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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

(.uuriL nnu übiiLiiriLi * Hundreds of oats ara being sent from OhriBtchurch to Jfaikoura to destroy the rabbits. The Empress of Busbir has a household of geamßtreßseg, yet makes nearly all the cloth? Dg for her youngest ohildren. During the paßt year, bo art offioial report itates, 707,980 gallons of wins were made m South Australia, an increase of 197,980 gallons as compared with the previous year. ! On the fourth page of this ieeue will be found an artiole on the Sweating System, particulars of the reoent gallant rescue m Lyttelton Harbor, news of the fighting at Suakim, and other matter. The widow of Weruta, the Maori who died m the Auckland Hospital from wounds re> oeived m the Porqti fight, has oommitted suicide at Dargaville by ehooting herself through the head. She had been m a desponding state since her husband's death. The Rev David Smith, of the African Methodist Epißoopal Church, is the oldest preaoher iv the wnrld. For no less than ninoty years he has been a professing Christian, and the other day he opened the General Conference of the denomination to which he belongs with prayer, Hp haß now attained the age of 104. For some time past the neighborhood of the Trocadero has been haunted by weird and plaintive modifications of a sort of unearthly mußic, and the strangest rumours have been afloat as to theii origin. It haß now been discovered that they proceed from the action of the wind on the girders of the scaffolding of the Eiffel Tower. Hanson Craig, of Eentuoky, is probably the heaviest man m the world. His weight is given at 702 pounds, and it requires 37 yards of cloth to make him a suit, He is Qft iV\n m height, is 31 years of age, and weighed'll pounds at birth. When two years he took a 100 dollars prize at the baby show at New York, tipping the beam at 206 pounds at that time. His father weighed 115 pounds and hjs mother 122. Lady J3owen, Miss Agnes and Miss Zoe Bo wen, the wife and daughters of Sir George Bowen, who were m the Dijon railway aooident m Franoe, have been reaping goldon opinions for their attention to the sufferers. One of the ladies who narrowly esoaped daath, and who has since been on a bed of siokness, writes to her mother to say that she knows she will bo relieved to know that " I am simply with administering angels — Lady I Bowen her two daughters and maid. No words oan ever say how much I owe them." Mr Finoh-Hatton was also m the train at the time of the aooident, but esoaped with a few bruises. The uestj|Remedy for Ifpigestjon.— Norton's Camomile Pills are confidently j recommended as a simple remedy for indigestion, which is the cause of nearly all th diseases to which we are subject. Norton' Pills, with justice called the " natural strengthener of the human stomach," act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient, are mild m their operation, a»d safe under auy eire urn tances Sold m bottles at is i£d, 2s ad, 4s, by alljwedicine vendors throughoutjthe world; ; . _„:'-; ' ^\V ■■■■,w:\.., r

