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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

♦-■ - . King Milan settles £40,000 on Queen Natalie. Lord Lonsdale has shot over fifty bears, Male, and walrds daring bis polario tour. The first parcels post from England to New Zealand arrived at Port Chalmers by the Buapeba on Sunday. It consists of SO cases. The construction of a railroad from Joppa to Jerusalem has been sanctioned by the Turkish Government. It is reported that the King of Uganda, Africa, baß 1500 wives. In order that he may beep bis harems filled with novelties, he now has fifty Queens killed every morning. It is estimated that owing to the low state of the Nile 260,000 acres of land m Egypt will remain uncultivated next year. That means a diminution m the land tax of £300,000. Bazaine's children all returned with their mother to Mexico, except the eldest, who ia a fjergeant m the Spanish Army, and who sherod hjs meagre pay with his miserable father. The win of the Ashburton Kiflrfa m rbf bayonet competition at Timaru was a yer v decisive one, as they beat the Lyttel* top IJJavalß by 16 points and the Timaru Havalsbyir. Thi <' Cologne Gasette" deolaw that French officers are systematically making toots o( Germany m the pretence of desiring to learn the language, but really to act as military spies. While the Emperor William was at Home he waß treated to an illumination of the ancient ruins of the Eternal City. It was a wonderful panorama. The Coliseum appeared $ oolyasa} mass pt £rp. The amoupt paid dpyn to Sir Julius Yogel by his publisher for bis novel " Anno Domini 2000 "is stated to be £50. The publisher takes all risk and Sir Julius will receive half ♦hn profits.— if any. Sydney Taiwhanga, (i), wad 0? Saturday laet, charged m the Auckland Police pourt with having failed to provide for his wife, who is a European.; but the Bench decided that bo, being a Maori, was not legally bound to perform so civilised an aot. The Aruwimi river, whence oomes the lat news of Stanley, rises m Cen'ral Africa, N.W of Lake Albert Nyanza. It runs for some distance m a westerly direotion and then almost due Bouth, and falls into the Congo some distanoe below the Stanley Falls. Women doctors continue to increase. There areineor bed m the Pajris Faoulty of Medicine for the gession of 1888 11$ female students— including I Amerioan laoy, H English, 1 Austrian, 1 Greek, 40 Russians, and even 1 fair and " advanoed " Turk. Jonathan Boutne, junr., of Bedford, Mass., bought a gold mine near Sumpter, Oregon, for leca than 25,000 dollars. After declining various oftajrs for if, and working it himself, he has row sold the mine for r,&Qfi,OQQ dollars m oash, and 4,000,000 dollars m atook of the purohasing oompany According to the " Evening Post " it is rumoured that considerable pressure is being used tb'indjjoe Mr fl. JD. Bell to accept the vaoant seat on ' the Supreme Goprt Bench, but that he is not inclined to at present retire from the aotive praotice of his profession. Ths number of immigrants arriving annualy m the Argentine Bepublio increased from 20,930 m 1871 to 130,000 last year, wbioh showed an increase of 43,884 on the number for 1886. The returns for the first seven months of the past year ebow a still larger augmentation m the rate of immigration. The "Auokland Star " correspondent, under date of November gin, writes:— "ln the course of the next fortnight Yogel will finally deoide whether to resign bis Beat m your House of Representatives and remain m England, or to return to the colony and re-enter political life. Sir Julius himself favours remaining here, and has a notable scheme on hand for starling an agenoy for floating oolonial mines and properties of all aorta; but L,ady Yogel wants to return to the colony, and wpmen generally carry the day la tbeie crises, I've npUQ«d r ! ' The Wellington " Post " says:— lf Mr O. D. B. Ward is not appointed to the vaoant Supreme Court Judgesbip, it is understood that he will retire from the publio servioe altogether, and will not resume duty as District Judge. He is entitled to a very large pension, and would probably enter political life. Many yeare ago, m the early days of Parliamentary Government m this colony, Mr Ward took a somewhat prominent