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Nominations for the raoe meeting of the Tinwald Kuoing Olub oloso at Scott'a hotol, Tinwald, on Saturday evening at 9 o'olock. Roßorvations of 1,896,000 acres of land, valuod at £4,256,000, have been mado by tho Viotorian Govornment aa aa endowment for educational purpaßea. Tho annual Garden Parly m connection with St. Stophon's Church waa held tbis afternoon, and will bo continued this evening. A report will appear m to-morrow's issue. The Bishop of Tasmania hap announced hia intention to retiro from tho See m order that |he may have proforment m . Great Britain. Royal marriagea are evidently infeotioua. When tho royal marriage tdok plaoo rooontly at Turin over a hundred oouplea wished to bo united at tho same hour, and tha foroe of offioiala at the municipality had to be inorease'd. The Watkina poaition-finder, for which tho British Government paid £46,000, has boon proved to be very efficacious m finding vessels and othor objeata that could not be soon from the battery wbioh was aiming>t them, and ■uoh 'objects were struok very frequently by the guns from suoh battery, although invisible therefrom. There seems to be an endless end paying variety of trados m Paris. An old miser known for yeara by tho cognomen of "Pore Boulanger" m the preoinota of the Hallos Oentraleß, gained a livehood by galvanising the ourioua at one penny. ahead. He waß found dead m a illthy attio the o^her day, whereon a search bonda and cash to the amount of upwards of .40,000 franou were diseovored. ' ■ ■ y The death is announoed of M. Juloa Loon Fontaine, formerly Profesßor of Mathematics at tho Lyceo, St. Louis and Oondorcet. >Io 1871 he was appointed Dirootor of Domains by the Commune, and for seizing the property of M. Tbiers, m pursuance of a deoree of that Bolf-oonstituted authority, ho was aentenoed, after the emiuito had been vanquished, to 20 yean' penal servitude. England imported during tho first nine monthß of this year live animals for food at the valuo of £5,982,482, aB against £4;820. 262 for the previouß year. Tho valuo of tho oattlo waa £4,031,961. Of dead meat the value was £11,061,143, wbioh ii nearly the Bamo amount aa last year* and of this no less than £4,749,122 waß for baoon. Butter and oheese was imported to the value of £6,608,421 and £3,394,225 respectively. A viotim of morphine, thirty years of age', has just been Bent to the infirmary at the Paris Prefecture of Polioo, for attempting to commit Buioido by burning charcoal m her room. Fortunately Bho set fire to her bod curtains, and thus aroused tho attention of her neighbors, who rcßOucd her from death. She has been a consumer of morphine for several years, and it is stated that m a fow weeks a chemist furnished her with two hundred franca' worth of the prenioioua drug. There aro at present printed m P&ria no less than 1648 periodical publications, viz. ; Ninety-four political, 56 literary, 66 illustrated, 16 diplomatio and economical, 17 insurance, 63 Oatholio, 21 Protestant, 2 Israelitio, 21 masonic 27 military, 25 sporting, 146 financial, 85 industrial. 20 theatrical, iB4 jurißtio, 34 advert ißing, 60 fashions, 66 oom-. meroial, and 143 mioollaneoua journals; bosides 83 literary and political, 184 modical and pharmaoeutio, 128 artiatio and> logical, 71 scientific 72 eduoational, 34 administrative, 43 Rgrii 'tural and hortiou}* tural, and 32 bibliograpbto reviews, The French Transatlantic Company hap for a long time past carried out suooeaafully experiments with oil bb a menns of calming the sea m ooean voyageß. Usually the oil is placed m perforated oanvae bags which arc suspended from poles foroward and amidships, the waves m the immodiate neighborhood of tho vessel being thus offootualh subdued, however rough the weather may be further off. By a recent disoovery fcubee filled with oil aro now fired off m all direo tions, and the steamer is thus surrounded with a smooth sheet of water for a distanac ot 000 yards. } The special correspondent of the '• Press* telegraphs tdat Minißtora will complete tlw