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The rovival of the tulip mania ii threatonod m Holland. King Humbort of Italy is reported to be ir failing health from oonsnmption. The forthcoming " breach of promise oaao ' at Now Plymouth turns out to bo a sell, beinj merely a performance by looal amatuera o Banlcll v JPickiwoU, Sovsral high ohuroh dignitarlea, nmoni thorn tbo Bishop of liipon and the Dean o Windsor, havo loft off the olerioal gaiters Talk about aff eolation m opstumo has done it. A whole village m Brazil has aooepted th gospel through tho instrumentality of a youni bußinoes man, who invited a missionary fr that plaoe. Improved sanitation m England has led ti a diminution of the death rnto. Sinoo 188 the rate has fallen from 20*5 to 188 po thousand. A now dog ii ooming into fashion ii London. It is the Tartar fox terrier. Hi coot is silky, smooth and red, with marking at head' and tail. Ho is good tempered, Tho only woman lawyer m Philadelphia i Mrs Carrie B. Kilgoro. Sho has an onviabl reputation at the Bar, and there is not i judge m the city who does not reapoot her fo legal ability. ! Tho Victorian Cabinet has deoidod to ftal Parliament for a new loan, m addition to th two million loan authorised, which will' b floated shortly. The money is required fo public worka. A correspondent of tho " Livorpool Mer oury " says that ho heard eomo oornet*play ing from a phonograph which had beei repeated more than a thousand times, am all tho notes wore as olear and dintinot a eter. Seven hundred and ninety thousand mm hundred and thirty pounds I This was 'thi net profit for the yoar of Guinnass, Son am 00. The fact was stated m tho report whiol was presented at the general meeting of thi oompany. Bishop Smythos, who is about to sail fo: Zanzibar, has determined that the Engltsl misßion&iros at Magiia, m the Tory heart o tho district, will not quit their post, bu remain at all hazards, and do what they Qfti to modorate the passions of the natives. -„ Tb,a ago at which most suioidos take plaoi m Groat Britain is 85. It would eoom (ba m early middle life the disappointed hope aro inubb kuen, «nd tbo c/Ydulu ol an ill -spun youth moat disastrous. At 35 many American feel the woarieomenesß of old age. The present Duke of Wellington receives i pension. The first Duke was m 1816 granta m hereditary pension of £4000 per annum fo throe lives, and £281,000 baa thus boen pai to the femily m oonnootion with the pension Tho present, however, ia tbo last life. \ At an inquost on a Cheshire farm servant i was testified that the doooased, only nineteen had worked tho whole of that week, gottinj only throe hours' rest oaoh night. A com panion of the dead raan said, "It is thi custom. If you won't go, somebody else will." A new society for women haa just Btartot m Sheffield, calling itself tho M Sooiety of thi Golden Cord." Its rules are few and sirnplq but all sufficient. 1. To bo loving and lovable 2. To be pure m heart, mind, and body. 8, To pity and help the poor and woak. 4. To h< kind to dumb creatures. 5. To avoid shams, Tho dog farms at Manohuria are nutn bored by the* thousand, From % dozen tc hundrodo are raised on oaoh farm annually the great oold of winter, dropping more that §0 degrees below zere, produoing splondid qoatß, which aro sold all over tho world, inoluding the United Ht&tea. ' ' The "Advocate" says that Mr O. Hunt, who saw a large fish found m the Bangitikoi River, near Wostoo, lately, doolares it was a true salmon. Mr Hunt is said to have had largo ozperionoo m salmon curing at Home, And thoroforo to bo ablo to give an authoritative opinion on the subjoot. < Medimval auperatitions linger m Austria, The Burgomaster of Zuraki, m Galioia, his just instituted a prosooution beforo tho Criminal Court of Spiotwina against a man named Jean Kowaloßink for having " by his malicious soroeries and incantations caused a hailstorm to devastate the fields of Zuraki on July 28th." The damages are laid at 8000 florins. At tho prosont season of almanaos and Chriatmas oards many a homo will bo adorned by tho oxoollont examples of ohromo-litho-graphy whioh aro being given away by Agfaburton tradesmen. Among tho root Mr J). Maoforlano, groqor, Burnett street, is well to tho fore, having come roally chojoo things m this way, specimens of whioh ho has kindly sent üb. Two of them — " Poop-Bo \ " and " Tho Gleaner " aro ogpooially good. In tho old days when tho 58th Regiment was m Now Zealand the following strange combination of namci ooourrod m tho roll of tho Light Company :— Day