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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1888. LOCAL AND CENERAL

Fifty thousand carrier pigeons, flown to* gether, are to form one of tho sights at the forthcoming Paris Exhibition. Newe from German New Guinea reports that two Prussians had a quarrel, which resulted m one Bhooting the other dead and then committing suioido. A very interesting lecture is shortly forthcoming on the eubject of " The Australian j Colonies contrasted with New Zealand," It ! will be delivered by Mr D. H. Brown m the Wesleyan Churoh on Monday evening next. The London cprrospQpderit of the " Otago Daily Times'" says that complaints have been made as to the quality of tbo New Zealand obeeaeß ■which have lately appeared on the London market, it being stated that they were not up to the usual average. A Buaeian Jew has invented a watch that goes by eleoliioity. There are no springe, but two wheel b and a second hand, wbioh moves by momentary leaps, and thus makes it valuable m asironomioal observations. It is thought that the invention will revolutionisetpe makipg of watches, and then the time will come when they pan be used for telegraphy B&rnet, a little town neer London, has dieoarded gas for eleotrioitv. It is illuminated by 71 electrio lampß. If the authorities of Barnet can prove thateleotrioity is cheaper than gaa, other plaoeo will follow its example* As it is Barnet has the honour of being the first t&wn m Great Britain to make the now departure m eleotrio lighting. Mr Marshall, a house and estate agent, of Brighton, while Buffering, it is said, from an attack of delirium tremens, throw himself into the sea from the deck of the steamer lonia while the vessel was lying m Plymouth Sound. Mr E. R. M'Kinslry, R.N.R., the second officer of the lonic, immediately jumped after him, and, m spite of the man's {resistance, BUC£eof|f d, jn Bgving his life. The Oamaro Wooilon Factory Company has juot held its annual meeting, and is'novr m the satisfactory position of having earned a /air profit during the past year. The report shows that there ia a surplus of £1599 7s 5d on the year's work, and of this amount £441 is to be written off for wear and tear. The directors give a good reason for not paying a dividepd with the balance. The turn m the tide, after io much buffeting with adversity, is moat satisfactory, and there 13 every probability, gay« the " North Otago Times " that the euooeea of the oompany will poatinuo. A good story is told of an Order leeker— pne of " tho pestilential nuisanoes who sigh ifor AHtographo," when the autographs are those of aot}ng-mnnagorp, It was at some Dublin sports that' this partjoulnv pne tyeb with Mr J. F. Warden, and on the alightesc acquaintance, dunned him for a free pans for the theatre. Pretending not to have a oard, Mr Warden wrote an order on the shirt-front of the viotim. and told him to show it to tho boxkeeper, and it would bo all right. But the boxkeoper had recoived his instructions, and when the individual presented himself and askod for admission, the official said politely^ "Oerfcainly, sir: but you must give up tho order "— >' Tabloaii.?' Hollowav's Pills.— Enfeebled Existence. — This medicine embraces evsry attribute required m a general and domestic remedy. It overturns the foundations of disease laid by defective food and impure air. In obstructions or congestions of the liver, lungs, bowels, or any other organs, these pills are specially scrvicrable and eminent'y successful. They shoul4 b<j Jcept m readiness m every family, being a medicine of incomparable utility for young persons, especially those of feeble constitutions* Tjiey never cafjse pain or irritate the most sensitive nerves or most tender bowls. Holloway's pills are the best known purifiers of the blood, the most active prp; > moters of absorption and secrttion, wheretfy*'] ill poisonous and obnoxious partioJes aic } removed from both solids and, fluids, I

