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There are 1425 charaotera m the 24 books that Charles Diokens wrote. The ex-Empress Eugenic ie said to have given direotions lor the cremation of her body after her death* Mr Hugo lectures at Seafield thi» evening, at Elgin tomorrow, and at Eakaia on Thursday. In twelve months the loss to creditors m England and Wales through bftnkruptoy proceedings exoecded seven millions sterling. A vegetarian hotel is an innovation m London. There are already SO vegetarian restaurants m that city. A Soathorn exchange Bayo it is asserted that on a Southland station reoently, 25 dead lambs were found with a ferret* puncture over the heart, and tha blood suoked. The local agents have received information that the Mnßsey reaper and binder seaured the gold medal at the Victorian Grand National Competion. The island of La Costi, on the Florida ooast is being set out with oocoanut trees so rapidly that it will soon bo one immense grove. Boulanger went out of the Frenoh War Pepartment because he was too savoy; yet the pew Minister who has gone m to euoooed him is "Sauaeifir," The Bank of England is ths most extensive banking institution m the world. It employs over 1000 clerks, and its buildings cover eight acres. A curious living is made by women m New York by going about from house to house to comb and dress the hair of invalids or indolent women. Mistress (to new servant) : "We have breakfast generally about eight o'olook," New Servant : " Well, mum, if I ain't down to it, don't wait." The violenoe of the expansion of water when freezing is sufficient to cleave a globe of oopper ol Buch thickness as to require a force of 27,0001 bto produce the same effect. At the collection at Dr Parker's meeting m Queen f Anne street Church, Dunfermline, lately there were no fewer than 1400 threepenny pieces. Tha smallest book m the world is m the possession of the Earl of Dufferin. It is an edition of the sacred book of tho Sikhs, and is said to be only half the size of a postage stamp. Professor J. A. Linter placed the total number of insect species m the world at 320,000. Of those found m North America 7000 or 8000 species are fruit pests, and at lasat 210 attack the apple. We see by the Wellington papers that the parson whoße sudden death from heart disease was repeptly telegraphed was not Mr Whittem of Wellington, but Mr H. J. Whitton, of Alicetown, Lower Huti, The following prioes were feeing realised for frozen meat m London at the beginning of November : — Cargo by the Coptic — Sheep, 4H to sd; beef, 3d to 4£d. Elderslie— Sneep, 4jd to sd. Euapehu— Sheep, 4£d to sd. Keating's Powder destroys bpth moth, fleas, beetles, and all other insects, while quite harmless to dqmestic animals. In exterminating beetles, the success of this powder i? extraordinary. It is perfectly clean m application. See the axticle you purchase is Keatings as imitations are noxious and m., effectual Sojd m tins, 6d. is, and 2s 6d by ftllcfeemuls -" ■ ■ ■

George H. Vanderbilt has bought 1000 acres of land near Ashvillo N. 0., and intends to found three great industrial schools for poor white children m the Southern Stltes. : A man who went fiahing m a private fond m a suburban town complains that he only } got one bite and that was from a dog whose i master owns ihe pond. | Laziness grows on people — it b6gi:)S m ' cobwebs and ends m iron chains. The more work one has to do m tbe world tbe more one is able to accomplish for he learns to economise his time. The steeling qualitioa of Firth's patent germina are steadily asserting themselves, no lees than 17,8911 b having rodo into consumption m Canterbury since its introduction at the end of last August. An old lady was admiring Landeeer'a beautiful picture called " Saved." It's no wondor," said she, " that the' poor child fainted after pulling that great dog out of the water." The ww wave has swept over Switzerland. Her Military Budget, which was 11,000,000* ten years ago, is now over 20,000,000, and an extra credit of 20,000,000 has just keen demanded to re-arm her infantry with the new small bore repeating rifle. Sound travels at the rate of 1142 feet per second — about thirtoen miles m a urinate. So that it we hear a dap of thunder half a minute after the flash, we may oaloubte that the disoharge of eUotrioity is Bis and a hall miles off. Mr J. T. Macßon says that he invested br a olient m England £400 m Cbristohursh city properties 31 years ago, and since then he has remitted m principal and interest £69,323 and he has over £10,000 worth yet to reatee. Probably the richest Welshman Imn; is (says a Home paper) Mr G. W. Taylor, who recently returned to Melbourne to realise his estate there, previous to taking up his abode m this country. It is announced that he has disposed of his property for the immense lum of £4,385,000. j The Edinburgh correspondent of the"O&go Daily Times," writing on October 18 ays: — Much of this year's crop will never riper at all now while much iB also blaokensd by frost. Already, accounts have been published of unout corn standing amidst snowjn the higher parts of Banffshire. A son of the Rev W. E. Greene, of Loncbn, a gentleman who was then doing temponry duty for the Rev D. El well, at Edington, rear Brightwater, playfully discharged a pea-gin at a nurse-girl a few days ago. The pa struck her m the forehead and entered he brain, death ensuing within a few minutes, A farmer m Barry County, M. A., forty years of age, is only 2ft 9in tall and weighs 46 pounds. He owns a farm of 390 acies, which he manages himself. He is married to a medium- sized woman and has ive children. He has been a Justioe of he Peace for nine years, and his name ia Samuel Gilmore. Sayß the " Taranaki News " : — Furriers may congratulate themselves that the irospeotß for the next six months at leist ire particularly "rosy" for dairy produce. 'Ye hear of the proprietor of one factory who las sold the whole of the season's butter for w Is lid per lb, the purohase being efiectedfor the Australian market, Minister to north country woman whise sick husband he has been visiting : "?m very glad to have been of any oomfort to ytur poor husband, my good woman. But wiat made you send for me instead of your own minister ? " " Weel, sit, it's typhus my poor husband's got, and we dinna think it jast net for oor am minister to rjn the risk," Mr J. B. Bandereon, general manager tf ' ' tbe New Zealand Mutual Creditors Assocution, has been on a visit to Ashburton, aad haa asked ua to draw attention to the idvsntages of the Association as detailed m cur 1 advertising columns. He has appointed Hr > J. O. Duncan looal agent, and informs us . that tbe Association has already collected i £20,000 within the three years of ita existence for New Zealand firms, and having 120 ' agenoies is enabled to afford practical advan- • tages m reaohing defaulting or absentee i debtors. i The Aahburton Baoing Olub are having i the racecourse put into thorough^, order, and all traces of the effects of their recent race ' meeting and the bad weather removed*. A ' number of further improvements _ ia tie 1 accommodation for offioiala and racing men ; are also to be effected. It is satisfactory to [ learn that notwithstanding the extremely i unfavorable weather, whioh made the ' attendance much smaller than it would I otherwise have been, the aooounts of the [, recent 3priog meeting show a fair margin ol j profit. ■ A gathering of a pleasing nature took place r m the. Tinwald Presbyterian Church or Thursday evening "last. With the view n| " augmenting the funds of the Sabbath School I a scholars servioe of song was decided upoi and that entitled "The Ministry of Jesus' waa selected. Mr Dunn, from Flemington, gave the readings, and a number of soholan trained by Miss Blake gave the songs, which were numerous and some of them difficult, . yet all were rendered m a very creditable manner. The Bey A, Blake prefaced tbf entertainment by a suitable address, and Mi L Waite moved a vote of thanks to those who ' had promoted and carried through the meeting, and said that he would have been glad to see more preßent to encourage that olase | of entertainment.

