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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

Lord Tennyson has boooroo very infirm, and is sadly afflicted with failing sight. Mrs Harriet Beoohor Stowo baa sunk into hopeloEß imbecility. The Government hava roooivod nows from tho Agent- Gonoral that 75,000 foot' of Bpace has been reserved for the colony at tho Paris Exhibition, Fergus Hume's new novol, "Madame Midas," dramatised by himself and Philip Beck, the aotor, baa proved a success on the the London stage. Mr A. Ramsden, who formerly was a briok. maker and builder m Napier, haß, says a local paper, had an innings m tho Melbourne land boom, apdj has maungrd to clear £120,000. The feeling against tho Salvation Army is increasing m California. On Ootobor 29 a detaonmont was rottcnoggod m tho stroots of Potaluma and drivon to their barraoks. The oitizens propose to run the Army out of tho town, Tho Oamaru Borough Council are very properly complaining of the nice little bill sent ia by tho Auditor-General's Department —£249— for auditing the borough aooounts. But thoy do those things so much better m Wellington 1 Some few months ago Messrs M'Oallum and Co mado extensive alterations to their premises with a viow to adding to their business tho branobos ( of builders furnishings, and general ironmongery, paperhangings, oto. They now announce by advertisement the reoeipt of direct BhipmontH of theso goods. " Captain " Jim Wilson and " Captain " Jeannie Goraty, of tho Salvation Army wore united m matrimony according to tho rites of tho "Army" at the Oddfellows' Hall, Sydonham. pn Tuesday m presence of a largo numbor of Ejpoo tutors. They are to be stationod at luvoroorgill. Tho " Hauraki Tribuno " says : — Tho oountry of Ohinemuri has an area of moire than 200,000 aores unoocupiod ; and yot it ia a {act; that tho cost of (putting land through the Native Land Court amounts to about 40s an noro, iand a dolay of somo twenty years, oxolusivo entirely of tho purohaee prioe of the land: Who would not come and settle m Buoh a paradise ? "

The annual picnic of tho Tinwald Prosby. terian Sabbath Sohool was hold on Monday at a beautiful spot, the use of which was kindly granted by Mr Baxter. Tho Winslow Sabbath Sohool joined m, and with parents and friends thers wore upwards of a hundrod on the ground. Tho weather waa exceedingly pleasant and favorable, the provisions wore varied, substantial, and abundant, and ample justice was done to thorn. Various aporis and games were engaged m, and after tea a large number of carefully seleoted books and presents ware given away, one boing presented to each scholar. Those present were addressed by Rev A. Blake, and Mr It. Gilmour as a visitor wished to thank those who had taken tho trouble of making tho necoßsary arrangements. Mr Waito also addressed a few words to tho young people, whose behaviour throughout was excellent. A vote of thanks was oarriod to Mr Baxtor for tho use of the paddook, and tho party broko up, all being greatly pleasocl with the day's outing.

As a good doal'of misapprehension prevails as to the settlement whioh was made of the Seaiield estates after the death o! tbo eighth Earl m 1884, we Rive tbo following particular from the " Afaerdeor) Herald," whioh is a thoroughly trustworthy source :— By the will of the, eighth Earl the optatps were loft absolutely to hia mother, the CountessDowager, m fee simple. By the settlement subsequently oxeoutod by the Countess Dowager, Bhe [retained the lands during hor own lifetime, granting an allowanoo of £4000 a year to the hold of tho title. At the death of the Countess-Dowagor the lands were to return to the holder of the title, with the 0010 proviao that no part of them Hljould be sold during tho lifetime of the ninth Earl or his immediate sucoGßßor m tho title (the nobleman just decoased) ; and tho wholo of tho Sealiold estates therefore return unconditionally to tho head of the house of Grant, with tho oxooplion, if suon it can bo oallod, of tho littlo spot at Duthil, wbero is placed tho mausoleum m which tho mortal remains of the seventh and eighth Earls are intorrod. In othor words, wbilo tho wholo estates woro m the absoluto disposal of the Countess-Dowager, all she has sought to retain out of a territory of some 600 square mile« ia eimply tho family burial place. Keating's Powder destroys both moth, fleas beetles, and all other insects, while quite harmless to domestic animals. In exterminating beetles, the success of this powder is extraordinary. It is perfectly clean m appli cation- £>ec the article you purchase isi JCefitfUgs as jinitaticftis are noxious and in-1 ~-'««al Bold jo tins. od. is, and 2 8 6d by* pllchcmitii ,

