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I TINWALD RACING CLUB. I. ■ • President — Mr D. McLaon. V.oo Preetdonte — Monsrs J, 0. N. Grigs, and 0. M. Stracuey, Jddge— Me Art. Stltt. S firnrdfl— Meaars J. Begg, G. James, H, Fowler, M, Soott, 0, Jepbson, •» d Lewi?. Starter— Mr David Thomas. Treasurer— Mr M. Scott Handioappers — The Committee Oletk of tbe Ooarne —Mr B. Huplcb. Ole'k of tbo Scales— Me A. J. Kiily. The annu U race meeting of tho Tlnwa'd Racing Gob was held on tho new course m the Tinwa'd Domain yesterday. There was a very lari>e atte idnnce, more people beiug present tnaa h»vo been seen on « racee >urao Id the dtairiot for »m* years. Tho course was some o hat, rough here and. there, and the going to .places was a bit heavy; bat this is a matter that can easily be remedied before the next meeting of the oub The uporfc provided yesterday was, on the whole, of an exoallent description, Prior to commencing the racing the Stewards held a meeting at which It wm decided tha-v horses whioh had ran ut the Rakaia meotlDg should not ba disqualified on that ground alone. The programme opened with the Hurdle race, for which there were five starters, Iv*nhoe soorlug no easy win. Starlight, who was fast making up for lost ground, oxme down at the last hurdle and was badly injared and his rider, Ross, was pretty severely shaken and sustained a dlolooatlon of tho collar- • bone. In the uezt event, tho Mtiden Plate, Sorella was the first past the Judge's post, but a protest was upheld against her winning, on the ground that she had previously won publlo money, with the consequence that the stakes were awarded to Pennine, the second horse-. Biz went to the poat for tbe principal event of the day, tbe Cap, and the favorite, Z>alot, found little difficulty In disposing of the reßt of the field. There were: thirteen starters- itt the Trot. Voltlgeur went round at a tremendcos pace, but hi* win waa promptly protested again**-, on the ground of oaf »ir trotting, and . the stakes awarded to the Star of Honor, A protest waa also lodged against the latter horse on the ground that he bad previously run under another name, but this was not sustained. Zealot, who carried by far the greater portion of a very *m*H amount invested m tho machine, carried iff the, end the Flying waa won by Goldfinch, though a determined effort was raado by Union Jack. Hollowbdck woo the Novel Race, and Sorella the Consolation. A Harry Sonrry, won by Roar, brought tho day's sport to a oloso, Mr M. Soott bad the pablioan's booth and Mr A\ 0. D<»via the oonfeo>i war's, the lattor also providing the luioh. Tbe Ashburton Band was on the ground and enlivened tha intervals between tho various events. Following are details of the day's racing : — Handicap Hurdle Racb, cf 20 soys, over six fl ghts of hurdles about 3ft 6iu high. ' One mile and a half, 54 Mr Mr J. McKei ar'a b g Ivaohoe, 4yrs 9at 101 b ... (W, Mitch el I) 1 44 Mr W. Mitchell's br g Nero, aged 9it 7lb (J. Smith) 2 8 Mr John Oorbltt's b g Captain, aged Bit 101 b . ... (Mr Ddoton) 3 30 Mr H G. Pitt's g m Squib, 6yrs Hat 71b ... (Owner) 0 16 Mr G. C. Prlmmer's b g Starlight, . aged 9st 21b ..