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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, JANUARY 11, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

Sir Morel 1 Mackenzie offers to meet the German dootors m an Amerioan court of law as an impartial tribunal, and offers to put down £5000 towards the expense if Professor Yon Bergmann will contribute a similar Bum. . The next census of the United States will Bhow a national population of. upwards of seventy millions, and before the present century doses all the present Territoritieß will probably be numbered as States of the Union. Dr Tanner, who won glory a few years ago by breaking tbe fasting reoord, is now proposing to give his soul a rest for sixty days, having his body sealed meanwhile m an airtight casket. At the end of the two months he promises to come out of the ooffin just as well as he was when he wbb boxed up. A new source of wealth has been disoovered m Ireland. Not only are the large omnibus companies using peat for litter, but from the "top-peat" a material like wool of fairly good quality is now being made with results that promise an increasing demand for Irish labour. Three houses near tbe haymarket, Sydney, are ocoupied by no fewer than 533 Chinese, who boast that they are lodged for an average of 10 Jd per week. The beds are mere shelves, ranged round the room m tiers, > and fully 50 Chinese are located m Eome of the rooms. A favorite Persian oat, on friendly term 9 With many households, wbb able to spread ! soarlet fever amidst quite a large oommunity ' of children m Chicago last year. Tbis animal ' had been petted by a child lying m bed ill with the disease, and m its subsequent visits ', to several neighbours' houses it oarried the ' disease with it. The President of the Frenoh Republic M. I Carnot, has received from M. Boulet, the owner of a kennel of dogs of the raco known 1 m France as griffons,' a waistcoat made of the ' long and silky hair which is their distinguish--1 ing feature. It is of a fawn oolor, and was Bent m a oase of morocoo leather, on the ' oover of which is a glass medallion contain- • ing a photograph of one of the dog's heads. j. The following curious item. is supplied to us by our Paris correspendent : — Strikee ' being the order of the day the whole of the | bar at Valence have deoided to be m tbe 1 movement, m oonsequenoe of one of their number, M. Joulie, having been cautioned by 1 tbe Civil Tribunal for |a speech against the ) Public Prosecutor. Suoh a melancholy state of things is sad to contemplate. The inhabitants will have to settle their own dis- > putes m the absence of any one to quarrel on their behalf. Tbe total number of suioides committed m 1 France during the year 1887 was 7672, ol which 2168 are attributed to mental afflictions of different kinds, 1228 to physioal sufferings, 975 to domestio troubles, 800 to drunkenness, f 483 to poverty, 305 to pecuniary difficulties, i 202 to the desire to evade imprisonment, 100 ) to the loss of employment, 89 to the fear of i exposure, 56 to the loss of relatives and 25 to I the dread of military service. Among the other oauses specified m the returns, 227 suioides are put down to jealousy and crossing iii love, The Viotorian Postal Department introduced an important innovation with the new year — viz., the introduction of " letter oards," whioh will be obtainable at any post office m Victoria at tbe rate of l£d eaob, or Is 6d per dozen. These oards m appearance resemble double post oards, and besides giving nearly twice the' space of ordinary cards for writing, may be gummed so as to be doled against inspection. The pards will be transmitted witbin Viotoria, ana to Tasmania and Queensland, but, for the present, if addressed' to any other colony or oountry there must be affixed to them stamps sufficient to make up postage equal to letter rateß, The «« Press " says :— lt seems very strange that the two shipping disasters whioh have occurred near Lyttelton last year should have found vessels of the oame name .about the same time iv difficulty m Australia. The barque May Queen, on January 7th, became a total wreok m Lyttelton Harbor, while ou February 25th the May Queen, ketoh, sank off Huon felapd. Still stranger was the coincidence with the Coquette disaster on December 14th, for on that date the Coquette, three-masted schooner, bound for iJewpaßtle, put back into Melbourne, tha rudder bands having been oarried away off Cape Sobnaok, on the 14th. She was placed iv dook at Yarra Bank for repairs on the 18th. Texas js troubled w»tj? a plethora of cash. Its bonded indebtedness! is only £900,000, whioh the holders will not exchange for the money, preferring to draw the interest ; and there js m the State Treasury a surplus of more than £400,000. The sohool fund haa a surplus fund of £3,200,000, for nearly half of whioh no investment can be found.. The farmers, to whom the State hss been selling its land on forty years' time, witb only five per oent. interest, m the hope that .they would be very dilatory about paying the prinoipal, are piling fn the money on the overburdened State Treasurer. The counties are doing tbe same. To add to its misery, the State Jhas 30,000,000 aores of laud yet to soil, whioh are bringing every year higher . prices. The best medioine ifl Sander and Sons' Euoalypti Extraot. Test its eminent powerful effeots m ooughs, colds, influenza, etc.*— the relief is instantaneous. Thousands give | the most gratifying testimony. His Majesty tbe Eing of Italy and medioal syndicates all over the globe are its - patrons. Bead the Official reports that aooompany eaoh bottle. Yfo bjaye no oocasion to ofler rewards m proof of the genjjifljßness of our referenoes. The offioial reports pf, piedjoal clinics and universities, the offioial communication of the Oonsul-General for Italy at Melbourne j the diploma awarded International Exhibition, i Amsterdam— all these are authentic documents, and, as such, not open to doubt. We $dd h^re epitome of one of the various oases treated $t tfte olinio of Sohultz, M.D., Professor, etc. — *• C.8., %$ years old ; oongestional abscess on the thigh. Inojsions made m two places. Although lister's d*ea^pg was applied, the seoretion became, two days late**, very copious, and had adopted a foetid, decomposed obprabter. The temperature rose enormously. . In oopsefluence the dressing was removed, and m 'm place were made during the day-time repeated irrigations with Eucalypti [Extract. The offensive foeter disappeared very soon,' the fever abated witbin a few days, apd the patient recovered after tibe lapse 6t several Weeks. In this instance ; we must not lose sight oi the faot that the : •*ttet tre^tflJWjt wfa the patfept'B life.' "— (Advt '"*** *' N * f

