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♦ I. » There are 150,000 miles of railway m the United States; 300,000 miles of rails— in length enough to make twelve steel girdles round the earth's oircumferenoe. A strange disoovery was made the other day by a miner at the Monte Oristo claim, Little Bendigo, who discovered five live frogs m the solid reef at a depth of 200 ft. The frogs appeared to be m perfect health. Mrs Captain Tom is the riohest Indian woman m Alaska. She is worth about £5000/ and lives royally at Sitka, burrounded by slaves. She supported two husbands until lately, having to give up one when she joined the Presbyterian mission. Mrs Tom is ugly, fat, and over forty, and is a. shrewd trader. News from New Guinea via Brisbane reports that moet of the miners at Sudest Island, New Guinea, are down with malarial fever, and are suffering great hardships; The value of the field for alluvial working is considered small, though nioe opeoimens of gold have been found freely scattered - over a belt of oountry six miles m width. The Duohess of Cambridge, who lies m a precarious condition, has long outlived the span of life ordinarily Allotted to man. She was born m 1797, and she is therefore m the ninety-seoond year of her age. She married m 1818, and has had three Ohildren, the present Duke of Cambridge, born m 1819 ; Prinaeaa Augusta, married to the Duke of Meoklenburg-Strelitz ; and Prinoeßs Mary married to the Duke of Took. At New Brighton, m Cheshire, on the other evening, a performing lion dashed out of his cage as the performing lady dashed m. The spectators expected to be eaten forthwith; bat lions probably prefer to devour people who are not arrayed m their best clothes, and the •« king of the forest " — who was probably born m the oage from which he escaped— rushed into a corner, obviously the most frightened oreaturo present. The "Dunedin's Star's" Melbourne correspondent writes: — By the way,, it is said thßt Mr Speight intends to leave Victoria for the Mother Country unless he is promised a i substantial inorease m salary. He novr re* oeives £3000 a year to handle £25,000,00,0 worth of railway stock, and he has not only paid interest on outlay,- but has succeeded m pqtting a surplus of considerably over £1,000,000 m to the Treasury during the past four yeara. All this has been done despite reductions m freights worth considerably over a quarter of a million per annum, ' Competent authorities are * beginning to entertain serious doubte as to the possibility of finishing the Eiffel Tower. At preßentthe modern Babel has not been raised a third ol the height to which it is proposed to carry it, and the work is at a standstill m oonsequenoc of a strike among the workmen. The lattei demand more pay at every additional s'orey, as the work becomes correspondingly more dangerous. As about a dozen: men, have already been killed by falling off the building, the claim of the strikira does not seem to be an unteisonable one. — " Court Journal." The "Hawera Star,", in a recent issue, intimated to its readers that Sergeant Duffle had seen a rat strike a match and run owaj with the lighted luoifer m its mouth. The Sergeant affirms this to be true, but the circumstance happened . 20 years ago; He was on beat to Devonstreet one night when he heard a scratching m a shop, the site of which is by tbe National Bank. On turning his lantern round to see the oause he caw a rat Eoampering awny with a lighted luoifer m ita mouth, the rodent apparently having struck it just before, whioh accounted for the scratching sound the Sergeant heard i Humor has i( (says the " Bost "1 that the Government do not . intend "to confirm Mr Ward's appointment, 'and that the judioiul ermine is destined to grace the shoulders ol a former colleague of the Premier's, Mr Conolly, the ox-Minister of Justice; We dp not know whether this be bo or not, but for the credit of Ministers themselves we hope it is not the case. It would be the reverse of creditable to them to pcs aside Mr Ward's undoubted pi aim's' m order to foist ' Mr Conolly iuto the position. Suoh a proceeding would be an ezeroise of political patronage whioh woqld prove very distasteful to the public A sohool inspector was examining a olasß m grammar, and trying to elucidate the complex relations of adjeotiveß and nouns by a telling example. "Now, for instance," said he, " what am I? " That was an easy I question, and all the children shouted " a man I " and then looked round triumphantly, bb muoh as to say, "Ask another." " Yes, but what else ? " said the Inspector. This was not so easy, but after a pause a boy ventured (• suggest "A little man," "Yes, but there is something more than that." Thjs was a poser; but at last an infant phenomenon almost leaped from his seat m his eagerness, and oried, '! Please, sir, I know, sir — an ugly little man " An accident, as singular as it wav terrible, recently befel a bioyolist m tha town of Rochester, America. A young bjeyolißt was returning home after a spin, and when he s reaohed the corner of the street where the meat market is situated he turned up on the sidewalk. Passing under the awning m front of the meat market, two young men were horrified to see the oyolist suspended by a huge meat-hook banging from a brace sup* porting the awning. They hastened to his assistance, and discovered that the hook had caught him just below tbe right eye. The wheel had passed partly from beneath the ride^r, so that almost his whole 'weight came upon the book. The young men speedily released him, and took him to the Ojty Hospital, where it was found that trie hook had pierced under the cheek bone, and torn through under the orb of the eye. He suffered excruciating pain, but there is