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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

<» ' There are 5750 Swedenborgians m America! Mr G. F. Scott's pony " Aladdin " took a 1 first prize at the Dunedin show. ! Over £200 has been subscribed for the , Lyttelton Regatta. A Russian woman, 140 years old, reads r without speataales. r * In the island of Samoa, within ten years . 30,000 natives have beoome Christians. The Rink de Paris will be open to-morrovs . and Monday, and close on Tuesday to allow of preparations for the oarnival. > i Ouida, it ie reported m Europe, bai > become extremely religious and will give nr | litertaure. I It is Btated that m and about Dunodir there are no fewer than sixty profeeeiona beggars. r There are 30,000 Jews m London. The f Jewish colony wbb first established m thai I oity 250 years ago. i Mrs Henri Labouohere, wife of the editoi . of "London Truth," is making politioa: speeohes m England; Mr H. Zander desires us to call the atten- > tion of farmers to an advertisement rt ; M'Cormiok'fl reapers and extras whioh appean , m this issue. The "Rangitikei Advocato"of the 28tb inst. says that an auctioneer m Wellington has sold this week threo tons of butter at Is per lb. Mr R. McOwen, the manager of the Ashburton branoh of the Bank of Now Zealand, who has been on a visit to the Old Country, returned to Ashburton last evening. It haß been discovered that Direotor Pulitin of the secret police m St Petersburg iB m tho pay of bandits and thieves and has been receiving heavy tribute. Since January last the Pasture and Stock Protection Board Wiloannia, New South Wales, have paid £3600 for the destruction of 80,000 kangaroos, 10,000 emus, 8500 wallab;B, and 310 dogs. It may be worth knowing that water m whioh three or four onions have been boiled applied with a gildiDg brush to the frames of piotureß and chimney glasses will prevent flies from lighting on them. Seventy men, discharged from tho Waiau relief works, are m Christohuroh. They isemsober and steady, but complain of being dismissed before Christmas, as they cannot yet obtain harvesting. The Empreßß Eugenic sent her own wedding dresß to be worn by the Prinoeßs Letitla Bonaparte. It was presented to the Empress by the town of Liege, and was made of lace m a pattern of innumerable violets, the favorite flower of the Bonapartists. The French engraver, Louis Henrique Dudont, ia, at the age of ninety, m lull possession of his Bight and skill with the graver, and usbb it with the same ease and zeal thst he did m the time of Charles X. He began his career bb an engraver on copper jn 1811. A commercial traveller, who ooeupied the same (compartment with a clergyman, asked him if he had ever heard that m Paris as often as a priest waß banged a donkey was hanged at the Bame time. The viotim of the joke replied m his blandest manner: *• Well, then, let ua both be thankful that we are not m Paris." The "Woodville Examiner" urges that steps should be taken for the erection of a permanent memorial to the late 3ir Donald M'Lean, m recognition of his great publio eervicte. It urges the Mayor of Napier to initiate the movemont, and calls on Sir Donald M'Lean's former colleagues m Parliament and m the Ministry to support it. ' A large detaohed wpoden building, owned by Mr P. Patterson, furniture broker, at i Sydenham, ÜBed as a store, workshop, and Btable, was totally destroyed by fire last night. Two conveyances were the only } articles saved. Tho insurances were—Building £200, and stock £100, both m the Phoenix office. • i ; i i ! i ,

