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The second of tho series of Aahbnrton wool sales will be held at the Orange Hall on Monday afternoon. The anniversary services m tho Tinwald Preßbyterian Church will ba conducted tomorrow, morning and evening, by the Boy J. Elmßlio, M.A., of Ohristohurcb. The hours of service are bb usual, 11 a.m. and 6 30 p.m, It is stated (says the Frees ") that one of our Ghristohnroh lawyers has left for Wellington to make, on behalf of a section of the profession, representations to the Government on the eubjeot of the vaoant judgeship: Mrs Langtry leads the fashion m Amorioa. As much epaoe i"b given m seme journals to the curl-papers ehe prefers, the gloves ehe wears, and the hairpins she employs as to the leading articles. She sot a small current of fashion flowing on her brief visit to England. Thiß was the wearing of bronze Bhoes with bronze-cnlorcd dockings. A trrmendous Btorm passed over Orkney on Oat, 28th. At Holm it wus especially severe, the wind blowing over carts and stacks, while pedestrians had to Ho down on tnoir faces. The Btorm was accompanied by tor rifle flashes of lightning and peals of thunder, aB woll qb by a shower of ioo, which smashed almost every window m the place. All wbb quiet again m half an hour. Becently a gontleman m Buffolk, who had lost a valuable horso owing to the uproar created by a Salvaiion Army pro- I O3eion, instead of prosecuting the offenders iriminally, sued them m tho County Court and recovered £50 damages Tho appeal which General Booth threatened has been fcbindoned, and both tho damages and oosta have been paid. The decision, thereforo, stands for a good preoedent. The best Remedy for Indigestion.— Norton's Camomile Pills are confidently recommended as a simple remedy for indigestion, which is the cause of nearly all the diseases to which we arc subject. JXorton's Pills, with justice called the " nature's strengthener of the I uman stomach," act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient, are mild m their operation, aid safe under auy circumstances Sold m bottles at is l£d, 2s ori, . 4s> by gall medicine vendors lhrough,out!the 1 worjd,

An artiolo m the "North China Herald' 1 upon Chinese benevolence shows that it if \ very generally practiced. Whenever great 1 floods or fatuinos occur i;reat soup kitchens nre established. There aro Hocietioa to pro- , vide ooflinH for those whe cannot buy them, ; for gathering human boneß whioh. have ' become expo Hod aud giving them suitable ' burial, for distributing plasters and druus and for presenting " virtue books." i I<? the I'arnell Commission really worth ' while ? The question (says " Truth ") ia now ' being very generally aßked. It may assist ' towards an answer if X say that, according to the gossip of the Bar, tbo Commission ia costing precisely three guineas a minuto. ■ This calculation includes the whole expendi- ; turo of all the partios concerned, Ihe State included. Aa for the expenses o£ " The Times " it is estimated that they will as nearly as possible eat up the profits of a yeor. The " Buenos Ayreß Herald 1 ' says the reeds and rushes of tho Parana nre destined to becorao of great value for papar pulp and. and as a fibre for textile fabric?. By a rocen' invention wool and silk are mado from reeds, and the "Herald" remarks :—'* We have examined heavy goods for overcoats, blankets, nnd gentlemen s wear, felting, and black silk dress goods, all made out of the fibre of theeo rushes, which for texture, for finish, for strength, and for holding oolors wo could not distinguish from similar goods made from wool and Bilk." The Asbburton Rifles fire the final oompeiition for tho New Zealand Clothing Factory's Cup, with money prizes added, on Tuesday morning next, at five o'clock sharp, bo as to enable the men to leave the range at 7.16. Ranges— 2oo yards standing, 300 yards kneeling, 400 yards sny position, 6 shots at eaoh range. Competitors are particularly requested to be at the river Bide by 4. 