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| There is a rumour that King Solomon'B mines havß been found m the Bembobo mountains. A Frenoh electrician olaima that ho will soon be able to produoe a thunder-storm wherever and whenever it is desired. Probably he is a married man. A stained-g'aßs window ordored by a number of friends of the late Dr Harvey, who was for ten yoars incumbent of St Paul's parish, Wellington, has boen plaoed m the north transept of St Paul'B Pro-Cathedral. There are 324 olairaa m the great Kiraberly diamond mine m Africa. Tlio total produotinn of diamonds at the four great African rainefi last year was 3,616,702 carats of the dcclnrod value of £4,033,382. To get these cost 133 human lives. A Feilding paper has the following :— " A storekeeper, not a thousand miles away from Feilding, a few Sundays ago sold a man some fiahho 1 ks and tobacco, then gravely admoni ishrd his customer, and " hoped he wasn't I going to break the Sabbath by going a-flahing." In tho year- 1876 there was rfot a Bingle English evangolioal missionary m the whole world. In 1886 there were fifty nine eooißtiee devoted exclusively to foreign missions, employing thousands of missionaries, and expending more tban six and a half million dollars annually. One of the most sucoesßful ship-builders m the world is John B. Herreshoff, of Bristol, Rhode Island. The remarkable thing about this ia that Mr Herreshoff is totally blind, and has not been able to see sinoe he was fifteen years of age. He designed all the famous boats that have been built at the Heresboff Company's yards, and he made all the estimates for building. The Ashburton Acclimatisation Society yesterday reoeived a consignment of 5000 brown trout and 1500 fontinalis, or Amerioan brook trout, from Ghristohuroh. These were liberated ut various places along the river, from the bridge up to Mr Sargent's. Another lot is expected to arrive next Tuesday or Wednesday, the Society having ordered m all 10,000 brown trout and 2000 fontinatis. Proapeota m Central Otago seems to be bright, aooording to the " Dunstan Times," whioh reports that the whole of the crops m the Blacks and Ida Valley districts are looking spendid, and farmers are m excellent heart and great spirits, and looking forward not only to a bounteous harvest, but to good prices. Grass has not been bo plentiful for years past, and all olasses of stock are looking fine. Shearing is now m full awing right throughout the oountty, and the olip is spoken of as being a long way above the ordinary, both m quantity and quality. The past lambing season has been a good one, the average on some runs being as high as 90 per cent. The following information with regard to the Railway Chief Commissionership, tbe appointment; to whioh "it is fully believed will be made before the end of the current week," is supplied by the Wellington correspondent of ihe "Press ":—" Later private reports, reoeived by yesterday's mail, respeoting the gentleman recommended by the Agent General, are said to be very favorable. His position as " Assistant Deputy Manager " at one of Uie numerous centres of a great railway, is, of course, not one of fjrßt or seoond rank, and the Chief Gommissionßrsbip, would be an immense promotion for him, but many good men hare risen from suoh a post to prominent positions on English main lines,- and thiß gentleman ia said to have developed a special papaoity for organisation and efficient management ip his department, whioh has marked him out as a man of promjße on'the staff of that railway, and be is staled to bo a rising man m the English rail* way world, and likely to make an effloient Commissioner for New Zealand," A poll to fill the vaoancy on the Borough Council caused by the eleotion of Councillor Thomas to the Mayoral ohair, was taken yesterday. The candidates for the vacant seat were Messrs A. Harrison and R. Priedlander, both of whom are old Councillors and ex. Mayors. The number of votes recorded was small, which faot is somewhat strange m view of the interest that was taken m the contest prior to the day of eleotion, but ia perhaps to be aooounted for by the circuit stance that neither candidate nad recourse to canvassing. Home time after six o'olock the Returning Officer, Mr 0. E. Fooke, announced the result as follows:— R. Friedlander, 83; A; Harrison, 34; majority for Friedlander, 49. Only two or three