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A rehearsal of " Ashore and Afloat " takes place to-night at the Oddfellows' Hall at 8 p.m. . Christmas Day was the hottest day ever experionoed m Adelaide, Of the fifteen students sent by the Government of Siam to receive professional training m England, four ate young women. The death ia announced of Bey D. McNeill, at Donald, m Viotoria, where be had been lately. Btationed. His many friends m the Mount Somers distriot will be grieved to learn the above. A Pullman car on 'the American model is being built for tbe Emperor William at a | cost of £7000. It will oontain bedroom, dressing and bath room, dining-room, and library, and it iB to be ready for use by April ! next. Tbe Emperor's trains are paid for at a special rate, and cost him about fifteen .hillings for every ten miles for' the engine and van, and about eight shillings for eaoh carriage. It is now a hundred years ago since the potato oat waa first raised and introduced, the origin of the variety being the discovery of a single plant m a potato field (hence oalled " potato ") m Cumberland. All along this oat haa been a popular one, and, ot white varitiea, probably tbe moßt extensively oultiva ed of any m Great Britain. It yields a heavy grain, often m Sootland weighing up to 451bs a bushel. The " Napier Newa " relates a diaclpaure at a recent meeting of the Napier Charitable Aid Board, when a woman applied to have the two children of her deceased daughter supported by tbe State on aooount ot her inability to keep them. It appeared tbat both the children are illegitimate, and the putative father of one ia a shining light m tbe legislative world, at whose houae the girl had been working aa servant. A novel caae haa been brought to the notice of the Paria Academy of Medioine. A man's breaßt bone waa nearly all removed, with parte of several ribs, m order to stop the progress of bone disease, Tbe experiment resulted not only m saving the patient's life, but has given Beveral physiologists an opportunity for direct investigation of the living heart and great artery, parts of which have been readily aeoessible. The " Dunedin Evening Star " announoeß that it haß the best reason for stating that tbe Cabinet have decided on appointing Mr H. Dillon Bell, at present Crown Prosecutor for Wellington, to the vacant Judgeship. It is also, we believe, the faot tbat, m order to induce Mr Bell to accept the post, the Government have promißed to do all m their power to induce the House next session to raise the salaries of eaoh of the Supreme Court Judges by £500 a year. The ** Sydney Bulletin " saya : —«■ The Hon Mr Richardson, New Zealand Minister for Lands and Mines, haa neither the physical nor mental earmarka of a popular pet. He ia a surveyor, of medium height, attaobed to a large head with a cigarette m it, a gruff manner, and a gloomy conviotioo that the world contains many millions of peoplemostly fools. Also with a oast iron oertainty that when things come to be sorted he will not be with the majority." The Duohesa of Cambridge, who has been very unwell for some time past, has ralied again, and for the moment is out of danger. Though she is a confirmed invalid and unable to move about, the Duohesa still takes a lively interest m all social matters, and enjoya the visits whioh her many friends pay her. She ia almoat bent double from age and ia quite bald, whioh, as she will never wear a cap, giveß her a most ourioua appearance. She is devotedly fond of musio, and pays £800 a year to a well-known Italian singer to sing to her daily during his sojourn m London. A shooking oase of baby-farming haß eaourred iv Stockbridge near Edinburgh. Two infanta, taken m successively to obtain the money paid for their nursing, have been ' ea.h suffocated m a most horribly fierce and cold-blooded manner, with her own naked hands, iby the wretched woman to whom they were entrusted. The discovery of (be body of the first poor little viotim, by some boya, who, finding it tightly wrapped and fastened m a pieoe of oilskin, prooeeded to play football with it, the deteotion of the crimes. The "Bruce Herald" reports that at Castle Hill, near Kaitangata, some of the men who left the ftaitangata Goal Company's employ at the time of the dispute have, after 12 months' boring and at a cost of over/£SOP struck another seam at a total