part m politics, and represented' the Wellington Country Distriot m the House of Representatives, v A British non-Catholio paper, says : Hardly a week paseeß without giving evidence m one form or another of tbp spread of Reman Catholicism j n Scotland. " Apart from tho significant fact that where Epiecopaoy is most favored it ia m the ritualistic form, it ip impossible to overlook the aotive propaganda being carried on m all parts of the country by " Romanists." By means of the munificent gifts of the Marquis of Bute and others, new churches are rising m all parts of the:land, and those already m existence gather large congregations. Mr Hayter, the Victorian Government Statist, estimates that for the quarter ended September SO the total excess of recorded arrivals over recprded departures was 10,774 the greatest gain to thp population being from the United Kingdom (2941), the next from New Zealand (2853), then from Tasmania (2818), New South Wales (922), South and Western Australia (787), and foreign ports (453). All the arrivals and departures referred 'to are by sea, and the population estimate is based upon the assumption that the numbers entering and leaving the Colony over its borders are equal. The total estimated population of the colony on September 30 was 1,076,560. ' ■*THE BEST EemEDY FOR iNDIGKSTJtOtf.-— Norton's C^MOMfLp JPiljls are confidently recommended as a simple remedy for indigestion, which is the cause of nearly till the diseases to which we are subject. Norton's Fills, with justice cal'ed ihe "nature's strengthener of the f-uman stomach," act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient, are mild : }n their operadpn, a«d safe undjer puy pircumi fctajKws Sold m bottles at' is isd, 25~0.d, **• .iy f^ gKtf&te? Vendors throughout the < world, T .

At a meoting of the Asbburfon Firoßrigode hald last evening it was deoidod to send a team to take part m the competition under the auspices of the Fire Brigades Association, which are to ba held m Inveroargill m February. - The rainfall at Greymouth for the pant year wan the heaviest for years. In inched it was 109-963 ;in 1886 it was 105 050 ; m : 1887 it was 97 062* It rained 239 days last year. 221 m 1886, and 199 m 1887. What a country lor umbrellas and gum boote. In the Beeident Magistrate's Court this morning, before Major Steward, J.P., Mary Petty alias Cunningham, a woman of about sixty years of ago was charged with riotous conduct while drunk The onso vws a very bad one, prisoner'^ conduct having been very indecent and her langunge grossly obscene This wai her '74' h appenranoo m Court at Christchurch and Afebburton on similar chargep, She was sent to gaol /or a month. The luat of tho last few daya has made a notab'o difference m the crops around tbe Waim&te district. From St Andrews along the main road to Waimnte, all the crops tire now out m ear, and judging from their prefent appearance, will yield well. One or two crops of wheat close to St Andrew's <ownßhip give promiee of 50 boshels to the a ore. On tbe back road from Waimate to Blueoliffs, the crops do not look so well, the coldrieoH of the season, up to within a week or two ago^ having told eoriouply on them. Harvest m this part of the district will be very late this year, but along the sea ooaat 'he crops are very forward.—" Timaru Herald." The Wellington correspondent of the " New Zealand Herald " says relative to the Midland Railway : -I have been permitted to read a private communication from London, m whioh the prospeotg of this undertaking are referred to. The following is the opinion of tbe writer : — " Money m Ergland is getting dearer every day. There ia at present considerable etringenoy m the money market. Last year money might be got for 1£ to 2 pef oent., but now 4 and 4£ oan be obtained upon short dated bills. Enterprises ot all kinds are being floated, whioh makes money more soarce, and this is like to oontinue so for Rome years. If the Midland Railway Company had a difficulty about oapital when money waa cheap, what must it be now? There is no prospeot of getting tbe money at tbe price tbe oompany want it, for some time to come ftUUevgnts" . Cardinal Newman, who lies seriously ill at the Oratory, m Birmingham, haß lived a moat ascetia life. He inhabits two rooms, one of which is bis study and tbe other hia bedroom. "So vißitorß are' allowed to enter his apartments, but the Fathers have free access to their superior at any time, About servants he is very particular. One James Oaawell is his favorite, a regular Handy Andy, faithful but rough and ready. The Cardinal goes to bed at 10 p.m., and gets up at 5 a.m., winter and summer alike. " Office '/till 7 a.m., breakfast at 9 a.m., back to hiß room where he conducts hig oorres* pondenoe, bia devotions, aqd his studies. Dinner at ISO.