ratepayers turned up to the declaration and Mr Friedlander, tbe only candidate present, made a short speech, Btating that he had hardly expeoted to be returned because he had not Bolioitod a single vote. Ho would endeavor to merit the confidence that had been placed m him and. would m the future as faithfully serve the interoets of the burgesses as he had during the time he previously ocoupied a Boat on the Council. The proceedings dosed with a vote of thanks to the Returning Officer, The annual mooting of subscribers to the Bouth Rakai* Library was held on Monday. There was a small attendance, and Mr Pyke prcßided. The outgoing Committee reported well on matters genorallv, although the number of subscribers was not as high as it should be. The oredit balanoe m bank was £10 17s 6d; rent and subscriptions due, £17 12s 6d. Tho balance-sheet and report, as read, were adopted. Complaints wore made that there was too much passing of periodicals from one to another instead of returning to the Librarian. The worst of it was that papers we're mutilated and damaged to suoh an extent that they wove unreadable, line now Committee were requested to take stepß m the matter. The following were elected a Committee for the ensuing yoar:— Messrs Pyke Liddy, Qxley, Makeig, W. Cox, J. Turner, C Tuoker and R. J, Qee. The Committee met and pleoted %i Pyke Chairman anci Treasurer, and Mr Broadbent Librarian at the same re* rouneration as last year, Mr Oxley wrote j asjkiqg for a reduction of rent for the portion of the reserye he ooouyied. After consideration tb,e same was granted, an.d it was also understood that any applicants for other portions of the reserve should receive attention. This concluded the business, and the meeting adjournocL A meeting of the Rakaia Sports Committee was hold m the Library on Tuesday evening. Present : Messrs Hardy (Chairman), Pyke, Primmer, Rountree, Hughes, Dowling, Makeig and Oxlsy. The Secretary read correspondence to and from the Canterbury Jookey Club with referenoe to the ABhburton

proteat. The Club looked at the matter from the same standpoint as before " That the Eakaia races coming under the denomination of sports horses running elsewhere would not be interfered with." The 0.J.0. requested that m future every sports programme should be submitted for approval to avoid complication. The Club also asked for further information respecting the totalieator used on the ground. The Secretary reported having given full information and contradicted tbe report that arrangements had been made Borne days before tfje moetipg. As a matter of fact, although an application was made to the Committee on December 24th, no notice was taken of it and Mr LeSeur who oamo uninvited was treated m the name manner as any qther purchaser oof right of eportß. fhe sporting editor of the " Canterbury Times <' had evidently been misinformed on this point. The Secretary's action was approved of. Accounts were passed for payment, and a statement by tho Treasurer was prepared for the general meeting whioh was held imme.

diotely after. The attopdanoe was small and Mr Hardy presided. The balance-sheet showed total receipts ipoluding balance on band from last year to be £192 IG3 7d ; total disbursements, £142 15s BJ, leaving & credit balance of £50 us lid. This was considered very satisfactory and on the motion of Mr Pyke, seoonded by Mr Hardy, tho report and balanoe-sheet were adopted. The Treasurer and Seorotary were requested to ( deposit the money at interest on the best terms. A vote of thanks and a handsome honorarium were unanimously voted to tho Seoretftry for the manner m whioh he had carried out his work. In acknowledging the i same Mr Oxley horjed be had not trodden j on any one's oorns, if he had he was Borry for 1 it ; sometimes m the heat of the moment j things were said whioh were afterwards • regretted. However, it was better to Bay it , straigbtout and baye done with it than brood < over little matters, It was decided to hand ] over &5 to the School Cdmahtfee tor the use t of the children. A numbef of suggestions { yeyp made for nsxt year's proceedings, and t tho Secretary yao Instructed to enter them y upon tho minutes for future guidance, Votes 1 of .thanks i to the Treasure/* and Chairman \ brought the meeting to ft qloßcjl t

