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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

The installation of the Mayor elect takes i place at the Borough Chambers at noon on ] Wednesday next. ' There were m servioe Jan. Ist on American roads 36,415 locomotives, the estimated value ' of whioh was 184,905,000 dollars. At Ohristchuroh the " Messiah " is to be performed at Christmas by a chorus of 02 . eopranoß, 41 altos, 48 tenorß, and 49 basses. A master of the Woodvilld school flogged i a pupil for having committed some wrong aot i the other day, aud the father of- the boy [ flogged the master. i The Supreme Court of Nebraska has deoidod that a .woman may sue for and recover money her husband has squandered for liquor. A farther large sample of stone from the Waikakaho reef, Marlborough, baa been I crashed m Wellington, and on assay at the I Colonial Museum yielded at the rate of 3oz • lldwt 2gr to the ton. Mr E. Laishley, a well-known lawyer of Auoklaud, who during his recent visit to 1 England, received the honor of an L.L.D.--1 ship, has lately received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the "University of Leipßio. The '• Rangitikei Advocate " says: — " V/g learn on good authority that Sir J. Yogel is going to resign his seat m the House of Representatives. Lady Yogel has boon trying ' $o Ipt the houeo m Wellington, which certainly looks significant." i Captain Allman has invented a littlo boat, whioh is propelled by pedal power, and is on 1 the bicycle principle. She baa puddles, with patent floats, and is steered by- a very simple , motion. She fa calculated to make 10 J knots an hour, with very little power. A novel method of obstructing a mission Ay has been employed at Wan-hsien, a city on the Yangtszo, between* lohang and ChungKing, China. After great diSc" I ** he BUO oeeded m acquiring a house there, but no sooner had he been established m it than it was beHioged by beggars, who were employod by the litterati for the purpose, and said that aa he had come there to do good, they desired to givo him an opportunity. The " Temperance Herald " states that it is the intention'of Mr Goads, who has for some years been a prominent worker under the Allianoo m England, to pay a visit to this colony m August. The New Zealand Allianoe expeuts to bo able to orrange with him for holding temperanoo missions m each of the principal towns, occupying about three months altogether between Auckland and the Bluff. There is a line of dialoguo m the play » Mr Barnes of New York," when the Coreican girl Marina has sworn a Vendetta that she will kill the man who slew hor brother:— |' Antonio, I will take an oath/ she exclaims r m dramatic tones over the corpse of her fraternal relative, "Pon'fc my girl," said one of tho audionoe, when the piece was played ; «• wait till Bradlaugh's Bill passes then you'll be able to affirm." The best Remedy for Indigestion 1 Norton's Camomile Pills are confidently i recommended as a simple remedy for indiges- i tion, which is the cause of nearly all the ' diseases to which we are subject. Norton's i Pills, with justice called the " natural ] strengthener of the human stomach," act as a i powerful tonic and gentle aperient, are mild t m thfiir operation, and safe under auy circum ( tances fcold m bottles at is igd, 2s 9:!, 1 4s, by $$ medicine vendors throughout.the 1 world, l(