A sample of stream tin from Stewart's Island has been brought to Invorcargill. Not preoisely m accord with tho almanac, but m point, of weather to-day waß tho first day of aummor for the present Boason. A man named John Doran has diod at Dunadin from an overdose of acotioacid. An inquest will be held. An Auokland telegram says that the Natives havo stopped .ogntraot parties from, working on tha roads boy on d Liebfieid, surveyed and laid oil by Mr T Or. Sandeß, ao'iog as engineer for a Company. Polioe assistance has been askod for to oarry on the work. ; Acoording to •• Truth " the diary of tho late. Emperor Frederick ib oomprised m thirty-two thick quarto volumes, all with locks. Tho \ Emperor desired that a part of this diary > should be published " at a suitable period," and he appointed the Empress Victoria lila literary executrix, and left her the whole. of, his correspondence and papers. 1 • Tho drapera of Christohuroh do not approve of the recent appointment of a soft goods inspector at Wellington. A meeting of the trade was held on Tuosday at whioh aresoluI tion was paseod that a deputation be appointed to interview tho Premier on his return from O'bro, with reference to the appointment of Mr Shannon, as Drapery Inspector under tho Cußtoms' Ao v . A sub-Committee was appointed to arrange for the interview, and also to telegraph to the other centres. 1 Tho following extract is from a private letter received by the Wairarapa, from a well-known Victorian merchant : — " The ! land boom m Melbourne is pretty well playod out, and those who have recently beoome enriohed will look out for other fields for investment, and New Zealand is the , ooming country. I wish I were out of business ' now, with my capital m ready cash. I would have little hesitation m embarking m New Zealand property. A very important derision under the Hoßpitalß and Charitable Aid Acts has- just been given on the appeal of the South Canterbury Board ngainst a judgment of the R.M rendering the Board liable for the cost o relief to an ex-resident of the district who bad become obargeable to the Otago Board. The R.M. had decided m favor of the latter, holding that continuous residence for tho whole of the six months previous to leaving the distriot was not required to be provod. Judge Williams has reversed this deoision, and allowed the appeal with costs. The Auckland Hospital and Charitable Aid' Board have passed a resolution expressing the opinion that tbo system of providing relief work out of Parliamentary grants will never solve tho unemployed difficulty and only tends to oreato Bnd foster a State pauperism. A deputation has been appointed to wait upon the Hon. Mr Richardson, on his arrival m Auokland to press upon him the urgent necessity of the establishment of additional village settlements m this district, this being m their view the only praotioal solution of tho question; The Paris Omnibus Company, m its returns for 1887, states that it oarried 106,815,858 passengers m its omnibuses, or 292,646 a day, and 73,278,068 m its trams, making a general total of 177,519,455 passengers. The number of vehicles m use was 593 omnibuses and 263 trams, while the number of horses averaged 8489 per diem for the omnibuses and 3152 for the tramß, the average distanoe travelled a day by oacji horse being len miles. The cost of keep for all these horses was about £323,000, or rather more than Is 6d a day for eaoh horse. The wages of the drivers and conduotors averaging about 5s 3d a day for the former and 4s 8d a day for the latter, amount to about £40,800 for the year. The general monthly meeting of the Ashburton. Cycling Club was held m Gamble's Rooms, Baring square, on 30th Nov at 8 p.m. There was a good attendance, Captain Muller m the ohair. Mr W. O. Walker was eleoted an honorary member of the Club. " The Committee reported that the cinder path was now ready for use, It was resolved that membera wishing to uso the path for training must pbtain! a ticket from the Seoretary, the fee to bo 23 Cd. Votes of thanks were passed to the fallowing :— Mr D. H. Brown, for his liberality m supplying the Club with cinders for the track j to the Ashburton Crioket Olu.b, for use of their roller ; and tp Mr T. Wall, for his untiring energy m superintending tho formation of the track. After several acoounts had beon passed for payment, the meeting adjourned with the usual compliment to the ohair. ' , > Bir Samuul Baker, writing to " The Times " soys:— "Tha idea of the 'White Paolm'. being Stanley is absurd. ' White men are not. called • Pashas ' by tho natives ; neither are they called • white,' which, m fact, they are not, ad they become almoßt as brown as Arabs. It is quite possible that ono of tho principal Arab T fjlave r hold.erß is* at thp head of A large force apd bas assumed the position formerly oocupied by Zobefar f BEba, When we next hear of Stanley I trust the news will come direot from himself as having joined Emm, thereby having gallantly fulfilled his mission and gained the applause of the now impatient world. That world must not despair, nor give credit (Sir Samuol Baker oonoludes) to startling rumors ' such as m 1873 induoed " The Times " to devote a kindly, flattering, but obituary leading artiole to the memory of Lady Baker and myself, murdered by the savage tribes of Central Africa.'" An exciting eoene ocourred reoently at Bone, m Algeria, at the Aquarium— a sort of itinerant menagerie. The special feature of this Aquarium consisted m a collection of np fewer than peventy crpopdileß, which were fed publicly at stated heura by the manager, M. Pernolet. He always wore a pair of Wellington boots, and had & stick with which to beat off the reptiles when they became too ravenous and attempted to snap the food out of his hands. On this occasion he was sitting on tha back of his Jargost crocodile, and kept feeding the rest for about ten minutes, when all at onoo, as he turned his head and put out his hand to the attendant for a pieoe of meat, one of the others crawled up to him and bit him m the Blqmaoh. A Bhttut w$ raised " by the "Bpe^taiQfe, arid those around the tank tried Jo beat aw,ay tho crocodile^ whioh, notwithstanding Mi Pernolet's bjowa 1 began whirling round his prey as if to tear him. to pieces, {Jnfortunately, m struggling. M. Pernolet ulrpped and fell m the very midst of the reptiles, whioh all rushed on him with fury. A panic took place among the Bpeota* tors, who mostly fled. Nevertheless M.. Pernolet waa rescued. Although his wounds are seriouß, his lite ia not thought to be m danger. Pressure on our space prevents our publishing a quantity of telegraphic news, to hand to-day, m extenso. Following is the gist of them :—-Invercargill, Inquest on Menzios. Death by gunshot wound, no evidence a> to how caused' New Plymouth, Ponkapq, famous Maori ptiief ia dead, agod over "GO: Tarigf to' be held. 1 'Auckland; 'tf.S.B. do. resumes weekly service' botweon Auokland and Sydney. Second strawberry crop I threatens to be a failure. Auokland Hospital Board v Wanganui ditto, claiming refund of relief. Plaintiff Board nonsuited. Leave to appeal. Bakers of Auckland have rateed the price of bread to 7d, "A palter* named 41ab"ri. fetgir seriously injured, Horae boltod, thro# ing him out of the cant. Alabaster badly out about the head and insensible Horse dashed into the sea and drowned. Nelson. Supreme Court, Arthur Gibson, professor of Bkating, two years' hard labor. James Davey, horse-Btealing, 18 months. Dunedin, Criminal calendar light. Only Beven oases. Land Board has considerably reduced upset rentals of many of tho runs to be offered Bhorfily. Eropoqal for International ri#o oontcpt during gahibHfqn b&bg' taken tip enthusiastically,

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1888. LOCAL AND CENERAL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2006, 6 December 1888

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1888. LOCAL AND CENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2006, 6 December 1888