tour of inspection of the Otago Cantral or Friday, but will pot roach Wellington til Sunday week. Tho Premier proceeds tc Auckland some timo m January, and wiJJ address a public meeting on tho Frbpertj Tax and other questions. Ho will be aedbmpanied by the Minister of Works. In receiving tho Naseby deputation to«day Mr Mitchelson said Parliament would meet m the middio ol June and the Estimates will bo brought down m August. Ho also promisod £6000 towards tho construction of a road from Oamaru to Naseby by Maerawhenua route. Writing of tho Melbourne Exhibition our own correspondent says:—- "I think one of mo&t interesting, oxhibits of tho whold show ia m tbo Armanen|i Court«r-tbo (Kolly armour). It is tho gonuine artiole and not the stage property oarted round the coutry by the famous Kelly Dramatic Company. It is undoubtedly a ourioiity, for though the work of a mero country blaoksmith, " and simply made of beaten out plough shaves, for a timo it defiod the bullets of our mounted police. The fine&t wrought armour of anqjent timep waß never ablo to do that, and so this bullet. dinted, roughly-hammered cuirass is undoubtedly a wondorful example of skill and untaught art," A dcoißion just given by the Court at Bordeaux is of oonsidorable importanoo to those who frequent gambling olubs. A waiter m a olub at Bordeaux Buod ono of the mom. bers for a sum of 150 franca, whioh he allegod he had lent him. From the evidenoe adduocd it appears that the loan was made jn tho form of 1.0.U.'b given by other members, aqd that they wore played away by the borrower. The Court, on tho ground that the waiter bad lent money for an illegal purpoßo, qow eentonoed him, and oondomnod him m the costs of tbo action. This decision will go far to do away with the sentimental feelings about " debts of honor," whioh so often lead to the ruin of young men, Aooording to our Melbourne comsponden tho oontinuod drought ia being very aoriously felt m that city. Ho writes ;-—" Already broad, moat, potatoos, oggs, and buttor havo risen m price and it is to be feared Higbo commodities will go still muoh higher. The' news from all round continues very black and dismal, and unless there is a broak-up of tho dry weathpr, fho worpt renults are to be feared. In town the hot weather i>ag b^on detestable. What wjth ita gutter per/umes, andalimited aqpply of wator, and the hea.t, we Melbourno folk will be doiqg what Bistnarok threatened tbo Parisians with— -frijsijljng m our own groaso. Altogether tho summor opons unpleasantly, and the outlook for the noKtfpw montna is moro unpleasant still." The following m fironj a Kentish paper :— Thoro is a plant of tho' lilium auratum speoies grown by James Lilly, gardener to the laic Mr J. G. Lonsdale, of Sandgato, whioh is said to pomplotoly wolipsfl that grown by thegardenor to Lord ipiingdpu, containing 139 blooms, and whic was Haid to be the finest plant of ita kind a tho United Kingdom. Tho plant grown by Mr Lilly which he has oxhibitod for aovoral years, m 1881 had 265 blooms ; m 1882, 268 ; m 1883, 269 : m 1884, 302 ; m 1815, 307. In 1886 it was exhibited at tho Art Troasuroß Exhibition at Falkestone, whon it was Oft Gin m height, 37ft m oiroumferenpe, and had 815 perfectly aevoloped flowers, eaoh measuring 8i inches loross. In 1887 it lairly oxceltod itself by putting forth no lobb than 600 enormous and perfoot blossoms. Tho oloning meoting for the year of the rinwald Goßpel Temporanoo Sooiety and ?and ofHopo was held" pn Tuesday evening n tho Fresbytorian Ohuroh. Tho Bey A. 3iako oooupiod tho ohair. A number of reoiations, readings and songs were givon, and ho ohairraan drew attention to the acoount >f Mr D. H. Brown's viHit to Australia as eported m the " Guardian " showing what ifforts wero incumbent on us if wo wero to naintain tho premier position m tho matter if tomporanoo m thooo oolonioq. Mr Wai to [avo a vory appropriato addroae to the young leoplo which waa vory attentively listened to, md proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the ihairman, his wife and daughter for their Worts iq the oaujpe of temperanoe m the plaxsa : "- the past four years, This being yery -HedandfluHsblyrepliod to tha ! oartily aouu» .. ' * • *'o«8, leeting was brought to „ . ..„ | Skinny Men.-" Wells' Health R newer istores health and vigor, cures dyspepsia, ii ipotence, sexual dcWlltj. At chemists and t, S pt^ Ornc ' PlOßser r Wd Cp., 4

