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PiiDlie Notices THE ««BBD OROSB" PBESERVIN. COMPANY, Ohapel Street, South Yarra, Vlotoria. i^ANNED Tomatoes eqnal to American \J and at same price; also Peaches, Pears,. Apricots, of the finest quality, and m heavy ay nip. All these goods are manufactured under the supervision of Mr George James Ward, late of Oaliforaia. The Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Tomata Sauce and ABBortad Sauces of this Oompaoy are well known to be better than any imported, t 5.213 KEATING'B POWDER. keating's Powder. KEATING'B POWDER. KEATING'S POWDER. KEATING'S POWDER. UIIiLS BUG& FLEAS, .MOTHS, BEETLES. THIS POWJJBa iaiqnite HaBMLBSS te Animal Life, but is unrivaUed m destroyty* 1 **** ™gs f Oock«»ches, B«tl«, Moths m Furs, and every other species of insect. Bpoztstneß will find tail Invaluable for d stroyLig fleas m their dogs, as also Ladies for their jfet dogs, THIB ABTIOLS has found go ©BEAT a BALE has tempted others to vend a so-call9d article m imitatioa. The Puttie jro OATjyipJlß|| that packages of th« genuine Powder bear tbe autOßiraph of THOMAS JEHATINCI. Bold m Tins only. TO GET SID OP WORMS TO GET RID OP WORMS TO GET BID OF WORMS TO GET RID OP WORMS .'.'. fee tt« "absolute" remedy, ESA.T4 BtGfQ WORM TABLETS. A tonrely , Vegetable Sweetmeat, both m appearance and taflteVinraiihißg a most agreeable method of administering' the only oeg»in remedy <er INTESTINAL OB . . THBEAD WOBtt«J. It is a perfectly safe and mild Preiaratlcn, and is especially adapted tor Obildren. Beld m Ttaa by all Drugglsta. Proprietor— THOMAS KJBITINa Londo* SUCCESS THE BEST TEST Of WOETfI HOLLOW AY'S -it Y\mt JMENT. mms UNIVEBBAL MEDICINE IS A pQTJ ISITB j^y^f THE PRILLS Punry the Blood, impart tone to the Nervoui $ystei)Q, and act most powerfully yet soothingly nomotng; Digestien and Assimilation a«d VIfZOS? "J 0 . Whole W frame? with Strength and vig, r, Nervous Headaches. Txemßlings, with Lassitude and cSeS Debihtyqukkly yield/to the potent forSo thew weU-lmown Pills, and the? are ua> rivaUedintheirefficacvtnmU - FEMALE COMPLAINTS, Removing all obstructions, .-. skfa blemfches pimples and boUs,, better than any othe family medicine knowh'i • THE OINTMENTHAS A WORLD-WIDE REPUTATION. «r *' ® veif y kind of Sore, . Wcer and Wound, more certainly than 1 any other Bow* salve. Its marvellous penetrating power* render it invaluable m all f««c« AND CHEST DISEASES, Curing Bronchitis, Quinseys, and Asthma, reducing " Glandular Lumps, dosing and healing Abscenses ant Fistulas, Md fo» alleviating the excruciating tortures of a j xt R HEUMATISM, GOUT, And Neuralgia^it is unsuspassed. It never fads to remove Scurf and every species of skin disease. ' The PiUs and' Ointment are manufacture at No. 8^ New Oxford street (late 533, Oxford- street, London), arid are sold by all affiUtJT*-'*** ***** * c Pji? B^ 0 - 1^ r Wftjn almost every language Purchasers sbouldlook to the Label Oriza, Perfumery. 207, Roe St. Horior^ Paris, J E QBAND'fI SPECIAL PRODUOTB Sayon-Orisa (Orlssi Soap)-^i^om -ttie formule of Dir O. Reveil. The be*k »oap for rendering the akin whit^soadMoft. Sweetly and, refreshingly Mented (rote, green and white). ' Savon-Ori»*Voloute, exqaialtelyu pel* fumed for tho toilet and batbi Bavon-Orlw OrUa Soap)— Nb. 2, tttre fine, m boxes, 6 eakei, IS exquisite perfumeiL No. 1 •../. OrliA'Savon-Inoorore, laperlov quality, . rose tea, white helioikrope-anA. white ■.... Violet i , . ■•:•••.: ■•■■■ls ■•'■■''i-iyn OrUa-Tonlc* (exlnot ol planti) to fleani* the hair— liew mown' hay, violet, etc. "". , - - r , Oritt-PoWder—FloWflM of OAKJllhkriee ; for' ■ ioftenfng • andi - T refVeshlng the ■kin ; m excellent iJoxee,, with powdet :. ■ pnff ....::': . ■'• ,-..:.:'.:Ur; ' Otiia,-Velouter-Flower» of lice »ow4er, adhering to the »kln, wlta the pelfame of new moon hay ' (^-. , Orisa^FlowenL (white and anibe*ed)~Aik exaellent. toUet water, tohlc to the ' skin, swfleily and dellciiely ; pef fumed > : ' Aqoa-Oiln— New toilet water, tefwahlng theikln , ■ , ; Orlna-Hay— A toUet water with the perfume of new moon' hay ..,,',,, OrUa-Acldullue— ToUet vltiegas , arbmatle and disinfectant, ' ir/ediell/ 1 adajlted for ladles' toilet* ' ' Orlia-Sootoh-Lavender— -Sptigs of iSta eh lavender flower* } ' • woh toilet' waiet Eau-de-Oologne-Orlia— The hlgh-l|fe toU let water OilM-Watef— Concentrated- and dbtUled. ' ' Ext rapt of superior fieu de Ootogne Goattea-OilM-Dentlf r(oe — An extlii fot preaervlng the teeth and gum* m good' health and jpreverittag tficay Oflia*Dentaire, U pasts orpbwderi^oi whitening thm te^th Without afleotinf the enamel . . . ;, > ■ / Ess Orisa et Orhia-Lya — , Peif omes. f Ol scenting linen and the handkerchief 1A wlthpnt staining ' ' y " Oi ita-OU—Vealoudy perfotaed f for^tea. aetlng the haJtS'ftft andl)rilllariti ; and preventing i oj* filling off ""•'. Orlsa-Laoto (Orlia iUJk)— An emnbive lotion refreshing tonic to the skin, "sramoylng sad spots^ And preventing wrinkles on the /aoe , ■/■ , o>eme Orlsa (of Ninon de L>n,oloi^hrFof " produoing 1 a jjoantiful ' wnlW complex* ion with tne'lolearneia and velvety coftnesi of youth Orlsallne-Gdlbrant« fthe beat halr,dye>FotfinstantaneduilydHbg'the.haU any shades andi with nb dahger'to health. In boxe*,»a<jh with briwh - oomb, piojpeosus, and bottle; e»: In boxes, the bottle; only wttho,utM»qes Em Orlia-^olbre "ViolettVbf the ; a moat perfvoe . i nosegay of-violete o . > BMOrin Suave -Mrhite he^o)ffopeß. quatcf thelowew. -■;•.,' - ,f Fnkted and Published hy the VA.B?bd , Pdbubhikq Oomtani, (Limited), M «f. ; , Steam. Printing Offloe, Bnxnitt, Bt , jSL«hburton .

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 8, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2011, 12 December 1888

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 8 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2011, 12 December 1888