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In 1886 87 the trade between Australia and India was loss than half what it was m 1882-83. About 5,000,000 sponges per annum are taken from ihe sea around the Bahamas. Their value is 250,000 dollars. Sir William Fox ia m Sydney on his way to Melbourne to attend tho International Temperanoe Conference. " My dear why do you call me birdie ? " inquired a wife of her husband. " Because," waß the answer, " you are always associated m my mind with a bill." Acceptances for the Ashburton Baoing Club's Spring Meeting must be m the hands of the Seoretary by 9 o'olook on Monday evening. The trophies presented by the New Zealand Olotbing Faotory as prizes to b 9 shot for by the Ashburton Rifles and Guards are now on view m the window of their branch establishment Eaßt street. They are of chaste design and very handsome gifts, well worthy of a keen competition by our local volunteers. It is a very strange faot that the house of Voltaire, the oelebrated Frenoh infidel, who deolardd that Christianity would pass out of existence before the end of 100 yearß, is now ÜBed by the Geneva Bible Society as a repository for Bibles. The Portuguese Government is preparing an expedition to go to the country north of the Zambesi River to secure and annex the Portuguese possessions m that region.- The expedition will be under the command of Governor Guilimani. Returns for 1886 show that 22,134 persons ware billed m India by snake bites daring the year, 417,876 vonomous snakes destroyed and 25,360 rupees paid for their destruction. During the same year 2707 persons were killed by wild animals, tigers heading the list with 928 viotims. The Railway authorities notify that Saturday return tiokets, available till the 24th, will be issued at Ohriatohuroh,- Timaru, and intermediate stations on the 22nd and 23rd inst. for the Aghburton Races; Trains will stop at the Saleyards Siding to take up and put down passengers. Tho leoture given by Mr P. R. Monrß last evening at Wakanui Presbyterian Church was very well attended, and tho Bubjeot •• Father Matthew " was handled m a masterly manner, the audience being deeply interested throughout. Rev R. M: Beattia occupied the ohair, and a liberal oolleotion m aid of the local Sunday School was taken up.' Tho " Press " uuderfltaads that an enquiry waß held on Thursday last at Lyttelton Gaol, before Mr R. Westenra, one of the Visiting Justices, into a charge brought by the Gaoler, Mr Garvey, against Chief Warder Jacquiery, with tho result that the latter has been suspended pending the laying tho matter before the Minister of Justice. The railway revenue of the Colony for thi first Beven months of the current financial year— viz-, Ist April to 31st October— is approximately £350,000. This is aoml £60,000 less than seven-twelfths of the estimated revenue from this souroe. The Christmas and New Year traffio is expeoted to go a long way towards pulling up arrears. The " London Daily Newa " says that the writer who reoently warned cigarette smokers of the risk they are supposed ta run of Buffering from malignant sore throat, has already been disowned by the hospital to whose experience he ventured to appeal. His doctrines are not lees unequivocally repudiated by the medioal correspondent of the " Lancet " m Cairo, who Btates that the European dootorß m that city are acoustomed to see men smoking every day " from forty to fifty cigarettes," without a single recorded case among them of the terrible disease m question . A dispatch from Zanzibar iated September 6th, elated that a dhow flying the Frenoh flag and carrying Frenoh papers had landed eighty slaveß at the island of Pemba, m the presenoe of boats from the British man-of-war Griffin. It is reported that a regular slave traffic is carried on between Pemba, and Madagascar by dhows, with whioh, m view of the faot that they carry the Frenoh flag, British cruisers are powerless to interfere. The Frenoh Government has ordered an investigation to be made of the report. Should it bo found true, stsps will immediately be taken to atop this degradation of the national colors. It is whispered (writes the London correspondent of the " Otago Daily Times "), that Sir Julius Yogel has not renounced hopes of interecting the British publio m tho development of the petroleum deposits m tho Taranaki district It has always been a pet idea of his that bis oonoession of titaniferous sand on the shores of Taranaki might be rendered immensely valuable if only cheap fuel could be found m easy proximity to it. This, he thinks can bo obtained from the reservoirs of petroloum which he is donvinoed are to be found m thia district ; and he now desires to get