J. Oumojings, aged 66, a blacksmith at« Lsmbton, Now South Wales, has just beonl apprised of tho faot that he is the heir to a fortune amounting to one million sterling m < property and oaeh. Eleven years ag^o Oum- j mingd went to England m reply to an advert isoment, but owing to want of funds was unable to prove bis claim to the fortune loft by, Sir.,oharleß Graham m Scotland. The estates are said to extend from Dumburton to Stirling. Two Sydney men pushed Gammingg' olaim, with the result that he b&a at length been successful m asserting his right, • The Prince of Wales haß a moat noted • relationship. Leaving the Pope out of the question, the Prince of Wales is allied to nearly half .tho crowned heads of Europe. He is, uncle, of the Emperor of- Gormany ; brotbor-in-law of the Grand Duohees of Rusßia, the wifo of tho Duke of Edinburgh; of jLouis IV of Hesse, widowor of his sister AUrie ;' of Christian* of Sohleswig-Holstein, buaband of his Bister Helena ; of the Prineesß 01-Waldeok and Pyrmont, widow of his debased brothor, tho Duke of Albany t of Prjnea Henry of Battenburg, husband of the Prjlnoeßß Beatrice ; of tho Ozar of Russia ; of Frtderiok, heir to the throne of Denmark ; of King George of Greece and his wife, the Pnnoesß- Olga of Russia ; of the Empress of Russia by hia own wife, Princess of Denmark, oltbe Prinooss Thyra and her husband, the Dpke of Cumberland, tumbled . from the throne of Hanover by Bismarck ; and of the Prince Waldemar of Denmark and his wife, Prinoesa Mary of Orleans. - Breakfast and lunoheon and dinner are ail the same m Africa. There is no beef nor mutton, nor bread, nor flour, nor sugar, nor salt, nor anything' whatever, except an occasional fowl, which an Englishman oan eat. Hence the enormous outfit which ha must oarry with him. No one has any idea of what oan be bad m tins till he camps out abroad. Every conceivable digestible and indigestible is to be had tinned ; every form of fish, flesh, fowl and game. Every species vt vegetalbe and fruit, every, aoup, sweet, and entree ; but after two or three months of this Bort o! thing you loam that this tempting semblance of variety is a gigantio imposition. The sole difference between these articles lioß, like the Rhine winos, m the label. Plum pudding or kippexed herring taste just the 3ame: Whether you begin dinner with tinned calves-foot jelly or end with tinned ealmon makes no difference ; and * after Bix months it is only by a Blight feeling of hardness that you do not Bwallow the tins themselves. — "Drummond'sTropioalAfrioa." Wo dip the following important testimonial from tbo " Illawarra Meroury " (N.8.W.) of the 30th Maroh. It needs no oomment • -«• Mr John Loveday, of the Bulli Mountain, writes to us that after Buffering for four years with aonte gravel, he h»8 experienced alniOßt oomplete relief by using Sandor and Sons' Euoalypti Extraot. He gays seeing the said Extraot advertised m the 'Illawarra Meroury,' his intense suffering induoed him to obtain a bottle of the medicine from Mr Hosking ohemist, of this town, and (hat the use of it gave him great relief at onoo. He states that between the 10th Maroh instant, when he obtained tho first bottle of the extraot, and the 19 ih, the use of that medicine oontinued to afford him relief, to whioh he had been a stranger for four years. Mr Loredaj writes aIBO that he has found the Euoalypti Extraot a curt for rheumatism as nell as gravel. Ha requests us to publish this information through the • Mercury.' W« have much pleasure m complying with Mr Lpveday's request, whoße word oannot be doubted, and who can have no object m view other than a pure desire to benefit suffering humanity." (Advt.) 3

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