Mr Flood, pianoforte tuner, is on a professional visit to Ashburton. The Edendale Dairy Factory is now receiving 2100 gallons of milk daily. Over eight million newspapers were delivered through the post m New Zealand last year. Upwards of 800 men are now reported to be gathering rubies near Alice Springs, South Australia. Mrae. Hess, of Paris, has refused an offer of 5000 francs for hor hair, which is fully six feet long. Ventura County, U.S., apparently does things on a big soale. Ono of its bean fields just run's to 6000 acres. A perfect opidemio of suicides has broken ■' out m Paris. At least ten attempts of selfi murder are reported every day. Mrs Judgo Hirecb, of Naverp county, Texae, gave birth to Bix children on tho aftejnoon of Saturday, November 3rd. Tbe "Argus" says that Greymouth since it bas been Greymouth was never m a more depressed state than it is at the present time. The report of the haras of the Russian Empire states that there are twenty-one million horses m that oountry. not inoluding Finland and the Caucasus. A reporter at Manchester, England, being unable to find any startling news attempted suioide and wrote a column about it. The Yankee isn't tho only smart man on earth. .This story is from Santa Cruz. A young woman threw herself between two men who were fightiDg. One of the men, who was armed with a knife, m directing a blow at the

other missed his aim, and stabbed tbe woman m tbe heart, killing heron the spot. The woman was his sister. An example of the profits accruing Irom raisin growing is given at tbe vineyard of Ooi Forsyth, at Fresno. From 160 aores of vines he packed 24,000 boxes of raisins of all grades, which realised 38,000 dollars. Tbe land was purchased five years ago at 35 dollars per aore, and the owner refused 625 dollars an acre for it last year. The '* Wellington Post " sayß that letters reoeived from Sir Julius Yogel by the mail this week speak positively ' of his intended departure for New Zealand m Maroh next. He will therefore be baok m the colony m time to take his seat at the opening of the next session of Parliament. For some time past a movement has been on foot among a number of tbe young men of Ashburton to form a seoond braes band. Last evening a meeting was held, at whioh there was a good attendance. It was deoided to form a band, and a number of intending members gave m their names. A good deal of enthusiasm was displayed by those present. After making preliminary arrangements the meeting adjourned to a "future date. A young man m South Carolina, who is represented to have the highest social standing m that State, has been running down with his horse and fatally injured, a young girl of equally aristooratio family who declined to marry him; The young lady with some friends was on her way to ohuroh through the oountry roads, when tbis gallant and de* termined lover overtook the party. As soon ss he saw the young lady he put spurs to his horse and deliberately ran her down, she being fearfully wounded by the horse's hoofs. The " lover " then escaped on his Bteed, and armed men are soouring the country m every direotion for him The girl oannot possibly recover. The action brought against the 70 year old Duohess of Montrose, who was recently married to Mr Milner, by Mr Sanders, to reoover £1730 for 1000 orchids at one guinea eaob, and for work done m oonneotion with 1 a conservatory attached to her New--1 (market residence, was conduded m the Queen's Bench Division on November 22. The Duohess went into the witness box and \ denied that she had given the plaintiff at* _' order for 1000 orchids at lOOOgs, or that a*r I order was given for another consignment, after . 