some possibility of saving the eyesight. " Butterfly " contributes the following to the " Dunedin Evening Herald " : — A good story comes from Geraldine. A devout and worthy churchman gave a bull to the kirk on the understanding that it should be sold for £20. It was decided to raflle the animal, and a well-known citizen waß entrusted with the task of selling the tickets. He got on magnificently, the tickets moving off rapidly. Unfortunately, however, nearly everyone who bought a ticket insisted on sealing the bargain with a drink, and by the time 19 j tickets were Bold our well-known citizen was gloriously drunk. Thereupon the looal constable arrived upon the soene, and attempted to remove the inebriated bull-raffler to the Jooji-up. Our citizen, however, laid down on his back m the middle of the road, and refused to budgo one Bingle inch unless the gentleman m blue took the remaining ticket for the raflle — prioe one sovereign. Caies were soaroo, and ultimately the officer allowed himself to be persuaded, and then, end not till then, the. drunken man lurohed to his feet and went quietly off to the polica station. Myinforraant adds, "If this isn't a oase of the ruling passion strong m drink, I don't know what is." Holloway's Ointment and Pills. Notable Facts. — Intense heat augments the annoyances of skin disease and encourages, the development of febrile disorders j therefore they should, as they can be, removed by these deterrent and purifying preparations, In stomach complaints, liver affections, pains and spasms of the towels, Holloway's Oint-' ment we 1 rubbed pver Jhe affeptei part immediately gives the greatest case, prevents congestion and inflammation, checks tl>c threatening diarrhoea, and averts incipient cholera. The poorer inhabitants of large cities will find these remedies to be their best fricn -> when any pestilence rages or when from unknown causes eruptions, bo Is, abscesses, or ulcerations point out the presence of taints or J impurities within the system, and call for nstaat an 4 cSeUive curative medicines, ,

Yesterday Messrs J. Quane -and Co.) effeoted a sale of oats, about 5000 buehelß, at 2a 4d on truoka at Ashburton, equal to 2s 6Jd f.o.b. at Lyttelton. : The other day we ohronioled the oapture by Mr Shury of an eel weighing 20£lbs. A Southern contemporary "goes ona better" ; reoording that an eel 4ft 4in long, 16in m circumference, and nearly 281 b weight was caught m tha Waitahuna river on Saturday. Inside it were found a trout 15in long and aixorayfisb, . Mr H; B. Yogel writes to the " Poat " saying the novel about to be published m London | is Sir Julius Vogel's own writing, and will ba published m February, It was commenced | -■ shortly before he left New Zealand. He also took Home a novel written by someone else, . but not by a Wanganui lady, to introduce it to a publishing house. Mr George J. Keating, has reoently bequeathed £20,000 to a ohuroh m California, and the same amount to establish a hospital m Ban Diego, California, where he resided. Mr Keating was a brother of the Bey Lloyd Keating, sometime incumbent of St Thomas,' Auckland, subsequently assistant curate of St Luke's, Oamaru, and more reoently still loawn tenem at St Augustine's, Waimate. He ib now m the United States. Our new Governor's titles are bo lengthy that it is to be hoped it may not be deemed neoesaary to reoiie them. in full m all publio documents under his name. He is the Bight Honorable Sir William Hillier Onslow, Earl 6t Onslow m the oounty of Salop, Viscount Cranley, of Oranley', m the eouaty of Surrey, Baron Onslow, of Onslow, oounty of Salop and of Glandon, county of Surrey, Baron Oranley, of Imberoourt, and a Baronet, Lord High Steward of Guildford, Knight Commander of Saint Miohael and Saint George; Mr Labduohere, the editor of •• Trath," writes : — I hear that the Emperor's tour through Austria and Italy will cost not less than £40,000, and the amounts whioh he has given away m presents to the Sovereigns and their official B whom he visited is Bomewhat fabulous. The Emperor took with him from Berlin 80 diamond rings, 150 silver stars, 50 Boarf pins all richly jewelled, 30 diamond bracelets, 6 splendid presentation sowrds, 30 |large photographs of himself with the Empress and her ohildren, all m gold frames, 30 gold watohes with chains, 100 oigar oases with '.lmperial arms and monogram m gold, and 20 Btars m diamonds of the Order of the Blaok and Bed Eagle. Sir Samuel Baker (saya the "Pall Mall Gazette ") has always held the belief that the M£hdi oould, if he pleased, divert the Nile into the Bed Sea, and leave the Delta and its millions to starve: It seems, aooording to Mr Stanley, that Mahdi is not the -only person wha possesses the key to the stopcook of the great river. "The Viotoria Nyanza is on a plateau like an inverted basin; it oould be made to triokle over at any point. In nine months the King of Ugunda oould, if he pleased, shut off the water supply of the Nile by damming up the Bipon Falls." King Mteaa onoe began to do bo, but fortunately desisted. If the King of Ugunda were to: try it the bivilised world would have to place the Viotoria Nyfcnza m other keeping. But it is to be hoped the duaky monarch does not know his power ; otherwise he might blaokmafl the Khedive ever* worse than tua suzerain the Sultan, HfKeatihg's Powder destroys both moth, fleas beetles, and all other insects,, wh le quit harmless to domestic animals. In extcrminaj .ting beetles, the success of this powder is Extraordinary. It is perfectly clean m application. See the article you purchase is Keatings as imitations arejj noxious and ineffectual. S Id m.tins, 6d,nis*and 2s 61 by Ho

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1992, 20 November 1888