« ... (Ross) 0 . From an indifferent start Nero and Ivanhoe went away with the lead, bat Osptaln roon afterwards went to the front and led the first time past the etand followed by Ivanhoe, Nero, Sqalb and Starlight m the order named. At the ba/:k of the the horses closed, up. Coming over the last hurdh Starlight Ml, aodlvanhoe who had the la; 1 , main talned it from thence throughout tho race' winning with ease by a coaple of length*, a similar distaoas separating aecond and ttblrd. Time 3miu 12aeos. Dividend, £2 10a 61. Maid n Plate, of 16 soys ; th" second . ' horse to receive 2A sovb out of the stake WeighTfor age. "One mile. 38 Mr M. Scott's eh g Pennine, 3vra Bf?t lib (W. Brown) 1 5 Mr R. MoDonald's br a: Gleurowan 4yrs, Bst lllb ... (Mr Den ton) 2 36 Mr W. Kerr'a b m Sorella, 3yrs Bflt ,61b (incla^lDg 51bs over) (Cophrane) die 11 Mr F; Lewis' br g Bradfield, Syra Bat 131 b ... (Bamber) 0 01 Mr W. Briginehaw's oh m Secrecy 4yre, Batlllb ... (W.Mitchell) 0 Viper and Starlight were scratched Bradfield jumped away m front and ran three lengths ahead of Pennine, Secreoy, and Glenrowan to the back of the course where Porella commenood to go up. Coming round the top turn BradfieH was beaten, and Pennine came into the straight just clear of Sorella. The last named got her head ia front at tho distance qDcl comJDg on wou Qorn.fd'tably by a length from Pennine, Glenrowan h^lf a, do^en lengths away third. Time, lmin 66'eos. ' A protest was entered against Sorelli on the ground that she had won public money at Rakaia. The Stewards upheld the protest, and awarded the raoe to Pennine. Dividend on Pennine, £3 11s 6d. Tinwald Cop, of 30 eovs. The second horse to receive five soya from the stake, Ono nille an.d a half . Mr Warner'B br m Gyre, 76t'lllb (including 2lba. over) (Brown) 1 6 Mr J. Oorbatt'a b m Jnohkeith, 3yrs, Gat 01b (including 2lbs over) (McOonoohie) 2 25 Mr W. Grioe's br g Little Arthur, 6yrs, lit 121 b (Owner) 3 21 MrS. Alexander's oh g Doubtful 6yw, Bat 91b ... (H.Johns) 0 15 Mr 11, Coulter's b m Mead a, Bst 21b (including 6lb over) (Keith) 0 16 Mr I. M. Thompson's eh m Lady Lennox, agad, 7st &lb ([. Pricj) 0 Aftey a falß3 etgrt fr;om wWnh LUtle Arthur san nali' way round the aourae, the lot were despatched fairly well together. Doubtful was the first to show m front, but was supplanted at the top turn by Ltidy Lennox, Doubtful being second, Incbkeith third, and Meada whipping ip. There waß not much ghango m the positions of the horses till reaching the back of ihecoarga where Zealot ran into tbird pace, and Little Arthur began to move up. At the top turn Inclik^ith was still leading, Zealot being second and Little Arihur third. Qamlng round the bend into the straight Zealot took command, and won with ease by about three lengths from Inobkeith, Little Arthur third. I Time, 2min 56seo. Dividend, £1 19a. [ Handicap Time Tkqt, of 20 soys, the sooond horse to receive 3 boys from the stake. Weight not less than lOst. About three miles. 10 Mr Thomas Hill's br g S;ar of Honor, syrs, 30ae05... (J. Stcry) 1 11 Mr W. H. Pdget's b m Siberia, gyrs, 40jece,.. ,„ (W, Mitchell) 2 25 Mr 0 A. Harold's b g Willy Rellly, aged, 25seos „, .„ (Owner) 3<! 17 Mr S. Butterlok's gr g Voltlgeur, SOjeo ... (Owner) die 3 Kitty, 7aeos; 1 Blanmok ISaoo ; 4 Jenny Lynn, 20acos ; 33 Robin Hood, 40ieoa ; 6 Heather Bell, 45ieo ; 3 Lacy, SOieos ; 5 Fuohsls, 50seoi s 0 Sir Robert, gOaeot ; 0 Banjo, sOaeo; also started. Voltfgaur came m first with about a couple of hundred yards to spue, but was dlrqmllfied for unfair trotting and the stakes awarded to Star of Honor. A protest was also lodged against the letter horse for having previously run under another name but this was dis allowed. Time, 9min SOseos. Dividend oq Sfar'of Honor, £10 12*. Wkltbr Handicap, of 12 iovi; the second horse to receive 2 soys out of the stake. One mile. 18 Mr J. Worner'i br m Zealot, syrs, JOilWlb.., ftf tti (WfPJtt) I