1000 had been supplied, becauee the Prince 1 of Wales was goiog to dine with her. The 1 jury, however, after some deliberation, re- , turned a verdiot for tho plaintiff for the full amount of the olaim— £l73o 63 4d. , . There is said to exißt at Montrouge, one 1 of the Paris suburbs, a phenomenon m the ! shape of a young girl of the name of Taulirr, 1 aged only 17, who weighs upwardß of 210 kilos (33st s£lbs). She measures 2 metres 50 < centimetres round the bust, 1 metre 90 centi- , metres round the hips, tbo diameter of the , arm being 90 centimetres. Notwithstanding 1 these enormous proportions Mile Taulin is m no way deformed, but on the contrary of agreeable appearance. Her phyeiognomy is pleasing, she haß fine eyes, a small mouth and feet and hands that do not exceed the ordinary size. Unhappily, however, she oannot move without assis'anoe, being utterly powerless m 1 tbe limbs and scarcely able to use her hands. Her parents, working people m needy circumstances, have three other children, about none of whom is there anything abnormal; A letter from Craoow announces that the polioe of Moscow have discovered a cellar m that city m whioh dynamite bombs were made. When the police entered tho cellar they found m it a man who, m reply to their question as to what he was doing, said "I am baking gourds." They found that he was filling a bomb with dynamite. The man was seized, whereupon he drew a knife from his waistooat and attempted to commit suioide but only succeeded m wounding himself m the chest. On examining the pockets of the prisoner the polioe found papers showing tbat he was a Nihilist named Ostungkof, who had been condemned for life to the mines m Siberia. Later on another Nihilist named Petrof was apprehended m the neighborhood. An inspection of the pejl&r led to the discovery of several bombs, together with a small sack of silver roubles. It is believed that a fresh plot againßt the Czar was on the point of being oarried out. > The polioe are seeking for other suspected persons, A publio trial of the Walter A. Wood single apron reaper and binder was held yesterday ou the farm of Mr Oass, at Elgin, The trial had been postponed from the previous day on aooount of wet weather, but yesterday it was beautifully fine and a good number of farmers put m an appearanoe at tbe trial. Tbe maobine was m oharge of the expert, Mr Qann, and Mr F. Ferriman, the looal agent was - 'olep present, fhe crop ahosen was about a twpnty4ve bjjsbel gne pf oatp, the straw varying iv length from three fpf.fdp3.rl to eighteen inches m height. The ground had not been rolled since the oats were sown down, the result being that it was pretty rough going iv places. The maohine was drawn by a good walking team of two horses, and front start to finish she did work that the m#st crjtioal could not find fault with. A olean even stubbly was left, all the grain was cleanly elevated to the binder table, and regularly delivered m tightly bound ancj j?ell shaped sheaves. During the day the machine was taken into another paddook and tried m a heavy crop of oats with a good deal of under-growth. Here again the result was highl#satiß|_aotory and the unanimous opinion of the farmers present was that the machine did uncommonly good work, one farmer said—" No other maohine could pome and dp better work*" Working m the same paddook was one of the Wood's ordinary eleyatpr maohines, also drawn by two horses, and

driven by Mr J. Hunt. In this instance too, both thd outting and tying were all that eoqld be desired, The trial was a sqooeqa m every possible way and the single apron machine yesterday gained many frieods;] " ByCHA-PAiBA." Quick, complete cure* all annoying kidney, bladder, and urinnary diseases. At chemists and druggists. Kemp., . home, Prosser, and Co., agents,} Christ, hurch.

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, JANUARY 11, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2034, 11 January 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, JANUARY 11, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2034, 11 January 1889