0 The Now Zealand Clothing Faotory have a j )w advertisement m this issue announcing By ibstantial reductions m the prioe of goods, bo Owing to the bad weather on Wodnesday . r Hugo postponed his lecture at Rakaia till V* huraday next. ? A specimen of an Aiotio plant has been bi mnd growing m the Houghton Woods, York- ta lire. H When a Boston girl has oooasion to make se of a well-known proverb she says sheol is I ai laoadamised with excellent purposes, } It - ' o The whole of tho site of the City of Adelaide *", ras originally sold for £4000. It is now I. stimated to be worth £11,000,000. ' Xt There are still on the pension rolls of the b Jritish Government over eight hundred men i( ?ho served m the war of 1812, The war Q nded 78 years ago. , a The number of publichouses of all kinds n tho London police distriot is 13,995. Tho i lumber of coffee-stalls placed m the .streets t )f the metropolis by night is 859. b It is Bftid that a genius has invented a flat- * ron and so utilised the principle of expansion * )f metals by heat that a little bell rings when J ;he iron is hot enough to iron clothes with. A minister m Glasgow not long ago inti- \ mated from the pulpit that ho would visit the « Families residing m a certain distriot, eat* braoing at tho same time the servant girls. . There are now some 4200 species of flowers, 1 whioh are cultivated m Europe, and it is a y •< matter of some surprise, as well as regret, t that only 240 : exaotly ten per cent, are i Ddorous. " "'] The' United States haß one want — a | national flower. The Sooiety of Amerioan Florists have appointed a oommitteo to seleot ' the most appropriate floral emblem for the ! Republic. J A now vioo has been discovered m Paris'- . It is making considerable progress. Ether '• drinking is its form, and it is resorted to as -' an alternative with morphine and oaoao inooulation, It oost tho Kings of Egypt half a cent a day. to pay and board the builders of the pyramids. King Solomon paid a cent a day to those who built his temple. "The Nun of Kenmare" (Sister Mary Frances Clare), as she is generally known, has, says English papers, resigned from the Catbolio faith and religious duties, and has gone into literary work. At the R.M. Court this morning, before Mr D. Thomas, J.P., Patrick Safloy, for having bean drunk whilo m charge of a horse, was fined 10s and costs 15s, and for having illtreated a horse by kicking it and striking it on the head was. fined 10s and 10s ooßts. Training dogs for the German army is still being actively pushed forward. The animals, however, are to be used rather for establishing communication between the main army and its outposts than for reconnoitring or for the actual protection of the outposts. j, Jerusalem is growing m size and population at an enormous rate. New buildings are. , rising daily, and churches, gardens, and] institutes of various kinds are filling up the formerly desolate neighborhood to the distance of half an hour's walking beyond the old limits of the oity. A publio tea meeting m oonneotion with the Wesleyan Church anniversary is announced to be hold m the Sohoolroom, Hinds, on Monday next, 17th inst, at 5.30 p.m., after whioh a publio meeting will be held, when addresses will be delivered by ministers and friends. After the recent orioket match between Publicans and Farmers the players made up subscription of one guinea which they presented to the Ashburton Orioket Club towardß the cost of a new roller. Wo hear that a matoh between the Bakers and Butohers is on the tapis. Mrs Poolr, the woman murdered at Poverty Bay, was the daughter of Captain Swan, of Raglan, and niece of Captain Fairobild. She was about 27 years of age, and her husband is over 80. Pook's parents reside at Raglan.. Mrs Pook's sißter is wife to Mr Dunoan, J. P., Auckland, Mr Gladstone reoontly happoned to meet thfl'Btßhop of Peterborough, England, who is aB smart m bis conversation as the lata Samuel Wilberforoe, Bißhop of Oxford. •• 1 hear," my lord, observed Mr Gladstone, "that you don't quite approve of my dealing with the Irißb question." "Oh I dear, no," quietly answered the Bishop : it is not your own " dealing " I mind Mr Gladstone ; it is your shuffling that I objeot to. A muoh depressed southern oouqty oorreSr pondent thus boils down an agricultural report for the week ending the 25th instant : — " Sun, absent ; rain hore ; wind, cold ; hail colder ; grass, stuck 5 cows, shivering j milk thin; butter, white; oalvoß, poor; bees, Btarving ; wheat, blue ; oats, stationary ; fiotatoev, hesitating ; turnips, nil ; sorrell, uxuriant ; horses, idle ; boys, working m the garden." Biggins' menagerie, at Brisbane, from which a tiger reoontly esoaped, is a source of great anxiety to the neighbourhood. The man m oharge on a recent night was drunk, and threatened to let all the animals loose. He had to be looked up, and the police took charge of the place. Representations having been made to the mayor of the danger and onnoyence arising from the presence of the menagerie, bo gave premptory orders for its removal. The " Mataura Ensign " says { — It transpired during a conversation among the direotors of tho Mataura Dairy Faotory the other day that cheese is likely to follow the same course as grain, inasmuoh as buyers from America are trying to buy up all they oan get of the New Zealand product. Grain rings have oaused muoh dissatisfaction m the old and new worlds, and it seems as if a '.' cheese rin£ " was m the near future. Already this season the produde of nearly all the Southland faotoriea has been purchased by Amerioan buyers. A Btrarige story of the sea is made up from , two sources. A month or two ago the master of an island trader reported at Sydney that a large vessel had struck on a reef at Tarewe Island, m the Gilbert group, that a board had washed ashore with tho words " Book " and «« . X Terraco "on them ; and that though the vessel had sails set there was no sign of life aboard. The mystery of this wreok is explained by reports of an official enquiry at Hong Kong into the abandonment, at Guam on March 2nd, of. the British ship Rook Terrace, 1709 tons, from Philadelphia to Japan laden with Kerosene. The master reported that his vessel atruok on a reef, apd on going off made water freely. He made for Guam, and after nineteen days sighted the island. He intended to beach her to save the cargo, hut after boating about two or three i days bo resolved tp abandon her, the crew being weary of pumping, the vessel making I seven inohes an hour. ' AH hands/therefpre,, abandoned .the ship, behoving, of course, that she must Boon ' founder. ]Lt turns but that" she kept afloat for Bbvon months, and with her topsail set, drifted $40 miles northward, and finally oamo to grief op Tarawa? The Court a j *"orjK Kong punished both captain and firstTofficer for the vessel, pn their own ovidenoe. Tho best modioine is Sander and Sons'* Euoalypti Extraot. Tost its ominont powerful offeots m ooughs, colds, influenza, etc— the relief ib instantaneous. Thousands give tho most gratifying testimony. Hi B Majesty the King of Italy and medioal syndicates all over the globe are its patrons. Road the offioial reports that aooompany each bottle We have no oocasion to offer rewards m proof of the genuineness of our referenoos. The offioial reports of medioal clinics and univorsitieH, tho offioial communication of the' Oonßul-Gonoral for Italy at Melbourne : the diploma awardod International Exhibition Amsterdam— all these are authontio doou! ments, and, as Buch, not open to doubt. Wo add hero epitome of ono of tho various casoe treatod at the clinic of Schultz, M.D., Professor, etc.—" (J. 8., 24 years old ; congeshonal absoesß on the thigh. Inoisions made 1 m two plnoes. Although Lister's dressing i was applied, the seorotion became, two days later, very copious, and had adopted a foetid, decomposed oharaoter. The temperature rose 1 enormously. In consequcnoe the dressing was removed, and m its place were mado during the day-time repeated irrigations with Euoalyph Extraot. Tho offensive footer dia- , appeared very soon, the fever abated within , & few days, and the patient recovered after the lapse of several weeks. In this instance ' wo must not lose sight of the faot thafthe latter tseatiMot, laved the patieut'i lite.' — * AW* 8 h

