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— .» On the last day of the match Victoria v \ /the Australian Eleven just relumed from JSngland the publio was represented on the grapd Bland by one epeotator and a policeman | Notification appears m the " Gazette " oonBtituting the Ashburton Borough Counoil the authority having charge of the Domain. The first meeting of the new Board will be held pn Wednesday, January 16th. The tempersppe women at Grand Forks, Dakota, are emphatic m thejr opinions. All other attempts having failed to close certain obnoxious saloons, a mob of fair temperance enthusiasts tore out the bars and spilled the liquor on the ground. A dozen were arrested without much trouble, they singing lemporpmje hymns as they accompanied the officers to gsrf. The death of the Oomteese patthyani, who died, aged seventy. two, on Odtoberg, reoalla b a moßt ingenious method which she adopted m 1»49 to prevent her husband from being hanged. He was the Hungarian Premier, kntf had been sentenced to death. She smuggled «, dagger into his cell, with whioh he wounded his throat, apd had to be Bhot instead of hanged. €$;Henry Aahburton, eon of a woiUtby manuf Rcturer of Jjeods, was married the other day at Standing Pock, Pakota, to n Sious Indian g»rl, daughter of a chief, Ashburton, wilh a party of tourists, was hunting m fho Indian country, and he became enamoured of the girl, and refused to leave her, His friends tried to difisuado him from marryjng, but ho related their advice, and was married m Indian fa."' 1 ""^ Tha ceremony is oonsiderod legal by the tribe. lloli oway's Pills. — HeriUh or Wealth. — No sane person would hesitate an instant m the choice between those two conditions. Now is the season to secure the former either by restoring or confirming it. These pills expel all impurities from the system which fogs, foul vapours, and variable temperature engendered during winter ; this medicine also acts most wholesomely upon the skin by disgorging the liver of its accumulated bi}e. and by exciting the kidneys to more energetic action; it increases the appetite for food and strengthens tjie digestive process. The stomach and liver, with which most disorders originate, are fully under the control of these regenerative pills, 1 which act very kindly yet mprc efficiently en j fhe tejidcre>t bovff\6,

