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_» .... .w Ut ia notified m the " Gazotte " that 6a lr 88p, m Seotion No. 30#}|8, Blooks I. and IV., Westerfield and Shepherd's Bush, fros'been taken for railway purposes, Looal government and its cares is evidently ' not much appreciated at Riverton. Ijfot a jingle nomination was made for the Mayoralty of ti?e Borough. " I don't think you are very smart," said a wife to her husband ; to whioh ho responded : '* No dear ; but everybody knows that I am awfully shrewd." Oaller (to Mra Hondrioks) : " Your daughter's husband is an A.M., is he not Mrs Hendricks ? " Mrs Hendricks (a trifle Bourly) : •' Yes, he's about a two o'olook A.M." The number of women m England who are seeking a liberal eduoation Bteadily increased. Already 181 have matrioulated for admission to London University, whiob is fifty more tban laßt year. A keen observer of railway matters predicts tbat m ten years there will not be a railroad m tbo United States whioh will bo operated with steam looomotiveß. Eleotrioity, he says, will do the business by that time, Tho Waitaki is keeping up its reputation as a trout stream. An Oamaru paper reports that a day or two ago Messrs H. Sohluter and J. Craig m a few hours caught fish to the weight of 801bs. Prinoe Eugene, of Sweden, who ia playing the artistic rolo m Paris, has sold his first pioturo. It brought him forty franos, and tbo Prinoo believes tho Parisian tradesman who bought it was unaware of his identify: Bt. Petereburg is the only capital of Europe m wbioh the population is steadily diminishing. During the last seven years the inhabitants of that oity have deoreased by 800,000 people. Holloway's Ointment and Pills.— No part of the human machine requires more watching that the nervous system— unon it hang health and life itself. These pills are are the hest regulators and strengtheners of the nerves, and the safest general purifiers. Nausea, headache, giddiness, numbness, and mental apathy yield to them. They dispatch m a summary manner those distressing dyspeptic symptoms, stomachic p»i.)S, fulness at the pit of tne stomach, abdominal disten? ' sion, and ovttrcomp both capricious appetites, j and confined bowels — the commpnly accoip- j panying signs of defective or deranged nervous* j power. Holloway's Pills are particularly j recommended to persons of _»tud;U>ns aiyd I seden'aiy habits, who gradually sink into a j nervous and debilitated state, unless some such I yep torative bo occasionally taken. ( ■• <.. j

H-HHH_i_HaiHHBMB_nHB_.B_H.H_HHHBHHHH__iaHI The youngest millionaire m Chicago is Oyrus H. M'Oormiok, who is only twentynine, and is at the head of the extensive reaper manufactory founded by his father. He io unmarried and has a fortuno of £800,000. Too quiok for Sol.— Buyer : " How muoh ' are these trousers, Mr Solomon ? " Mr S. : " Veil, mein friend, ye nro yust givin' dose pants avay." — Buyer (effußivoly) : "Thanks —thanks, I*ll take this pair." (Exit rapidly with trousers.) A Italian phyßioian olaims to have discovered that tho blood of an eel contains a poison of a similar charaoter to tho poison of vipers. Ho says an eel of two kilogrammes has m its blood enough poison to kill six men. i A man named MoPherson, of Fennyghaol, Mull, was bitten by an addor and died. His son, who dressed tho corpse, contracted blood-poisoning through a out on the right thumb, and he also died, medical assistance proving of no avail. One of tho curiosities found m Maine is a pine tree at Hallowell that smokes. A oolumn of vapour n8 largo round as a man's arm arises from tho very top of the tree and extends several feet into the sir The phenomenon is of periodical ooourrenoe, and no ono is able to explain it. Bobby (whispering) ; "Didn't I hear Clara tell you, Mr Feathorly, that she was Borry, but Bhe really couldn't givo you a look of her bair ? " Foatherly : " Sh. Bobby I er— yes." Bobby : « Well, you juat wait a day or two, and I'll get some for you when she's out." We are requested to oall the attention ot farmerfl to an advertisement re M'Gormick'a reapers and binders and maohine extras, whioh is inserted m this issue by Messrs John Orr and Co., the looal representatives of Messrs Morrow, Baßsett, and Co., sole 1 agent b for New Zealand. A ourioUß pnenomenon of last January has just beon roported from the fishing village of Kersohkaranza, on the White Sea. The shore ice, piled to a height of several hundred feet, euddonly commenced moving from the north-west, and m four hours extended a milo inland, burying a village. The " Minneapolis Journal " has the following remarks anent a theatrical oompany, whioh recently visaed that oity :— " There was one with an arm like a baboon, a foot like a mortgage, a face like a hatchet, ond a smile that would freeze a railway Bandwioh, who seemed to think that she was particularly winning." Colonel Bailey has notified the Ashburton officers that tho parade proposed to be held at Timaru on Anniversary day will not take place. It is intended to have a general parade of all South Canterbury corps at Timaru on Boxing Day, on whioh date there is aIBO to bo a grand military tournament on the Timaru raoeoourso, Within tho last two or three yoars eminent Frenoh engineers have undertaken tho sowing of railroad embankments with poppyseeds, as, when onoe established, that prolifio plant oovors the soil with a network of roots that prevents it from washing away during hoavy raiDß, or from upheaval when frost ia ooming out of the ground m the spring. At a meeting of the Fronoh Sooieto de Therapeutique M. Martineau stated that he