money to prove his theory. But the cautious British investor may probably suggest that ho must i first find his reservoirs before he asks them to unloose their purso strings. Mr E: Tolley, Wellington, has invented an ingenious " core " to be placed m kogs or oases of exported butter, with tho objeot of cooping tho butter sweet, and dispensing with | the ordinary method of putting brine on the top of the keg. No bunghole is required m the keg, and the ohance of leakage of the brine is done away with. The " core " is composed of terra ootta, and can be made m any part of tho Colony. It is made m sizes varying m length from Bin to 16in, is open at ono end, which can bo olosed by a cork. In the Bidos of the core are perforations Jin m diameter, through whioh the oontonts, a brine, the composition of whioh is part of the patent, permeatoß the butter, whioh is thus Baited from the oentro of the keg, instead of from the outside. Mr Tolloy ia willing to go to any dairy and apply it to ten kogs, free of ohargo, as an experiment. He has tried it on Beveral kogs of butter with very eatisfaotory results, Holloway's Ointment and Pills Sure relief—The weak and enervated suffer severely from nervous affections when storms or electric disturbances agitate the atmosphere. Neuralgia, gouty pangs, and flying pains, very distressing to a delicate system, may be readily removed by rubbing this Ointment upon the affected part alter it has been fomented with warm water. The Pills, taken occasionally m the doses prescribed by the instruction,?, keep the digestion m oider, excite a free flow of healthy bile, and re generate the impoverished bloo.l with rich materials resulting from thoroughly assimilated food— wanting which, the strongest must inevitably soon sink into feebleness, and the delicate find it difficult to maintain existence. Holloway's Ointment and Pills are infallible remedies.

By advertigomsnt m another oolumn his Worship the Mayor requesta the burgessoa to ! keep Thursday and Friday next (raoe days) as holidaya from the hour of noon. I The servioos of the Roselle Bros hava been secured for exhibitions at the Rink on raoe nights. The performance will include a number of new items; j Nominations for the Majoral election close at noon on Monday. Mr D. Thomaa was nominated to day, and at present he ia the only candidate. The aoratohing of Robin Hood for the Trot, at the Aahburton Racing Club's Spring Meeting, was received at 3 p.m. yesterday. This, as well as the scratching of Nero, was forwarded to the Seoretary immediately on the appearance of the handioapa, but received at , the hour stated. | At the meeting of the Canterbury Land Board held on Thuraday the Chief Commissioner reported the Bale of seotion 25728, near Ashburton, 30 acres, at £2 an aore, to John Matheson ; and seotion 205, Rakaia Township, quarter-acre, for £7 10a, to John Garder. The "Taieri Advocate" believes that the report that Sir Julius Yogel has turned novelist will be iound to be an error. If it ia oorreotly informed, the novel with whioh Sir Julius name is associated was written by a lady ia Christchuroh, and Sir JuliUa id merely arranging for ita publication and making necessary corrections for the Freaa. The privileges m connection with the Spring meeting of the Aahburton Raoing Olub, were sold by auotion by Mr D. Thomaa to-day. The following prioea per diem were realised : —Publioan'a Booth No., 1, £9 103, J. Henry ; Publican's Booth No. 2, £11, A. J, Kelly; Confectioners' Boothß £1 10a W. O. Page ; Horse Yards, £1, W. Rooke ; Right of Sporta 17s 6d, W. 0. Page. A daylight inspection parade of the Ashburton Volunteers will be held on Tuesday evening at 6.45 p.m. The parade ia ordered earlier than usual m order to enable the men to be put through their judging distanoe praotioe. The companies will parade at 4.30 on the following morning, and proceed to the rifle range for volley firing. It is imperative that all the members should attend. The " South Amerioan " aaya : — " The aspect of affairs at Samoa and the belief that Seoretary Bayard might wish Mr Sewell, our Consul at Apia, who was on a visit to this country, to return to his post at once, led Mr Creighton, postal agent m the United Statoß for the New Zealand Government, to offer to delay the mail steamer bo as to afford Mr Sewell time to sail. The Ooeanio Steamship Company seconded Mr Creighton m hie aot of courtesy. The weekly meeting of the Star of the Bast Lodge, No. 62, 1.0. G.T., was held m the Templar Hall, last Wednesday evening, and was well attended. The Lodge waa opened by the newly installed 0.T., Bro T. Sawle, who immediately vacated the chair m favor of Bro D. C. Cameron, G.W. Secretary for New Zealand, who