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The Volunteer Bazaar held m Ohristchurch last week has realised a profit of upwards of £350. Mr E. G. Wright, Mr A. Saunders, and the Hon. W. Rolleston, are mentioned as probable candidates for the Lincoln seat, rendered vacant by the resignation of Mr A. P. O'Callaghan. A new target, wbioh indioatea the value of the last shot without thelnecessity of a marker has been brought out. When the shot strikes a colored diso appears, whioh tells the value by its color. The target has been tried sueCB3Bfully at m doors praotioe, and it is hoped that a trial at long ranges will be afforded the inventor, The New Zealand Baptist Union Conference opened at Christchuroh yesterday. It was decided to forward a cablegram to Melbourne congratulating the Victorian Union upon its jubilee. It was resolved by 30 votes to 3 that the Rev C. C. Brown, (Timaru), had so far identified with another denomination that he be requested to withdraw from the Union, Last Christmas the Uireotor of an orphan asylum assembled to witness the effeot upon the little people of old Santa Claus'B visit. Among them was a boy, whose present was a pair of copper- toed boots— a long desired present, truly ; yet a shade of further longing hung about his faoe. Finally, with some hesitanoy, he approached the matron and* asked, " Mayn't I kiok Joe once." The " South London Press " tells a funny story of a local juryman who outwitted a judge, and that without lying. He oame breathlessly into Court—" Oh, my lord, if yon can ezouse me, pray do ! I don't know which will die first— my wife or my daughter." " Dear me — that's sad," said the innooent judge. " Certainly, you are excused." The next day the juryman was met by a friend, who, m a sympathetic voioo, asked, " How's jour wife ? " " She's all right, thank ypu." "And your daughter?" "She's all righf, too. Why do you ask ? " «• Why, yesterday you said you did ' not know which would die first?" "Nor do I. That is the problem whioh time alone can solve." A St Petersburg correspondent writes: 11 The Euasian police has recently discoveredthe existence at Odessa and Warsaw of well organised bands, the members of wbioh under different false pretexts have persuaded a number of young Russian girls to leave their homeß and go with them abroad, ordinarily to Hamburg', where they are embarked on board Transatlantics steamers bound more especially for the great portß of South Amerioa. It is Btated that Russia and Austria overflow with the agents of these bands, whioh have their central office at Hamburg. The agents receive up to 5000 roubles for every attractive victim they sucoeed m bringing on board a steamer. The Russian police is joining with that of Hamburg m putting an end to thiß infamous traffic" The London correspondent of the " Evening Star" says:— ln view of the ooming oyster famine, the discovery — made during a reoent voyage of the Fifeshire — that New Zealand bivalves can be successfully preserved m refrigerators aud landed m London as fresh and luscious aB on the day they left the colony, becomes of considerable importance, Mr George B, West of Dunedin, who was a passenger by the vessel, assures me that on the last day of the voyage they had freßh oysters opened and served on their shells, whioh were m every way delicious, and would rank here as " Anglo-Dutoh." Whitstable natives are at present fetching 3s 6d a dozen, and Anglo-Dutch 2s 6d a dozen, whilst even oommon cooking oyßters cost Is Gd. As your oysters oould (Mr West tells me) be purohased wholesale at about 4d a dozen there should be money (and a good deal of money, too) m importing them. Of Mdme Patti, who has just got home again from her South Amerioan tourneo, they are telling, Piooadilly says, an amusing story. When she was m Philadelphia she was so struck by the beautiful toios of a little street singer that she took the pretty clianteusc into her carriage, drove off to the ohild'e father — a ship's oarpenter m humble t oiroumscaneeß— *aftd proposed to charge herself with the girl's musioal education, intending to make a great vooalist of her. Of course the poor man jumped at the offer, and, said "Yes" on the spot: Mdme Patti's^'ofoyer behaved so oddly on board the Atlantic liner however, that upon reaohing Londoa the diva's euspipipns were aroused, and m the result the cnyrnian/e $l(e was found to be a cliarmant garcon 1 The fapj; was that the. poor ship's oarpenter had made his offspring wear girl's clothes as being likely to bring m the moat dollars. Needless to say, he had no intention to deceive Mdme Patti, whp without loss of time packed tfee young gentleman off to the Quaker city. At a meeting held at Patton's Hotel, Methven, on Monday, present — Messrs Patton, Morgan, Wrathall, Bouse, J. Hibbs, John Hibbs, Olaridge, Alington, Stone, Nee, Powell, Sorimgeour, and Topping, it was unanimously resolved to hold the usual sports at Methven on Jan. Ist, 1889. Mr Wrathall reported the balance m hand from last sports to je £11 10a. It was decided to procure rppejpt r booki for the collectors of subscriptions to the sportß, that a receipt might be given for mbscriptioni of 5s and upwards entitling the holder to a free pass to the ground. Gentlemen were proposed for the various offioes, and it was decided to vritq tp thpso prpposod to aicortain if they were willing to act.' Mr Arlington was appointed secretary and treasurer. The next meeting was arranged to be held on Monday, November 19th. Mr Alington gave notice that he would move at the next meeting that no prize of more than £5 be given to any one horse race ; that the entranoe fee for horses be ss ; entrance to be made and the fee paid the day before the race ; that the wieghts be catoh weight! over 11 Btone ; that the district include all the district between the Rakaia and South Ash.burton. It was deoided to buy the hurdles required at the meeting. The pest Remedy poR I^piGESTyoN Norton's Camomile Pills are confidently recommended as a simple remedy for indigestion, which is the cause of nearly all the diseases to which we are subject. Norton' 3 Pills, with justice cal'ed the " natural strengthener of the human stomach," act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient, are mild \n their operation, a»d safe under auy circum tauces Sold m bottles at js ijjd, «s gd, 4s, by all medicine vendors thrpughoutithft World. " ' ' ' ' ■ • '

