired all over the globe, we publish the following ; — Hazard, M.D., Professor of General Pathology and Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, says m an editorial published m the " Clinical Record : " — " We have examined half-a-dozen speoimens of different manufactures; the preparation of Sander and Sons was the only one that proved to be reliable and corresponding to ecjentifio tests." Another conoootion palled " Eeflned Extract of E.uoalyptus " has made its appearance oincp. T-Ms product stands, according to Dr Owen, foremost m causing injurious effects. That gentleman eommunioates, at a meeting of tho M.edigal Society of Viotoria, that a ohild living at Fitzroy became most seriously indisposed through its use. In another case a lady states on the strength of statutory declaration that she suffered cruelly from the effeots of the same concoction. To guard the high reputation of our manufacture we feel warranted ip exposing the above facts, and desire the publio to exerpise care and precaution when buying SANDER and SONS.— Adv _^___ 7

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2038, 16 January 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2038, 16 January 1889

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