Mr Fred Henry Hagon, a well-known | iydney tailor and sporting man, oommitted oicido by jumping from the landing place at lushoutter's Bay while, it is supposed, euffersg from the effects of dolirium tremens. He tad had considerable sporting and other losses ; a'tely and had been drinking so heavily as to jring on. delirium. Deceased was one of the <] nen who put down £1000 to send Beaoh n Some to row on the Thames. r The Rev W. S. Green, who made the jßce'nt of Mount Cook, has returned home Irorg a'^ four months* sojourn m British A Oolnmbia, whither he went under the aUßpioes { ot .the Royal Geographical Sooiety to make a ( survey of the glaoier regions of the Selkirk i ranga of the Rooky Mountains. He seems to ' have been much embarrassed by fogs and ' ioo, but nevertheless Buooeeded m napping out about 200 square miles of a wild < mountainous region. The wheat produced m England this year is not only poor m quality as food stuff, , but poor as seed. Mr Oarruthers, the botanist of the Boyal Agricultural Sooiety, after testing it reported a general failure of > germination to the extont of from 82 to 62 i per cent. " Even the living seeds," he sayß, " would at the beßt produce weak and poor plants, many of them, no- plants at all." Several Bamples of last year's growth showed a germination of 93 to 100 per oent. The Russians arejmying extensive tracts of land m JPalestine," with the objeot, it is believed, lot increasing their eooleßiastioal establishments there, and of giving those that exist larger endowments. In fact, Russia seems to be m a fair way of supplanting Frenoh influence m the Holy Land, and the orrious part ot the situation is that France, which was once bo jealous of that influence, and joided us m the Crimean war to assist m repressing it, aeema now willing' to give Bußsia a free hand. A curiouß match oame off at Bishop Auckland. Mr Milea Brown, a publican, having Staked £20 to £10 that Mr William Piers, an auctioneer, could not bowl him out m twelve hours, Brown to find his own bat, and Piers hiß own ball. The former went m with a j barn-door bat that completely obsoured the I atioks, and put it down steadily, but his adversary was equal to the oooasion, for he impelled a ball, similar to those ÜBed at 'bowls, weighing 27 ounces, and with this soon began to chip and splinter the bat, bo that m nine (minutes he had effeoted a breaoh and caused the fall of the stumps. Signor Orispi, the Italian Premier, m the bourse of a reoent interview with a " Daily Telegraph " correspondent, said : — " Aa far as Italy and England are concerned, it cannot be too frankly admitted or too emphatically insisted upon that we want you, and you want as. With immense sacrifices we have (treated, armed, and organised a vast military boot. We are now m a position, at a few weeks' notice, to send out of Italy from 500,000 to 600,000 exoellent soldiers, and yet to keep at home a foroo fully adequate to defend our frontiers and ooasts against foreign attaok. Asa land military power, disposing of Buoh resources as these m the way of effedtive fighting troops, our allianoe may 'some day be of paramount importance to ..Great Britain. On the other hand, we may require your support m the Mediterranean; and it must always be of the greatest moment to a country m the geographical position oconpiod by Italy to have the strongest naval j>ower m the world for ita firm friend and Btaunoh ally." Holloway's Pills. — Enfeebled Existence* —This medicine embraces everjr attribute required m a general and domestic remedy. It overturns the foundations of disease laid by defective food and impure air. In obstructions or cO'hgest.ons of the liver, lungs, bowels, or any other organs, these pills are specially -serviceable and eminent'y successful. They should be kept m readiness m every family, .being a medicine of incomparable utility for young persons, especially those of feeble con.stitutions. They never cause pain or irritate r; the most sensitive nerves or most tender bowels. Holloway's Pills arc the best known purifiers of the blood, the most active promoters of absorption and secretion, whereby all poisonous and obnoxious partioles ate removed, from both solids and fluids i ' ' ' ■ ' *

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2013, 14 December 1888

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2013, 14 December 1888