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-^-r-r, d(*rr The settling over the late meeting of the Tinwald Racing Club, will take place at the Tinwald Hotel this (Saturday) evening at 8 o'clock, It ia predicted that King "George of Greeoe will abdicate hia throne .early nest summer. He has lately purchased a residence m Denmark. Somebody makes the severe remark that " truth told nowadays does not ' shame the Devil ' but «s a novelty attracts his attention." The museum of St Petersburg has a banknote probably the oldest m existence. It is of the Imperial« Bank of China, issued by the Chinese Government, and datea from the year 1399 before Christ. Inland revenue returns show that m England the quantity of ardont spirits consumed increased from (m round numbers) 14,700,000 gallons m 1886-7 to 15, 140,000 m 1887-8. It is stated that the quantity of beer brewed m the United Kingdom during the first six months of this year was 13,426,941 barrels against J3,3.p2,293 m the first half of 1887, and 12,868,442 m 1886. A definition. — Tom : " I say, Gus., what does ' rara avis ' mean ? You know French. Ed. (with dignity) : " ' Rara avis 'is ■ not French, it is Italian, and means a 'bird insufficiently oooked.' " The Great Chinese Cyolop»dia, consisting of over 5000 volumes, was published during the reign of the Emperor Rang He. Only one_ hundred copies were completed, one of which is now m the British Museum, No fewer than 250,000 Christmas trees were sold m Berlin during the last season. They came principally from the Hartz and Thuringia, and the most costly tree is the silver fir, while the cheapest is the pine. Tha native Hawaiians are said to be disappearing very rapidly, and it will not be very long before the race is extinot. Their language is still quite generally spoken, but as English is the language of the court the native dialed is bound to fall into deoadenoe. A return cricket matoh, Farmers v Publicans, was played . on the Domain Ground yesterday, the Publicans this t jme having the best of the game. The contestants wpnt ia for a thorough day's enjoyment, and at the conclusion of the match diversion was afforded m the Bhape of a tug of war and foot races. The annual meeting of members and ad herents of the Ashburton Presbyterian Church takeß place on Tuesday evening next, when there will be a Visitation Committee from the Christohurch Presbytery present, the Revs Biddle, Finlayson and Blake, being those appointed for thiß oharge. - v. Plinlimmon, the St Bernard, is the biggest dog known. On the morning of judging at Birmingham Show, on November 27, 1886, be scaled 2141b5. He stands 35 inches at shoulder. The Great Dane, Cid Campeador : at the olub show, held at Barn Elms, near I London m June, 1885, measured 38£ inches at shoulder, and weighed 1751b5. While a box containing 1000 sovereigns was beiDg transferred from a waterman's boat to the steamer Alameda at Sydney it dropped into the water, and although divers have sinae been unremitting m their efforts to reoover the specie no traoe of it has yet been found. The box is supposed to be deeply embedded m the mad. What is life without love? Magistrate: Madam, your husband oharges you with assault ? Madam t Yes, yopr honor ; I asked him if he would ever cease to love me, and he was so slow m answering that I hir, him with a mop. I'm only a woman, your honor (tears) ; and a woman's life without love is a mere blight. The man who wanted the polioy—J called, sir. to see if you didn't want to get your 4jfe insured, said the agent, taking a seat and preparing to pull out a lot of papers. I don't think I want to get my life insured nearly so much as you do, replied the lawyer m a determined voice, opening a drawer. But before he could get his revolver the agent had fled. It was estimated that m 1880 there were 100,000 gipsies m Turkey, 10,000 m Bosnia, 26,000 m Servia, 250,000 m Roumania and Montenegro, jLQ.QOO m Austria, 196,000 m Hungary, 40 00!)'in Spain, 5000 m Franoe, 34,000 m Geimany and Italy, 250,000 m Buj&ia and Poland, and 20,000 m Englend. They were probably of Indiun religion, and their language oontaiDß many Aryan roptp.