and Knight, Rood and Wright, Linnet and Wron, Cook and Hen, Bullook and Hyde, Bkinnor and Tannor, Soaloa and Weight, Siapp and Fotohott, Blaokthroad and Whitethread, and Thread- ! noodle. It will be observed that tho gallant Major Stapp has his plaoo among thorn. Tho trout fishing m tho Solwyn last Friday was of an extraordinary charaotor. It happoned to be a most favourable evening' warm after a hot day. In about throo boars Mr Woodman took 9 fish, weighing about 08Ibs. Mr Tippler took 6, all good fish. Mr Kimblo and party ($ rods) took 15, Bomo of them very largo. Mr Spademan took two woighing 121 b and 101 b reßpooilvoly. Mr Ollivior took 3, woighing 81b, 91b, and 61b eaoh ; and threo or four othor gentlemen all had from 2 to 6 fish each. Dflring the whole evening, whon onao it began to got dark, tho rivor wob tho soono of heavy splashes oauaod by flab rushing for bullies and Biivorieß, and the supply of fi«h from Lako Ellesmoro Boomed inexhaustible. AH tho abovo vrero taken m about 300 yards of tho river. llolloway's Pills.— Enfeebled Existence. — This medicine embraces every attribute required m a gcncr.U and domestic remedy. It overturns the foundations of disease laid by defective food and impure air. In obstructions or congestions of the liver, lungs, bowels, or any other organs, these pills arc specially serviceable and cmincnt'y successful. They should be kept m readiness m every family, being a medicine of incomparable utility for younp persons, especially those of f«eble con.' stilulions. They never cause pain or irritate the most sensitive nerves or most lender bow. Is. Ilolloway'a Pills arc the best known purifiers of the blood, the most active pronoters of absorption and secretion, whereby ill poisonous and obnowous particles aie fmoyed fjrow fcotti jolida »pd fluid! ■ ,

The Empress of Austria owns twenty pet ' horses and twioo aa many dogs, whose woliftro \ Bhe looks after poraonally. The Eiffel Tower, Paris, has been taken ' ovor by a company with a oapitnl of £204,000. The £200,000 ia for the ingenious M. Eiffel, the romaining £4000 is for working expenaeß The Pillabury flour-mill of Minneapolis (U.S.), which, four years ago, adopted the profit-sharing system, distributed 40,000 dollars among its employees m September last, The body of the boy Joseph Brown, who wna drowned m the Heathoote oo Saturday night, was found at low tido last ovoning apposite the Heathooto Raoooourso, half I embedded m weeds. Two Russian savants, Professor Markofl and M.. Poppff, aooompaniod by six guides, . auoooeded m reaobing the top of Mount Ararat I recently. Thoy oreoted a oairn at the summit m commemoration of tho event. •■ ' I Mr Enooh Wm. Rudder, tho oldeat in* i habitant m tho Maoleay river district, who , founded Kompsoy GO years ago, has just died, aged 88. He leaves 200 ohildren, grand' children, and groat-grand-children. ' A funny procession at Nowbury, England, \ waß formed of doga which had boon liberated , from muzzles at the ropoal of a law. The , prooeseion waa headed by a band of mueio m • ft brake drawn by four horseß ridden by red. ! ooatod postilHoDß; Active preparations are being made for the ' garden party to.morrow m the Parßonr ago Grounda. Admission to tho grounds » after 7 p.m. will be roduoed to one ohilling. , In oase of tho day being wet tho tea will be * held m tho Sohoolroom, and some form of > moeting take place m the evening. A very fino display of Christmas fruitß and dolioaoica for tho ooming feßtiv6 and holiday Boaspn ia now on view m the windows of Mr D. Maofarlane'sgrooeryaatabliahment, Burnett street, who also shows some pretty and artistio deßinna m ohina and crookery, Buitablfl for Chrißtmaß prosentß. 1 In Cleveland, Ohio, there is a lady who is completely paralysed by every thunderatorm. " Sho reoovers whon the storm oeasoa. The pr lady Bhould at onoe make her home m f California. Sho might livo there for forty years without being paralysed moro than one time. Acoording to an oxohango Popo Leo XIII is m good health, although his real qondition is carefully kept from tho public. Ho is m a painfully nervous state, and is said to bo constantly pursued by a morbid foar of death, the slightest ailment assuming, m his exoited imagination, tho form of a serious disorder. We undorstana that a field trial of reapora and binders, under tho auspioes of the Agricultural and Paetoral Association, will bo hold on Mr. A. J. Huston's farm, Flomington, noxt week, on a date which will be advortiaod. About nine maohinoß aro oxpeotod to oompeto. Intending