Mr Hugo did not looture at Itakain, owing to the email nttondanoo. All his other leoturos m tho district have been well nt(ended. Aftor Christmas Mr Hugo proocoda to Timaru Wo aro requested to call attention to tho advertisement, which ngnin apponra m our columns m the Christmas Tree and Snlo of Work m tho rrimitivo Mothodiat Ohuroh to-morrow and Monday. The object, ia to raise £50 towards thoroduofcion of the church debt. A Wollinßton telegram Bays that a mooting of Past Mastors, undor the English, Irish and .Scotch constitutions, is about to bo hold for tho jiurposo of considering tho advisability of following tho example of tho New South WaloH Mapono, and establishing an independent Grund Lodge. At Napier on Thursday, a girl namod Eddie, was playing with a horse m a vacant paddock, and ondoavorod to mount it, who'n a boy threw his hat at the horso, which bolted, and tho child with hor foot m tho atirrup, was draggod somo distanoo. She was picked up unconscious, arii soon afterwards died.

On. Thursday the Colonial Secretary, M Hißlop, aooompanied by Major Messenge and Mr Phil Robinson paid a visit to Fort Ballance. Having inspector tho fortifications, Mr Robinson expressed his astonishment at the largo expenditure whioh the colony has oheerfully gono to m defence of Wellington. It is estimated that 500,000 bushels of oats havo boon despatched from the Goro and Waikako Stations einoo Slat March last. At an average of Is Gd por bushel these realised £37,500. If (ciaya the" Ensign ") the yield of the growing crop is equal to that of last year and is sold at the prosent prioe of, say, 3s por bushol, tho sum of £75,000 will oome to this district, and of this amount £40,000 will bo clear profit to the farmers. A ourioue aocidont happened at Waimato on Wednesday evening to a young man namod Wostphall. It appears that ho hold up his log to measure its length against that of those of some companions, when he overbalanced and the othera fell upon him breaking the limb" Dr Staopoolo was immediately sent for and set the fraoturod limb, and the patient was j removed to the Waimate Hospital, whore he is progressing as well aB oan bo oxpeoted. Finney, the English swimmer, rooently sent tho following challongo to tho "London Sporting Lifo " : — I am prepared to swim anyone m the world one mile, for £500 or £1000 a Bide. If NuMall really intends beooming a professional, I would iiko to swim him the above distance. Seeing that E. Oavill has created a 1000 yards rooord m Australia, I am willing to test his ability, and m virtue of my claim to ohampionship honors, I am anxious and always ready to defend the title. At the presentation of prizes at St Patrick's College, Wellington, tho Governor said thaty he thought the colony was to bo heartily mngraiulated on the appointment, as his BUoaoßsor, of one who hud been eminent m the publio sorvicoß of England. Lord Onalow would tako tho Bamo interest m tho oduoational interests of thd colony as he (tho speaker) had done, for no man with his heart m tho right place oould view with jealously tho establishment of sohools or colleges on cy. platform different from that whioh he himaelf OOOupied. The weekly meeting of the Dawn of Peace Lodge, No. 164, 1.0. G.T., was hold m tho Templar Hall last ovoning, Bro A. Mulford, 0.T., m tho ohair. There was a good attendanoo of membors. The usual business was gono through, and one candidate initiated. Several members entortained the Lodge with songs, readings, and recitations, and. during a recess refreshments were handed round, whioh contributed muoh to the enjoymont of tho meeting. A very pleasant evening waa brought to a oloso by the usual ceremonies at 10 p.m.