was present on a visit. After the routine buainesa was gone through, the visitor congratulated the Lodge on its large , membership, and the progress generally it has lately made. Sir Charles Wentworth Burdett who was aentenoed the other day for flower-stealing at Auokland is the seventh Baronet of the title, and was born November 4th, 1835, and succeeded his father m 1845. Ho was formerly a Lieutenant m the 54th Foot.' From 1855-G2 he was Lieutenant 2nd Staffordshire Militia. He is married, and has one Bon and two daughters living. The family ia a very old one, being descended from Almerious de Burdett, who held lands at Skelraanthorpe, Yorkshire, m the reign of Henry 111. The following extraot from a private letter, received m Dunedin from " one of the oldest stock and station agents m Melbourne," is published by the " Otago Daily Times " : " Mattera are approaching a crisis here. There are no signs of rain anywhere over the Colonies of Australia. Tens of thousands of cattle are coming South to Viotoria, but no one can buy them, and they are dying m thousands on the roads. Never was there suoli fear as pervades ua now, and the farmer is m the same plight as the grazier. The survival of the fittest will be the question now, and there are fears that our land booms will eventuate into a South Sea bubble." : The vellum paper manufactured by tho Inspjaukyoku deserves to rank among the curiosities of Japan. It is made from a tree called MiiHumala, uo called buoauße the. branches everywhere Bpring from the stem m a tri furcated form. The tree is easily cultivated and grows quiokly. At three yeara of age the prunings can be used for paper making* In appeamnoo the vellum paper — which, we may mention, has won sundry medals at exhibitions m the West — is rich and gloß^y, its oolor cream-like, and ita texture fine. It is as pliable and thin as tho best wrring paper, andeo enormous m its strength that four people oan grasp the oorner of a Bheet and raise a man standing on it. The experiment was tried the other day with Mr Henry Norman, when, as the guest of Mr Shibusawa Eiohi, ho went from Mr Shibusawa's summer residence to visit the Government Paper Mills at Oji. The Gatling Gun Company, (Limited), have purchased the Holford Worka at Birmingham, one of the finest gun and cartridge factories m Europe. Tha property comprises thirty-eight acres of freehold land, situated m the Tory heart of the gun and cartridge industry, and the works are of sufficient capacity to give employment to some 3000 men. Besides being provided with every requisite for the manufacture of the improved Gatling gun, the works are fitted with cartridge maohinory capable of turning out 2,600,000 cartridges per day, equal to the best AmeriOin cartridges; Mr J. G. Acolea, the ohief superintendent of the works, has scoured as manager of the cartridge department Mr Isaac Bradley, who ia reoognifled m the United States as the highest practjoal authority on the manufacture of ammunition, and was for some years manager of a late cartridge factory m tho Midlands. The oompany, although but recently organised, have already received orders from several governments for guns and ammunition. The best raedioine known is SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its eminent powerful effects m coughs, colds, influenza, etc — tho relief ia instantaneous, Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. His Majeßty the King of Italy, and medical syndicates all over tho globe, are its patronß. Read the official reports that accompany oaoh bottle. We have no occasion to oiler rewards m proof of the genuineness of our references. The offioial reports of medioal clinics and universities, tho official communication of the Consul-General for Italy at Melbourne; the, diploma awarded International Exhibition, Amsterdam—all thoße are nuthontio doouments, and, as suoh, not open to doubt. Wo add here epitome of one of the various 0(1863 treated by Siegon, M.D., Professor, etc : Burning of the right hand through tho exploßion of a small oil stove. The epidermis on the yolar and palmer Bide of tho hand of tho thirty-year-old, patient was completely separated and lifted up as far as tho joint of the hand. Tho likewise lifted nails woro hanging loone, and half of the phalanx of the nail of the middle finger was coaled. The wounds thus contracted healed m three weeks under daily applications of Eucalyptio Extraot dreasing. The patient has retained tho full use of the band.— (Advt.) 1

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1999, 17 November 1888

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1999, 17 November 1888

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