had treated djabetes for the last ton yeqrg with almost invariable suooeßß, by a method borrowed from a deoeased praotitioner. The treatment consists m using as a beverage Derated waters, to whioh a solution of oarbonate of litbia and araoniate of soda is added. A meeting of the Committee of the ABhburtpn Tradesmen's Raoing Club was held last evening, tyr A. jj. Jlelly was appointed Qlerk of the soales m plaoe of Mr j. O. Durioan, resißned. Mr T. Quill wrote" resigning the position of handioapper to the Club. The resignation was aooepted with regret, and it was deoided to ask Mr P. O'Brien if he would, fill the offioe. An accident of a sorioua nature happened to a five year old daughter of Mr William Coohrane, of Wakanui, on Sunday afternoon. Tho little girl was running about, without boots or stockings, when she trod on tbo edge of the blade of a aoythe, wbioh was lying on the ground. Her foot sustained a torrible gash, the out almost completely severing that portion of tho foot from the centre of the eplp /fl fhe top ot tho heel: The child was at onoe taken to t)je fyospjtal, whero her injuries wore attended to by Dr Trevor. It ia doubtful if the wound will heal, and should it not do co tho amputation of the foot js inevitable. • i\ largely attended meeting of farmers waa held at |G.rpep^reet Schppl on Monday night for the purpose of listening to a lapture'on Co-operation delivered by Mr W; B. Moss, the Seoretary of the ABhburton Farmors' Co-operative Asßooiation. Mr I. 3argent was voted to the ohair. Mr Moss addressed tho mooting at oonsidorablo length, pointing out tbe necessity for establishing a Co-operative Association ip the djstrjot, gnd tbo advantage? tp bp dpriyed from it. EJo wag listened tq rnqst attentively, and at' tho ponolußiQn of 'bis a^re^ a number of questions wore asked . '^mm^ffAtrocl, A number of shares were "JJaWmA for m tho reom, and a vote of t.-....iKa to the Chairman and Mr Moss concluded the meeting. The "Oamaru Moil" is informed, by an eye-witness, that on Thursday laßt an onorgous avalanche ooourred on tho ranges about ake Ghau, abo^t eU ipilog from tho Lake Qhau honj.estead.and fri the direction of flen Ohau station. £ho nojse' at the hp'meßtead was terrible, and it soomed ns thopgh the side pf tjje jpoqntaip waa tumbling into tbo lake, and huge pine* wpfe jnapglpd and snit ipto aplintera. The movement was gping pn for about four hours, and largo clouds of dual oould be seen rising from the moving mass. The noise waß heard at Benmoro station, twenty pjiles §way, and resembled distant thunder. Mr Bornum, the great Amerioan showman, bas made the following offer for a five years' Joan of tho bones of Ohristopher Colombuß.*-- " Tho removal of tho remains of him who discovered our oountry will be pnid for by me. I tako also the expense of the voyage and the Btay m the United Statos of the guard of honour whioh should aooompany the remains, viz., eight soldiers of St Domingo and four monks, blaok as ebony, and pljbtije^ by fpe m whito. I engage to hand over to the tyovemrqont of St Domingo 50 per cent, of the profits pf tljo exhibition, aqd I guarantee at? a minimum tho sum of JOO.OOP franos. A Queensland hailstorm of the fimt olosa is no joke. Here is a local paper's description of a reoent one {—Nothing could be seen all round but ono yellow oloud, and the foroo of tho wind was so great tbat no one oould stand m the streets. The dust was most suffocating. This laßted about SO minute!, and was suooeeded by the most violent hailstorm ever experienced by thoso who witnessed it. Tbo velocity of the wind continued as high as evor. The bailatones were drivop through the houses with terrible foroe, soma being as large as small hens' eggß, Thia oontinued for about 15 minutes, and a heavy downpour of rain, lasting about ton mlnuteß, Buooooded the hailstorm; A groat amount of damage was done. A number of buildings wero dismantled or unroofed, sheets of iron wore blown off tho Btoreß and hotels, tanks were oarried bodily away. Nearly eveiy wlpdpiy jn tho town was broken and the oontents of tfaq.boijsou and places of business wore m many cases greatly jcfamageff. Eveiy fruit and flower garden was oojflpTeteljr destroyed, ' The beat medicine known ia SANDER and SONS' EUOALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its eminent powerful effeots m ooughs, colds, influenza, etc— tho relief iB instantanoous, Thousands givo tho most gratifying testimony. Hia Majesty tho King of Italy, and modioli syndicates all over the globe, are its patron*. Read the official reports that accompany eaih bottle. We have no oooasion to otfor rowads m proof of the genuineness of our reforenois. The offioial reportß of medioal pliploa aitf universities, tbe offioial Communication of the Conßul-General for Italy at Melbourne 5 the diploma awarded International Exhibition,' Amsterdam— all these aro authentic docoments, and, as Buoh, not open to doubt. \7o add hore epitome of one of tho various oaajs treated by Biegon, M.D., Professor, etc : Burning of the right hand through the explosion of a email oil stove. The opidorniß on the volar and palmer side of tbo band of the thirty-year-old patient was completdy separated and lifted up as far as the jointof the band. The HJcpwißp lifted naite were hanging Idopo, and half of $0 phalanx of tfle nail of the middle finger was coaled. G_bq wound? tbys ciontpaoted bealod m three wed-|j updor daily applications of JEucalyptio Ex'trsoi dressing. The patient ha? retained tbe fill WM'vMftßto&nar--(Adyt.) ■) ,

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1998, 27 November 1888