The oropa of whoat and oats m tho West Taieri district (soys I ho " Advocate") are looking Bimply magnificent. They aro a bit short for tho timo of tho year, but strong and healthy, showing all tho appearance of yielding abundantly. If seasonable weather were to bo,now oxporienond, wo boliovo that tho fivorngo yield would bo equal to, if it did not surpass, that of last year, bounteous though it was. Wo cannot Bay bo muoh for tho turnip, and potato oropa, whioh appoar to havo suffered a good deal from the cold weather, froats, and heavy winds. However, it is quite possible that evon theso orops may turn out botter than they look. Aa everywhere else, tho crops m tho MayAuld district aro looking well as to oolor, but they aro rathor thin m plaoea. In sorrelly land (hoy do not look quito so woll as while tho oold soason has oheokod the grain tho sorrol has gone ahead. On tbo whole if good weather continues, with occasional showers, a good harvest ie anticipated. A largo area haß been sown m English grass this Stmson. Mr Morrow having tried the experiment with success on a small eoale m a previous soaeon of Bowing cocksfoot and clover upon tueeock land after burning has followod this plan this season somewhat extensively. It is olaimed that this mothod has the advantages of preserving the natural feed, whioh m its turn shelters tho sown grass and olover, whioh thus affords good feod m sueeossion, so that thoro is good keep all the year round.

Wo arc sorry to hoar that Mr William Dellow, of May field, met with a serious aocidont on Thursday evening. Ho waa riding along the road when a woman callod to him, and asked his assistance to drivo somo horßos out of a crop into whioh they had strayed. He at onoo prooeodod to drivo tbo animals out, when one of them ldokod out striking him on tho left leg breaking both bones. He dismounted and oooeyod for assistance, and a young man who was passing fortunately heard him and obtaining a vohiole from a neighbor, drove him home. JQr Trevor waa Bent for and on arrival found that Dollqw had sustained a compound fraoturo necessitating setting under chloroform. The limb was put m splints and tho pationt removed to tho Aehburton Hospital. J>ollow, who will neoessarily be laid up for some time, and has a wifo and family, is fortunately a mombor of tho Foroßtors, so that ho will be entitled to sick allowance, but as tho Lodgo lo whioh ho belongs iv a Christohuroh one he does not get tuo benefit of tho attendance of the Lodge d oo tor.

The following extract is from an English paper:— ln all the history of crime surely M>ere osist no case whion will quite matoh the record which comes from Tunbridgo Wollh. Two working lads dctermino upon the murder p{ n foreman v/hp h(>a QJ|oqdod one of them; thpn tbe poor maa lg lqr@4 into a quiet spot, and shot at close quarters m tho head by tho youth whom tho toss of a coin had designated as tho person who was to do tho aotual killing. When, asked tho other day, after his apprehension, •' what grucjgo Doboll (the youth who fired the shot) oould havo againat Lawronoe (tuo forornan), seeing that ho never worked under him ? " Gower airily answered, " Oh, he's a friend of mino, and as true as steel." The murderers not having been evon suspeoted m tho moanwhilo two inonthß nitor tho commission of the orime, Doboll, signing himself "Another Whitechapol Murdoror," wrote a letter to tho looiil " Advertisor," m whioh, having obtained "a small spaoo m your valuable paper," ho wont on to recount " a few faota ooncorning tho (loath of tho lato Mr Lawrenoo." This letter conlainod a vivid description ot tho murder j but tho local polioo, of course, treated it aa a hoa?, apd the murdorors remained undisoovcrod.

Wo clip the following important testimonio 1 from tho " Illawarra Mercury " (N.8.W.) of the 80th Maroh. It neoda no comment : " Mr John Lovodsiy, of tho Bulli Mountain, writos to us that aftor suffering for four yeara with aouto gravel, ho has oxperioncod almoat oomplcto roliof by using Sandor and Sons' Eucalypti Extraot. He eaya acoing tho said Extract advertised m tho 'Illawarra Mercury,' hie intenao Buffering induood him to obtain a bottle of tho medicine from Mr Iloßkinjj ohoraist, of this town, and that tho übo of U gavo him groat roliof at onco. Ho etaloH that between tho 10th March instant, when ho obtained tho first bottlo of tho extract, and tho 19th, thf übo of that modioino oontinnod to afford him relief, to which ho had boon a alranger for four yoars. MrLoveday writes also that he baa found tho Eucalypti Extraot a euro for rheumatism as well as gravel. Htf requoata ua to publish this information through tho 'Meroury.' Wo havo much ploaßurp m ppmplyirfg with Mr Loveday'fl request, whoso word cannot bo doubted, and who can have no object m view otyer than a pure desire to topflfty guttering humaoity."^-

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2019, 21 December 1888

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2019, 21 December 1888

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