At the R.M Court this morning before Mr R. Alcorn, J.P., a first offender for drunkenness waa fined se, with~the usual alternative, At the Rink to-night A. Wilkie and otherß will run for the championship against S. Clark's time. Clark will be allowed to run again if he desires. To-morrow the Rink will be open instead of on Thursday. The Minister of Lands has sent a reply to the petition forwarded from Maniototo praying that about 12,000 acres, comprising runs 222 and 222 b, be at once thrown open for settlement, intimating that the Government do not think it would be desirable to interfere with the existing tenure of the runs referrod 10. The " Mount Ida Chronicle " denounces the Minister for Lands for this decision, and deolares that it is desirable m the highest degree that these -blocks be thrown open for settlement at onoe. An 'enormous shark, says the " Sydney Herald," has been captured by three Warrnatnbool fishermen m the vicinity of the Bay of Islands, at the mouth of Curdie's River. The measurements are given as follows:— Length, 24 feet ; fins, 3 feet trom tip to tip ; width of tail, 4 feet ; 12 feet round the girth ; and 9 feet round the jawa. One of the most singular things m connection with the capture is that on opening the shark a large seal waa found inside, with a hook and line attaohed to it. The last-named artioles hava been identified by Mr Roger Edwards, of Warrnambool, as his property, he having lost them m the bay some time ago. Says an exohange : — A barque arrived at Melbourne early with general cargo, including some powder. It was ascertained that a portion of the latter had got adrift among the other oargo. There were both blasting powder and dynamite m packages found to be missing, and the only possible presumption was that the keg 9 had rolled along into another part of the ship during bad weather. A search was instituted, with the usual naked candle, of course, but to no purpose; On one of the ofßoers going balow he found', to his horror, a oandle stuofc right m the centre of keg of blasting powder. It had been extinguished, luokily, and to his relief, but on questioning the watch, one of the crew, with a smile quite ohildlike and bland, said he " fought dat vas beans." He had puffed out the light with far less oonoern that had it been held m a shining brass oandlestiok. " Where ignorance is bliss, etc." At the Royal Palace Gardens, Blackpool, on the 10th September, an aooident occurred by whioh seven persons reoeived very serious injuries. A form of amusement called the " Aerial Flight " has been m operation there for some time. Two wire ropes are stretohed across the gardens for some 150 yards or so, inclining from a height of about 60ft to 20ft. To these, oars are suspended by means of pulleys, and when filled with passengers one oar glides along the rope rapidly, its momentum being regulated only by the weight of the empty car on the aeoond rope, whioh is pulled up to the starting point, m readiness for the next load of passengers. On the day m question the oar was started on Ub way down the wire rope with seven passengers, four men and three women; It had no Booner begun to get speed than the fastening of the rope m the ground gave way, and the oar dashed from a height of about 30ft against a briok wall with such force that the wall was broken down. The car was smashed into splinters, and the passengers were lying amongst the debris and the brioke. Fortunately all esoaped with their lives. The death of Mr Song Meqg, a well-known Chinese merchant of Melbourne, is announced. A good story is told concerning the deceased! He was driving to his house m East Melbourne one night m a cab he used to hirs regularly, when he was hailed by two weary pedestrians who wapted a ride. With bis usual consideration he ordered the cab. man to stop and take them m. The night being dark, and seeing a Ohinese m front, they, with true larrikin spirit, thought they would have some fun, and commenced m the usual style of " John, no savee." To their astonishment the supposed Heathen Chinese addressed them as follows : — " Gentleman, I am not familiar with English slang, but if ypu oannot speak your own language correctly I shall be happy to converoe with you m French, Hindostanee, or Malay. I wish to inform you, however, that this is my private oab, whioh I had pleasure m stopping for the accommodation, aa I thought, of gentlemen, but as I perceive I have made a mistake, it will now afford me still greater pleasure to Bee you alight." .The Europeans, it ia hardly necessary to state, made a quick exit from the cab, highly disoomfited, Our Melbourne correspondent writes:— The oty o| " Jtf ad dog" has been raised for the first time m Melbourne, and something like a panio has set m m consequeqoe. Australia has always prided itself on its total Immunity from hydrophobia, but if all one peads is correct, Melbourne haß falsified the reoord, and not only one, but two or three mad dogs have been destroyed during the week. We all know the Bong about " Sohneider'B leotle davrg t M but here lust now that celebrated animal is quite put m the shade by Mr Quilter's dog. Mr Quilter is the gentleman who owned the canine that is the oause of all the argument, diagnosing, and letter writing. The animal, showing signs of "a mind diseased," waa shot, and Mr Quilter, being something of a vet, disseoted the body, and published to horrifled Melr bourne the foot that tfca dog waa mai. Then oame doubt, argument, repudiation, and of course oorroborative oases. All of a sudden instances of dogs going mad came pouring into the papers, and when reading the acoounts, an ordinarily intelligent stranger would have gone away with the impression that every dog m Melbourne was mad &a a Maroh hare. But was it rabies or not? Half the vets say yes, the other half no, and I am inolined to agree with the latter, because surely if suoh a disease could obtain foothold In the gougtry, we should have hafl it lopg before. The " Mijdura Irrigationist " writes as follows m regard to wounds on fruit trees, which ooour throHgh variouß causes :— Sometimes a large limb of a tree has been broken, and must be Bawn off, or severe pruning seema called for through other causes. In suoh oases it is important that the wound oooasioned by the knife shall be proteoted from the damaging effect of the weather by the application pf aome prpteptjrig 6r healing substance until game new wood has time to form over it. Gum sheliao dissolved m alcohol is generally used for this purpose; but a more effective material can be made as follows : — Melt a pound of common resin over a slow fire, adding to it meantime an ounoe of beef tallow, and Btir all well together; then take from the fire, and when the whole has partly oooled mix with it a teaspoonful of spirits of turpentine and m a few minuteß stir m a few ounces of 95 per cent, alcohol. Care Bhould be taken to prevent the alcohol taking fire, and for this reason the kettlp should be mqyed to a distance from the Btove, and on no account should this mixture ever be made m the evening, when there is a danger that a lamp may be brought near it during the process. The compound Bhould be oarefully and thoroughly stirred until it becomes a homogeneous mass of/ the consistency of honey. Keep it for use m a large-mouthed bottle. Then m pruning trees, or whenever they have been cut m any way, coat eaoh wound well with this preparation. It will stop the flow of sap, and hasten the complete healing of the wound, The best medicine! is Bander and Sons 1 Euoalypti Extract, Test its eminent powerful effeots m oougha, colds, influenza, etc the relief is instantaneous. Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. His Majesty the King of Italy and medioal syndicates all over the globe are its patrons. Read the official reports that accompany each bottle. We have no occasion to offer rewards m proof of the genuineness of our references. The official reports of mediotvl olinica and universities, the official communication of the Consul-General for Italy at Melbourne; the diploma awarded International Exhibition, Amsterdam — all these are authentic doouments, and, as suoh, not open to doubt. We add here epitome of one of the various cases treated at the clinio of Schultz, M.D Profesßor, etq f — « C.8., 24 years old ; congestional abscess on the thigh. Inoiaions 13 made m two places. Although Listor?a dressing was applied, the secretion beoame, two days later, very oopious, and had adopted a foetid, decomposed character. The temperature rose enormqpsly. Jn consequence the dressinti was removed, and on its plaop were made during the day-time repeated irrigations with Euoalypti Extraot. The offenuive footer disappeared very coon, the fever abated within a few days, and the' patient recovered afier the lapse of several weeks. In this instano* we must not lobo Bight of the faot that the latter treatment| saved||tbß patient's, life.' — (Adyi.,D | 5

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1995, 13 November 1888

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1995, 13 November 1888