30 .p.m., when a conveyance will be m readiness to take the men aoross the river: The Queen Regent of Spain is a wise and politic woman. If it be possible her woman's wit will sooure the throne of Spain to the little King, who for the present oooupies it. She is assiduous m paying court to the army. She reviews regiments m person, pays visits to the barracks, goes through the barrack kitohens, and even partakes of the food supplied to the men. I'his is all done of oourse with a shrewd purpose. There are twenty parties m Spain, and sections of parties. If the Queen Regent can effect her purpose, the Kirn? will have the Spanish army as his party. He can then snap his fingers at the others. Gisborne news says that at (he County Council meeting the question of Native Land Court matters was discussed. It waß statec by all the members that the present mode of working Land Courts was a Boandal and a disgrace. Last year the Natives had to danoe attendance on the Court, which was adjourned from week to week, the law costs amounting to more than the land was worth. The Judges came and walked away again. There had been a glut of work for years baok, and work of ten or fifteen years ago was not cleared j up. Tho stamp fees alone m the oases wait- ' ing trial would amount to over £6000. It was an iniquitous Bcandal that settlement had been hung up so long. A strong resolution on the subjeot, addressed to the Native Minister, was oarried. There is at present a soaroity of fancy human hair m the markot. The scarooßt hair ?8 pure white, and its value is Qonatantly increasing j and it it is unusually long—that is, from 4fc to sft— the dealer can get almost his own price; while if it is of ordinary length, it is worth from 875fr to 600fr, (£ls i to £20) an ounce. The faot that pure white hair is the Court ooiflure throughout Europe , keeps the demand for it very high. It is muoh prized by Amerioan women whose hair > id white, and who desire to enrich its folds, [ for white hair is held to give oertain dig- ! tinotion to the wearer. There is no fancy . market for grey hair ; it is too common. It is nsod to work into wiga of persons who are 1 growing old, The fashionable society of Both has been 1 shocked by tbo reported olopement of a yoliog ; lady with her manservant, a married man . with a family. The lady, who is about 30 ( yearß of age, was well known m the district, . and on tho death of her father a few months ' ago she set up housekeeping on her own - account. She engaged tho man with whom/ , it is alleged, she has eloped as her butler, whilst bis wife had to do the work of Iho house, and an arrangoment was made that ; a relative of theirs Bhould look "ufter tho i children. It seems that the partiality of the > mistress for the butler excited, and naturally , so, the iro of the butler's wife ; jjqt it waf? little suspected that matters would end bb 1 they have done. The young lady is possessed 5 of ample meana. The butler leaveß behind f him a family of four. i •' Did you notioe that girl's eyes?" asked [ » doctor, m a large gathering m New York. t The reporter addressed had not, but a few minutes later, 'when he mot her, he notiood ' their unusual lustre. "It's belladonna," • said the M.D., " and you have no idea of ita 5 use. Jt is chiefly used by young ladies who [ have light eyes, and it distends the pupils until the eyes look as dark and deep as those ' of any Spanish beauty. One peculiarity of > its effect |b that it oaueps partial blindness, . aDd I have often seen a Bocioty lady at a reception, where the light was very bright, run against someone or something that she ' was apparently looking directly • at. The ' continued use of it not only affects the eyes, . but the nerves of the face, and often produces . mueaular contraction, that causes the skin to wrinkle m the region of the eyeß, and some* ' times a fulness under them." The question of punishment for juvenile crime was brought before a meeting of of the peace at Auckland yesterday [ Dr Giles, R.M., presiding. Mr King safcj that it was desirable that there should be unanimity on the chastisements inflioted yppn juvenile offenders, apd aleo that the punishment should bo bo severe that it would act as a deterrent, Pr Giles remarked that ; flogging, which would be the most efleotivo punishment, could only be administered m ' cases of larceny, but there were many other offenoos than this, whioh would be more i properly punished by floggiDg, Buoh aa row* , diaym, Btone throwing, eto. He thought that when parents did not bring up their children ' properly they ehould bo disfranchised. This ■ w.oald be a telling penalty. Why a person who performed none of the duties of a good ejtiggn phoufd'be ftble to .vote as one, he could " — » at fljl, Eventually jit ' yas agreed tq not v; -— Mug 10 #bpul a month to call another iu^ "~ ~ W '«W of/§ugges{? consider the question wnu v . . a