A correspondent of the " Scientific American," writing from providence, R.L, on August 10, Bays:— The aea serpent seen off Watoh Hill, 8.1., is reported again m the same district. The sloop Mary Lane, Captain Delory, wan lately on her homeward trip from New London, and when two miles south-west of Point Judith, on Saturday, Captain Delory sighted a monstrous head two feet above the water and about 50 yards distant. The appearanoe of the head ia desoribed as like that of ap alligator, The jaws looked to be at least five feet m length, ahd were Btudded with teeth six inches long, while the eyes were as large as the crown of a hat. Buck from the head ran a huge fin. Tho body moved rapidly through the water. The entire length of the creature, as estimated m its passing the boat, was about 70 feet. The captain says it was within about ten feet as it swept by the vessel. Glimpses of its body, which was about the size of a barrel, showed bright greyish Boales.

The question of oaloulatinp attendance at sohool by atriot average instead of that known as working average, was dealt wilh m a report laid before the Wellington Board of Education lately by the Inspector. Mr Lee says that m his opinion the method of calculating { bj the working average is the fairer and more satisfactory one, mainly beoauae of the fast that when the strict average system is employed teachers are more liable to loss of salary from occasional filling off m attend- ' anoe brought about by causes over which they have absolutely no control, such as floods and epidemics. The Chairman agreed with the Inspeotor, pointing out that is was very unfair to teachers tp eq force theetriot average introduced by the Government Jn the paae i of Newtown, for instance, where there waa an j epidomio recently, the teaoher lost consider- 1 able salary through the attendance being calculated by striot average. The Rev J. Patterson and Mr J. Young also expressed themselves to the same effeot. The Chairman | further observed that the strict average | system waa vicious, and calculated on a wrong basis. On the motion of Mr Bunny, it was resolved to support the South Canterbury Eduoation Board m an effeot to have the average calculated on the working basis. ' Statutory Declaration.— l, Franz Raabe, Ironbark, Sandhurst, m the colony of Yjotoria, Australia, do solemnly and ainoerely deolare { that on the 25th June, 1877, my son Alfred, aix yeara of age, was accidentally hurt with ! an axe on his knee. lat onpe tpok $11 pains to seoure medical assistance, IJowflver, m spite of all efforts, on the 27th August, 1877, the opinion was given by Dr Maogillivray | that an amputation of the injured limb had become imperative, m order to save life. At this juncture I called on Messrs Sander and Sons, procuring some of their Extract of the Euoalyptus Globujus, and by the application of the same I bad the satisfaction of seeing my son within a fortnight out of all danger, and to-day he is recovered. I may just add that it was when the orisis had been reached that the Extract referred to was first applied, and I make thia solemn declaration, etc, — Franz Raabe. peolared at Sandhurst, m the colony of Viotoria, Australia, this seventeenth < day of Ootober, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven before me. Morita Cohn

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