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The annual distrlbuttan of pr'z?s and pup'.ls' concert took place yesterday aftercoon at tbe Oathollq Sacred Heart Saleot School In Wakahot road, a large number of visitors being present on tbe occasion. A v. ry t*6 v oful and extensive display of many varieties of fancy work done by the pupils was laid out ft* inspection In one of ths tooms, the walls being hnog with water-oolonr sketches, and illuminated 'leaJgoH of excellent execution, neatly j framed m gilt mouldings, all the work of the pldor classes At three o'olook tbe I Rev F.»<lnv B nsfiold took the ohalr m i the larjre clf.Bi-rooft, the curtain rose and the pnpih were eoen arranged on a raised platform at the nortb e-d, all dressed very prettily lv white, with pink op blue sashes* This portion of the aohoolroom was noaMy drooret-d with evergreens and fl iwors. The magical programme was then gone through ti the evident satisfaction of the numerous audience, the items given being sola duats, and ohorusoe, two planoscne hirmoaion, and one violin bring tbe Instruments pkyed upon These ptrforwan.oefl generally gave distinct proof of the j?r6at care taken by the Sistera m (ho training aod education of the yorng ladies under tbelr charge, the good behaviov and decorum of the puptls during the concert being very marked Speolal meutlon must be male of MUs A. Henry's porformaooes, this young lady showing by her handling of the violin nod piano and also io aiogiiig that she has a large share of musical talent, and will goon be able to worthily insist her elder Blstere m pnblio. Miss Hewson is another promising pupil, her piano accompaniments greatly assisting tbe singers throughout the concert. The whole of the fifteen items on the programme weto gone through without the least dlro rd or break, the conoort closing with Bracken's Now Zealand Anthem, sung In good tlmo by all the elder pupila. Father Blnsfield then road over the prize list as below, and then addressed the pupils and audience, slating bis opinion that tho programme ja«t gone through was a otedlt to the pupils and their teachers, and the cumber of visitors showed the interest taken m the sohools, and that some-thing good was expected from the BchoUrs on each an oootaloo a* this. No doubt. " Home, sweet home" wrs Ihe Item on the programme most thought of by the pupi's, and they deserved their recpss after working well, sa they had always been doing when he visited the sohool. Prizes were given first as rewards for jj profiolenoy m their studies, and on'y thote who eteidily kept to their woik would succeed In g ilnlog j( hem. but ihoae who had not won them mast take oourage, »nd then If they kept regaUrly to their work they would succeed m the fature. Of all the pr'ggs the nnst worthy were those gained for good conduct, order, neatness, and rognlarlty. Ease ia the learnlog of lessons was a natural gift, but those he spoke of were the ones moat worthy of exunple. In the seoond plaoe prizes were given to teach a leßson In after life. Some of the pupils might not return to the sohool, but have to go out into the battle of life. Tn their, casei they should endeavour to follow oat tbe same methods as tbooe by which they bad gained honors at their school, and they would then be a credit to their parents and teachers sa they grow up. He then wished them all a htppy Christmas, and hoped they would e?er remember the Ohrlatian lessons taught them by the good Sister?. Father Binsfield then presented the various prtos, consisting