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Messrs Miles and Go. (per Mr George Jameson) report the following as prioei obtained : — D8 > i *>»* hogget, 1 bale part let cross ©we, 6at BJd ; DB, lst cross hogget 4at Bjfd ; DB, Ist cross ewes, 4 at.9£d; DB, lst orosa wethers, 2 at 9d; DB, orossbred, 1 at Bd* Square, Ist orosß wethers, 6 at BJd; Squara, Ist oross ewes, Bat B|d ; Square, Southdown, 1 at B§d; Square, crossbred, 1 bale part Ist oross, 2 at 7|d ; RP, Southdown hoggetß, 6 at B£d ; BP, crossbred hoggets, 2 at BJd : B, orosabred hoggets, 7 at Bsd; B over F, three-quarter bred ewes, 1 bale with 5 hoggets fleeces m 2 at BJd; OR, three, quarter bred ewes, 1 bale with 3 merino fleeces and 1 black, 2at B£d ; GJ, merino, 3 at B£d; Manx Brand, merino ewes, 6 at 9d ; aG, let oross ewes, 1 bale with 6 merino fleeces m, 3at 9gd ; LL intertwined. Lincoln, lat 7gd ; LL intertwined, merino, 1 at B£d ; W over J, half bred ewes, 4at BAd ; Wover J, crossbred ewes, 3 at 7Jd ; W over •J, merino, 2 at B£d ; 01, half bred, 1 bale *ith 6 merino fleeoea m, 2 at B|d ; H over A, crossbred ewes, 3 at 10^3; L with point m oentre, half bred 6J at 9£d'; HH, half bred, Bat 8&d ; 2S, crossbred ewes, 9 at B£d ; 2S, crossbred hoggetß, 10 atßJd; 2S, oroßsbrea wethers, 15 at B£d ; JB, let crossbred ewes, 7 at 9§d ; JB, three-quarter bred ewes, 1 at B*d ; Avooa, Leicester hoggets, 2 at B£d; Avow, Leicester ewes, 1 bale with 18 hogget fleeoes m, 4at B£d ; Avooa, orosßbred ewes, 4at 81d ; 5M., half bred ewes, 1 at B|d; 5M. f half bred hoggets, lat Bsd ; 5M., merino and half bred, lat B}d ; S.M., rams' wool, 1 at 7id ; Peter, half bred hoggets, 1 at 9£d; Peter, threequarter bred hoggets, 1 at 91d : MR., half bred ewes, 2 at 9id; MB., half bred hogßots, 4 at 9Jd; MX., merino ewes, a at 8&d ; \VS, hall bred, 1 and 1 bag at 8ld; RA., waehed three-quarter bred, 1 at B£d; R.A., washed half bred, X at Bid ; W4, metinoa, 2 at 8&d ; 2S, metinoß, 1 at B*d ; 28, oroasbied hoggetß, 2 at 10£ d; 28, merinos, 2 at 9|d; ND, half bred ewes, 4at 10d;" ND, quarter-back ewes and wethers, 2" at lOJd ; ND, three-quarter bred hoggets, 2at 9d ; ND, Lincolns, 1 at 7sd ; ND, bellies, 1 at 6|d; ND, pieces,! atsid; L with point, pieces, 1 at 3£d; B, bellies, 1 at 6±d; MR, bellies, 1 at 6jd ; 23, bellies and oro3sbred9, 6 at 6|d ; DB, bellies and crossbreds, 2at 6d ; Square with point, pieces, 2 at 6d; RP, bellies and pieces, 2 at 6d ; W over J, pieoes, 1 at 4§d a Peter, bellies, pjeoeß, etc., 1 at 4jd;HH» pieces, 1 at 5 Jd; JB, pieceß and looks, 1 at 4d; Square with point, looks, 1 at 2|d; 2S, looks, I at sd; 3V, looks, 2 at 2Jd. Baga.—aa, locks and pieces, 2 at d ; H over A, crossbred wool, lat 8d ; W over J, orossbred wool, 2 at 7d • T oyer R, crossbred wool, 4 at 8d ; T over B, mQrino, 2 at 8d • 3T, merino aad' a few pieoea, 2 at 7£d; X, Leioeßter {one bag with two merino fleeoes m), sat 8d ; GJ, crossbred, 1 at 7d ; 2S, rams wool, 2at 7£d ; KM, rama wool, lat 7|d ; DO, ramß wool, 2at 7d j Manx Brand, rams wool, 2 at 6|d; B m tfqaare, rams wool, 2at 7Jd ; DB, blaok wool, etc. lat 6id; GT, merino, 2 at 7jd; TL, 1 bag fleeces, 6 rams and 1 merino fleeaes, £ bag bellies and pieces at 7d ; KG, orossbred pieoes and rama wool, 2 at 6Jd; MR, oroßßbred pieoes, 3 at 3d; Square, orossbred and blaok wool, 1 at 7id ; VB, crossbred, lat 3d ; Square with B, crossbred, lat 7£d ; H over A, orossbred pieoei, lat 6Jd ; DB, orossbred pieoes, 3at4d ; GJ, merino pieoes, 2at 5&cl ; Manx Brand, looks, lat3f d ; SM, looks, lat 3£d ; B, looks, Uat 3*d ; BP, looka, 3at 3^d ; HH, looks, lat 3Jd; WS, locks, 1 at.3jd; W4, looks, 1 at B^d ; 01, looks, lat sd ; 28, looks, lat 8d ; 28, locks, lat 4d ; ND, looks, lat 6d ; L with point m oentre, looks, 1 at sd.

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MESSRS MILES AND CO., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2008, 8 December 1888

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MESSRS MILES AND CO. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2008, 8 December 1888