The San Francisco Mail steamer arrived at Auckland to-day. A summary of European news," brought by her, appears elsewhere. ' • The annual report of the Victorian Publio Service Board shows that the number of officers employed/by the State m the publio departments, exolusive !of the railway employees and teachers, at the end of last year, was 4920. The number of persons temporarily employed during the year was 628. Jeff King, the oldest coloured man m the state of Georgia, has just died. According to authentio records kept by the family, he was 128 years of ago at the time of his death. Born into slavery, he did not become a free man until he had reached the age of 100 years. _ He leaves a widow of 23 years and two children, his latest marriage having been celebrated m bis 125 th year. The Tinwald Presbyterian Church anniversary is to be held on Sunday, 13th inst , the spire? and publio meeting on the following Tuesday. The Eov J. Elmslie, of Christ ohurob, is expected to donduot the Sabbath' servioe ; and a number of ministers have kindly engaged to be present at the tea meet, ing. Selections of appropriate music will be given by the choir and their friends, and altogether a successful gathering ia being looked forward to. The Holy Rood was a cross of pure gold which could be opened and shut ' like a casket. It was ornamented with an image of the Saviour, formed from heavy ebony, and within it wes said to be a pieoe of that cross on which our Saviour suffered. It waa taken by the English m 1291, when Edinburgh Oastle surronded to Edward I. It was, however, restored after the treaty of North- . ampton m the year 1328. But it was again lost to Scotland by David II at the battle of Neville's Cross, near Durham, m 1346. In the early days of the Second Empire Count Ferdinand de Leaseps was a singularly young looking man for his years, and would oertainly not have been given his 'age of forty, eight. He was spare and active, with short dark hair, and a tbiok black moustache, sociable and discursive, fond of ladieß company, a great favorite with them, and if he paid an evening call to his particular friends would stop till late m the night, talking with all the fire and volubility of a Frenchman, and yet with a strange earnestness. He would work out a puzzle with as muoh ease as if he were outting through a continent, or still 'devoting himself to proteofc the life and properly of bis oountrymen as when he filled the post of Consul m Barcelona m 1842.- --. One of the best advertisements whioh the Colony has had m the English Press appeared reoently m the •• Piotorial World," and has been reprinted m the form of a broad sheet, a specimen of whioh has been sent to us. 11 The History of a Sheep from a New Zealand Sheep Station to the ■ Central Meat Market, London," is a well written aocount of the frozen meat trade of this Colony, speoial prominence being given to the operations of Haalam Foundry Company, the New Zealand Shipping Company, the Shaw-Savill and Albion Company and Messrs Nelson Bros: The article is illustrated by a aerieß of capital woodouts, representing scenes on 'the Bheep station, at the freezing works, on- board the homeward-bound direct steamer, and at Blaok and Sampson's Central Meat Market' m London. The •• Feilding Star " is responsible for the following: — A valuable historical document of whioh a copy ia now given, is m the j possession of Mr Baker, Clerk to tho Courtf Fef ding. We understand it is the intention of Mr Baker to send, it to the Auckland Museum, as a voucher of the true and intrinsio value of the body of a New. Zealand Blave taken m war, who was intended to be killed and eaten on the Bay, but was resoued by purohase by Mr Baker's father, "m the; good old times." '• This is to certify that I, Te Potai, do give up and, renounoe for ever all claims to Tahi, my slave, -to Mr Charles Baker, m consideration m the payment duly delivered, ip kind as undernamed, being tVoblankets. In witness whereof I have hereby affixed my mark,, this 17th day of December 1831, Te Potai (his mark), witness Thomas Chapman (Ohuroh Mission), John Hobbs (Wesleyan Mission)." Some idea may be formed of the magnitude of the plague of. grasshoppers which has visited Franoe this year, from the fibt that m one single canton — that of Goron, m the department of Ma,yenoe-*-1,694,0001b3 ofthese insects, representing 92J' millions m number, have been killed, filling 223 tum-J brils, eaoh of the capaoity of a oubio yard? They were colleoted by women and children m the ear]y morning, at a cost of £000, and it is estimated that -by this meane-a- loss x>ij £80,000 was averted from the > canton? Henceforth, it is proposed that the teachers and soholarß m all the State schools throughout the country Bhpuld make war upon the grasshoppers morning and evening during the season, and should participate m Ji*e reward— 4d a lb, — paid for the destruction. Ab there are nearly four millions of children reoeiving publio instruction m France!' the grasshoppers are likely to have a bad time of it. The following otrange story is related by Louis Philippe de Segur :— The President of the Parliament of Toujouso passed a night on hiß return from Paris m a village inn, where he saw m the night the apparition of a bleeding spectre whioh revealed to him that he was the father of the inn-keeper; that he had been murdered by his son, and roughly buried m the garden; The judioial inquiry established the fact and the murderer waß duly executed. Later on the spirit appeared again and asked the President how he cpuld give expression to his gratitude. He requested from the Bpirjt to be informed by him of the hour of death, m order to be able to prepare himself ; and the spirit promised to give him notioe eight days before the fatal event. A little while after a violent knock was beard at the President's door, but no one was Been. As this knook was produced twioe more, the President going outsjde saw the pihantona which announced to him the now imponding day. Hia friends tried to. talk him out of it, and even he himself bepame sceptical when he reaohed the eighth day m perfectly good health. In the evening, just as he was going into the library, the report of a shot waa heard, and the President was found weltering m his blood, A lover of the obambermaid had bgen lying m ambush for his rival, and mistaking the President for him, shot him m bis stead. Certainly the Most Effective MEDICINE m the world is . SANDER and SONS EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its eminent powerful effeots m Coughs, Colds, Influenza, eto, ; the relief is instantaneous. Thousands, giye the moßt gratifying testimony. Read this certificate :— " 24th April, 1885.— Messrs Sander and Sons,— lt is with the greatest of pleasure that I testify to tfce excellence of yourEuoalypti Extiraot. Having had inflam, mation of the bone of ifche leg, which oama on after a severp attaok of low fev^r, J wsb attended by J3r J. Boyd, who had made strenuous efforts to pavo my leg, but without success. He found it necessary to amputate my limb, Having hoard m the meantime of the wonderful cures worked by .the Eucalypti Extract, I obtained a bottle, and the extract, hud not been applied more than an hour when I began to feel greatly relieved. After apply, ing the extract every four hours for nine or ten days I was out of, all danger. I would persuade all who may be affeoted with any such disease to give the Euoalypti Extraot a trial, and I am convinced that they will find it the most woaderful of medicines. — Yours" etc., E. J. Cpbnow, Wattle street Saacfeurst." — (Advt.) 5

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