Yesterday morning a little girl, six years' of age, the' daughter of Mr W. Ivory, while ! playing with her Bister fell and sustained a fraoture of one of heir anna. Dr Tweed set the injured limb. The polling m the Lincoln eleotion for the soat m tho House of Representatives vacated by Mr O'Callaghan takes place on Wednesday next. The official declaration ia fixed for the Friday following. The returns of tho Aehburton Hospital for month of December, 1888, are as follows :— , In Hospital Ist Dec, 4 patients; admitted daring iha month, 13 ; discharged, 6 ; died, 2 ; remaining, 8. Tho Matron of the Hospital^ wißhes fo| acknowledge the reoeipt of fruit from Mrs Pater (Anama) and Mrß Randall, papers from Misß Morrison and Major Douglas (Post Master), also fruit and flowers from Mrs Lee, for the use of the inmates. The daughter of the King of Shoa has recently married the eldest aon of King John .of Abyssinia, with a splendor unparalleled m modern ceremonies. The crown worn by the bride is regarded as the one wbioh decked the head of the Queen of Sheba. Aooording to the native leoords, it has been m the posaesßion of the Ethiopian kings for twentyfive oen'urieß. A German financial combination has undeftaken (so the Berlin papers say) to float a oompany with a oapital of 5,000,000 marks, or £250,000, to organise an exhibition of German produota on board ships especially fitted for the purpose. This floating Bhow iB to visit all the ports of the world to push the sale of Gorman goods ; m faot, it will be a species of itinerating marine store. Of oourae fabulous profits are anticipated, ' The Wellington correspondent of the " Otago Daily Timeß " Bays :— Sir J. Yogel is said to have written to various private friends m this city to the efieot that he purposes leaving for New Zealand about February or March, bo bb to be m time to take part m the coming session. Other letters appear , to throw doubt upon bis intention, and represent Sir Julius as unlikely to come out unless a " special inducement offers." Another unhappy victim of the parcel post system has oomplaiued to ua of the cost to whioh he has been put. Some misguided friend at Home sent him a small parcel containing some articlea of children's wearing apparel and a few toys for a Christmas present, and the recipient was called upon to pay the sum of 7s 6d for Customs duties, freight having been previously paid at the other end. It seems that persons here having generous friends m the Old Country will find the new system anything rather than a " boon and a bleßßing," We learn from the London correspondent of the " Otago Daily Times " that Mr Thomas CoUingwood Eitto, an English engineer, who has been inspecting the Panama Oanal works, reports favorably upon them. He says there has not been bo muob wastefulness and extravaganoe as has been represented, and thinkß that the engineering difficulties have been greatly exaggerated. " After examining the whole of the works m detail," be deolares, '* notwithstanding any opinion to the contrary, I am a firm believer m the ultimate Bucoess of this great enterprise." Just as a sentence of three months' im* , priaonment was passed on an old. soldier named Patrick Murray, at the Jnveroargill police Court, an a charge of vagrancy, the acoused made one spring from the dock and, bringing his olenohed fist round with a powerful swing, atruok Sergeant-major Ram* say a violent blow on the bridge of the nose, causing it to bleed profusely. Before be had time to repeat the performance, Inspector Moore and Constables M'Donougb, M'lntyre, and Ferguson laid him safely on his back on the floqt, Murray meanwhile applying, some vile epithets to the serjeant-major. ;. ' Major-General Braokenbury, 08., addressing the 2nd Middlesex Artillery Volunteers m November said he had only jtnt returned from a long journey m search of information for the Intelligence Department, He had visited many of the great oapitals of Europe, 4nd bad Been many of the men who are now making history ; and he regretted that the impression he brought back was that the pjace of Europe oould not be greatly prolonged. Whenever war should arise, it appeared to him impossible for Britain to avoid being drawa m, and then the Volunteers must be oalled upon to bear their part iv great events. The Americans have devised a decided novelty m harbor defenoe. They propose to flood the rivers and bays with petroleum, to be set on fire when the enemy's ships have come near enough. There exists an