For the last six mon'hs of 1888 the English : railways killed 165 people and injured 957, During last year, 16,500 persons, of thirty, nine nationalities, visited Shakespeare's birthplaoe. The largest oarpet m the world is at tbo i Cincinnati Exposition. It measures 27,000 I yards m area. j In 1887 Ireland's tillage land decreased 18,000 acres, and the graes land increased by 60,000 aores. Tho Japanese have invented a method ol | manufacturing very strong and nearly transparent paper from seaweed. During a lifetime of three score years and I ten the blood of a human being travels 4,292,400 mileß ; his heart beats 2,538,818,000 times! Dr Tanner, of faßting celebrity, is about to found on hia ranoho m Now Mexico a vegetarian institution for rearing infants on one meal a day. At Duboie, Pen., Adam Porepaugh's elephant Tip, killed John Poffy, the trainer. Boys Had given her tobaooo and pepper m apples, which aDgered her. The «« Rangitikei Advooate " Bays one of the leading principles on nearly all the railways , managed by Governments is that the convenience of the public should be consulted as little as possible. Under Government regulations of oyster, planting and gathering, the industry m Ne w York has grown immensely m importance until now 7000 mon and 6,000,000 dollars capital are employed m that state. Fond mother—" Jane, give the baby some laudanum and put it to Bleep, and bring me my parasol. lam going to a meeting lor the 'melioration of the condition of . the human race." Jekyll Island is said to be the only plaoe I m the world entirely inhabited by million- , aires; It belongs to a olub composed of New t Tork, Boston, and Philadelphia capitalists, the poorest of whom countß his fortune by I millions. ' The population of Sydney has risen from 1 91,008 m 1877, to 125,850 m 1887. In the B suburbs from 91,317 m 1877, to 225 016 m - 1887. In the oountry, from 461,382 m 1877. to 692,053 m 1887. At one time not very long ago buffalo herds 9 swept over the Western plainß m herds of I countless numbers ; now the killing of a - solitary bull m Dakota is considered euoh an unusual occurrence that an aocount of it ia s telegraphed across the Continent. ' An old man was watching a balloon asoen--3 sion at Centreville, Mich., when his feet b beoame entangled m the ropes and he was borne 1000/t aloft, head downward. The aeronaut drew the old man upon the trapeze . bar, and the two made a safe desoent; > The total wheat orop of the world is ? about 2,000.000,000 bushels, and at least • 1,500,000,000 bushels are consumed m the > countries m whioh it ia grown, leavinc a balanoe of 500,000,000 to supply countries • growing no wheat at all, or less than they consume. Misß Ormerod read a paper at the London Banners' Club on inseot peßts and she Btartled her audience with the. statement that the loss caused to the farmers and fruitgrowers of England by inseots' could not be estimated at less than eight or ten millions per year, A' surgeon m Vienna haa performed an interesting surgioal operation by annexing a . rabbit's nerve. A professor, who had long been suffering from intense nervous pains, the i result of poisoning, was completely cured by the dootor attaching tbe corresponding norve j of a rabbit to tbe diseased nerve. The "Northern Advertiser" Bays:— "lt 3 is a remarkable thing that of the few Austriaos who are" on the gumfiolds m this diatriot, so large a proportion have to be sent » to the Lunatio Asylum from time to time. These lunatics had not been drunkards eitherj , but steady, frugal, and industrious when m j their right mind." In his report on agriculture m the district 3 of Nantes, Consul Paunoofota states that the j exports to England from the port of St Nazaire of fruit, vegetables, butter, and eggs amount annually to over 10,000 tons. He remarks . that the a tention of British farmers has been repeatedly called to the enormous quantity of suoh produce imported so Great Britain from • the west coast of Frauoe. Colore used m sealing-wax are said to express a certain Bignifioanoe m America, r White is used for weddinge ; black, drab, and 1 purple, for mourning ; lavender is condolence; dinner invitations are soaled with ohooolate . color ; blue denotes oonstanoy ; green ex* f presses hatred; ruby or cardinal the most , ardent love. The dials of the Westminster olook are 22J , feet m diameter, and contain 400 square feet , each. The minute marks are 14 inches apart. fc The only larger dial m the world is m Moohlin Ohuroh, whioh is 40 feet wide. The minute hands of the Westminster oloqk are partly counterpoised outßide, making their ' total length 14 feet. Dr. Underwood, Customs medical officer at Kiukiang, China* notes that the comparative immunity of the Chinese m that region from typhoid fever, notwithstanding that most of the conditions favoring it are present m abundance, may be attributed to the fact that " cold unboiled water is rarely or never used when tea oan be had." Thero has died at Muro, m Corsica, a man named Marchetti, at the age of 113 years three months and 21 days. He enlisted m 1793, and accompanied Bonaparte from the siege of Toulon until Marengo, where he was seriously wounded. He settled down at Muro, and was married four times, leaving by his different wives 73 descendants.— sons grandsons and great-grandsons. '