4 Mr M, Soott'o eh g Pinolae, 3yre, tot l^lh ... ... (Rosewarne) 2 1 Mr I. AI. TtK-mpvn's eh m Lacy L>nn x, a?ed, 10< 4'h (J Smith) 3 ; 0 Mr G. Ad-irn*' eh g P*ddy aged, 9 t 4:h (E Ho,) 0 SqoiW, Nero, Ivauhoe, Doubtful, Duloo Jaok, Q lickaand, Bradfield, Leodograo, Sunbeam, and Little Wouder were soratohed. Pennine jamp^d cff with thd load, Paddy belnp hi olose attendance. Going round the bot m tarn PonnlDeled Paddy by two lengths, Zealot being third and Lady Lonm x last. Aa they weat along the bottom airotoh both Za&lot and L*dy i Lennox b.gan to movj up to the o harp, the forme* ruani-g Into second plac > at the top tn v Entering the straight Zaalot. to^k fi at p >ai lon, winning easily from Pdnniuo by a leuoth, L^dy Lonoox a dozm leoi;t-- 8 awiy third. Time— lmln 56aec. Dividnnd — £13«. IfiTiNG Handicap, of 15 aova, the socind hor-e to r>'c.'ivo 2J aova out of t c stake. furloo^n. 41 Mr M. dcott's eh m Goldfinch, ago I, 7* 2b... ... (Jacks n) 1 57 Mr J O N. G l ? g'a oh g Uoi .n Jack, 5/re, B>t 61b (ico 4'b over) (P o>chraoe) 2 33 Mr 3. Alrxander'a eh g Doubtful, syrs, Bn9o (Vlollro.) 3 16 Mr J. Oorblt.'a b m Inchkelth, 3/ra 6it 9ib ( no'uding 3ib over) (StoOonoohie) 0 After several breaks away th 6 lot were despatohed to a rather straggling start. Union Jack and Doabtfnl were the. first away, bat at the back of the course Goldfinch assumed the lead, and being never headed won a good raoe by about threequarters of a length, from Union J^ok. Doubtful half a length away third. Time — lmln 23aeo. Dividend— £3 9«. Novel Kaob, of 20sova. Weight, B it. Six forlonga. 37 Mr Jas. Marr'a b g Hollowbaok, syro .... (O'Keefo) 1 3 Mr J. 0. N. Grlgg's eh m Rose, aged (SloConoohle) 2 3 Mr W. Kerr's b g Roy, 6yrs (Oochraoe) 3 8 Matagouri, 4 Starlight (Alexander's), and 3 Toruk also itarted. Hollowbaok, who got away somewhat badly, caught bis homes at the top tarn and won easily by three lengths from Rose. Dividend, £llls6d. The winner was sold by auction to Mr A J, Kelly for £14 10i. Consolation Handicap, of lOaovs. Six furlongs. 44 Mr W. Eerr'a b m Sorella, 3yrs, Bit6!b (Ooohrane) 15 Mr H. G.'a g ra Sqnlb, 6yrs 7st4b (McOonoohfe) 2 15 Mr W. Griefs br g Little Arthur, 6yre, 7ar 10b ... (W. Grloe) 3 10 Mr H. Coulter's b m Mead*, syrs, 7st 61b (Jaokscn) 0 Squib and Sorella ran together for about a third of the distance, when they were joined by Little Arthur. Coming Into the straight tbo fay rite drew away winning by a length and a half. Time, lmln 23sec. Dividend, £1 14s. Hubby Sodrrt, for entrance money. Catch weights. Haifa mile. 40 Mr J. 0. N. Grlgß'a Roie 1 2 Jenny Und, 4 Lacy, 13 P«ddy, 4 Brown Rose, 3 Milly, 1 Little Sweetheart, 11 Glanrowan, also ran. Thli race resulted tn a spland'd finish between Rose and Glanrovran, the former gaining the verdict by a ehorb neck. Dividend, £1 15.'.

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SPORTING., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VIII, Issue 2026, 2 January 1889

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SPORTING. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VIII, Issue 2026, 2 January 1889