A small ootopus wiih tentacles about twelve inched m length was oaptured at the mouth of the river yesterday. It will probably be presented to the local museum. The die'ary of the Spartans was— one bushel of flour, five pounds of oheese, eight measures of wine, and two and a half pounds of figs. The foregoing had to servo them for one month. Sable Island, m the North Atlantic ia fast disappearing. Some years nfio it was forty miles long by two and a quarter wide, but it haß shrunk to nineteen and a half miles m length and less than ono m width.. It npponrs that any further extension of the French railway pystom nni3t be by narrow-gauge linea, only puch being considered capable of earning their cost of working as feeders and oroas-country connections for the main line?. Tho " Railway Prfißg " etatca that the Midland Company gives annual prizes to their fitntionmasteri? for the beat kept gardens on the line and as a result, competition produces some charming railway gardons. The Bankwell station took the prize last year, and an enormous amount of labour seems to have beon expended upon ir. The Emperor Francis Joseph, of Austria, has a paper published for bis own private readiDg exclusively. It is made up solely of extracts from foreign and local papers concerning his Majesty or questions of AuHtrian policy. The foreign extraots are translated, condensed as muoh as possible, and then written upon linen < paper, whioh is handed to the Emperor every morning. Sometimes the "Imperial Review," as it is called, consists of as many as sixteen pages. Nothing of importance oan be ommitted, praise and blame being alike required. Three copies of this wonderful journal are prepared. One goes to the Emperor, another to the Secretary of State, aad a third to the Prime Minister. The cost of the publication is about two hnndred thousand gulden yearly. Some oohres suitable for paint manufacture have been found at Waikaia, Southland. The " Times " says : — All the samples are exceedingly fine m texture, and should require very little preparation to fit them for the market. They also take oil very freely. They are to be seen m the raw Btate, mixed ready for use,' and three boards aro shown painted respectively black, bronze green, and dark brown (shades most used m ooaoh painting). There oan be no doubt that if these minerals exist m suoh quantities as we are informed they do, their mining and preparation for the market should develop into a valuable industry. Fortunes have been spent m searching for the more precious metals, while minerals of not less value from an industrial point cf view are, so to speak, trodden under foot* Tho following style of debate ia permitted m the Victorian Assembly without any interference from the Speaker : — Mr Brown had no doubt that it would materially benefit tho Government, whioh had to consider how it was to get bnok. The Premier was going to dispatd several of his colleagues, and the retirement of the hon. member for Boroon? dara would assist him. — Mr Dow : " You are a oonsummnate ass.— Mr Brown : I may be. You will be able to retain your -. Mr Dow : What do you know about this ? Why' dont you sit down, you Marathon dummy 7— Mr Brown Baid that there was no doubt that the Minister of Lands could be the most offensive man m the Houso when he liked. The Government should consent to the bill being for two years and get on to business. The " Auckland Siar " m an artiole on tho yaoant Judgeßhip says s— We cordially endoree the idea of a Royal ' Commission if Judge Ward be not appointed. The Judgesbip situation is another instance of tbe flagrant incapacity of the present jelly-fish Ministry. In thia particular matter, however, it Beems to us that the Attorney-General, as the ohief law' adviser and qhief Jaw officer of the Government, is especially tbe Minister who held largely responsible for the delay. He should have put bis foot down long since. There oan be doubt that the Attorney-General should reside at tbe seat of Government ; m whioh case wo cannot . but believe the present soandal would have betn avoided. To pay £800 3 a yaar for an -Attorney!Gerioral resident away from the seat, .of Government, seems" to us a. farce; especially when, as it last session appeared to us, he hifc lost his grip as leader m the Upper House. Anyhow, for £800 a year, residence '"aV Wellington should bo insisted upon. ~ Sir Redvers Puller was, wo are glad rb say, on}y killed by the Press Association, and not by a railway engine. The offioer who aljghted on the wrong side of the tr lin at Woolwioh fell on the rails and was run over by a locomotive, was, Bays the " Post," Lieut.-001. Ernest Henry Mallinghani'BuJler, a distinguished biffioer, but not 1 so well Ijnawn as fjir' jiedye^ Bullor, Lienr,-001, Buller \7Q3 \n command of the Rifle Brigade at Woolwich, fie entered the army m 1855, and m 1878 he was 3ent to South Africa on official service, and served m the Zulu war duringjho following year, being present at the aotion of Gingindhlovw and Juo relief of Ekowe as s'afl officer on tho relieving 'column and m the ■engagement , i$ Uiurid*. He was. threo times mentioned It) despatches, and obtained a medal with olnsp, Re served under Sir JJvol.yn Wood m the Boer war of 1881 as Brjgado-Major, and was aitor? wards DeputyrAseißtant-Adjutant Quarter-? master General at Malta. Last month a woman was triod at Geplong on a charge of murderiug her illegitimate male child on 28th July last. In the interim she had been married to a man who oould, it was supposed, have given evidenoe against hsr, but the Crown could not oall him, he bping her Husband. I'ho accused had given. birth to a child m the Women's Hospital and on being arrested maintained that her infant was a female, whereas the body found was that of a boy ; that her child had died ™* that she bad burnt the certificate. The prosecution were not able to prove the sex of the child borne by the woman m the hospital and her counsel uigpd that it was probable that the child had' been accidentally changed m the hospital. It had been laid down by the highest justioes that there was no obligation on the part of prisoners to dear up such questions. The child might still be alive. The jury returned a verdjot of not guilty. It will be remembered that a cablegram jroin Melbourne reoently commented on the laxfty of those m obarge of these maternity insitutiono, it being admitted that they were not ' at all particular whether tho pationta got thfrir own children to nurse or even infanta of the sex of those to whioh they gave birth. The Dark Seoret— in which Captain Andrews left Boston to oroBS the Atlantic — has beon pioked up m raid-Atlantic by tbe ■Kfor. Captain Andrews presented a pitiablo appearance His ooat wra almost white from salt water, and his hair, whioh had grown quite long, was matted, together by salt, and he was Boaroely able to speak from weakness. or move his limbs, which were stiff and soro. Captain Bjornies, of tho Nor, seeing his wretched condition, spoke to him of the folly of the attempt to further proseoute big voyage and requested him to come abonrd his ship. Captain Andrews consented. He informed ,

Captain Bjorniea that for two months ho had not touohed any warm food or drink, and his provisions and olothes were water-soakerj. He had slept very little. Bharks and whales were continually around the boat, and he was several t|mep near being capsized, and at night, when' atternp'tyrig to" sloop, lie uge3 his anchor as a drag to keep the boat's bead to tbe sea. The patent oil squirter for Ohlming the sea proved a failure. He considers tho Dark Secret a good sea boat, but her gear, whioh was several times carried away, was not strong enough. The boat, when tulton aboard, iyas found to be oovorod with barnacles and een-woed. He says that he will again mako the attempt next year.

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2030, 7 January 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2030, 7 January 1889