Captain Webster, ot the Danish schooner Harbot, which has put into Orookhaven, reports that after leaving Iceland, and when about 200 mileafrom land, the atmosphere became suddenly darkened, the gloom being bo intense that for several hours they did not know wnere they were going, and lost their course. Captain Webster thinks there must havo : been Boma terriblo eruption of Mount Heola, and cannot attribute the phenomenon to any other cause. A Russian physician deolares that strychnine is an infallible cure for drunkenness, administered m Bubcutanoous injections. The effect of the strychnine solution ia to change the craving for drink into positive aversion, and this change is effected m a day. After a treatment of eight or ten days the patient may be discharged. The strychnine ia administered by dissolving one grain m 200 drops ot water, and injecting five drops of the solution every twenty.four hours. While we oannot vouoh for the infallibility of the Russian dootor's prescription, we may safely say that stryonnine is a certain cure for drunkenness, and, for that matter, for anything else, when taken internally m sufficiently large doses. Mr T. Gates, Burnett etraet, has shown us an example of looal industry whioh ia likely to assist greatly m solving tbe problem of how to send oheese m good condition to the iinghah market. It it m the form of a oaie or rather drum, which combines the advantages of strength and extreme lightness, and what ib not less important, cheapness. The , shape is exactly that of a ohoese, and the band of tbe drum is made of specially prepared millboard, the bottom and head being of dry light wood and the former secured by an i ron h J%P' , The ona Bbown «»■ was made to fit a 001 b oheese, but the drums oan be made of any dimensions required, and supplied i at a price not exceeding f d per pound upon tbe weight of the oheese. Mr Gates has, we believe, taken steps to patent his invention and is sanguine that his improved paokage will come into extensive demand, Holloways Ointment and Pills.— No part of the human machine requires more watching that the nervous system— upon it hang health and life itself. These pills are are the best regulators and strengthened of the nerves, and the safest general purifiers Nausea, headache, giddines , numbness, and mental apathy yield to them. They dispatch m a summary manner those distressine dyspeptic symptoms, stomachic pains, fulness at the pitW the stomach, abdominal distension, and overcome both capricious appetites , and confined bowels— the commonly accompanying signs of defective or deranged nervous ' power. Holloway's Pit's are particularly rpcommended to persons of studious and reden'aiy habits, who gradually sink into a < nervous and debilitated state, unless some such t restorative, be occaijonally takenj * / i

We would remind our readers that the cantata •« Under the Palms " will be repeated this erening at reduced prioeß. Last evening it was a great success, as will appear from a lengthy report m another column, and all who have not heard the musio or seen the decorations should embraoe the opportunity this evening. The express train from the North was half an hour late thiß morning, tbe delay being caused by an aeoident to the engine at Chertsey. Tho damage was so far repaired as to enable the engine to carry the train on to Ashburton, where the engine was taken off and that of the Mount Somers train substituted, the latter engine taking the train South. Mrs Moses Fraley, who ia daaaling the fashionable world at Long Branch by her extravagance is the wife of a former Baltimore newaboy. She is put down as the posBessor of forty-eight trunks, five maids, 200 pairs of shoes, six dogs and £200,000 worth of jewels. She changes her toilet five timeß a day, and never appears m the same dress twice. Mr Hubert Herkomer, who married his deceased wife's sistar the other day was compelled to adopt a Bomewhat {novel procedure m consequence of the absurd law whioh a few obstinate peers and prelates persist m maintaining. He crossed over to Germany, and became naturalised as a German subjeot m Landsberg, his native town, the local authorities affording him every possible assistance. He was then married, and if, on his return to England, ho again becomes an fc English j oitizen, his marriage will stll be legal so far r as German law goes. Keating's Powder destroys both moth, fleas beetles, and all other insects, while quite harmless to domestic animals. In exteronoit- ■ ing beetles, \he success of this powder i; extraordinary. It is perfectly clean m appli cation. See the article you purchase i; Keatingg as imitations are noxious andj m effectual. S Id m tins, 6d, is, and 2s 61 b] , all chemists

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2001, 30 November 1888

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2001, 30 November 1888

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