intention to try the plan m the approaches to Philadelphia; There is no reason why a trial should not be made ; indeed it is requisite that this should be done, beoause it may be aipeoted thatisoms unforeseen consequences may ensue, and it would be as well to learn something about them before emergency arises. It will be remembered that the Thames ,waa on fire on the ocaasioh of the destruction of the Tooley street oil warehouses', bp tVjat tho jdea is feasible enough. Indeed, it may be easier to sot a river on fire than to put the fire out. A West Coast paper is responsible for the following:— One of the cleverest and most eenaational equestrian performances on record was accomplished by Mr Harry Vennell at the Kumara races. He waß riding a horse m the haok race, when the animal bolted towards tbe hi) Is snd leaped into a ravine, falling perpendicularly a height of twenty feet. Tbe horse dropped on his baok, breaking it and dying quiokly, and had Vennell kept his seat he would assuredly have been killed. Peroeiving hia danger as tne animal made its fatal plunge, he caught hold of an overhanging branoh and swung himself out of the saddle. A minute or so later the branoh gave way and Vennell fell on the body of the horse, but bis fall was broken, and he. espaped with som.e sljght injuries. The Austrian Empress Elizabeth,' once so celebrated for her wonderful beauty and remarkable horßewomanship, has lost both, Time has stolen the first, and. rheumatism laid its hapd upon the royal shoulders, forbidding the second, Her pleasures now are fanoing — she is the beat woman fenoer m Europe—and taking long tramps over the mountains of the Salenammerkut and Tyrol. Dressed m brown Tyrolean homespun she walks for hours with the strength and energy of a man, and, when fatigued, and with domestio Bimplioity whioh makes her suob a favorite among the common people, she seeks rest and refreshment m the little senner huts on the mouutsin-sides. The Kiiserinn, however, is olever, and so that the publio shall not note the ravages of time, has not been photographed for twenty yearg. The hand, gome jMcturo,s one Bees are of that date, when youth and beauty both shone m the royal oountenanoe. The following amusing story is from the " Southland Times " :— The guileless Oele-

stialfrwho tiojourn with ub often display remarkable imitative propensities and as a rule [fall readily m with European ways. There are, however, some customs of the wjld westerners they cannot be got to appreciate or comprehend, and among these it appears may be reckoned the observances with whioh all true Caledonians are wont to' welcome a New Year. In one of the prinpipal Jnveroargill' hotels— the one at whioh festive Highlandmen most do congregate — there is a Chinese cook who has briefly but forcibly given bis opinions on the matter. The two days' sports were over, the two nighty rejoicing had passed, and on the third morning the oook appeared m his culinary domain, limp, listless, dejooted. A sympathetic inmate of the establishment condoled with John, or whatever his name ib, on his apparent demoralisation, and inquired the cause, John sadly shook his head, and, as muoh' m sorrow as m anger, ' murmured : "Too muohee • happy new 'eally ' ; too muobee baggee-pipee ; too muohee d ' hooch I ' ? ' "Rough on Itch.— "Rough on Itch' cuyes skin humors, eruptions, ring worm tetter, salt rheum, frosted feet, chilblains, itch iyv pqison barbers' itch 3 Holioway's Pills.— Health or Wealth.— No sane person would hesitate an instant m the choice between those two conditions. Now is the season to secure the former either by restoring or confirming it. These pills expel all impurities from the system which fogs, foul vapours, and variable temperature engendered during winter ; this medicine also acts most wholesomely upon the skin by disgorging the , liver of its accumulated bile, and by exciting the kidneys to more energetic action; it Increases jhe jnpe^ite for food and strengthens the digestive process. The stomach and liver, with which most disorders originate, are fully under the 'control of 'these regenerative ■ pills, which act very kindly yet more efficiently on the tenderest bowpls, ' *

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2033, 10 January 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2033, 10 January 1889

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