Mr A. Purves, the Scotch vobalist, will give his entertainment, ■•• Twa hours at hame " at Methven on Nov. 15, at Wakanui on Nov. 16, and at Rakaiaon Nov. 20th, The stream of gas that shoots from a Gannonsburg (Pa;) well looks like a solid shaft of blue steel. They say that the pressure of this boring is the strongest of any m the world: When the gas was struck tools 1 weighing 5000 pounda were blown before it like feathers. The largest ferryboat m the world is said to be the Robert Garrett, wbioh plies between the foot of Whitehall street, New York City, and Staten Island. She made eighteen knots an hour m her trip from Baltimore. She has 1500 horse-power engines, aad is 236 feet long, 3.6 feet beam, 14 feet deep from her lower deck, and can carry about 5000 persons. We have received No. 4 of the " Centennial Magazine," an Australian monthly journal. It i 3 a most creditably got up produoiion, the articles embracing a wide range of eubjeots. The illustrations are very good indeed, and do not suffer by comparison with those of European magazines. The frontispiece, especially, ia a fine engraving. The new magazine will doubtless meet with a large msasureof support. During the present year, says a St. Petersburg correspondent, no less than 180 women have been sentenced to transportation to the mines on the Island of Saghaiien, the offence m the majority of oases being murder. Thus, thirty-five were oonvioted for killing their ohildren, twenty for murdering their husbands, forty-six for killing men through jealousy or on account- of faithlessness, and nine for poisoning. Deputations of old Christ's College boys and the parents of pupils waited on the governing body yesterday with resolutions expressive of regret at the dismissal of Mr Oorfe from the headmasterehip, and requesting that his services may be retained m some oapacity. The parents suggest that it be as head mathematical master: They also expressed the opinion that an inorease m the amount of compulsory classical work would be injurious to the school. The governing body promised to consider the resolutions; American Wit and Humor is the title of a lecture to be given by R,ev P. R. Monro m the Oddfellows Hall to-morrow evening and from the synopsis published, and a knowledge of Mr Monro's capabilities, we oan promise all those who attend a thoroughly genuine evening's reoreation. The rev leoturer has already gained golden opinions from people who have heard him. He very happily combines amusement with information of a valuable nature to his audience. All thoße who heard Mr Monro speak at the Presbyterian tea meeting will, doubtless, be ready to come and hear him again, and it may be presumed the audience will be a large one. A recent number of " Night and Day," a journal edited by Dr Bernardo, the well-known philanthropist and Superintendent of the Homes for the Waifs of London, contains the following paragraph : — " A good many moons ago I acknowledged a gift and letter from a Maori Chief, Wi Tako Ngatata. A friend m Wellington, New Zealand, m send' ing my bairns a draft of £5 10s, tells me that a recent newspaper ohrbnioles Wi Tako Ngatata's death, at the ripe of 87. What bond of union Bave the love of Christ could weave the delicate lines of love whioh bound the heart of this chief of an alien race, m this distant oountry, to the Maßter's work among the waifs and Blrays m this far away ialand of the sea," , The morning session at the Rink from seven to eight, seem 3to take well. Yesterday morning a large number of ladies and gentlemen were m attendance. In the evening another good house assembled on the occasion of A. Wilkie, R. Elston, and C. Moss running for the championship against Mr Si Clark's time. Wilkie was the first to start, and would have made good time, but fell twice, whioh brought his time up to smin 45sea. R. Elston, jun., then came to the scratch, and after he had Btarted it was dear to the onlookers that he would make good time. He accomplished the mile m smin 31seo, reducing S. Clark's time by 4seo. C. Moss was m trim, and made the run m fimin 40seo. R. Elston, jun;, was then declared the professional champion, and Mr S. Clark the amateur champion of the district. The Rink will be open this evening instead of Thursday. Sir Walter Scott, m the Heart of Midlothian says: — "Jook, when ye hae nothing else to do, ye may nye be Btiokin' m a tree ; it will be growing, Jock, when you're a-sieeping." The American people are just learning this leSSOU- 1 - Thft-.fiTßfc «"■•>««" «3oj» roaa-a»*-«pnrt In Nebraska m 1871. In one day 12,000,000 of trees were planted. The next year it became a legal holiday, Nearly one million acre* have already been planted under the new impulse. Nearly 700,000,000 trees are growing that but for arbour day would not have been planted; Benefactors are of many olasaes, but it is doubtful if anyone more generously affects the world than the treeplanter. Apple-seed Smith was a noted Ohio charaoter of early times, who always carried a bag of apple seeds with him, whioh he planted when he could, and gave to others to be planted. He is gratefully remembered. Tree-planting should now be a national passion. — " St Louis Globe Demoorat;"

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