depth of 385 ft, about 300 ft below tbe sea level. The coal so far as they have gone is 20ft thick; whioh is enough to justify them m opening up. During the process, the ground to be, gone through was so hard that the expenses amounted to at one time aa mnoh aa £1 an inoh, The area of the olaim ia 600 aores. Unless I am muoh misinformed (says the writer of Tittle Tattle m the " Pall Mall Budget ") there ia trouble brewing between $he Kaiser and the Pope. The guarded communications m the papera as to the freedom with whioh his Holiness commented upon his "Imperial Majesty give little idea of the intensity ot the Holy Father's feelings. "Ba is a bad son, and he will be a bad Monarch," is Baid to have been one of the Pope's rerparks to a recent visitor, and he further said he regarded Kaiser Wilhelm aa m a very odious fellow.'' The Princess Louise has undertaken at her own ooat the restoration of an ancient Cistercian chapel on Jnnishail Island m &och Awe, This has given rise to some speculation bb to whether ber Royal Higbness's mipd is turning towards Borne, as it waa of late falsely reported tbat tbat of her sister, the Prinaess Helena, was. There are no signß, however, to show tbat her Highness baa any intention of recalling the successors of the monks to serve m the ohapel. In all probability the Boyal lady's aesthetic tastes are alone con**#tnad m the matter. The end of the world ia confidently foretold for tbe year 1920 by an 4 mer * oan Divine. He reckons from muoh scientific research that m just 32 years from now the electricity stored m the earth will oome into oontaot With the heated matter inside, and blow the whole world up, Another ingepioua gentleman of his profession baa taken the trouble to figure out the eige of IJeaven, apoor^ng (0 the basjs civen m the book of Bevelations, He J* tl *aateß tbftt the Beayenly oity contains 5,759,750,000 to?**' Mflh & e|n S * 9 b 7 fe *-t m size. j We find the following m the " Auckland Herald " : — New Zealanders are continually growling about the country being over* burdened with officialism. They may be thankful that their lot m not oast, m New South Wales, as they would* have muoh more oause of complaint. Sir Henry Parkes, m a reoent debate m the New South Wales Parliament, said that one reason why he was m favor of leasing the Sydney Tramways was that it would reduce the number of persons m Government pay. At present there were 34.000 persona m the servioo of the Government, or, of the males over 18 yeara of age, 1 m 10 was m its pay 1 Here is a pretty little story about the Princees Maud of Wales. Her mother makes ber an allowanoe, a considerable part of whioh she spends m charity, but there are so many appeals that ber little fnud is inadequate to meet them, bo she haß hit upon this method of replenishing her exohequer. She .makes a habit of gathering up all the peaoock feathers that are dropped by the great flock of pea-fowl at Sandringham, and theße she weaves into fans and firescreens to be sold at obarity fairs. Tho faot that they are made by a Princess, and also that they are very pretty and tastefully done, gives them a oonsideraole value, and she reaps from them a neat little sum for ber pet pensioners. Statutory Declaration.— l, Franz Baabe, Ironbark, Sandhurst, m the oolony of Viotoria, Australia, do solemnly and sincerely deolare that' on the 2.5 th June, 1877, my Bon Alfred, six years pt 'age, was aco/Ldantally hurt with an axe on hiß knee, fat onco'toojb jail naias to seoure medical assistance. However, mi spite of «I1 effort)., on the 27th 4ugua., 1977, the opinion waa £ tveß hy^ Dp Mwgillivray tbat an amputation of the i^j'J^d limb bad become imperative, m order to save life. At this junoture I called on Messrs Sander and Sons, procuring some of their Extraot of the Euoalyptus Globulus, and by the application of the same I bad the satisfaction of seeing my son within a ' fortnight out of all danger, and to-day he is recovered. 1 may just add that it waa when the crisis had been readied '< tbat tbe Extract referred to was first applied. ; and I make this tjoleipn declaration, eto, — ' Franz B_-b:_. Declare^ at Sandhurst, m the : oolony of Viotoria, Australia, this seventeenth j , day of October, one .thousand eight hundred and seventy-stvenl before ffle, Morita Cohn, J.P.-.Advl,) p\

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