ing to Parliament that the Aot be amenu^. Some few months ago (saya a writer m " Truth ") I tilled attention to the fact that, m opite cf all the scare about the servicobayonet, the Esaox Regiment, stationed at Malta, still appeared to be armed with weaponß made of tin or Britainnia metal, or some other equally serviceable composition Speaking from memory, I fancy the fact whioh I then reported was that a private m this regiment had thoughtlessly leaned up against a post while wearing his side-arms and had orumpled up his .bayonet like a paper collar. Evidently this was not an isolated cane. lam told that within the last few weeks another man m the same regiment was standing up m a railway oarriago at Valetta station, when the train suddenly moved on and caused him to sit down with his bayonet under him. The result was that the weapon was bent, as my informant puts if, " into the shape of a rainbow." The incident is, of course, •' being mado the subject of inquiry • » but bb far as I oan Bee, the only use of those inquiries is to throw dust m the eyes of the public, or to furnish an excuse for fresh fraudß on the taxpayer. The best medioine known is SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its eminent powerful offecta m ooughß, oolda, influenza, etc — the relief is instantaneous • Thoußandsgivo the mostgratifying testimony. His Majesty the King of Italy, and medical syndicates all over the globo are its patrons. Read the official reports that acoompany eaoh bottle. Mosler, M.D., Prof. University Grcifswald, reports :->Tho Eucalypti Extract proved magnificently successful itiveryHovero contusions, bruises, sprains, wounds, scaldings, broken ribs, and limbs. ("Medical Journal," Nov., 1881.) In diseases of the kidneys, either active congestion or suppros* sion, (uroouiia) or albuminuria, dropsy lithargy, nothing will equal m its aotiori Euoalypti Extiaot. Doseß, sto 8 drops Mosler, M.D., Pror., University, Greifswald,' reports :— Diphtheria. Ton.-ulB continually coheront presenting ulcera with white oxudats. Cured m fourteen days, Surgical Clinic of Prof. M'lntyre, College of Physicians and Surgeons, St. Louis— Soirrhus of BreastExcision Eucalypti Extraot employed. No swelling, beat, or dißooloratioUt Cured m ourteen faye,— (Adyt.) 4

At Matlock the wife of a retired olnrgyman ] i was fined for drunkenness. She was found I 1 helpless m the snow after midnight. f The membership of the Roman Catholic^ Temperance League of the Croßs m England m said to be 50,000, and the roll ' m Ireland greatly exoeeds this number. . Mr W. J. Siloock has forwarded to our office a splendid sample of large red goose* berries. They cumber fifty and turn the sca'e at l|lba being an average of about 28 to the Ib. Mr F. Wehbe, who is m oharge of the boring operations at Terawhiti, (Wellington), 1 reports having atruok a Bmall leader about six m thiokness, which he estimates | will carry 2oz to tho ton. The Inveroargill Chamber of Oomraeroe haß resolved to direot the attention of the Government to fhe discussion of tho Oongress of Chambers held m Molbourne on the BUbjeot of intercolonial froetrado, with tho 1 eußgestion that Government ahould approach the Australian Ministers on the subjoot. A Press Association telegram states that an opinion is Raining ground m Wellington that Mr H. D. Bell, of the firm of Bell, Gully, and Izard, either has been or will be appointed the new Judge. The Premier, however, states that no decision has yet been arrived at. The Prince of Wales oontinuee to experi. enoe the worst of bad luck with his raoehorae purchases. A horse called Royalist, that oost 3100 guineaß as a yearling, failed to eHoit a bid when put up for sale at New* market during the Hough- on meeting. Two or three others have been turned out of training as useless. It is stated says the "Wanganui Ohroniole" that Mr D. O'Brien offered £1500 for Cuirassier before his race for the Great Northern Derby, but his owners pluokily refused to part with the oolt at the prioe. That they were right m rejecting the tempting offer was proved by the result, the value of tho Btakes won being £748, and the horse's value after his viotory being fully £2000. Holioway's Pills. — Health or Wealth. — No sane person would hesitate an instant m the choice between those two conditions. Now is the season to secure the former either by restoring or confirming it. These pills expel all impurities from the system which fogs, foul vapours, and variable temperature engendered during winter; this medicine also acts most wholesomely upon the skin by disgorging the liver of its accumulated bile, and by excitine; the kidneys to more energetic action ; it increases the appetite for food and strengthens i the digestive process. The stomach and liver, with which most disorders originate, are fully under the control of these regenerative pills, which act very kindly yet more efficient y on the tenderest towels.

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