puroharors of reapors and binders this season will thus bo able to compare the morita of the various makers. Tho Cbristchuroh bootmakers' Btriko waß Battlod last night. Tho manufaoturora oon« oeded the point raiaad by the men, and agreed to pay 13a por dozen for youths' laoo boots with aoid bottoms, on all pairs now m makers' hands, and to roturn to the old stylo of "made out bottoms" on the atand at 1b 8d per pair. The men have stated their intention of readjusting the oealo of paymonts, so as to prevent simiiar trouble m future. A meeting of tho various bands m Christohuroh and the suburbs have deoided to organise a band oonteat, open to the whole polony. It is estimated that the exponaes, inoluding prizes, will amount to £200. Many promißea of aubaoriptiona havo already been rocoivod by tho promoters, Mossra R. T. Searoll, J. Pooley, D. MoKillop, and W. P. MoLean. Should the movement prove suooosßful an asnooiation will be formed to annually carry out oontosta m the different centres of the oclony if possible. The Duchess of Edinburgh is said to be extremely popular m Malta; liked and admired by all who know her- She is an admirable wife and mothor, and is muoh beloved by her ohildren. Her daughtera are growing up fino girla, bright and intelligent, and full of fun ana natural neaitny spirits. Tho youngest, Prinpesß Beatrice, is said to be vory muoh like hor mother, and the eldest is pretty, Bweet, and gontle-looking rather small m stature, but well formed. The sisters all rids well, and are accomplished' tennis players. Tho direotore of the Ohriatohuroh Frozen Meat Company havo approved of designs by Mr J. O. Maddison for the new building at Bolfast. It ia to ba of briok, with iron roof, two etoreya high, containing Bis freozing onamberaon tho ground floor, eaoh holding 725 sheep, and threo storoa upßtairs. The total oapaoity will bo 20,000 sheep. The building will bo divided into throe sections by fireproof walls. It has boon arranged that £4298 8b Bhall bo paid by the united inßuranoe companies to the Frozen Meat Company on aocount of damage to moat and some small expenses m oonnootion with the flre at Belfast. Froezing will oommenoe at the works on Tuesday next. We were Bhown this afternoon t curious monstrosity, m tho Bhape of a two-headed calf. The heads, which are perfectly fonnod, »ro Bet almost at rigbt anglca to the neok, two of the oara being m front and two behind: Eyes, mouth, and nostrils wore perfootly formed, and Mr Cambridge, at whose shop this queer freak of nature was on view, can find m his referenoe books no record of so perfept a specimen of a bioopb,aloqa monstrosity. The calf was injured m the process of parturition to Buoh an extent that it had to be killed, but the heads will be ptenerved by a toxidormiit. The cow. whioh gave birth to the oreature belongs to Mr Smithel. From ValparaJßO fqll information baa been reoeived of tho burating of a wator-poud 800 ft above the level of tho oity of San Juan de Dios, on 11th August, and the deluging of the streets, causing a frightful loss of life. Tho water rushed through the streets m a wave 12 foot high, oarrying everything nearly before it. At firßt it was thought that an immense. ' tidal wave had ooine from the sea. Tha shona wore flooded and their contents doßtroyod 1 The people who were m tho streets at tho time were washed up and down, some being drowned, and others attaining terrible injuries. Fou,r days after- the disaster the Btroeta wero still man impassable state. Tho oolleotion of the bodioß of the drownod and killed was a sad job. Tho losa of property alono waa more than a million dollars m valuo. Th.c pond waa an artificial one, and bolonged to a brewer, A most distressing affair ooourrod at Hamilton, Victoria, on tho 2nd mat., whon Margaret Smith, the wife of a Hamilton herdsman, William Smith, aged 59 yearn, was aooidontly Bhot dead by her son, aged 21 yoarß, a grooer's aasistant. At the inquest, Horbort Franois Smith depoßod that his mother was making tho bod, when she found a rovolvor betweon tho mattreßß and tho palliaßse. Witness took it up, thinking it waß unloaded, but it turned out that ono ohambor was loaded. Aa he pulled tho triggor tho rovolvor wont off, and the shot Btruok his mother as bJio passed aoroaa the lino of tiro. Sho foil on the floor, without uttering a word; Ho had had tho rovolvor about two yoara, but had not used it lately, and ho did not know it was under tbo palliasse. A verdict of accidental doath was rotqrnqd,

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