of valuable books, albums, inkstands, ladW ba.js, workboxes, &0., making a few kind remarks to some of the ■ vpeolal prlae winners. Tho Jfuhllee hymn for Loo Itll was then given by tho pupils, and tbrea oheers tot the Udy teachers with three more for the visitors, called for by Father Bingfijld, ware heartily responded to, the pupils and auilonoe- than dispersing, some of the forme* goln^ by rail south and north to their various home 3 for the holidays. The pupils In all number about $0, and were e«tnl D ed by Revd Father Mnmane m the Btnndards and class ptpers last week, pasairg ia a very satlsf.cjtoiy manner, the examination being on the Bame lines as those of t^a Government schools. The fqjjowlng are the prfa > lists :— SACKED HBABT SELECT SOHOOL. Good Conduct (Boarders)— Margaret Olark: (Day pupils) Ellen Crowe Devotednesa — Katie MoOormiok Order and Neatness — Margaret MoOormiok Regular and Punctual Attendance— Mar. garet Adams Cjuss Pi««W}. lat Olass. Bible History— Katie MoCormiok, 1 ; Ellen Crowe, 9 Irish History— Ellen Orowe, 1: Katie MoOormiok, 2 Anoient Jljatorv— Annie Henry, I j Mar. garet MoOormiok, 2 English History— Annie Henry, 1 ; Margaret MoOormiok, 9 Modem Geography— Margaret Adams, 1 : Annie Henry, 3 New Zealand an 3 Australian GeographyKatie Sutherland, 1 Margaret Adams, 2 • Grammar— Margaret MoOormiok, 1 ; Annie Henry, 2 Astronomy— Annie Henry, 1; Margaret Adams, 2 Arithmetics and Book-keeping— Katie MoOormiok, 1 ; Katie Sutherland, 2 Composition and Letter .writing— Katie MoCcrmiok, 1; Ellen Orowe, 2 Beading and Beoitation— Mary Duncan, 1 1 Ellen Crowe, 2 Plain and Ornamental Writing—Mary Duncan 2nd Class. Bible Bcistory-— Louisa McGrandel, 1 ; Mary Harkin, 2 Irish History— Louisa McGrandel. 1 : Mary Nevin,2 J English History— Margaret Olark, 1 ; Mary Harkin, 2 Modern Geography— Mary Harkin, l\ Margaret Olark, 2 New Zealand and Australian GeographyMary Harkin, 1 ; Margaret Olark, 2 Grammar— Mary Harkin, 1 ; Margaret Clark, 2 I Roading and Beoitation — Louisa MoGrandel, 1 ; Mary Nevin, 2 Arithmetic— Margaret Qlarfcj I j Mary Harkin, 2 . Composition and Letfer.writing— Mary Harkin, 1 ; Margaret Clark, 2 3rd Class. Bible History— Madelina Kennedy, 1; Mary A. Olark, 2 Irish History— Harriet Vincent, 1; Madeline Kennedy, 2 English History— Madeline Kennedy, 1 Mary A. Clark, 2 Modern Geography— Harriet Vincent, 1 : Mary A. Clark, 2 Australian and New Zealand GeographyJessie Matheson, 1 • Harriet Vincent, 2 Grammar— Mary A. Olark, 1 ; Madeline Kennedy, 2 Atithmetio— Mary Olarke, lj Henrietta Daly. 2 i General Progress— Jessie Matheßon, 1 Katie MoMullin, 2 4th Olass. Christian Dootrine— Margaret McLaren, 1 ; Mary E. Vincent, 2 Beading and Bepitation— Katie Prender* gast, 1 ; Agnes Thomas, 2 Modern Geography— Mary Dennihy, 1 ; Mary Ellen Vinoent, 2 Grammar— Mary Dennihy, 1 ; Elizabeth Daly, 2 % . Englißh History— Mary B, Tinoent, 1 ; Agneß Thomßß, 2 Arithmetic— Mary Dennihy, 1; Katie Prendergaßt, 2 Beading and Beoitation— Katie Prendergast, 1 ; Agnes Thomas, » Writing — Elizabeth ..Daly, 1; Katie Branken, 2 sthOlasß. . Beading and Arithmetic— Maude Baylis Grammar and Geography — Marie Bourniqne Writing and Tableß— Annie Vincent General Progress— Esther Devana , Musio (piano and violiaj— Annie Honrj i Muwo(piaao)-Kfttwß«th«i»«4 i

Plain Needlework — Margaret MoOormiok Fancy work— Mary Duncan Painting— Mary Duncan

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CONVENT SCHOOLS. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2020, 22 December 1888