- For the last two years the Cardinal has never gone out m the afternoon. At 5*30 he obeyß the voice of tbe veßper bell. After vespers, whioh last about 15 minutes, there ia a theologioal disoussion and •ome general conversation. At 7 the Cardinal retires to bis room for tha night. , A meeting of the Ashburton HoßpitatfJoard was held at the County Council Chambers this morning. Present : — Messrs W. C. Walker (ohairman), D. Thomas, and T. Scaly. A let'er was read from the Native offloe stating that looal Charitable Aid and Hospital Boards were responsible for the maintenanceor medical treatment of indigent natives.' Drs Tweed and Leahy wrote suggesting a change m tne management ot th« Hospital by which patients might choose their own medical attendants. They urged that if tho suggestion were adopted the institution would be populorised and its usefulness increased, inasmuch as it wonld then be mado use of by patients who would not now go, beoause they were deprived of the services of their regular medical aUend&Ot, ponsidezatlon oj the letter was deferred. A qqa'ritity of business of a routine nature was transacted ap4 (he Board adjourned, A congregational meeting of the Cherlsey branch of the Bakaia Presbyterian Churoh was nelu m !£■ Boboolroom on Wednesday evec ing- Owing doubtless to the press of rural work at this season ■ tbero' was only a very' moderate attendance. Mr fiddle pre,? sided, and after devotional ezeroiee, he called upon Mr P. Todd to read the annual financial statement. From this it appeared that the financial claims pf- trjg oburob, bail been qnjy moderately responded to m the district during the paßt year, some giving freely and as God had blessed them, while others, ostensible adherents of the church, had declined tb< support the Sustentation Fund altogether. ° A hope was expressed that the ourrent year would be a great improvement m thia reßpect, A cash balanoe of £^ $3 16] was announoed as standing to the credit qf the Committee of Management. On the motion of Mr John Doig, seconded by Mr Wiggins,' the audited balanoe sheet was adopted. Mr 1 Todd then proposed, seconded by Me Wiggins, that the following adherents of the church form the Committee of Management for the phurob year, namely :— Messrs P. Doig, J, Oopeiand, p. Tfidd, Thomson, J,. Tbomoon, B. Wiggins, Sam Cunningham. Geo.' Scarlett; and Joh Downie, The meeting then closed with the benediotipn, _ The best medioine known is SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTBAOT. Test its •iminent powerful effeots m coughs, colds, influenza, etc.— thp relief is instantaneogs Thousands give the most gratifying testimony, His Majesty the Sing of Italy, and medioaj syndicates all over the globe are its patrons. Bead the offioial reports that aooompany'eaoh, bottle. Mosler, M.D., Prof. JJniversity, Grejfßwald, reports :— The Eucalypti JEJxtraot prove* magnificently successful ifa very severs pontußions, bruises, sprainß, wounds, spaldings, broken ribs, and limbs. ("Medical Journal," Nov., 1881.) jn diseases of the kidneys, either aofcive congestion or auppreg. ■ion, (urcemia) or albuminuria, dropsy,. Uthargy, nothing will equal m its aotion Eucalypti Extraot. Poses, sto 8 drops. Mosler, M.p,, Pror., University, Grejfswald, reports ;— Diphtheria. Tonsils continually ooherent presenting uloevs with white exudatu. Cured m fourteen days, Surgical Olinio of Prof. M'lntyre, College of Physicians and Surgeons, St. Louis— Scirrhua of Breast— Excision Eucalypti Extraot employed. No swelling, heat, or discoloration. Cured m fourteen day a. — ( Ad vt. ) 4

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2028, 4 January 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2028, 4 January 1889